Purple Mattress Review (Original)

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Purple has been one of the most successful online retailers of bed-in-a-box mattresses since its founding in 2015.

While they now offer four mattresses as well as pillows and other accessories, it all began with the Original Mattress. This mattress really feels like nothing else and is designed to give a balance of comfort and support.

After reviewing this mattress for the second time, I can say that it has both incredible comfort and support.

Purple Mattress Deals

Purple is an innovative mattress that is a great fit for all three sleeping positions and doesn't sleep hot.  You can get the best current deal on the Purple mattress simply by clicking the link below.

You Might Want To Pick The Purple If:

  • You are a combination sleeper. The gel is designed to collapse under pressure, while still keeping you supported. On your back or stomach, it gives you the necessary amount of support. When you are on your side, the gel gives way to relieve pressure on your shoulders.
  • You are a hot sleeper. The gel grid allows for a lot of airflow. Overall, it has a neutral temperature so, if you are worried about overheating, this mattress could work for you.
  • You are looking for a durable mattress. The gel layer, along with the other layers are designed to be long-lasting. If you are looking for a mattress that can serve you for some time, this might be a good choice for you.

A mattress is cut open to reveal its construction.

You Might Not Want To Purple If:

  • You are a lightweight side sleeper. To really get the proper pressure relief on this mattress, you need to apply enough pressure to make the gel layer collapse. If you are a lighter person, you may not activate this layer. It may feel firmer to you and not give you the best pressure relief on your shoulders.
  • You don’t want a unique-feeling mattress. The gel found in the Purple mattress is unlike any comfort layer you may find in another mattress. It is squishy and may take some getting used to. While I personally liked this feel, it may take you some time to get used to.
Purple Mattress Deals

Purple is an innovative mattress that is a great fit for all three sleeping positions and doesn't sleep hot.  You can get the best current deal on the Purple mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 9.5” tall.
  • First, there is a thin, soft cover. It has a cool texture and allows you to engage the layers beneath very easily.
  • Then, there are 2” of a Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This is a hyper-elastic polymer with a gel-like feeling.
  • Next, there are 3.5” of a Plush Comfort Foam. It transitions you from the comfort layer to the support layer.
  • Finally, the base layer is a 4” layer of polyfoam.
  • The materials in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. This means they are eco-friendly.
  • The Purple is made in the USA.

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A man sleeps on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • This mattress is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • There is no gradual compression to the gel layer. The design of the gel layer is meant to collapse for pressure relief under your shoulders and hips while staying flat and supportive in other areas.
  • The gel is also fast to respond. This makes it quite easy to move around on the mattress without you feeling “stuck.”
  • The gel layer is designed like a grid. This allows for air to flow through it easily making this mattress temperature neutral. You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on this mattress.
  • Purple also offers the Purple 2, 3, and 4 mattresses which incorporate coils as well as thicker layers of the gel grid technology on the 3 and 4.

Review my review of the new Purple mattresses, here.

How This Mattress Compares To The Casper Mattress

Casper has been a major competitor of the Purple Mattress for many years now. How do these two successful mattresses compare?

First, their constructions are quite different. The Casper has a classic foam construction, and the Purple features a unique gel grid.

That being said, both mattresses could be a good fit for combination sleepers. The Casper accomplishes this with its zoned support technology that gives extra support on the hips while leaving the rest of the mattress soft for good pressure relief. The Purple utilizes it gel technology, which gives good pressure relief while still cradling and supporting you.

However, if you are a lighter side sleeper, the Casper may be a better choice for you. It is a softer mattress overall and the Purple’s comfort layers may not give you the best pressure relief if you are too light.

In the end, the prices of these two mattresses are comparable, so it really comes down to what feel you prefer. If you want a balanced foam feel, look at the Casper. If you want the unique collapsing feel of a gel grid, I would consider the Purple.

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How This Mattress Compares To The Purple 2, 3, And 4

Years after the release of the Original Purple, the company added the Purple 2, 3, and 4 to its line of mattresses. What is the difference?

First, the Purple 2, 3, and 4 all incorporate coils in their construction while the Original does not. This means they should offer more support, contouring, and edge support than the Original Purple. This may also mean the Purple 2, 3, and 4 are more durable and will last longer.

Also, the Purple 3 and 4 also feature thicker layers of the gel grid technology. Because of this, they are softer and may be a better fit if you are a larger person or sleep primarily on your side.

However, each extra inch of the gel grid means a sizable price increase. This is something to consider as you choose between these mattresses.


The Original Purple really is one of the most unique mattresses out there. Because of this, it is difficult to describe the firmness of this mattress.

Still, I would say that the firmness was close to a 7/10, a bit firmer than average. The gel grid technology collapses on a certain amount of pressure, so you get relief on the parts of your body that usually press into a mattress.

On my back, I felt my hips sink in, but the rest of the mattress remained supportive. I could feel the mattress flat against my lumbar area. Similarly, on my stomach, I felt great overall support. People of many sizes should feel the same support.

On my side, my shoulders and hips pressed into the mattress, but I felt nearly no pressure on them. If you are lighter, however, you may not have the same experience on the Purple. If you aren’t heavy enough t0 collapse the gel layer, it may feel firmer and less comfortable when you are on your side.

In terms of feel, the mattress is, as I said before, unique. It has a squishy, somewhat bouncy feeling. At the same time, it is responsive. This makes it easy for you to move around on the mattress without feeling “stuck.”

