Dr. Bo Babenko, DPT

Bo Babenko
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Bo Babenko, DPT, CSCS, CF L3, USAW, FMT, SFMA, TPI

BOND Wellness & One on One Active Life RX Remote Coach in New York

Dr. Bo Babenko is a physical therapist based in New York City who has studied the human body in roles ranging from EMT to athletic trainer. He’s worked for the likes of Lenox Hill Hospital and other prestigious health organizations and has worked with all manner of clients ranging from Navy Seals to Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and laypeople.

Today, he specializes in performance athlete care, executive care, and chronic pain care. Find him online at https://BondBetter.com

Education and notable career highlights include:

  • Graduate, Doctorate in Physical Therapy from LIU Brooklyn (2005-2008)

  • Owner of Eugene Babenko, DPT, PC, 2011

  • Co-Owner of BOND Wellness, providing strategies for couples to stay healthy emotionally and physically, 2019