Purple Mattress Review – Is The Update An Improvement?

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Ah, the Purple mattress – it is difficult to spend much time online without coming across some advertisements for the popular mattress brand – next to Casper, Purple also seems to be the mattresses we get the most questions about.

Well, everyone can stop asking because we are back with a new, updated review; I reviewed the Purple mattress previously, but the company has recently added a new edge support system and cover to the mattress.

While the mattress is a bit different, it still features that super unique Purple Grid – I’ll get into this material in great detail, but I can say for now that there is no other mattress material like it.

I’ve got all the pertinent information about the Purple mattress; the construction, firmness and feel, and recommendations for who the Purple is going to be a good fit for. Without further ado, on to the Purple mattress review!

Purple Mattress Deals

Purple is an innovative mattress that is a great fit for all three sleeping positions and doesn't sleep hot.  You can get the best current deal on the Purple mattress simply by clicking the link below.


The Purple Might Be A Good Fit For …

  • Back sleepers. I felt like the Purple mattress was giving me the perfect amount of comfort and support when I was on my back, and I believe most back sleepers will feel the same – the Purple Grid should collapse under the hips and butt, while it supports the rest of the body.
  • Heavier side sleepers. While the Purple was a bit too firm for me when I was on my side, those on the larger side should definitely get more pressure relief on their shoulders and hips; their heavier weight will collapse that gel grid more and the material will create a cradling effect.
  • Stomach sleepers. The Purple mattress should also provide enough support for the majority of stomach sleepers; the Purple Grid shouldn’t really collapse at all and should provide even support across the entire body.
  • Those who want a long-term investment. The Purple does cost more than the majority of its memory foam, bed-in-a-box competitors. That being said, the durable hyper-elastic gel polymer should make the Purple a longer-lasting mattress; it is definitely a worthwhile investment.
  • Hot sleepers. Sleeping hot is the worst, but that should not be a problem on the Purple mattress; the Purple Grid is, well, a grid, and it leaves an extreme amount of room for airflow. Sleeping on the Purple might not necessarily feel cool, but it will be temperature-neutral.

Purple Mattress Construction And Layers

The Purple Might Not Be A Good Fit For …

  • Light- and medium-weight side sleepers. The Purple Grid on this mattress is very interesting and, while it should provide great pressure relief for heavier sleepers, it might not feel the best for those who are on the lighter side. Sleepers who are not too heavy might not activate that gel grid as much as a larger person, so they may feel more pressure on their shoulders and hips.
  • Those who want a standard feel. Okay, the Purple is a great mattress, but it may feel strange to some. The Purple Grid is squishy, firm, but also has some give; it creates a very unique feel that may not be to everyone’s liking.
  • Those who like to sink into their mattresses. Even though the Purple Grid is designed to collapse, it never really feels like I am sleeping “in” the mattress but rather on top. Anyone who likes to really sink into their sleeping surface might want to consider a mattress with soft memory foam.

Purple Mattress Feel and Gel Grid Design

Construction Overview

  • The Purple mattress is 9.5” tall.
  • Surrounding the Purple mattress is what they call a SoftFlex cover; it is stretchy, thin, and breathable.
  • Now, the most important part of the Purple mattress is 2” of a Purple Grid, which is made of a hyper-elastic gel polymer.
  • A foam encasement that is about 3” thick runs around the outside of the Purple Grid – this is designed to enhance the edge support of the mattress.
  • Below that there, is a foam transition layer and then a firmer, supportive foam layer.

Side Sleeping On The Purple mattress

Construction Takeaways

  • I said that the heart of the Purple mattress is it’s proprietary Purple Grid, but what exactly do I mean by that? Well, the Purple Grid is basically the most unique comfort material I have ever seen in a mattress; many mattresses that I review contain some type of foam in their comfort layer, and the Purple Grid is in a category by itself.
  • The Purple Grid is designed to be both supportive and comfortable. Simply put, it creates a flat and supportive sleep surface but, when enough pressure is applied in a certain area, that area collapses. Back sleepers will feel the mattress collapse just under their hips. Side sleepers will feel it collapse under their shoulders and hips, relieving pressure in those areas; stomach sleepers shouldn’t feel the mattress collapse at all.
  • Again, this design is very different than what we find in memory foam mattresses; basically, the more pressure I apply to memory foam, the further I sink in. Pretty simple, right? Well, with the Purple Grid, the mattress doesn’t slowly compress – it is either flat or collapsed, and there is no in-between.
  • Another large difference between the Purple and its memory foam competitors is temperature regulation; the gel grid leaves nearly 2500 air channels in which air can flow through. Memory foam actually traps heat and can essentially bake sleepers during the night; the Purple, on the other hand, is a temperature-neutral sleeping surface.
  • The Purple Grid is also an extremely durable material, so the Purple mattress should be a solid investment; the company even offers a 10-year full warranty.

How Does The Purple Compare To The Casper Mattress?

As I mentioned earlier, many people ask how the Purple compares to one of its biggest competitors, the Casper mattress. They are also both very similar in price, so many people wonder which one is “best.” Having spent a lot of time on both mattresses, I want to shed some light on how these mattresses compare.

