Best Mattresses For Hip Pain Relief

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If you have hip pain, you know how hard it can be to get a comfortable night’s sleep. If you’re tired of the tossing and turning and waking up sore, it may be time to find a better mattress that offers the pressure relief you need.

There’s no reason that sleeping should be a pain – read on to find the best mattress for hip pain relief!

The Best Mattresses for Hip Pain Relief

  • LaylaBest Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain
  • NolahBest Memory Foam Mattress
  • HelixBest Mattress For Side Sleepers With Hip Pain
  • Purple Hybrid PremierBest Mattress for Heavy People
  • WinkBed SofterBest Innerspring Mattress
  • NectarBest Affordable Mattress

We’ve got six mattresses that may be able to help alleviate hip pain while you sleep. Our list includes innerspring, memory foam, and other types of mattresses, so no matter what style you prefer, we’ve got something that could help with your hip pain. Keep reading to find the perfect fit for you!

[Editor’s Note: The information provided should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult a sleep doctor or other medical expert if questions related to one’s own health come up.]

Best Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain


The Layla is a very innovative mattress because it is flippable – it features both a firm side and a soft side, offering two firmnesses in just one mattress! The soft side of the Layla features a thick layer of copper-infused memory foam that makes Layla one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever reviewed.

The soft side of the Layla should be a fantastic fit for both back sleepers when people lie down on their backs, they should feel their hips sink into the soft memory foam, and there shouldn’t be any built-up pressure there. It should also work for side sleepers because, when they move to their side, the memory foam should relieve the majority of pressure on the hips and the shoulders, and stomach sleepers can simply flip the mattress if they require significantly more support.

The copper found in the memory foam also makes for a cooler night of sleep – hot sleepers often complain that memory foam mattresses can make them overheat at night, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem on the Layla. The copper will dissipate body heat and the ThermoGel found in the cover will also make the top of the Layla mattress feel quite cool to the touch.

What Makes The Layla Stand Out?

  • The Layla is an innovative flippable mattress that features both a softer, comfortable side and a firmer, more supportive side.
  • The soft side of the Layla mattress is particularly comfortable and should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips for both side sleepers and back sleepers.
  • The firm side of the Layla could be an excellent match for stomach sleepers who want a more supportive mattress.
  • The Layla is also one of the best mattresses for neck and shoulder pain
  • The copper-infused memory foam and ThermoGel should help keep sleepers cool at night.
  • Copper is also anti-microbial, so it should help keep the memory foam free of mites, mildew, and mold, making for a cleaner night of sleep.

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Layla is an innovative mattress that happens to be one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on.  You can get up to $200 off a Layla mattress plus free accessories by clicking the link below.

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hip Pain


The Nolah is an interesting mattress because it contains a layer of proprietary AirFoam, a more responsive alternative to memory foam, right on top. Some people have serious issues switching positions on memory foam mattresses, but most should be able to reposition with ease on the Nolah; if someone’s hip pain is accompanied by other mobility issues, mattress response is definitely something to keep in mind.

According to the company, AirFoam is also designed to relieve pressure better than memory foam and, while this is a bold claim, I can say from experience that the AirFoam does relieve pressure quite well! Also, we tested the Nolah mattress out with our pressure map and saw no significant pressure on my shoulders and hips.

The Nolah is a great mattress for side sleepers who are light- and medium-weight, but because the comfort layer is not particularly thick, heavier side sleepers might drive right through the comfort layer and feel their hips press into the support layer of the mattress.

What Makes The Nolah Mattress Stand Out?

  • The Nolah features a more responsive AirFoam foam on top, making it quite easy for people to move around on the mattress.
  • The AirFoam in the Nolah offers excellent pressure relief for light- and medium-weight side sleepers.
  • The mattress should not sleep too hot because the AirFoam is designed to be more breathable than memory foam and to dissipate heat.

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Nolah has a VERY comfortable mattress that is especially good for side sleepers.  You can get $260 off the Nolah mattress and 2 free pillows by clicking the link below.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Hip Pain


If someone doesn’t know exactly what they need to deal with their hip pain, they might want to consider one of the Helix mattresses where customers can do one of two things. First, they can select from one of Helix’s nine mattress models and, since people with hip pain usually want to find a softer mattress, it would be best to choose either the Helix Sunset or Moonlight.

Second, people can also take a sleep quiz on the Helix website, and the company will choose a mattress based on those specific answers. If someone is a side sleeper, Helix will recommend a mattress with more pressure relief for shoulders and hips and, if they are a back or stomach sleeper, Helix might recommend something a bit firmer.

Those who want to add a bit of luxury to their Helix mattress can also opt for their Luxe upgrade which will add some more cooling features and give the mattress a more upscale look and feel.

What Makes The Helix Mattress Stand Out?