I personally liked the overall feel, but some people may need time to get used to it.

The Purple Raw Egg Test

Part of Purple’s marketing includes a raw egg test. In many of their commercials, eggs are placed on the mattress and a pane of glass is dropped. The eggs don’t break, and this is meant to show how great the pressure relief is on all the mattress.

I wanted to do my own raw egg test to see if the mattress could really stop these eggs from breaking under pressure. We didn’t use a pane of glass, but we did a few other tests.

I rolled over the egg several times and it did not break. I also pressed down on it with a book and it stayed intact. I had Marten, who is much larger than me, roll on the egg. Even with his extra weight, the egg was left unbroken.

I was impressed by the results of my test, and I would say the Purple mattress should indeed give good pressure relief.

Motion Isolation

During my tests, I did see some motion transfer on the Purple. I disturbed the area around a glass of water and it did move a fair bit.

I also had Marten move on the other side of the mattress as I laid down. I felt the motion transfer as he got up, sat down, and rolled around.

If you sleep with a partner, you may feel their movements on your side of the bed.

Edge Support

The Purple is actually designed to collapse under pressure, so I wasn’t surprised by the lack of edge support.

While I didn’t feel like I was going to fall off the mattress when I sat near the edge, some may have trouble staying upright.

Lying down near the edge of the mattress, I didn’t feel like I was going to fall off. However, overall, I wouldn’t say that edge support is a highlight of the Original Purple mattress. If you need more edge support for some reason, I would look at the Purple 2, 3, or 4.

You can see the edge support in the photo below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us. He has a much different body type than me: He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lb; I am 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about the mattress:

Joe said it was a 7/10 in terms of firmness. I thought it was more like a 6.5/10. Usually, when Joe and I disagree he feels like mattresses are softer than I do. So, this is interesting.

On my side, I lay down and activated that upper gel layer. It collapsed for me more than it did for Joe. Because of this, it relieves pressure but also keeps me properly supported. I feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and hips. On my stomach and my back, I also get nice overall support.

So, if you’re my size or a bit bigger and you are a back, stomach, side, or combination sleeper, this could be a good choice for you.

I was not surprised by Marten’s experience. I thought this mattress would be a good match for combination sleepers of many sizes and, even though he is heavier than me, he found it comfortable in numerous positions. Again, if you are a lighter person, you may not be heavy enough to get the right pressure relief out of the gel grid layer.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It has a unique design that gives the proper amount of pressure relief and support in the right areas.
    This mattress is a great fit for multiple sleeping positions. It is supportive on your back and stomach and pressure relieving on your side.
  • It gives good pressure relief without you feeling “stuck.” The gel layer and foam layer beneath it are fast to respond, making it easy for you to move around on the mattress.
  • It is a great mattress for sleeping cool. The gel layer allows for good airflow and helps to dissipate heat. You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on this mattress.
  • The materials are quite durable. If you are looking for more of a long-term investment, this could be a good choice for you.
Purple mattress
4.5 Reviewer
Purple is a very unique mattress! It's difficult to compare it to any other type of mattress, but I definitely enjoyed the sleeping experience. The best features are the pressure relief and sleeping cool.
Value (Price)4.7
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.8
Motion Transfer4.1
Edge Support4.1
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.4

Unboxing This Mattress

The Original Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will come compressed and be shipped straight to you. You will want to begin by removing the rolled up Purple mattress from its box. Then, preferably with another person’s assistance, position the roll on your bed.

Carefully cut away the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Then, pierce through the final layer of plastic and the Purple will expand. Simply clear away the excess plastic and allow your mattress to breathe and fully expand.


Reviewing the Original Purple mattress again, I was still impressed by its design and overall comfort and support.

It is a very good fit for combination sleepers of many sizes. However, if you are a lighter side sleeper, you may need a softer mattress. Also, if you want a little more edge support and motion isolation, I would take a look at the Purple 2, 3, or 4.

The mattress comes with a Free Shipping, a 100 Night Sleep Trial, and a 10 Year Warranty. Financing is also available.

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Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site.

He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 250 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed. He has been testing mattresses for over 5 years now, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to mattress selection. He has been cited as an authority in the industry by a number of large publications.

Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University.

154 thoughts on “Purple Mattress Review (Original)”

  1. Do you also sell bed frames and sheets for the Purple Bed? Can any bed frame be used? I saw someone remark about the sheets that she had didn’t fit. Thanks and I’ll be waiting to hear from you!
    Jane D.

  2. Hey! I’m not sure if this thread is still open. But, I’m having trouble deciding on a Purple bed. I’m 5’10”, about 180lbs. I’m definitely a side sleeper, but sometimes sleep on my stomach. I’ve terrible back pain due to an injury (I’m 26 years old). Help?

  3. I am over 60 and have slept on coil mattresses my entire life. I weigh 140, side sleeper and feel a lot of pressure/pain on hips and thighs with my firm mattress. I must buy a new mattress. I have bought foam toppers and do not like the squishy feel with no support. At the mattress store they recommended the ShoreDry by Sealy or the Serta Perfect Sleeper. Watching your videos, the Lull appears to be too firm.
    This in more stressful than buying a car..

  4. So really, at 150 pounds most people arent going to be able to comfortable use this. Maybe this is an interest point Purple needs to look into, as many many people fall under that weight.