First off, these two mattresses feature a much different construction. The Purple has two foam layers and then the proprietary gel grid on top; Casper has four layers and also features a zoned construction that makes the center of the mattress firmer than the rest. Their design gives the mattresses different feels as well. The Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel, and the Casper has more of that standard foam mattress feel.

Casper Mattress Construction And Layers

In my experience, the Purple is also firmer than the Casper mattress; for me, the Purple feels like a 7/10, and the Casper feels like a 6/10. Again, these mattresses might feel softer or firmer depending on the sleeper’s body weight.

So, who should choose the Purple mattress over the Casper? Well, between the two mattresses, I felt better back sleeping on the Purple; most back sleepers should get that perfect balance of comfort and support. Stomach sleepers should also prefer the Purple mattress, as it is the more supportive of the mattresses.

While heavier side sleepers should also get nice pressure relief on the Casper, they could get even better pressure relief on the Purple; the gel grid should really cradle their shoulders and hips.

On the other hand, the Casper should be a better match for light- and medium-weight side sleepers. They might not compress the Purple’s gel grid enough to get great pressure relief, but they should feel great pressure relief on the Casper. Also, those who prefer a foam feel will definitely want to go for the Casper.

Purple Mattress Deals

Purple is an innovative mattress that is a great fit for all three sleeping positions and doesn't sleep hot.  You can get the best current deal on the Purple mattress simply by clicking the link below.

How Does The Mattress Compare To The Other Purple Mattresses?

For a few years, Purple offered the Original Purple mattress as well as the Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4. They recently changed the names to the Purple Hybrid (Purple 2), and the Purple Hybrid Premier. With the Purple Hybrid Premier, customers can choose from the model with 3″ of the hyper-elastic gel polymer and one with 4″ of the material. The Hybrid and Hybrid Premier models also contain coils in their support layer, while the Purple features support foam.

While these four mattresses all feature that proprietary Purple Grid, their construction differences do make them a better fit for different types of sleepers.

Now, the Purple mattress is the most affordable option out of these four. Moving up to the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier, one will pay for every extra inch of Purple Grid, so those who want to save some money should consider the Purple. In addition, it is still perfectly supportive for back and stomach sleepers. Even heavier side sleepers who don’t want to splurge for the pricier models will enjoy the Purple.

Moving on to the Hybrid, this mattress is going to offer a bit more support; the addition of coils makes it a better match for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who require more support. I usually recommend that larger sleepers find a mattress with coils in the support layer, and that definitely applies here.

With the 3″ version of the Hybrid Premier, we get one more inch of Purple Grid; this is going to add even more comfort to an already quite comfortable mattress. This extra comfort should provide even more pressure relief for side sleepers but, at the same time, the mattress is still very supportive and should work for combo sleepers of all sizes.

Finally, we have the 4″ version of the Hybrid Premier. This is Purple’s most deluxe mattress and contains 4″ of the Purple Grid! While this is still a very supportive mattress, it is heavier side sleepers who should really love it; even those over 250 lbs should feel themselves sink into that material as it cradles the shoulders and hips.

In the end, it all comes down to price. With each added inch of the Purple Grid, these mattresses go up in price by about $600. So, find the mattress that is the perfect fit, and don’t spend money on extra materials that really aren’t necessary.


I often talk about how a mattress’s perceived firmness really depends on the size and weight of each sleeper – that is especially true when we are talking about the Purple mattress. The mattress might feel very firm to very light sleepers as they don’t really collapse that Purple Grid. On the other hand, much heavier sleepers might feel like the Purple is quite soft as their larger weight really activates the Purple Grid.

All that being said, the Purple mattress felt close to a 7/10, a bit firmer-than-average; again, I weigh 160 lbs, so this is just my personal experience.

Purple Mattress Firmness And Feel

For me, the Purple mattress was a great match for back sleeping; lying down on the Purple, the Purple Grid collapses just under my hips and butt. The rest of the mattress is not affected by my weight, so I feel supported in pretty much every other area.

Now, when I move to my side, the Purple is not the best match for me. With my lighter weight, I am not really activating that gel grid and, because of this, I do feel some pressure on my shoulders and hips.

However, when I am stomach sleeping, the Purple is a perfect match. Stomach sleepers really want a mattress to support them across their entire body, and they don’t want to sink in at their hips or their core. When this happens, say hello to back pain.

Trying to talk about the Purple’s overall feel is, well, difficult. This might sound like hyperbole, but I have never felt a mattress quite like the Purple; this is all due to the Purple Grid which has a squishy gel feel that is also quite firm. Also, the mattress provides a weightless cradling effect that is hard to find on any other mattress.

Motion Transfer

For those of us who sleep alone, motion transfer really doesn’t come into play. However, for couples, motion transfer should be a major consideration when shopping for a mattress. Couples want a mattress that will isolate each partner’s movements to their side of the mattress; when one partner moves around or gets up to go to the bathroom, they don’t want to disturb their partner on the other side of the mattress!

