Katie Golde

Senior Digital Content Manager/Managing Editor

Katie spends a lot of time thinking about sleep. She is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and currently serves as the Managing Editor and Head of Sleep Research for Mattress Clarity. She handles the daily operations of the site and you’ll also see her in plenty of reviews, from mattresses to travel pillow and bed pillow reviews – plus the occasional How-To video. In addition, Katie reports, writes, and edits sleep health and sleep industry news for the site.

Since joining the Mattress Clarity team in 2016, she has reviewed hundreds of sleep products, like bed pillows and mattresses and written over 200 sleep-related stories for the site. She probably knows more about bamboo sheets and bed pillows than any one person should.

Katie has been writing about wellness-related topics, including sleep, for the last eight years. The first sleep story she wrote covered the best and worst foods to eat before bed! Her previous work can be found in print and online publications like Discover Magazine, USA Today, Bustle and The Huffington Post.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in Journalism with a focus on Interactive Publishing from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism as well. During her graduate studies, Katie focused on health and science reporting and she received the G.D. Crain Award for demonstrating leadership, management, and entrepreneurial excellence during her final innovation project.

While she spends plenty of time writing about sleep, Katie credits her two young sons with her inability to get that elusive 8 hours each night. When she’s not writing about sleep – or trying to sleep – Katie can be found outside with her family staying active and hanging with the family dog, Chloe!

She probably knows more about bamboo sheets and bed pillows than any one person should.

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