Best Cheap Mattress Toppers of 2024

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The best cheap mattress topper, as long as it’s of a higher quality, is a great way to change the feel of your bed. Not only are they much less expensive than mattresses, but they’re also able to extend the life of your current bed (and soften it) without making a huge dent in your bank account. To alleviate the stress of online shopping, we compiled a list of the five best cheap mattress toppers in 2024. But don’t be fooled! Just because these products have low price points doesn’t mean they suffer in quality.

Our Top Picks

The best cheap mattress toppers of 2024 are:

Our Verdict: What’s the Best Cheap Mattress Topper?

We named the Helix Plush mattress topper as our best cheap mattress topper. While on the thinner side, this topper adds a pillow top look and feel to the top of your mattress, and can attach to it like a mattress pad. Helix often includes this topper in discounts, so you can often get this topper for a reasonable price if you shop during major holidays.

Video Review: The Best Cheap Mattress Toppers

Best Cheap Pillow Top Topper – Helix

Helix Plush Mattress Topper

Helix Plush Mattress Topper

The Helix mattress topper adds a touch of plushness and a luxurious pillow top feel. It’s made with hypoallergenic and durable materials. Click the link below for the best deal!

Mattress Clarity Score
4.40 / 5
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Attaches to mattresses like a fitted sheet
Very breathable
Very thin, and more of a mattress pad

Our Expert’s Take

If your mattress is nearly perfect but are missing that pillow top look and feel, the Helix Plush mattress topper is the perfect choice. While this is listed as a topper by Helix, it’s more akin to a mattress pad. It’s only going to add an additional 1.5” of plush comfort to the top of your mattress. But as I said, if your mattress is close to perfect save for a pillow top, then this is all you need.

Because this is similar to a mattress pad, it’ll attach to your mattress like a fitted sheet. So, if you toss and turn during the night, it shouldn’t shift around. It’s also made with breathable bamboo and polyester so it shouldn’t trap a lot of heat.

What We Love About the Helix Plush Topper

  • Helix includes this topper in seasonal discounts. When it’s discounted, a Queen-size topper comes in just under $100.
  • This is a great choice for those who want to add just a bit more plush comfort to the top of their mattress. This topper will add a pillow top look and feel to your bed.

What To Keep In Mind About the Helix Plush Topper

  • While some might want this topper for its pillow top feel, it’s not going to offer a lot of additional pressure relief.

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Best Cheap Memory Foam Topper – Bear

Bear Pro Mattress Topper

Bear Pro Mattress Topper

The Bear Pro Mattress Topper is a great addition to your mattress to help dissipate body heat and add extra comfort.

Check Price
Comes with a cooling cover
Significantly softens mattresses
Financing available
Not ideal for stomach sleepers

Our Expert’s Take

Memory foam is a go-to for people who want to add new life to their mattress or need to soften it up. And while the Bear Pro topper can be a bit pricey, it landed on this list for two reasons: it’s often discounted throughout the year, and Bear has financing options. Financing can help a lot of people out by making something more affordable by breaking up the total price into chunks and paying it off over time. And depending on the option you choose, it can be interest free, which is a huge plus.

But aside from that, the Bear Pro topper is 3” thick so it’s going to soften mattresses up a good deal. The foam is very slow-moving and offers good pressure relief for side sleepers. And the foam comes inside a cooling, machine-washable cover. This will help it last a good while, too.

What We Love About the Bear Pro Topper

  • While the full price for this topper might not be considered cheap, I included it in this list because Bear offers financing options. If you use something like ShopPay, you can choose a payment plan that works better than if paying all at once isn’t possible.
  • It comes with a removable, washable cover that should help it last several years. It’s also been infused with cooling materials to help you sleep cool.
  • It’s 3” thick and will soften mattresses a good deal.

What To Keep In Mind About the Bear Pro Topper

  • Because this topper is so soft, if you’re a strict stomach sleeper, this topper won’t offer enough support.

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Best Cheap Gel Topper – Dreamfoam

Dreamfoam 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Dreamfoam 2

If you’re a fan of the slow-moving memory foam feel, but you’re not ready to spring for a brand new mattress, then the Dreamfoam mattress topper just may be the perfect thing for you.

Mattress Clarity Score
4.50 / 5
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Comes in two height options
Shouldn’t trap heat
Can’t be cleaned

Our Expert’s Take

Thanks to its infusion of cooling gel, the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl mattress topper pulls heat away from the body, all while still retaining that classic memory foam feel. This makes it great for people who need additional pressure relief.