There are a few tests I like to do in regard to motion transfer. First off, I place a glass of water on one side of the mattress, and I push into the other side, mimicking the movements one’s partner might make. When I do this on the Purple, the water is disturbed quite a bit; the Purple’s squishy gel is not isolating motion too well when I am doing this.

Purple Mattress Motion Transfer

I also like to get a feel for what it is like when someone moves around as I am sleeping. So, I lie down on one side of the Purple while Marten gets in and out of bed on the other side, and he also moves around and changes positions. I am feeling his movements transfer to my side.

Taking all this into account, I would say that the Purple doesn’t handle motion transfer particularly well.

Edge Support

Mattresses aren’t cheap, and I always like to know that I can use every last inch of a mattress. That is why I pay close attention to a mattress’ edge support. If a mattress doesn’t feature solid edge support, I often feel like I am rolling off the edge of the mattress.

However, this is not a problem with the Purple; the company recently added a foam encasement to help with edge support, and I can definitely feel it working. Sitting down near the edge of the Purple, the gel grid collapses, but I don’t feel like I am going to pitch forward.

Also, when I lie down near the edge of the Purple, I don’t feel like I am going to fall off. Couples should be able to sleep toward the edges of the Purple quite securely.

Purple Mattress Edge Support

Marten’s Take

As I explained above, larger sleepers may have a different experience on the Purple mattress. So, I asked Marten, a larger sleeper who weighs 230 lbs, to try out the Purple and talk about just how well the Purple Grid worked for him. Here is what he thought:

As Joe mentioned, the Purple’s Purple Grid is designed to stay flat and supportive until a certain pressure threshold is reached. Now, what’s interesting about the Purple is that it actually feels softer to me than it did to Joe. This is pretty rare, as my larger weight usually causes me to sink into mattresses more than Joe and to feel some more firmness.

On the Purple, my weight activates that gel grid more than Joe’s weight, so it actually feels softer to me! Joe thought it was a 7/10 in terms of firmness, and I thought it was a 6.5/10.

Similar to what Joe experienced, the Purple is a fantastic match for me when I am on my back. The Purple Grid collapses under my butt, but the rest of the mattress is still supporting me.

Moving to my side, I am getting some better pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. As Joe explained, he is a bit too light to side sleep on the Purple, but that is not the case with me.

I will note that I am only 230 lbs, and much larger side sleepers might want to opt for either the Purple Hybrid Premiere mattress with either the 3” or 4” comfort layer.

At the same time, the Purple mattress is giving me plenty of support when I am on my stomach.

So, heavier sleepers should get the comfort and support they need in pretty much any sleeping position.

Unboxing The Purple

I probably shouldn’t use the word “unboxing” because the Purple doesn’t come in a box! The Purple actually comes in a thick plastic sleeve, so let’s look at how to not unbox, but unpack the Purple mattress.

First off, ask a friend for help in moving the Purple to the bedroom; this mattress is kind of a beast, and I am not a weightlifter. Once the mattress is in the bedroom, it’s time to pull the mattress out of the packing sleeve. The mattress can get stuck, and it might be necessary to cut through the sleeve.

Once the rolled-up mattress is out of the sleeve, position in on the bed. Then, simply cut through the many layers of plastic – do this carefully so as not to damage the new mattress.

Finally, clear away all that packing material, and the Purple is pretty much good to go!

What Makes The Purple Stand Out?

  • It has a great balance of comfort and support and should be a great fit for most back sleepers.
  • Heavier side sleepers should press into the Purple Grid and feel nice pressure relief.
  • It is a supportive option for most stomach sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers should not wake up sweaty on the Purple.
  • The Purple is very durable and should be a good investment.

Overall Rating

In the end, the Purple is one of the most unique mattresses I have come across. At the same time, it is simply a very supportive and very comfortable mattress. It should be a sound investment for many different types of sleepers.

With a rating of 7 out of 10 for firmness, the Purple offers a comfortable feel to most average sleepers while still offering enough lumbar support and pressure relieving qualities for heavier people.

The Purple comes with free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. Financing is also available, and Purple offers two other mattresses as well as many accessories.


Is the Purple mattress any good?

The Purple mattress is a high-quality mattress that should be a good fit for many different types of sleepers. The Purple’s Purple Grid offers a balance of comfort and support that should work for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

How much is a Purple mattress?

The original Purple is the most affordable mattress in the Purple line. It ranges in price from $599 for a Twin-size mattress up to $1498 for a Split King. The Purple Hybrid is the middle-of-the-line model and costs more than the Purple. The 3″ and 4″ versions of the Purple Hybrid Premier are the most expensive of the Purple mattresses and cost as much as $4998 for a Split King.

What does the Purple mattress feel like?

The Purple is one of the most unique-feeling mattresses I have ever tried. The gel grid is squishy yet firm. It feels a little wobbly when I first lie down, and it does take some getting used to. It ultimately feels like gel grid is cradling my body.

Can you flip the Purple mattress?

The Purple is not a flippable mattress. The mattress is designed for the support foam to be on the bottom with the Purple Grid on top.

How long do Purple mattresses last?

The Purple’s gel grid is a very durable material. It shouldn’t sag the way some memory foam is known to do, and the mattress should last for between 7 and 10 years.

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