  • Helix offers multiple mattress models, allowing shoppers to find the perfect fit for them.
  • Customers can participate in a sleep quiz, and Helix will choose the right mattress based on those answers.
  • The Luxe upgrades give shoppers who are ready to splurge some additional luxury touches.

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Helix provides customizable mattresses that can be a great fit for any type of sleeper; click the link below to save up to $200 on a Helix mattress and get 2 Free Dream Pillows.

Best Mattress For Heavy People With Hip Pain

Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple mattresses are all known for the proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer found in their comfort layer. The gel grid is designed to stay flat and supportive until enough pressure is applied and, when this happens, that specific area will collapse.

They offer four models: the Purple, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3″, and Purple Hybrid Premier 4″. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ model features 4″ of the gel grid right on top as well as supportive coils down beneath, making the mattress a fantastic fit for heavier sleepers who need additional support.

Also, side sleepers of all sizes should feel little pressure on their hips. Lying on their sides, the gel grid will collapse under the shoulders and hips, cradle those areas, and provide an almost weightless feeling; it really is an amazing design!

What Makes The Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ Stand Out?

  • The mattress features 4″ of a hyper-elastic gel polymer that relieves pressure particularly well when side sleeping.
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ model is a fantastic match for heavier sleepers who sleep in any position.
  • The gel grid allows for an exceptional amount of airflow, so people should not be sleeping hot on the Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ mattress.
  • The hyper-elastic gel polymer is an extremely durable material, making this a solid long-term investment.

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Free Accessories
Purple Hybrid Premier
Purple Hybrid Premier
Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier is a perfect choice if you are a side sleeper, are looking for a long-term investment, and are a hot sleeper. Get free accessories with your purchase of the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress.  

Best Innerspring Mattress For Hip Pain

WinkBeds Softer

The previous four mattresses feature more modern, innovative designs, but what about those sleepers who prefer a more traditional innerspring mattress? That is why I added the WinkBed Softer mattress to this list; it features two sets of steel coils and a plush pillow top similar to what one would find in a luxury hotel.

The WinkBed Softer mattress is one of WinkBeds’ four firmness options – they offer the Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus – as the name suggests, the Softer is their softest model! This makes it an exceptional fit for side sleepers who prefer the feel of a classic innerspring mattress – they should sink into the plush pillow top and feel little pressure on their shoulders and hips.

At the same time, the WinkBed features two sets of coils; one is a set of individually-wrapped coils and the other is a thinner layer of micro-coils. The individually-wrapped coils offer fantastic support, and the micro-coils provide a significant amount of contouring, so this could also be a good match for back sleepers!

What Makes The WinkBed Stand Out?

  • The WinkBeds mattresses come in four different firmnesses: Softer, Medium, Firmer, and Plus.
  • The WinkBed Softer is the best innerspring mattress for hip pain. 
  • The Softer model boasts a nice plush pillow top that should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips.
  • The coils allow for a fantastic amount of airflow so the mattress should not trap too much heat.

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Winkbeds has a mattress that is an excellent balance of comfort and support.  You can get $300 off + Free Sleep Bundle with our coupon. Just enter your email to save. 

Best Affordable Mattress For Hip Pain


When shopping for a mattress, budget is always a major concern, and those who want a mattress to deal with their hip pain but don’t want to break the bank should take a look at the Nectar. It is a value mattress that costs less than $900 for a Queen-size.

The Nectar features 4″ of memory foam in its comfort layer which should provide excellent pressure relief for side sleepers – they should sink into the soft layer and feel that pressure melt away. Also, the memory foam should relieve pressure on the hips when people lie on their backs. The mattress is also one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever tried; the memory foam is very soft and lets me slowly sink into the mattress.

What Makes The Nectar Stand Out?

  • The Nectar mattress is a high-quality option that is sold for a value price.
  • The mattress boasts a thick comfort layer that should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips.
  • The Nectar features a very comfortable, slow-moving memory foam feel.

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Nectar is a very comfortable memory foam mattress that happens to also be an amazing value, and customers can get the best deal on the Nectar plus $399 of free accessories by using our coupon.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

When shopping for a mattress, it is always a smart idea to consider one’s size and weight. I weigh 160 lbs, so I wanted to get the opinion of a larger person; I invited Marten, who weighs 250 lbs, to try out these six mattresses and offer his thoughts about these six mattresses:

Out of these six mattresses, five should be a fantastic match for heavier people with hip pain. They shouldn’t be “bottoming out” on these five mattresses and driving their hips into the firmer support layers.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4” model cradles my body when I am lying on my side, and the hyper-elastic gel polymer prevents me from bottoming out, so I feel no significant pressure on my shoulders and hips.