This topper comes in two height options, 2” or 3”. The 2” option is better for lightweight people or back sleepers who only need to slightly soften their mattress. The 3” option works better for side sleepers who need more pressure relief or heavyweight people who will compress the foam more than lighter people.

What We Love About the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Topper

  • This topper is often discounted throughout the year, and sometimes up to 40% off. If you’re shopping at the right time, you’ll be able to get this topper relatively affordably.
  • It has a gel infusion running throughout it. This means that it’ll pull body heat away from you and it shouldn’t trap heat.
  • It’s offered in two height options that can fit different needs. Lightweight people and back sleepers should get the 2” option, while heavier people or side sleepers should get the 3” version.

What To Keep In Mind About the Dreamfoam Gel Swirl Topper

  • This topper is just a single slab of foam. Because it doesn’t have a cover, it’s going to be difficult to clean. You can keep the topper under a mattress protector to help keep it clean, however.

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Best Cheap Plush Topper – Brooklinen

Brooklinen Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Brooklinen Down Alternative Mattress Topper

The Brooklinen Down Alternative topper uses a microgel fiber that mimics the plush feel of down without using animal products.

Soft and fluffy feel
Attaches to mattress like a fitted sheet
Not very thick

Our Expert’s Take

Animal lovers looking for a plush and luxurious feel should check out the Brooklinen Down Alternative Topper. A microgel fill mimics the feel of down, and it’s all-encompassed by a cozy cotton cover. It can fit mattresses up to 18″ deep because of its stretchy sides.

Because of its down alternative fill and knit thought design, it’ll add a pillowtop look and feel to the top of your mattress. It shouldn’t trap a lot of heat thanks to the cotton cover and breathable fill. And for easy care, you can fully machine-wash this topper.

What We Love About the Brooklinen Down Alternative Topper

  • This topper is similar to a fitted sheet. It’ll securely attach to your mattress like a mattress pad while offering some additional plush comfort.
  • This topper is often included in seasonal discounts which bring it around the $100 mark.
  • You don’t have to worry about accidents that happen in the bed. It’s fully machine-washable for easy care.

What To Keep In Mind About the Brooklinen Down Alternative Topper

  • At the time of writing, Brooklinen only offers this topper in Full, Queen, King, and California King size options. This could pose a problem for those who need something in a Twin or Split King options.
  • Because this is on the thinner side, some might not be able to get enough comfort or additional pressure relief that is expected from mattress toppers.

Full review coming soon.

Best Cheap Topper for Hot Sleepers – Lucid

Lucid 5-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Lucid 5-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Lucid 5-Zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper softens existing mattresses and offers ample pressure relief.

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Under $100
Easily found on Amazon
Doesn’t come with a cover

Our Expert’s Take

In the past, foam toppers used to trap a lot of heat. But these days there are high-quality, cooling toppers that won’t break the bank. The Lucid 5-Zone topper is a great choice for hot sleepers for a few reasons.

To start, the foam has a gel infusion. I’ve mentioned this a few times throughout the list, but gel infusions are great for hot sleepers because the gel will pull body heat away from you. This topper also has zoned grooves along the top which act as air channels. This will allow air to flow through the topper much easier than one that’s a solid piece.

What We Love About the Lucid Mattress Topper

  • This is one of the more affordable pics on this list. You can find it on Amazon for roughly $60.
  • Thanks to the gel infusion and the grooves on the top, this topper won’t trap heat.

What To Keep In Mind About the Lucid Mattress Topper

  • This is just a foam topper. It doesn’t come with a cover, which makes it hard to clean. It also means it might not be the longest lasting topper.

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What Are the Benefits of Cheap Mattress Toppers?

Don’t be deterred by a mattress topper’s low price point. Just because it’s affordable, doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. Many cheap toppers provide excellent pressure relief and plush comfort.

Some toppers may not last as long as the high-end models on the market. All of the toppers featured should last at least two years, and that’s still much cheaper than buying a brand new mattress.

What you’ll need from a cheap mattress topper depends on your sleeping position, body type, and personal preferences. So let’s dive into some specifics.

What’s the Best Type of Cheap Mattress Topper?

As you may have noticed, cheap mattress toppers come in many different styles. To help you sift through this information, we’ve outlined the different types below.

Memory Foam

Memory foam toppers give mattresses a plush and slow-moving feel. This material contours the body and allows sleepers to “sink” inside it. This type of topper benefits side and back sleepers because it helps relieve pressure on joints.

Dreamfoam Mattress Topper Feel

However, some memory foam toppers trap heat. If you tend to sleep hot at night, look for a memory foam topper with built-in cooling features. Gel and graphite infusions help pull heat away from the body, and open-celled foams promote airflow.