  5. Hello! I wonder if you could recommend a mattress for my husband and me. Our current mattress is his traditional childhood one that he’s had for fifteen years. I prefer memory foam mattresses, but my husband tends to sleep warm so he is concerned about that. He has mild scoliosis and I have some health issues that cause lots of nerve pain. We really need a mattress that relieves pressure points while offering good back support. We prefer slightly firmer than average mattresses. My husband usually sleeps on his back. I am a side sleeper most of the time, but occasionally I do sleep on my stomach. Motion isolation is not a real concern for us. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Thanks Joe for your review and the comment replies are helpful too.

    I am youngish (42) and in good enough shape (140 lbs) but suffer back pain – after researching mattresses I suspect (hope!) it might have more to do with my pillowtop mattress being too soft (it’s very soft). I just returned from 4 months of traveling and was relatively back-pain free sleeping on random beds around the world and as soon as I got home near-constant low back pain has returned. But finding the right new mattress is so confusing because I am a stomach and side sleeper. I was sort of anti-purple (gel) but now thinking I should give it a try.

    My question is is it necessary to upgrade to 2 or 3, or might the original work well for a combo stomach sleeper? I am low on funds after all of my travels, but am back to work so it’s possible and honestly I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying every kind of back treatment out there. Or is it worth trying the original then deciding? Or do you recommend other mattresses? I’ve been looking in the Casper/T&N/Leesa range but worry they will be too soft for stomach sleeping. I also toss and turn so would like motion isolation, but thinking I should prioritize back stuff first (and no partner so the tossing and turning only disturbs the cats). Finally, I am hesitant about how heavy the new purples are (for moving) but again if they are vastly more beneficial for the back vs original I will make the tradeoff. Thank you!

    • The Original would be perfect for stomach sleeping but I think too firm for you for side sleeping (because you don’t weigh enough). I think the 3 would be the best fit.

  7. Hi Joe,
    I’m looking at buying a new mattress but am having difficulty deciding. I have worked for a moving company for 10 years and weigh 270lbs. What would be the best fit as far as comfort and overall support?

  8. Hi Joe,

    I wish I had read your review BEFORE purchasing the purple, I’m 5’5″ and 120 pounds and I’ve been sleeping on the original purple for over a month and I wake up with hip pain every day (I just don’t think I sink into the foam like I should, so the pressure on my hips is intense — it was intense on my shoulders with the purple pillow as well, so I’ve gone back to a thicker pillow).

    I’m a side sleeper and I like a soft mattress. I see you’ve told other commenters to check out the Nolah and the Layla, what do you think about the Helix? (That one has come up a lot in my research!) Any others you’d recommend?

  9. We recently got the .2 bed and love it and don’t find it too firm for us!
    We got to test all four beds at our local Mattress Firm here in Seattle
    The .2 is the firmest of the four types (.2, Original, .3, .4 – firmest to least firm)
    If you are like my wife and I, you might not need to go to the more expensive .3 or .4.
    Before this bed we had always slept on standard coil mattresses on the firm side.
    We are in our very late 50’s. She is about 175 lb and I am 190 lb.
    My wife is a combo back and side sleeper and I am a combo stomach and side sleeper.
    Since we aren’t used to foam or soft mattresses, we find the .2 to be heaven!

  10. Hello,
    My husband and I have been sleeping on a Tuft n Needle mattress for about 2 years. It is ok, but leaves me with sore hips (I’m 115 lbs, hubby is 170lbs.) Looking to buy a new one. I have been looking at the Purple, but after your reviews, I think due to my lighter weight It wouldn’t be a good choice. We keep considering biting the bullet and investing in the Intellibed, but the reviews of the bed breaking down and warranty issues scare me off. I am also concerned about off gassing and getting a mattress as non- toxic as possible. What’s a tired woman to do? Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  11. My queen size purple mattress my hubby’s & I both roll to the middle of this bed! Everyone is saying how good they sleep we a @ our last straw with ours what makes it do this ???

    • What do you have as a base? Platform, standard box spring, etc? If you don’t have a solid, level surface for the mattress to sit on, it’s going to collapse in the middle.

  12. I am a 52 yr old woman experiencing terrible hip pains only when in bed for a few hours, I am thinking from my 22 yr old pillow top mattress. It has been amazing. But it’s way past time for a new mattress. I hate mattress shopping.

    Which will work best for me?
    Hips are killing me, I am 99% a side sleeper, and don’t want motion from the person next to me.
    I am not a big sweater, but occasionally do. I am in menopause. : (

    I laid down on my side on a Zinus, full size, my daughter had bought and it felt like a brick bed.
    I’ve always liked a firmer mattress. But I am older now.
    5’3 160 lbs.

    What is best for me?
    I need the best, but the least expensive too.

    Thank you for your great reviews.

    • The original Purple may be a good choice. It will feel a little firm but pressure-relieving at the same time. It is temperature neutral, so no sleeping hot. It’s not the best at isolating motion but I think it hits your other criteria.

  13. FYI: Mattress Firm now sells Purple Mattresses in their stores. You can try before you buy, and the price is the same as buying online.

  14. I was torn between Purple and Casper. Your link above offering $100 off Purple swayed me. But the link does not result in a discount. I called Purple and they said this promotion ended 4/28/2018. They would not do anything to win my business now (like make an exception for me). So I am going to buy the Casper.

  15. My daughter wanted this bed but she has a twin so I’ll have to find her something else wish it came in a regular twin size

  16. I’ve had the Tuft and Needle queen mattress for a year. At first it was ok, but now, it’s just too damn firm. I wake up with excruciating back and shoulder pain. I sleep on my cushy leather couch instead and wake up feeling great!

