Purple 2, 3, And 4 Mattress Review: Will You Sleep Better With Science?

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The Purple Mattress is hard to miss if you spend much time online. Purple’s amusing marketing and unique design make them a very hip, talked-about mattress.

I had enjoyed my sleep on the original Purple Mattress, and I was interested in what my experience would be with the new Purple Mattresses.

I reviewed the Purple 4 and, and with its extra layers of gel and individually wrapped coils, I can safely say this was one of the most comfortable sleeps I have had. Will you find the same comfort with the Purple 4? Read on for my full Purple 4 review:

Note: This written review focuses on the Purple 4 but gives you good insight into the 2 and 3 as well


You Might Want To Pick the Purple 4 If:

  • You’re A Side Sleeper– If you’re looking for overall comfort as a side sleeper, this might be a good choice for you. The 4” of patented gel material offers a weightless feeling.  Even our staff writer Marten, who is much larger than me, had a similar experience sleeping on his side.
  • You’re Looking For A Long Term Investment– The pocketed coils plus the gel layer make for a very durable, long-lasting mattress.   Though the price point is high, the Purple 4 should give you many years of use.
  • You Are A Hot Sleeper– Because of the grid-like design of the gel layers and pocketed coil system, this mattress has great airflow and promotes temperature neutrality.  You won’t be sleeping hot with the Purple 4.

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You Might Not Want To Pick The Purple 4 If:

  • You’re Not Looking For A Large Investment– There is a sizable price jump for each extra inch of gel that you get (i.e. the jump from the Purple 2 to 3 or 3 to 4). The Queen Size Purple 4 is quite expensive with a current cost of $2800.
  • You Don’t Want A Unique Feel– The Purple 4 is truly unlike any mattress you’ve ever tried (more on the feel HERE).
    While I found it to be comfortable, it could especially take some time to get adjusted to the gel grid.
  • You’re A Back Or Stomach Sleeper– The 4 may be too soft for back or stomach sleepers.  You may not get proper support, so your hips may sink in these positions.  I would suggest the Purple 3 or 2 if you are looking for more support in those areas.

Which Purple Should You Pick?

  • Choose the original Purple if you are under 225 pounds and on a budget.
  • Choose the Purple 2 if you are a back or stomach sleeper and you want the support that the pocketed coils can give.
  • Choose the Purple 3 if you are a combination sleeper who needs extra support.
  • Choose the Purple 4 if you just sleep on your side and/or a bit heavier.

Construction Overview

  • This mattress is 13″ tall. 
  • 4” of Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This hyper-elastic polymer is supportive until you put enough pressure onto it.
  • A thin, .5″ quick transition foam separates the gel grid from the coil system beneath.
  • 7.5″ of individually wrapped coils. This is a a very durable material, giving a layer of support.
  • A polyfoam outer shell reinforces the edge for edge support.
  • The very bottom is 1″ of foundational foam.

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Construction Takeaways

  • The coil system and the gel grid network make for much better airflow, making this a great choice for hot sleepers.  You will not sleep hot with this mattress.
  • The gel grid network is designed to be supportive until enough pressure is applied. It is pressure relieving while still being supportive.  It is a unique feel in that regard.
  • Because of the 4” of gel, you’re going to have a weightless feeling while sleeping. This is good for heavier people who might otherwise push down to the lower layers and side sleepers as well.
  • The gel is also very durable and does not sag the way foam does over time. This gives the Purple 4 a longer life than most foam mattresses, making it a good long-term investment.
  • The difference between the Purple 4, 3, and 2 is how much gel you get (in inches).


The gel grid relieves pressure while still being supportive. It gives way under pressure, but is still immediately responsive.

Sleeping on my side, I felt weightless without feeling stuck. I felt little to no pressure on my shoulders, hips, and knees.

Overall, I would say the mattress is a softer than average, around a 5.5/10  This makes it a good choice for side sleepers.

