Best Adjustable Bed Positions

A man lies on an adjustable base in his bedroom

Adjustable beds let you get a good night’s sleep and make the most of your bed when awake. With an adjustable bed, you can watch TV in bed or work…

Casper Adjustable Base Review

A wide shot of the Casper Rise Pro Adjustable Base.

An adjustable base allows you to customize your sleep surface’s position to your ideal comfort settings. Many of them come with extra bells and whistles, such as anti-snore functions, zero…

Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review

A wide shot of the Purple Ascent in a modern bedroom

Adjustable bases are increasingly popular, and more and more mattress brands are getting in on the action. These days, it’s common for online mattress companies to offer at least one…

Nectar Adjustable Base Review

A wide shot of the Nectar Adjustable Base sitting in a bedroom.

Have you ever wished your mattress did more than lie flat all the time? Then you might be interested in an adjustable base. These bases allow you to raise and…

The Best Sleep Number Alternatives

Leesa Mattress - Back Sleeping

Sleep Number has been a popular mattress brand for decades. The company is best known for its adjustable air beds, which allow sleepers to customize their mattress’s firmness on any…

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