    Is the Purple less firmer than the Tuft and Needle? I’m desperate for another mattress that is softer than the Tuft & Needle.

    If not the Purple, what do you recommend?

    Thank you!

    • Most people agree the Purple is softer than the T&N, as long as you weigh 125 lbs. or more. You can also check out the Nolah or Layla for something that is much softer than the T&N.

  17. ** tried to post this as a reply, but the CAPTCHA thing for it is broken. So..

    I’ve had one for about 18 months.. I don’t notice the square ridges/gel layer at all… I find it very comfortable. It’s the coolest mattress I’ve ever slept on, the prior one being a hybrid talaylay latex model. Temperature was my #1 factor and I’m thrilled having that issue solved.

    My main frustration is
    a) my sheets don’t fit properly. Most are designed for mattresses 15 – 18″ thick and attaching multiple “cinch straps” to tighten them hasn’t helped completely. That and they’re a pain to detach/re-attach when changing the sheets out.

    b) my bed developed an impression fast. Honestly, it was sorta like that from the first week. I’ve kept it, I’m happy with it & I don’t want to accuse Purple of doing anything anything nefarious. But I’d almost be willing to bet that my mattress (or the foam support section underneath) was a return/recycle. It’s a king-size and both sides had a distinct impression / dip vs. sleeping in the center.
    I’m actually considering the purchase of new latex core layers, tearing the Purple open and rebuilding it.

  18. Enjoyed reading your reviews and comments. Hoping you could help us.

    We used to have a memory foam that we used to love initially but hated the last 3 years on it. It was about 10 years old. It was not providing the support and it was giving me back pains and my arm was going numb. So, it was time.

    We are both mostly side sleepers who sometimes sleep on our backs. We weigh about 140 lbs and 190 lbs. Trying to figure out whether to do Spring mattress like Saatva Luxury Plush OR Organic Latex like Zenhaven or Plushbeds or Saavy Rest or Sleeping Organic OR Purple. I do not like smells. I like the softer feel so that I do not get a numb arm or shoulder. I suffer from lots of upper back and neck pain. I also need the support for my lower back. And we do not like feeling hot or getting trapped in one position in the memory foam.

    What would you recommend for us?
    Thank you!
    Sleepless at Home

  19. Prices are almost twice what you have listed. I was quite interested but will be putting off the purchase for awhile.

  20. I am looking for a mattress for me, a stomach sleeper, that won’t cause lower back pain in just a few years. I have tried regular, no flip, firm ones that in less than 5 years are horrid and causing pain, memory foam, which I returned right away due to the lower back pain, and am at a loss as where to turn. I have had both shoulders replaced, but they are pretty good now and usually sleep holding a pillow. Would you recommend this for me? I currently just spun my mattress for the second time and this side is worse than the other and have at least 3 plush mattress pads on it. Lower back pain every morning.

    • I actually do think this would be a good fit for you. It’s supportive but pressure-relieving at the same time. I don’t think you would have back pain with it.

  21. Have you tried any of the new Purple mattresses? Are they worth the extra cost? If you were going to get the new 2, is it basically the same as the original?

    • I haven’t tried them yet but I will pretty soon. The 2 is basically the same but with springs in the support system instead of foam. It will be more durable and more supportive overall, but yeah it’s a judgment call if you think it’s worth the extra money that you have to pay.

  22. If the Purple Mattress sleeps cool, does it pull the heat from the sleeper’s body in the winter time when room temperature at night might be 62-65 degrees F in the bedroom and make the sleeper cold as a water bed will due if the heater is not used?

  23. Nice write-up. Just because it’s bugging me, the reason your egg test didn’t perform as well as the commercials is two-fold. First, the eggs in the commercials are attached to the glass with a large amount of epoxy. This distributes the surface area that has contact with the glass by quite a large amount in comparison to the tiny point of contact with just the egg. Second, the top layer is stripped. This is as much for demonstrating the “purple” layer as it is for removing the additional tension of the top layer, which necessarily won’t yield as much. It might seem disingenuous, but considering that people are much larger than eggs the difference in performance with and without the top layer may be negligible (depending on the thickness of the top layer) aside from more even weight distribution across the grid pattern.

  24. I would like to know if this mattress absorbs and retain smells? Is it washable with a disinfectant if my puppy has an accident?

  25. Hi Joe,

    My concern is how well it holds up. I have had three different memory foam mattresses in the past. Two that were deemed defective and replaced with a different one and now my select number bed that I have had 5 years, which the memory foam started to break down about two years or so into it. My experience with memory foam is that it doesn’t hold up. How does the purple bed compare to holding up? I know that you said it’s a different type of bed but my concerns is it breaking down. It will cost me $450 to get my king size mattress to be replaced on my select comfort but wondering if I will have to go through this again in another three years or so. It’s easier to buy a car than a bed. Thank you,

  26. Hi I seen your commercial with T-Pain the rapper singer recommending your purple mattress… I am now 5 years and 8 months breast cancer survivor… I have a lot of pain in my knees my back my neck some in my reconstruction breast… I sleep around my sides, my back, my stomach.. do you have this in full size and if you do is there any discounts going on like the one I just seen that you’re giving $100 off I’m very interested and do you have financing… I really need help cuz I’m still recovering and I have two more surgeries to go.. at your convenience could you please get back with me …at my Gmail or call me at 714-371 8549

  27. Does your link for $100 off the Purple mattress still work? I followed it to purchase a king size and don’t see where it would be applied at any point. Thanks

  28. I have had the Purple Seat Cushion at work for about 3 months now and I LOVE IT! The pillow is my next purchase and then the mattress in late spring. I’ve been sleeping on a TempurPedic queen bed for just over 10 years and not only does it sleep VERY VERY HOT (I run a room fan all year long), but now, there’s a deep crater where I’ve been sleeping around the hip area!

