Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

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As an online mattress retailer, Saatva offers quality, “ultra-luxury” materials that people might expect to find in a much more expensive mattress.

The Mattress Clarity team was very impressed with the original Saatva innerspring mattress, and was excited to see how the Loom and Leaf, Saatva’s all-foam mattress, would perform.

The Loom and Leaf comes in two firmness options, Relaxed Firm and Firm, but I opted for the Relaxed Firm model, hopefully a better fit for a side sleeper like me.

This review will cover everything that consumers need to know about this mattress, including a breakdown of the construction, the pros and cons, appropriateness for different sleeping positions, and so much more.

$200 Off
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf

Loom And Leaf is a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury memory foam feel but don't want to sleep hot.  Save $200 on Loom And Leaf simply by clicking the button below.

Who Might Want To Pick The Loom And Leaf:

  • Hot Sleepers– The memory foam is convoluted which means it has air channels to help with airflow and breathability.  Also, the gel infusion and cooling gel panel work together to make sure people will sleep cool throughout the night. There is also a higher concentration of gel in the center third to maximize spinal support. Memory foam mattresses aren’t always the best choice for hot sleepers, but this is not the case with the impressively cooling Loom and Leaf mattress.
  • Side Sleepers– While it may feel firm at first, the memory foam then slowly compresses and softens up to provide great pressure relief. Lying on one’s side, people should feel great pressure relief on their shoulders and hips and have a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • People With Back Pain– The Loom & Leaf is one of our top picks for the best mattresses for back pain relief, so if a bad back keeps you from sleeping comfortably at night, the Loom & Leaf may be able to help you out.
  • Those Who Are Looking For A Long-Term, Value Mattress– The Loom and Leaf is constructed using durable, foam components that won’t sag like many of the company’s competitors. Because of this, I expected the Loom and Leaf to be pricier, but the Queen size is only $1,499 at full price. In my opinion, people really get a long-lasting, quality mattress for a value price with this mattress.

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Loom and Leaf mattress review

Who Might Not Want To Pick The Loom And Leaf:

  • Those Who Are Looking For A Soft Mattress– While it does start to compress and feel less firm as one lays on it, the Loom and Leaf is firmer than average for an all foam mattress. It is about average in terms of firmness, so if someone prefers something very soft, they should most likely look elsewhere.
  • People Who Don’t Like That Classic Memory Foam Feel– This is definitely that classic, sinking in experience people get with a memory foam mattress. There is less bounce and this makes it harder to move around on the mattress or switch positions, so people may feel more “stuck.” If people don’t like this feeling, this may not be the best mattress choice for them.
  • Heavier Back Or Stomach Sleepers– People might not get the proper support if they are heavier or sleep primarily on their stomach or back. Their hips may sink in when they’re on their back or stomach, making for an uncomfortable sleep. If this is the case, people may want to look for something firmer, like the Loom and Leaf Firm model, or another mattress altogether.
$200 Off
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf

Loom And Leaf is a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury memory foam feel but don't want to sleep hot.  Save $200 on Loom And Leaf simply by clicking the button below.

Loom and Leaf mattress memory foam feel

Loom & Leaf Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 12” tall and features a complex construction with four foam layers.
  • Looking at the Relaxed Firm version, the cover is quilted, organic cotton, so there is a really nice, soft top to the mattress. It is also breathable and helps with cooling, which is something many sleepers will really enjoy.
  • The first layer is 2” of gel memory foam that has a 4 lb density and is convoluted to help with airflow.
  • The middle third of this layer has a gel laminate panel on top, which is a proprietary Spinal Zone Gel designed to help with cooling and spinal support.
  • Beneath that, there is a 2” layer of denser memory foam, which has a 5 lb density and provides amazing body contouring.
  • Then there is a transition layer that helps transition people from the comfort layers to the support layers below.
  • Finally, there is a standard, base polyfoam layer designed for support that is seen in a lot of other all-foam mattresses available online.

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Loom and Leaf mattress for side sleepers

Loom and Leaf Construction Takeaways

  • The Loom and Leaf is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, basically any size consumers could want.
  • There are a two different options for firmness, the Relaxed Firm and Firm. The Relaxed Firm is designed for a nice balance of softness and support, ideal for side sleepers, while the Firm is for customers seeking a firmer mattress, ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
  • The Loom and Leaf works with an adjustable base, and people can even match this mattress with Saatva’s own Lineal adjustable base for a good combination.
  • The top layers of memory foam, make for a classic memory foam feel, with a slow sinking in feeling that is like quicksand.
  • Looking at its construction, the Loom and Leaf should be one of the best mattresses for neck and shoulder pain.
  • The Loom and Leaf is also going to be one of the best mattresses for lower back pain and sciatica.
  • The slow reacting memory foam layers mean people will have good pressure relief, especially sleeping on their side. People shouldn’t feel much pressure on their shoulders, hips, and knees.
  • While all foam mattresses aren’t usually as cool as, hybrid or innerspring mattresses, the memory foam is gel infused, convoluted for airflow, and the middle third is laminated with gel to help with cooling, so people won’t be sleeping hot.
  • The materials and construction are durable, so this should be a long lasting investment that will stand the test of time.

