Nest Bedding Announces Amazon-Exclusive Mattress, New Stores In 2019

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Popular direct-to-consumer mattress brand Nest Bedding has a full to-do list in 2019. Not only does the retailer have plans to sell a new mattress exclusively on Amazon, but it will also open new brick and mortar stores this year, CEO Joe Alexander told Mattress Clarity.

Alexander told us that one reason the brand has chosen to create a new mattress, named FLIP, is the potential for mattress anti-dumping legislation. If enacted, this legislation may affect the availability of cheaper mattresses on Amazon’s site.

“…This will leave a big void on Amazon of consumers looking for a lesser priced bed,” Alexander told Mattress Clarity via email. “We have mid-range to luxury beds at Nest Bedding but since we are factory direct, we can offer a very well made but reasonably priced bed on Amazon exclusively.”

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Nest’s FLIP mattress on Amazon will feature a two-sided/two-feel pocketed coil construction at a “bargain price,” according to Alexander.

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“Most every bed you buy online is one-sided and one-feel, so if you get it and don’t like the feel, you are back to the drawing board. The new Nest Bedding FLIP has two feels on two sides and a pocketed coil instead of all foam,” he told us.

The new year will also bring more Nest Bedding stores, Alexander promises. Nest Bedding already has showrooms in several states, including California, New York, Arizona, and Minnesota.

A report from Retail Dive says the brand will expand to major cities, including Houston, Austin, Miami, Boston, Portland, and Washington, D.C., in the next five years.

Alexander told us that the biggest takeaway for the brand from 2018 was to keep doing what they’re doing.

“Many of our competitors have blown through a ton of money trying to make a name for themselves, and while they have built a name, they haven’t made any money,” he says. “We prefer to be the tortoise in this race.”

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