  29. This is one of the most refreshing sites. I really enjoy your reviews, as I am wanting a new mattress. You are honest and candid and I really feel that your reviews are trustworthy

    Well done. I will follow you because of what I have read.

  30. Joe,

    How come you never review the jp rogers innerspring mattresses. I have heard they are high quality and sold direct.

    Sleep well,


  31. I bout a $3,200 mattress with a 3 yr. warranty ,4 1/2 years later I sunk in one side ,my husband sunk into the other side. We have a large hill separating us now. How long will your mattress really last? Thank you Marcia

  32. Hi Joe! I have a question for you. My husband and I are looking to get a new mattress and had considered Purple, but you say it sleeps cool. What exactly do you mean by that? I’ve found in the recent years that I am cold ALL the time. Does the bed not warm up in the winter? Currently I have flannel sheets, 3 blankets, and a comforter on top of me and still sometimes use the electric lap blanket I got for my birthday! Seriously, a big concern for me. Thanks!

    • It’s more that it sleeps temperature neutral. People often are worried about a mattress overheating. That’s not the case with Purple. You should have nothing to worry about either!

  33. I appreciate the review. A suggestion for improvement. “Unique” means “one of a kind.” Either something is one of a kind, or it is not. Something cannot be “very” one-of-a-kind. Your use of the phrase “very unique” is non-sensical and distracting for the listener who hears you use it 9 times in your 3 minute video.

  34. I purchased the king purple and I wrote and asked the company about the horrid smell that filled the room when I was laundering the sheets and the mattress was exposed, They said no else mentioned a smell. I am 122 lbs and I am having a hard time adjusting to this bed, my arms hurt more and I toss and turn like crazy. I am going to return it, I hope it’s not a nightmare.

  35. My husband sleeps hot and I’m ALWAYS cold…I know he’ll love this mattress, but, I often sleep with a heating pad to warm my feet or lower back before I can get to sleep…do you know if my spot will warm up during the night? I hate when I find a cool spot on the mattress, I’ll go back to where I just was, where I had already warmed it up, otherwise I won’t fall asleep again until I can warm up again.

  36. Thank-you Joe! I really appreciate the way you described this mattress…. firm, but relieves pressure points. I think you’ve won me over.

    I had a firm coil spring bed that I put the BeautyRest 3.5 Geo-Matt on top of to relieve pressure points. Worked great, but had to replace the topper every 12-18 months at $200 a pop.

    So I went searching for something that would give me the same ‘feel’ in one mattress that should last 8-10 years. I was just about to build my own with a poly foam base, dunlop latex transition, and talalay latex topper when I found a bed-in-a-box brand that I thought was worth trying since it had a long trial period and terrific write-ups and reviews.

    2 months into it and I have a concave in the middle and a slight backache in the morning. And I LOVED this mattress until the breakdown. It’s really disappointing.

    I’ve been reading reviews and found a few latex mattresses that didn’t cost an arm & a leg that I could try and add a topper if necessary….and then I read about Purple on Consumer Reports. CR rates the longevity of Purple high so I went looking for more reviews. That’s where I read your very comprehensive review. Thanks again!

    I’m going for it. I’m hoping I don’t need to take advantage of the long trial on the Purple. Thanks for your great review!

    p.s. I don’t care how it’s classified if I get a good nights sleep with no pain!

  37. First of all, it’s full of toxic crap. Just read the user reviews on the smell. And yes, gassing is an issue with all mattresses, which is why you should strive to get a mattress with natural fillers. If you must have foam, then get a latex core mattress. In fact, prior to WWII latex core mattresses were the gold standard. Then latex was rationed during WWII, resulting in the lower quality spring mattress. When the war ended, mattress manufacturer’s stuck with spring, because it was way cheaper to produce than its latex predecessor. Now they come out with foam mattresses, which are full of toxic foam, that pretty much do what the old latex core mattresses did – only latex core mattresses don’t have the break-in (get used to it) period and they still have bounce.

    Regarding Purple Mattress, just like all foam mattresses, they say you have a money back trial period. This is not true. Fact is that if you sleep on it for a week, and the trial period is a month, then they will tell you that you must complete the 30-day trial before you can return it. Then, when the 30-days is up you find yourself running against the clock and what do you know, you can no longer return it. Purple takes this deception to a new level in that they tell you that you must donate the mattress and provide proof of the donation before they will issue a refund. Problem is that no-one accepts mattress donations anymore, because of the potential for bed-bug contamination. So you can’t donate it, the clock runs out, and you are stuck with the mattress. Nuff said.

  38. Hi! Thanks for the Purple reviews! I’ve had sciatic pain for 6 months and had no idea what could’ve caused it. I had to go out of town for a week and realized I had no pain during that time. When I returned home and after sleeping 2 nights on my Nature’s Sleep mattress, the sciatic pain returned! I’m now in the market for a new mattress! My question is, do you own this mattress? If so, how has it held up for you? Do you sleep well on it? Sorry for all the questions!