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Loom & Leaf Prices

The table below shows the various prices for each of the sizes that Loom & Leaf offers, as well as the associated dimensions.

Twin38″ x 75″ x 12″$849
Twin XL38″ x 80″ x 12″$1149
Full54″ x 75″ x 12″$1599
Queen60″ x 80″ x 12″$1699
King76″ x 80″ x 12″$1999
California King72″ x 84″ x 12″$1999
Split King76″ x 80″ x 12″$2299
Split California King72″ x 84″ x 12″$2376
$200 Off
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf

Loom And Leaf is a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury memory foam feel but don't want to sleep hot.  Save $200 on Loom And Leaf simply by clicking the button below.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Firmness and Feel

Loom and Leaf mattress firmness rating
When I first laid down on the mattress, it felt a little firm, but after a little time it softened up, and I felt that slow sinking compression people get with classic memory foam. Overall, for me, the firmness was about average or slightly firmer than average, a 6.5 or 7/10.

On my side, I felt great pressure relief on my shoulders and hips as the memory foam got to work. Back sleeping, the foam presses up into my lumbar area, supporting me there and preventing lower back pain. However, on my stomach, I felt my hips sinking in a bit because I wasn’t getting the proper support.

The Relaxed Firm mattress is definitely ideal for side sleepers of an average or a heavier weight, but Lightweight sleepers may find the mattress to be a touch too firm.

Heavier sleepers or those that sleep primarily on their stomachs or back should look at the Loom and Leaf Firm model or another firmer mattress.

In terms of the weight limit, a Loom and Leaf representative said the weight limit is up to 300 lbs. For a Queen or King, that means there can be two people 300 lbs each sleeping on the two sides of the mattress. For mattresses smaller than a Queen, that just means up to 300 lbs total. Given the specs of the mattress, this was about the limit that I was expecting.

The Loom and Leaf’s upper foam layers are also slow-reacting, which makes it a little more difficult to move around on the mattress.  This is still something to note if people prefer more bounce and resilience.

Motion Isolation

The Loom and Leaf is an all-foam mattress, so I expected it to perform well with motion isolation.

During my tests, there was little to no motion transfer, and moving around the cup, it was barely disturbed. If someone sleeps with a partner, they will most likely not feel them moving around at night.

This could be a great option for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s movements. See our list of the best mattresses for couples for more like the Loom and Leaf.

Loom and Leaf Edge Support

Being an all foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf does collapse as I sit near the edge, but I don’t feel like I am going to fall off.

Also, lying down, I don’t feel like I am going to be thrown off. I would say the edge support is definitely better than average and could be a good choice for couples.

People can see the good edge support in the photo below.

Edge support for the Loom and Leaf mattress

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us has a much different body type. He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lbs (I am 5’9″ and 160 lbs.). Here is what he thought about the mattress and how appropriate they are for heavier sleepers.

“Joe felt it was 6.5 or 7/10 for firmness, but I felt it was a 7.5/10. Like him, I felt some slow compression when you’re my size and lying on one’s side.

At first, I felt it was pretty firm but as I laid on it a bit longer, I was sinking in. With the four inches of foam, people can really feel that give and pressure relief.

On my back and stomach, I felt my hips sinking in. If someone is my size and a back or stomach sleeper, they might want to look for something a little bit firmer.”

Even for someone Marten’s size, it seems that the Relaxed Firm Loom and Leaf is best for side sleepers. Again, this model may not give proper support if people sleep on their stomach or back.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It is great option for side sleepers. The slow reacting memory foam allows people to sink in, relieving pressure on shoulders and hips very well.
  • It is one of the best luxury mattresses and is a great value for what people are getting. Based on its quality components, I expected the price to be much higher than it is.
  • In addition, the components are quite durable, so this should be a longer lasting mattress that a lot of sleepers will really enjoy.
  • It is great for hot sleepers for a number of reasons. The use of gel in the foam, the convoluted pockets, and the cooling gel panel all help to keep people sleeping cool. All foam mattresses usually have trouble with heat dissipation and airflow, but that is not the case here.

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Overall Rating

Loom and Leaf
4.5 Overall
Loom and Leaf is made by Saatva, a company that has been selling mattresses direct-to-consumer online for quite a while. The Loom & Leaf mattress is best compared to a mid-range Tempur-pedic (just looking at specs), but ends up being a fraction of the cost. Overall the mattress is very comfortable (if you like the traditional memory foam feel), I enjoyed sleeping on the mattress, but I'm most impressed by the value. Overall this mattress is definitely in my top tier of recommendations.
Edge Support
Motion Transfer
Trial Period

For me, the Loom and Leaf is a great value that is well constructed from quality materials, making for a comfortable, yet durable investment.

As a side sleeper, the Relaxed Firm mattress met my needs well. However, if someone is more of a back or stomach sleeper, they should look to the Firm model or another firmer mattress.

Loom and Leaf offers free white glove delivery, a 180-day sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty.

$200 Off
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf
Loom And Leaf

Loom And Leaf is a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury memory foam feel but don't want to sleep hot.  Save $200 on Loom And Leaf simply by clicking the button below.

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