Best Mattress 2017- Which Mattress Should You Get?

Best Mattress 2017- Which Mattress Should You Get?

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Every day we get emails from readers asking what the best mattress is.  We always respond that it truly depends.  There are so many subjective things about mattresses that there’s no way there’s on best mattress for every person.

We wanted to approach this question a little differently by providing different categories for the different mattress types and then different budgets.  From there, we will give some top picks and explain why we like them.

At the end of this article, you can see all the criteria we have for judging a mattress.

Best Mattress By Category

Memory Foam

There are a lot of really good memory foam mattresses out there, and there are a lot of really bad ones too.  I could list about a lot of great options for you, but I thought I’d keep the list limited.  Here’s a few that I think represent great value.

Multiple Good Options: Amerisleep

High-End: Loom & Leaf

For Side Sleepers: Layla

Budget: Addable


Amerisleep has a line of memory foam mattresses that have different firmness levels and different feels (see more HERE).  If you don’t believe there is one best mattress for everyone, then Amerisleep might be a good company to check out.  Their memory foam is faster-responding than typical memory foam.  That means you get good pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck.  They also do an excellent job of keeping their mattresses cool, maybe more so than any other memory foam mattress company.  The mattresses are well constructed and are available at great prices.

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Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf offers you the opportunity to get a luxurious memory foam mattress that would normally cost 2-3x more in a retail store for a fraction of the cost.  It uses quality components that should make the mattress an awesome value.  They have also directly addressed the issue of sleeping hot in their construction and their mattress is faster-responding than normal memory foam, meaning you don’t have the feeling of getting stuck.  Overall, it’s a great value.

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If you are worried about getting the right firmness level for you, Layla might be a good option to take a look at.  The mattress is flippable and has two firmness levels in one (see more on that HERE).  The memory foam is also infused with copper.  I can’t personally vouch for the claims made, but the copper is supposed to have certain health benefits.  Overall, it’s a very innovative mattress, and at $899 for a Queen, it’s very reasonably priced as well.

See our Layla mattress review


Addable uses very high quality, durable foams in its construction (see more HERE).  Because it spends almost no money on marketing and other overhead, it is able to price its product at an incredibly low level.  At $499 for a Queen, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal on the market.  You can pay more to get a more luxurious mattress, but at this price it’s impossible to beat the quality of Addable.

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Latex is becoming an increasingly popular category because it offers some of the benefits of a foam mattress without some of the drawbacks.  There’s different subcategories within the latex category that all offer something different.

Synthetic Latex: Brooklyn Bedding

Natural Latex: Zenhaven

Latex Hybrid: Ghostbed

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding has a well constructed mattress that features two inches of talalay latex over two inches of dunlop latex in the comfort layer.  The support layer is high-density polyfoam.  The mattress is durable and has great pressure relief while being resilient at the same time.  Because the latex is synthetic, the mattress is priced at a very affordable level ($750 for a Queen).  They also offer different firmness levels too.  Overall, it’s a great mattress for someone wanting a quality latex mattress at an affordable price.

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If you are looking for an all-natural latex mattress, Zenhaven is a great choice.  It uses natural latex throughout the mattress.  That makes it a great option for people wanting a product as close to organic as possible.  It’s also flippable, meaning you get two firmness levels in one.  All the materials are very durable, so it should be a long-lasting mattress.  At $1,899, it’s actually a great value considering how expensive natural latex mattresses usually are.

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Ghostbed uses a latex over memory foam construction.  That means you get pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck or getting too hot while sleeping.  They use quality materials, so the mattress should last longer than many other similar mattresses.  At just under $750 for a Queen (using a coupon), it’s a great value and one of the best choices out there at that price range.

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Innerspring is still the most popular mattress type and is the feel most people are familiar with.  There are a lot of good options out there, but I thought I’d list out just a few good ones to make things simple.

Side sleepers: Winkbeds

Back/Stomach sleepers: Saatva

Budget: Aviya


Winkbeds has a luxurious construction that features a coil-on-coil design that you normally only see in mattresses much more expensive.  The foam on top of the coils is pretty soft, and as a result you get good pressure relief on your shoulders and hips when you sleep on your side.  In my opinion, it’s a quality mattress that is well suited for side sleepers.  It’s only $1,299 for a Queen.

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Saatva also has a luxurious construction, and it has a history of great reviews over a number of years now.  The mattress is well constructed, and in my opinion it is a little bit firmer than average.  For me, that makes it an ideal mattress for most people who sleep on their back or stomach.  At $999 for a Queen, the mattress represents an opportunity to get a great value.

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Aviya is another quality spring mattress that uses great materials but doesn’t charge a ton of money for its mattress.  The foams they use are high-density and they use pocketed coils.  You can get a Queen for as low as $799, making it an awesome option for those who are on a budget.