    • I switch mattresses every couple of weeks to make sure I can review all the new ones that come out. Therefore, I don’t now any one in particular. Purple is definitely a fantastic mattress though.

  39. I meant to ask one more question. How it edge support? I noticed it’s a 4.1 and that’s just above the Casper which seems to be very poor (at least from the photos). Again per our interest the Casper is not for us, but with Purple being a latex AND only having a 4.1 I wasn’t sure. Finally what are “strechy” sheets? We get our bedding at Costco and Costco.com so never seen this unless you mean the material stretches (we stick to cotton).

    Kind Regards,


  40. In your opinion how does it compare to the Love & Sleep? My wife and I have a very active sex life and coming from an inner spring matters I have reservations. My friends love memory foam but my wife also gauges (i.e. talking to her friends) that those specific friend’s sex life is limited to special dates… Basically we want to avoid even dealing with a mattress that puts a damper on our sex life. That said we’d prefer a hybrid because the old spring style mattress is causing pressure point issues now that we’re both in our 40s. Fewer noises also help with kids that are getting older in the house…

    I know I can return it, but our old mattress really needs replacing and if we show up at Furniture Row again to test the mattress I think they’re going to require (I joke) we buy one. Any input on how purpose does in this realm is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  41. Hi Joe. Thank you for taking the time to provide your personal review.
    I noticed you mentioned the following: “Overall I had a great experience sleeping on Purple” “Had”, meaning you no longer sleep on the Purple mattress?

    • I am constantly changing the mattress that I sleep on because of the nature of what I do. Don’t read into the comment at all. It’s the same as with any other mattress.

  42. Thanks for the review – very helpful. As a side note, and because someone once corrected me for the same issue (and I appreciated it), you use the phrase “very unique” quite often. The word “unique” does not lend itself to degrees. From thesaurus dot come: “Many authors of usage guides, editors, teachers, and others feel strongly that such “absolute” words as complete, equal, perfect, and especially unique cannot be compared because of their “meaning”: a word that denotes an absolute condition cannot be described as denoting more or less than that absolute condition.”

  43. You shocked the egg in the first test. Dropping a heavy solid item will break it in that circumstance even if it is suspended in a fluid.
    The second test where the egg is fixed to the board illustrates the properties which the company is trying to demonstrate (ability to provide firm support over a wide area while remaining pliant at all points across the surface). That being said, it shouldn’t be necessary to reduce the weight of the glass surface, just eliminating the relative velocity between the glass and the egg is enough (otherwise you are testing the shock absorption properties of the glass instead of the bed).

  44. We have a Beautyrest Recharge called Lilah Luxury Firm Pillow Top. Ordered it from Overstock.com in May of 2014. We are not heavy people yet after less than 4 years there are deep cavities where we each lie. Additionally it sleeps very hot. I like the looks of your review on Purple, but am wondering if there is enough history on the mattress to know if it will have the same issue in a few years with the deep valleys? Thanks.

  45. You repeated indicate it is “so unique” and “very unique” – except there is no such thing so this really doesn’t say much about either the mattress or your writing skills. A thing is either unique (there is nothing exactly the same) or it is not. There are absolutely no gradations of uniqueness.

  46. I believe the term is “out-gassing”. If you ever go into the store Harbor Freight, you will be knocked over by the cheap out-gassing rubber products they have. Also, we have just received our new Purple King a week ago and it is the best bed I’ve ever slept in. Like the Joe says, it is hard to describe. And regarding if you “feel” the squares in the first layer: I never knew there were squares because I never saw the exploded view. So no detectable out-gassing and it sure is great. I don’t know how I’ll ever move it but that is another issue. 🙂

  47. Hi Joe, love your reviews on all these mattresses!! Thank you!

    I’m highly considering purple for my husband and I. Both side sleepers, but sometimes I sleep on my back. He sleeps hot, so the cool sleeping appeals to us. I’m currently pregnant and having severe sciatica pain. Our current mattress is a posturpedic. It’s now 17 years old and while I used to sleep like the dead on it, it causes me pain and he doesn’t like how firm it is. We had a pillow top, but that created a crater after just half a year so that’s when we switched with my posturpedic.
    Seems like purple would be a good try for us with it being cooler sleeping, not totally firm…but I have to ask…
    Does it create a crater with two sleepers? And do you use a box spring with it? Last, based on the info I gave you, would you recommend purple to us?

    Thank you soooo much!!!

    • It won’t crater with two sleepers. As long as you aren’t too lightweight I would recommend it. A box spring isn’t ideal. I would reach out to them directly to get their advice on that.

  48. Thank you for your thorough review of the Purple Mattress. I just purchased one tonight and am looking forward to trying it.

  49. The Purple mattress has me miffed so I think I will try it, 100 off and the 100 days to sleep on it, has me pretty convinced, your review was awesome…

  50. I have purchase a twin mattress, and two seat pads, one for the office and one for my vehicle. I agree with you and also like the products. My main reason for giving up my memory foam was the heat. I am sensitive to heat, especially at night. The purple mattress is much cooler. When they asked for a review, I gave them a seven, but didn’t get the chance to tell them why. It is the time delay between purchasing a product and the delivery, we are talking weeks. I am still waiting for my second seat cushion??? I wanted to post this on their website, or some where, but no option, so I thought I would “vent” on your site. Great review, thanks. dennis

  51. You mention the Intellibed in your Purple review but I haven’t been able to find any more comparing the two. About 10 years ago, I visited an Intellibed store while visiting family in Utah and, having been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was very interested in them but the price was extremely prohibitive as was the difficulty of actually purchasing one and having it shipped to my home in California. I know that shipping/delivery has become much easier and affordable since then and the price of the Purple mattresses is much easier to consider. So I’m just wondering what your thoughts were on how the two compare. Would you recommend one over the other? Is there still a significant price difference between the two brands? How does the construction of each mattress compare? What type of frame/base support do they each require and can either of them be used with an adjustable base? Do either of the companies offer an adjustable base as an option? Any other information you think would be helpful for me?