As Joe mentioned, the Helix mattresses are customizable, so larger people can take a sleep quiz and mention that pressure relief is important to them, and they can opt for the Helix PLUS, a mattress made specifically with larger people in mind.

The WinkBed Soft mattress features two sets of steel coils as well as a very plush pillow top and, as a larger person, I like that the coils hold up my body while the pillow top relieves pressure on my shoulders and hips.

The Layla is a flippable mattress and, on the soft side, I am feeling some fantastic pressure relief on my hips because the comfort layer is so thick that I am not bottoming out. 

The Nectar is also a great match for me as a heavier side sleeper as I slowly sink into the mattress and feel almost no pressure on my shoulders and hips.

What Causes Hip Pain?

There are numerous reasons that someone may develop hip pain or struggle with hip pain issues and, while an uncomfortable mattress could be the most likely culprit, we also wanted to list some other medical-related causes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Problems within the hip joint itself tend to result in pain on the inside of your hip or your groin. Hip pain on the outside of your hip, upper thigh or outer buttock is usually caused by problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues that surround your hip joint.”

Your hip pain could also be connected to some of the following health issues:

  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or other types)
  • Joint inflammation
  • Hip fracture or dislocation
  • Pinched nerves
  • Bone cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia

If your hip pain is caused by some of these specific health conditions, check out our recommendations for those specific conditions like the best mattresses for arthritis and the best mattress for fibromyalgia.

Our list is not fully comprehensive. These are just a few of the medical reasons someone might be struggling with hip pain. While a mattress could help ease and prevent hip pain, those who believe it is a serious medical problem should see a doctor or a healthcare professional.

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Can Your Sleeping Position Cause Hip Pain?

Your hip pain may be caused or worsened by the way you’re sleeping at night. Depending on your sleeping position and the current mattress you’re sleeping on, you may be able to address your hip pain by considering ways to improve your sleeping situation.

Side Sleeping

Side sleepers put the most pressure on the hips and shoulders. If you already suffer from hip pain, try shifting to sleeping on your back. This is a helpful way to immediately relieve the pressure you point on your joints while you sleep.

Alternatively, you can also consider choosing an optimal mattress that evenly distributes your body weight across the surface. Memory foam mattresses tend to do a good job of this.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleepers are less prone to hip pain than side sleepers, but this position can still put strain on your hips. If your mattress is too soft, your mid-section will sink in too far and put strain on the lower back, which could also have an effect on your hip pain. Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress to provide proper support for spinal alignment.

Those who need the best mattress for stomach sleepers should definitely take a look at our in-depth guide.

Back Sleeping

People who sleep on their back are also less prone to hip pain, though similarly to stomach sleepers, if your mattress is too soft you will have the same problem with sinkage and increased pressure. Back sleepers also need a firmer mattress that provides proper support.

Keep in mind, body weight also comes into play. Heavier people (200+ pounds) require a firmer mattress than lightweight and average sleepers to sleep comfortably and pain-free.

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Can Your Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

A bad mattress can definitely cause hip pain or exacerbate existing hip pain. If your mattress isn’t a good firmness level for you, that could be a big problem. If a mattress is too soft for you, you will sink in too far and not get the support you need. Plus, you may be putting additional pressure on your hips by sinking through to the bottom layer of the mattress.

On the other hand, if your mattress is too firm, you won’t be getting the contouring comfort you need. You want to sink in to the top layer of your mattress just enough to maintain a neutral spine alignment. All that said, your mattress can play a large role in your hip pain, so it’s important that you know when it’s time to start looking for a new mattress.

Signs You Need A New Mattress

There are a few simple signs you can look out for that signal that it’s time for you to purchase a new mattress. These include:

  • Your mattress is visibly sagging.
  • You wake up sore.
  • You have trouble falling and staying asleep.
  • You toss and turn throughout the night.
  • You have trouble getting comfortable.
  • You’ve had your mattress for at least 5-7 years.

If one or more of these statements are true for you, then it’s time to look into finding a new mattress that can help alleviate your pain and help you sleep better.

Choosing The Best Mattress For Hip Pain

There are many factors that go into finding the best mattress for you, including your body type, sleeping position, budget, and more. We’ll walk you through everything you should know when you’re on the hunt for a new mattress that’s designed to relieve pressure on the hips.

Best Type Of Mattress For Hip Pain

If you’re specifically shopping for a mattress that can help alleviate your hip pain, you should know what to look out for and what to avoid.


Innerspring mattresses are very supportive, bouncy, and generally more firm. These beds are the traditional style that many sleepers are accustomed to. Even though they are popular, innerspring mattresses typically do not offer enough comfort or pressure relief for a sleep with hip pain, although if topped with a foam mattress topper you can get a good balance of support and contouring comfort.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses and other foam blend mattresses are very popular for bed-in-a-box companies. They are generally soft, pressure-relieving, and more affordable. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for sleepers with hip pain because of their pressure-relieving properties. Memory foam beds evenly distribute your body weight across the bed to avoid pain buildups in the pressure points.