The slow-moving, quicksand-like feel of memory foam is depends on each sleeper’s individual preferences. Some people love it, while others find it difficult to move around in bed.

Poly Foam

Because of poly foam’s low price point, manufacturers often use it to make cheap mattress toppers. This material creates decent pressure relief and comfort, but it won’t last as long as traditional memory foam. Also, it emits a slight chemical smell at first, though it won’t harm you.


Pillow-top mattress toppers can make your bed look like it came straight from a high-end hotel. They provide an extra layer of plushness, but without significantly altering a bed’s overall firmness level or causing sleepers to sink into the bed. This can make pillow-tops great choices for stomach sleepers who are already comfortable on a firm mattress.

Gel Foam

Gel foam mattress toppers have grown in popularity, as they provide the pressure relief memory foam is known for without overheating. Gel infusions help pull heat away from the body, which is great news for hot sleepers.

Down Alternative

Traditional down mattress toppers are made from goose and duck plumage, which can get expensive. Down also has a tendency to trap allergens like dust mites. For these reasons, down alternative may be a better option for some people. These toppers give beds a soft, malleable, and luxurious feel. They won’t, however, adjust a mattress’ firmness or create additional support.

What to Consider When Buying a Cheap Mattress Topper

When it comes to mattress toppers, what works for one person may feel uncomfortable for another. To help you pick the right cheap mattress topper, we’ve highlighted the most important things to consider.


When you nestle under the covers to sleep, what do you want the bed to feel like? Some people prefer to sink into thick layers of memory foam and feel the softness surround them. Other people like to rest on a responsive and bouncy surface so they can easily shift sleeping positions in the night. Knowing this key piece of information will help you narrow down your mattress topper search right away.

A hand presses into the Titanflex Mattress Topper


When shopping for a mattress topper, it’s especially important to identify the current firmness level of your bed. On our firmness scale, 6.5/10 is considered medium firm. If your bed feels more like an 8/10, you may develop pain along pressure points. By adding a soft mattress topper, you can bring the firmness level back to the industry-standard level. If you’re currently resting a bed that feels too soft, look for a topper that will create additional support.

Sleeping Position

One of the most important things to consider is your sleeping position. Side sleepers will likely want a mattress topper that provides a boost of pressure relief for shoulders and hips. Back sleepers will benefit from a topper that creates both comfort and lumbar support. Stomach sleepers may want to find a topper that makes their mattress firmer, because that will promote the proper spinal alignment.

tempur topper back sleeping


People often wonder how thick their mattress topper should be, and this greatly depends on your personal needs. 1″ and 2″ toppers work well for lightweight back and side sleepers. Heavier people may need something that creates more pressure relief, such as a 3″ topper.


Sometimes, it’s worth spending a little bit more money for a topper that will last a long time. Ultimately, this depends on what you need. If it’s a short-term solution, or just for your guest bedroom, you may not need to invest in an especially durable product.


As you can see, it’s easy to get a quality mattress topper that’s also affordable. These cheap mattress toppers not only boost the comfort of your bed, they can also save money. It’s not necessary to purchase the most luxurious product available.

Final Thoughts

Here’s our recap of the best cheap mattress toppers in 2024:

MattressBest For
Helix Plush Mattress TopperBest Cheap Pillow Top Mattress Topper
Bear Pro Mattress TopperBest Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Dreamfoam Gel SwirlBest Cheap Gel Mattress Topper
Brooklinen Down AlternativeBest Cheap Plush Mattress Topper
Lucid 5-Zone Mattress TopperBest for Hot Sleepers

Best Cheap Mattress Toppers FAQs

Does a mattress topper really help?

Yes! Mattress toppers are especially helpful if you want to soften your bed and create pressure relief. They can also save you money because they extend a mattress’s lifespan.

What thickness mattress topper should I get?

Not all toppers suit every type of sleeper. A lightweight person may only need a 1″ or 2″ topper, because they won’t sink deeply into it. Heavier people should look for a 3″ topper, because this will create more pressure relief.

What is the most comfortable mattress topper?

There are a lot of mattress toppers on the market that are made with a lot of different materials. Some of the most cost effective toppers are on this list. And if you want good pressure relief, the Dreamfoam and Lucid toppers are great for that. If you want to add a pillow top look and feel to your mattress, Helix and Brooklinen are perfect that.

But if you’re also looking for some of the best toppers out there, regardless of budget, be sure to check out our full list of the best mattress toppers.

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