    I continue to have widespread pain but especially in my hips and legs. I have trouble with regulating my body temperature while sleeping due to hormonal fluctuations and changes relating to other health concerns so I need to avoid any mattress that sleeps “hot” or even somewhat warm. I had a temperpedic mattress for several years that was sort of a hand me down from my parents who decided they did not like it after only a year or two. Being a disabled, single mom with multiple children with special needs, I couldn’t afford to turn that down. I still can’t afford to spend anything extra that I don’t really have to and I don’t have the money, time, or other resources to go through a lot of trial and error on such a big purchase so I truly appreciate your very thorough reviews that I’ve already read and would be very thankful for any further input you can provide in comparing the Purple vs Intellibed mattresses.

    • They are very similar. You can think of the top material as being basically the same thing. The springs of the Intellibed will make the mattress last longer overall. It’s really a question of whether the extra money is worth it.

  52. Do regular sheets work for the mattress? We bought a pillow top mattress years ago and didn’t take into consideration that we would need “special” sheets (which are expensive!)

  53. Was just notified these are being sold through Sams clubs for those (like me) that need to feel it before making a purchase.

  54. Hi there, I assume you are part of their affiliate program, but when i click your link, the $100 discount doesnt seem to be working. Any help is appreciated 🙂

  55. Thanks for your review and responses to comments. (Loved the “egg test”) I have a Tempurpedic with an adjustable base but the Tempurpedic sleeps too hot. I’ve been trying the Saatva but that one also sleeps hot – so I’m interested in Purple. Can it be used on an adjustable base without damaging the mattress? Whaddya think?

  56. I wish there was a bigger number of full sized mattresses out there…..maybe you could do a quick list with best attributes

  57. When I clicked the link for the $100 off, I was taken to onpurple.com. I didn’t see a full/double size nor anything indicating a discounted price 🙁 Were they offered for a limited time?

  58. Do you review the mattresses for partnered bedroom activities? I think that’s a huge component in decision-making for a lot of individuals.

  59. My husband and I both prefer firmer mattresses with minimal movement transfer but what makes this a bit tricky is I sleep in different positions, including my side, AND I’m under 120 lbs. (So we were looking at firmer memory foam and cushion firms mainly). Do you think the purple would work for me or am I too light? I have seen a few that I think will work for example, the Liberty but I was hoping to get one for 800 or less.

  60. Hi there

    Wondering what you did/do with the mattress? Did you return it or keep it? I am considering one but the online purchase sight unseen makes me very nervous, sure they have the 100 nights deal but how easy/hard would that be if it doesn’t work out…so just wondering what you did or if anyone has returned one or attempted to….thanks,

  61. We have the purple pillow! It’s fantastic, it’s a very unique sensation just as Joe stated! It’s advertised as a mattress for your head, and it seriously feels like that. So supportive on my neck, I’ve never had anything like it! I want to get the mattress as well! The material is so unique, with the pillow you get to actually see and feel the material and build the pillow. It’s the heaviest pillow I’ve ever had, it’s seriously a brick. But it’s inexpensive and can be a good intro into the mattress! I definitely want to get the mattress!

  62. Purple is a dangerous product, Purple is criminally negligent for filling their products with a fine plastic powder that gets into your lungs and lying to people for years that it is in there, then when they got caugth they stupidly say it’s FDA approved. No one is going to eat it, it’s dangerous to breathe plastic into your lungs! Open your pillow or mattress and find it full of plastic powder. Couple that with the breathability of the bed and you have a lung full of plastic powder. Then they tried to get a gag order on the guy that was telling everyone about the dangers. Watch for action from Consumer Protection Agency and the FTC, along with OSHA in Utah and Purple will be a unicorn…it simply will not exist. Shame on you Purple for putting thousands of consumers at risk to turn a buck!

  63. Thank you for your reviews! I was all over your site and it helped me make up my mind. I just pulled the trigger and purchased the Purple mattress. I have been dealing with horrible shoulder pain and my hubby has low back and some hip pain. I am hoping this will be a great solution for us as I am running out of ideas as the frustration builds. I also purchased the pillows. I’m excited to try! Just wish it wasn’t going to take a month or so to receive the merchandise. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • I’m considering buying one, and I noticed you mentioned having should pain… which is my biggest problem too. I realize you left this comment quite a while ago, so I was curious as to how you ended up liking this mattress?

