Purple Mattress Review

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I get a lot of questions about the Purple mattress because of their creative marketing and successful Kickstarted campaign, so I was excited to try the mattress for myself.  It’s made of a very unique material, so in some ways this mattress is difficult to compare to other popular options (see how Purple compares HERE).

Overall I really liked the Purple mattress, but I had a few small complaints as well.  It’s certainly a unique mattress that is unlike anything I’ve tested before (until I tried Intellibed too, which uses the same technology).  I think a lot of people are going to like the mattress, but it’s so unique that it might not be for everyone.

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Read on for my full Purple mattress review (and raw egg test).

You will love the Purple mattress if you…

  • Are looking for pressure relief – I found Purple’s unique material is actually great for pressure relief (that’s what they’re trying to show with the raw egg test).
  • Want the bed-in-a-b0x online business model – it’s hard to compare Purple to any other mattress (price-wise) due to the unique material, but the online-only business model still applies.
  • Sleep in multiple positions – I thought Purple is one of the few mattresses that is comfortable when sleeping on the back, side, and stomach.
  • Want to sleep cool – the Purple mattress definitely sleeps cool, cooler than almost any other mattress I have reviewed (and I tried it during the NYC summer).

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Purple Mattress Reviews

You may not like the Purple mattress if you…

  • Want a mattress you understand – Is it memory foam?  More like a latex mattress?  Definitely not spring.  It’s hard to categorize Purple, which may be difficult for some shoppers.
  • There’s a particular type of mattress you love -If you love memory foam or love latex, you should consider sticking with what you love.  This is a unique feel that isn’t quite like any of the standard mattress types.

Firmness and Feel

Since the Purple mattress has a unique comfort layer material (hyper-elastic polymer), it’s no surprise it has a very unique feel.  Like a latex mattress, Purple springs back very quickly and sleeps cool.

In terms of firmness, it’s probably a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale – but it is also very pressure relieving as well, so I think the normal “firmness scale” isn’t as useful as it can be.

Purple Mattress Raw Egg Test

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As you can see in the video, I had a good time with the raw egg test!  This isn’t a scientific test, or one that is even performed on mattresses regularly, so I don’t know if I “did it correctly” in either attempt.

No matter the results of a raw egg test, know that this test is meant to show that the mattress is very pressure relieving.  And from my experience sleeping on the mattress, I found this to be true.

Purple Mattress Construction

The Purple mattress is made of three layers:

  • 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer
  • 3.5 inches of 1.8 lb polyurethane foam
  • 4.0 inches of 2.0 lb polyurethane foam

The top layer is really the story of Purple, with a very unique material that accounts for the bounciness, pressure relief, and sleeping cool.

Below is the cover, made of viscose (27%), polyester (69%), and polyester-lycra (4%).  I found the mattress cover to be nice to the touch and very breathable.

Purple Mattress cover

Motion Transfer Test

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Purple mattress in terms of motion transfer since it doesn’t fall into the typical memory foam, latex foam, and innerspring categories.

As you can see in the video below, the mattress performs quite well.  It isn’t as good as a high quality memory foam mattress in terms of motion transfer, but I think it is a great option for most couples.

Prices And Dimensions

The table below shows the prices for the available sizes and their associated dimensions.

Twin XL37.5" x 79.5" x 9.5"$699
Queen59.5" x 79.5" x 9.5"$999
King75.5" x 79.5" x 9.5"$1,299
Cal King71.5" x 83.5" x 9.5"$1,299


The gel material used in the comfort layer is highly durable and will prevent any premature sagging that is associated with other types of mattresses.  The base foam is high-density, so overall I expect the mattress to hold up well over time, and I think its longevity is a major selling point.

Other things to note:

  • Purple is sold only online
  • They offer a 10 year warranty
  • Purple recommends stretchy sheets to get the full benefits of the mattress
  • They have a 100 night sleep trial period
Purple mattress
4.5 Reviewer
Purple is a very unique mattress! It's difficult to compare it to any other type of mattress, but I definitely enjoyed the sleeping experience. The best features are the pressure relief and sleeping cool.
Value (Price)4.7
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.8
Motion Transfer4.1
Edge Support4.1
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.4

Final Recommendation

Overall I had a great experience sleeping on Purple.  The feeling is definitely unique, and a little hard to describe (sorry readers!), but I really liked it.  Great for sleeping in any position, definitely pressure relieving, and it sleeps cool (it’s a top mattress pick for hot sleepers).

It’s hard to know if you’re getting a great price, since there is really no competitor with similar materials, but I think the sleeping experience does compare favorably to other online-only mattresses sold at this price.  It also made my top mattresses list.

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