Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison

The original Casper and Purple have been very popular bed-in-a-box mattresses. This is for good reason. They are both constructed to fit numerous sleeping positions, and they are both very comfortable.

How do you choose between the two? I have broken these two mattresses down based on their constructions, firmnesses, and who I believe should pick one over the other.

Which mattress is right for you? Read on for my full comparison.

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  • Firmness: 7/10
  • Motion Isolation: Win
  • Edge Support: Win
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Key Similarities

  • They have similar thicknesses.
  • They are close in price.
  • They have similar base and transition layers.

Key Differences

  • Their constructions are very different.
  • The Casper is softer than the Purple.
  • They have different feels. The Purple has a unique squishy feel, and the Purple has a standard foam feel.
  • The Casper has Zoned construction while the Purple does not.

A mattress is opened to show its design.

Casper Construction

  • The cover is soft and thin.
  • The first layer is 1.5” of a breathable, latex-like foam.
  • Next there are 1.5” of a high-density memory foam.
  • Then, there are 1.5” of a zoned transition foam.
  • Finally, there are 5” of a durable support foam.

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A mattress is opened to show its design.

Purple Construction

  • The cover is soft and thin.
  • The first layer is 2” of a Purple Smart Comfort Grid. It is a hyper-elastic polymer with a squishy feeling.
  • Next there are 3.5” of a Plush Comfort Foam.
  • The base layer is 4” of polyfoam.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • They both have thin covers that allow you to engage with the layers below.
  • The gel grid technology on the Purple is very unique. It stays firm until you apply a certain amount of pressure. Then, it collapses. The Casper’s foam layers compress like most balanced foam mattresses. Their feels are very different.
  • The gel grid is designed to collapse under the heavier parts of your body, while staying flat across the rest of the mattress. The transition layer of the Casper is zoned so it is actually firmer under the heavier parts of your body.
  • Both mattresses are designed to fit multiple sleeping positions. They just accomplish this by different means.

Firmness/Feel Differences

For me, the Casper felt like a 6/10, softer than average. The Purple felt like a 7/10, a bit firmer than average. The Casper definitely felt softer than the Purple.

When I was lying on my back on both these mattresses, I felt good overall support. However, they did feel different. With the Purple, I felt the gel grid collapse under my hips while the rest of the mattress stayed supportive. With the Casper, the Zoned construction added some firmness under my hips.

On my side, I also felt good pressure relief on both mattresses. With the Purple, the gel grid collapsed under my hips and shoulders. That being said, I felt a little bit of pressure on those spots.

With the Casper, I felt great pressure relief on my shoulders, but the mattress kept my hips from sinking in too far. Between the two mattresses, I felt better pressure relief on the Casper.

Finally, on my stomach, I felt decent overall support on both mattresses. However, while the Casper was supportive, the Purple felt a little better when I was on my stomach.

In terms of feel, the Purple has a very unique squishy feel, and the Casper has a balanced memory foam feel. The Purple collapses at a certain pressure threshold, while the Casper compresses based on how much pressure you put on the mattress.

Watch the firmness and feel details in the videos below.  You can see the more balanced foam feel in this breakdown of Casper’s firmness and feel.

Watch how Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer reacts to pressure. It really is one of the most unique mattresses out there.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam often performs better when it comes to motion isolation. Because of this, the Casper cut down on motion transfer better than the Purple did.

You should feel less of your partner’s movements on the Casper. I think it should be the better mattress for couples.

Watch the motion isolation differences in the videos below.

Edge Support

The Casper is the softer of the two mattresses, so it is interesting that it has better edge support. I think this is because of the unique top layer of the Purple. It is designed to completely collapse when you apply enough pressure. Because of this, you aren’t going to get great edge support.

On the Casper, I feel less like I am going to fall off when I sit near the edge. Also, when I lie down, I feel less like I am going to roll off the bed.

You can see the edge support differences in the photos below.

A man sits on the bed.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us. He has a much different body type from me. He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lbs (I am 5’9″ and 160 lbs.). Here is what he thought about these mattresses.

Talking about firmness, I said the Purple was 6.5/10 and the Casper was a 7/10. On both these mattresses, I felt good support on my back and stomach and decent pressure relief on my side.

That being said, I felt better support on the Purple when I was on my back and stomach. I felt better pressure relief when I was on my side on the Casper.

If you’re a heavier sleeper and you sleep primarily on your back and stomach, I would lean toward the Purple. If you’re my size and a side sleeper, I would lean more toward the Casper.

For Marten, the Purple was actually the softer of the two mattresses. I think this is because of the gel grid layer on the Purple. Marten is heavier so he activates it in more areas. So, it will actually feel softer to him. Heavier sleepers may have a similar experience.

Pick Casper If:

  • You want a bit softer mattress. For me, the Casper is the softer of the two mattresses. If you want a little less firmness overall, I would lean toward the Casper.
  • You are a side sleeper. The zoned construction is designed to make the mattress softer under your shoulders while staying supportive under your hips. Because of this, you should get very nice pressure relief on your shoulders.
  • You want a balanced foam feel. If you like to move around on your mattress easily and have had success with standard foam mattresses, the Casper should work better for you. The Purple has a unique feel that is very different from foam.

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Pick Purple If:

  • You want a bit firmer mattress. For me, this is the firmer of the two mattresses. If you average weight and need a little extra support, this could work for you.
  • You are a back or stomach sleeper. If you sleep primarily in these positions, the Casper might be a better choice. I found it to be more supportive when I was on my stomach and back.

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The Casper and Purple mattresses both popular for many reasons. They are comfortable, supportive, and could fit numerous sleeping positions.

Their main difference is the feel. You are going to get a balanced foam feel on the Casper and a unique gel feel on the Purple. Back and stomach sleepers may want to choose the Purple, and side sleepers may want to choose the Casper. Please leave any specific comments or questions about the Lull or the Casper in the comment section below.

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Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University.

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  1. My husband and I are chronic back pain sufferers. We bought a TempurPedic HD mattress 3 years ago and totally regret it. The mattress cost over $4,000! My husband is 6 foot 1 and weighs about 225, I am 5 foot 10 and I weigh about 180. We are both side Sleepers for the most part. I’m not sure whether or not we should try Casper or purple, I would appreciate your advice! Thanks!

    • I think the Purple should be a good fit. It’s good for side sleepers of both your weights and is good for back pain as well.

  2. So I bought a pillow top mattress a long time ago and it sags in the hip area. I currently have pain in my hip and I’m looking to get a new mattress. The sag bothers me because if I turn over I kinda feel trapped. Are these materials guaranteed not to sag, or will they sag over time? $1000 seems like a lot of money for a bunch of foam and purple rubberish material These things look like they cost about $20 to manufacture. Which did you like best and why? I’m half way tempted to order both, try them for a couple weeks each and send one back.

  3. Currently have queen size vera wang natural rosette. Its fine but i feel pressure on my heels. (Back sleeper) husband wants pressure relief on shoulders. We want a king size as our 3 small dogs taking up space. Any suggestions? Cost not too much of an issue. (I dont want to feel innersprings!)

  4. Your link to get $100 off a Purple mattress does not work. It takes you to the Purple site, but there is no discount to be had. I suggest you remove.

  5. I’m really having a hard time deciding on which bathrooms to purchase. I have read so many reviews, I really am confused. My question is this, may I do a trial with one company, send it back and then do a trial with the next Company and make a decision based on the two trials?

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