Hybrid mattresses combine springs with a softer element on top like memory foam, latex, polyfoam, wool, or other materials. Hybrid mattresses offer a nice balance of the supportive benefits of coils and the contouring and pressure-relieving comfort of foam or latex. These are ideal beds for hip pain relief because of this combo.


Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses, though more bouncy and cooling. They make a good fit for sleepers with hip pain, though they are typically more expensive so keep that in mind if you’re shopping on a tight budget.


Airbed mattresses, not to be confused with air mattresses, are luxury mattresses with adjustable air chambers that allow you to customize the firmness of the bed. Airbeds are some of the best mattresses for sleepers with hip pain, or any type of pain, since they allow you to continuously adjust your mattresses according to your flare ups.


When it comes to hip pain, you should really be looking for a softer mattress because you want to make sure the mattress will relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.

Mattress firmness is a more subjective factor. A mattress firmness can feel different depending on your body type and sleeping position. For instance, when you sleep on your back, you want to make sure that your hips will sink in without too much resistance but, if you sleep on your stomach, you will want something firmer.

Body Type

Your size and bodyweight can really determine what type of mattress you should pick to deal with your hip pain. For instance, if you’re on the lighter side, you can choose a mattress with a thinner comfort layer, and it will give you the pressure relief you require. However, if you’re heavier, you should pick a mattress with a thick comfort layer so that you do not “bottom out” and feel serious pressure on your hips.

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3 Sleeping Tips For People With Hip Pain (Budget Alternatives)

One of the highly effective options for relieving your hip pain is buying a new mattress, but if that isn’t in your budget, there are a few other options.

1. Change Your Sleeping Position

As we mentioned before, your sleeping position can have a large impact on your pain, especially if you sleep in a way that adds pressure on certain joints. Sleeping on your side is not ideal for anyone who experiences hip pain because of how much pressure you put on your hips. Flipping over to your back can be a good way to take some of the pressure off of your hips at night.

Side Sleeper With Hip Pain

Easier said than done, switching your sleeping position can prove to be a challenge. I recommend using pillows propped around your body to keep you from rolling over to your side, or a weighted blanket that can hold you in place.

2. Find The Best Mattress Topper For Hip Pain

Mattress toppers are a nice alternative to buying a completely new mattress. Memory foam and latex toppers can add a plush, contouring surface to your bed that allows your hips to comfortably sink in and avoid pressure.

Keep in mind, a mattress topper won’t have all of the same benefits of a new mattress. A well-designed mattress coordinates its layers to offer the most support, so mixing a mattress topper on your mattress may not offer the same benefits. Also, if your mattress is old and sagging, a topper isn’t a viable solution. That’s when it’s time for a new bed.

3. Use Pillows For Pain Relief

Pillows are another great tool at your dispense to relieve hip pain. First off, make sure you’re using a pillow with the right amount of loft to keep the top of your spine aligned to protect yourself from neck and shoulder pain.

For hip pain sufferers specifically, you can use pillows between your knees (for side sleepers) or underneath the knees (for back sleepers) to keep your hips aligned and comfortable throughout the night.


Here’s a recap of our top picks for the best mattresses for hip pain:

Mattress Best For
Layla Best Mattress for Hip and Shoulder Pain
Nolah Best Memory Foam Mattress for Hip Pain
Helix Best Mattress For Side Sleepers
Purple Hybrid Premier Best for Heavy People
WinkBed Softer Best Innerspring Mattress for Hip Pain
Nectar Best Affordable Mattress

In the end, one of these six mattresses may be able to help alleviate your hip pain while you sleep. Sleeping shouldn’t have to be a pain, so pick the right mattress and enjoy a more comfortable night of sleep!


What kind of mattress is best for hip pain?

This depends on what someone prefers in regard to design and feel, but softer mattresses are usually a better match for people who struggle with back pain. They should relieve pressure on the hips whether someone is back sleeping or side sleeping.

Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain?

Generally, a soft mattress is better for those who deal with hip pain. A soft mattress will cushion the hips so that pressure does not build up there.

Can a bad mattress cause hip pain?

A bad mattress can indeed cause hip pain. If the mattress is too firm, it can add pressure to the hips and begin to cause pain. Also, if a mattress is sagging and generally uncomfortable, it can also lead to or exacerbate hip pain.

How should you sleep to avoid hip pain?

It is best to sleep on the back or stomach if someone is struggling with hip pain. This puts less pressure on the hips than when someone is side sleeping. However, those who still want to sleep on their side should find a softer mattress with a thick comfort layer.

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