Motion Isolation

The individually wrapped coils, together with the gel grid really cut down on motion transfer with the Purple 4. If you look at the video below, there was a little bit of side to side motion transfer but, overall, the isolation is a little bit above average. This is definitely a good option for couples.

Edge Support

The Purple 4 incorporates a polyfoam outer shell to reinforce the edge. This is a solid choice if you sleep with a partner or want to utilize the entire surface area of the mattress. Overall, the edge support was above average.

You can see the good edge support in the photo below.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us.  He has a much different body type from me.  He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lbs (I am 5’9″ and 160 lbs.).  Here is what he thought about the mattress.

“I am taller and heavier than Joe, but I also found the Purple 4 to be extremely comfortable. I too am a side sleeper and I felt well cushioned by tho gel grid.

I sometimes have trouble pushing through the upper layers of mattresses and down to the spring layers. I didn’t have that experience with the Purple 4. I felt weightless with little to no pressure on my shoulders, hips, and knees.  I would say the Purple 4 was softer than average, at 5/10.

Even as a larger side sleeper like Marten found the Purple 4 to be comfortable.  This confirms that this mattress could be a good match for side sleepers of many body types (and especially heavier sleepers).

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It has 4” of the patented gel grid, making you feel weightless while you sleep.  It’s definitely one of the most comfortable mattresses out there.
  • The pocketed coils together with the gel grid layer give incredible support, while also relieving pressure on shoulders, hips, and knees.
  • The coils and gel grid allow for great airflow, so you won’t be sleeping hot.
  • This is a very durable mattress and a great choice for those seeking a long-term investment.  These materials, when combined, are about as durable as anything else you can find in the market.
Purple 2-3-4 Review
4.6 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.4
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.7
Motion Transfer4.4
Edge Support4.3
Company Reputation4.6
Return Policy/Warranty4.5
Overall Sleep Experience4.6


The Purple 4 is unlike any mattress I have slept on. The gel technology truly makes for a weightless, unique sleeping experience.

Sleeping on my side, I felt almost no pressure on my shoulders, hips, and knees. Back or side sleepers may find the 4 to be too soft and could look at the Purple 2 or 3. Overall, this is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have slept on.

This mattress is made in the USA and features a 100 Night, No Pressure Guarantee as well as a 10 year warranty.

Joe Auer

Joe is the editor of Mattress Clarity. When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading, and playing classical piano.

Blog Comments

Hi – I am looking at buying a mattress and maybe an adjustable bed. I have been reviewing your reviews – very well written. Here is the situation – I just had a full hip replacement, am 6’2 and 250 lbs and am mostly a side sleeper. I have been using a standard pillow top with springs for the last 10 years. From your reviews – I like the Loom and Leaf and the Purple 4. The purple 4 is quite more expensive. If I get the Loom and Leaf, I think I would add the Lineal platform and believe it will all fit inside my existing bed. If I get the Purple 4 – I am note sure what to do – as I am unsure of the quality of the Purple Power platform ( the description is somewhat comical w/o any trust worthy views. I can’t even figure out if it is hugger ! ). Do you have any more insights on comparing these. If they were priced the same – I’d most likely get the Purple – just not sure if I would personally see the difference in performance. Thanks ! Dan

I would note that the Purple 4 is going to last longer than the Loom & Leaf, so if you plan on keeping the mattress a long time, then that makes the value really there.


I am 190 lbs and a definite side sleeper. My partner is only 125 lbs and is an “every which way” sleeper. It sounds like from reading and watching your review that the “3” may be the best compromise for us. Comment?

I think so, yes.

I have a Purple 2 mattress and made the mistake of buying based on cost. After 2 months (still within my 100-nights trial period), I called Purple and asked them about exchanging my mattress. They said the same thing; as a combination sleeper, I should have purchased the Purple.3, so I will plan for that upgrade after the 1st of the next month so my payment plan falls into the same payment cycle.

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