  64. Hello,

    I’ve watched a few of your review videos and read several of your written reviews. Obviously you are a fit individual with an “average weight/ Height” ratio. My SO and I are heavy. Not circular/ beach ball heavy but we definitely run with the meatier crowd. I was interested in the Purple until I read a review stating that if you are heavier, you’ll bottom out the mattress and your hip (I’m a side sleeper) will come to rest on whatever the mattress is in top of. Is that accurate? Is there any way that I can get reviews as good and straight forward as yours but from a perspective of someone more akin to our body weight/ shape/ heft/ girth or uumph? I’m now trying to decide between the Loom and leaf and the Saatva, but I wanted to have accurate info about the Purple before its permanently excluded from my consideration. Thank you so much, Anne

    • Hi Anne – definitely a good question to ask, and honestly I don’t have a great answer with Purple (or any other mattress). Generally you’re going to want denser foams, and opt for great support in general. Purple is a bit hard to compare in that way because of the unique gel comfort layer. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  65. Hi Joe, I really appreciate all of your reviews. I’m attempting to replace my Serta foam bed that I purchased in 1991, after 25 years I started to have issues in my shoulders with it and began my quest to get a new bed. It’s been a harrowing journey, 1st was a Tempur-Pedic which wasn’t pressure relieving and really HOT. I returned it after 60 days and purchased a Serta Hybrid, after two nights I knew I will have to return it after 60 days (mandatory trial period). So my quest is resumed. The only bed I haven’t seen you review is Bed-in-a-Box. The Purple seems like it might be for me as I’m a back and side sleeper with back issues (herniated cervical disks and two surgeries on two herniated lumbar disks). What concerns me is if you return it you get an in store credit and not a full refund. That might be a real deal breaker for me.

    • Hi Charley – sorry you’re having so much mattress trouble! Purple also has the option for full refund, not just store credit – so sounds like it might be a good one for you to try.

  66. Hi Joe, I appreciate your reviews. My comment is maybe telling people your weight might help in a review. The reason I say that is because I recently bought a Purple bed and could not have been more pleasantly surprised with the feel. However, I weigh 180lbs. I have read that some people whom weigh less than, say 130 lbs. , don’t experience the pressure relief heavier people do. Maybe you have heard this?

  67. Hi just like above I had a terrible experience with off -gassing. We bought a mattress from sleep by number and we were so excited about it . We had it for 2 months in that time I became so sick severe shooting pains in my bones n joints. Flu like symptoms dry eyes and sore throat. The smell from the mattress made me nauseous it was awful. Now I am so hypersensitive to smells and chemicals that it is ridiculous. So my question to you is does this mattress smell at all?

  68. I’ve been following this Purple mattress for a couple months now, and maybe this might be the answer for a lot of my aches and pains and sleepless nights! It’s just hard to make such a large $$ purchase over the internet, I’m more of I gotta see it, touch it person…but the money back guarantee could help me jump in. I’ll let you know. Thanks for your review.

  69. Thank you Joe for the honest & complete review of the purple mattress. I am going to order today, sleeping hot & pressure points are my biggest concerns.

  70. joe after years of sleeping on a full motion water bed my wife and I have gone though at least 5 different types of mattresses from soft to firm nothing lasts more than a few years .you think this may be the answer? water bed is out of the question thanks for any input jake

    • Hey Jake – Purple is a new company, and honestly the gel is a new material to me – but it definitely has a very durable feel, and Purple strongly advertises the durability.

  71. I have now had 8 nights of “coma” like sleep on the purple mattress. I won’t be returning it. Best mattress I have ever slept on. (real person, Salem, NH)

  72. Hi Joe, my wife and I are looking to change our 10 year old mattress. We are considering the purple mattress but we are a bit skeptical because we have neither seen any TV ads on it nor have any friends who have had the pleasure of using one. We live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Do you have any outlet in or close to us? We want to at least have a feel of it before we make our decision.

    • Hey Lionel! Purple is a fairly new company (~1 year) and are sold entirely online, so unfortunately (to my knowledge) there is no showroom to try it out before purchasing. A lot of online companies these days operate this way, that’s why they have more generous (generally) return policies than in-store options.

  73. I hope you do some research on off-gassing. Off-gassing is very real and should be of concern to any consumer considering a bed. After purchasing a Tempur Pedic bed and having flu like symptoms for over a month that would go away only when I slept in another room or left the house half the day (as well as my husband having gout like symptoms that went away after we got rid of the bed)…. I feel it is not talked about enough. I was interested the Purple bed, but after your dismissal of off-gassing being real and the materials used in Purple, I think I’ll pass on that science experiment with my body.

    • Hi Heather – sorry you had a bad experience with Tempurpedic! I don’t mean to say off-gassing is not “real”, but any foam mattress that is compressed will emit a smell for some period of time (usually a short period), which is the term “off-gassing”. This is not to say you won’t have a reaction to the materials in your mattress (latex allergy is what I hear about the most), but I would not put that in the off-gassing category.

  74. Hi Joe
    Great review!
    My son tells me some of these new beds have dangerous off gassing issues.
    Also, since these come highly compressed how in the world do you send them back, if need be?
    Regards, Mark

    • Hi Mark – I don’t consider off-gassing dangerous, though perhaps your son has more information than I do on the subject (or a brand in particular).

      In terms of returns, every company handles it slightly differently – but you won’t need to recompress or ship it. They will work with some kind of local service to take the mattress from you.

    • Hi Jim – if you’re very sensitive you might notice them (it’s definitely a unique feeling at first), but after some time on the bed I personally forgot about it completely

  75. Thanks for the comprehensive review and objective in depth look at Purple! I ordered one and have high hopes as my latex mattress sleeps a bit hot and seems to be losing pressure point relief after 6 years, maybe due to being on an adjustable base? Anyway, good sleep is hard to come by after 3 spine surgeries. Keep up the good work!

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