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Best Mattress By Budget

Under $500

To me, I haven’t seen anything better than the Addable mattress under $500 for a Queen.  They use materials that you see in mattresses 2.5-3x higher in price.  They don’t spend any money on marketing or overhead, and they pass all those savings onto the consumer.  It’s a gel memory foam mattress, so make sure that is the type of feel that you want.  If so, I haven’t found any better value than the Addable to date.

See our Addable review

Under $750

Ghostbed: If you use a $50 coupon (which is typically available), then it’s just under $750 for a Queen.  The Ghostbed uses quality, durable components that really make the mattress a great value.  It’s a latex over memory foam hybrid that does a good job of staying cool.  If you want a foam feel with good pressure relief and without the feeling of getting stuck, this is a good choice.  It’s an awesome value given how affordable it is.

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Under $1,000

Helix: If you aren’t quite sure what type of mattress you want to get, then Helix might be a good option to take a look at.  It allows you to get a mattress completely customized to your needs and preferences.  You’ll take a quiz that asks you what your height, weight, sleeping position, preferred firmness, etc. are.  Based on the answers to those questions, you’ll get a customized mattress.  The company uses good materials as well, so overall it’s a pretty intriguing option.  A Queen comes in at just under $1,000, so I think it’s a great option if you’re in this price range.

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Purple: Purple has a unique comfort layer.  It has a hyper-elastic polymer gel grid instead of foam.  This comfort layer is great at relieving pressure and is also much more durable than foam.  It also sleeps temperature neutral, which is a big selling point for a lot of people who are sensitive to sleeping hot.  There’s a lot to like about this mattress, and at the moment you can get a Queen for $999, which is a great deal.

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Under $1,500

We think a top candidate to be the best mattress under $1,500 is the Sapira mattress.  The Sapira mattress can definitely be considered a luxury mattress.  It is also a hybrid mattress that aims to combine the best aspects of foam and spring.  The comfort layer has high-density performance foam which is durable and responsive.  It also has a layer of high-density memory foam for great pressure relief.  The support system is a heavy-duty coil system that is top of the line.  It has amazing edge support and is very durable.  Overall, you get great pressure relief as well as great support.  A Queen is just under $1,500, so it’s definitely one of the best options around that price level.

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Under $2,000

Zenhaven: It is very hard to find mattresses that use natural materials.  It is even harder to find mattresses that use natural materials and are still affordable.  To get a natural mattress, you need a natural latex mattress.  Sourcing natural latex is very expensive, so as a result natural latex mattresses are typically very expensive.  By cutting out the middleman in the process, Zenhaven is able to offer a natural latex mattress at a price much lower than you would find at a retail store.

Aside from using natural materials, the mattress is also flippable, meaning it has two firmness levels in one.  This means you have a great chance of getting a firmness level that’s right for you.  Overall, it’s a great mattress that will last a very long time and represents a great value.

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If you Just Aren’t Sure

If you really don’t know what you want, I would take a look at Helix.  Helix offers you the opportunity to get a fully customized mattress.  You fill out a series of questions and they will make a mattress that is customized based on your answers to those questions.  If you sleep with a partner, you can actually customize each side of the mattress.  For those reasons, this could be an interesting choice if you really just don’t know what mattress you should get.

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Factors We Look At

There are a number of factors that we look at when doing our reviews.  Some of the factors are objective and others are more subjective.  Here’s a quick list of what we take a look at.

  • Value– There are multiple ways to assess the value of a mattress.  If the company spends a ton on overhead and marketing, then the product is probably going to be priced higher than it could be otherwise.  If the materials are not durable, then the product won’t last long and it won’t be a good value.  We take a look at the quality of the materials and assess the company’s business model.  We then look at the price being charged and are able to make a good assessment of the overall value of the mattress.
  • Feel– Feel is a subjective thing.  Some people, for example, love memory foam while others can’t stand it.  Rather than saying one type of feel is better than another, we assess the feel, describe it in detail, show it off, and try to point you in the right direction.  Ultimately, you will have to make the assessment for the type of feel that you think is best for you.
  • Firmness– Firmness is also a subjective measure.  We’ll give our take on what we think the firmness is and we’ll demonstrate it via video.  However, take our assessment with a grain of salt because it is such a subjective measure.  One person might think a mattress is firmer than average, while someone else might think the same exact mattress is softer than average.
  • Motion Isolation– If you sleep with a partner, then motion isolation should be an important factor to consider.  This simply means, if your partner shifts around in bed, will you feel the motion?  Some mattresses are great at isolating motion, while others are not so great.
  • Company Reputation– It’s important that a company treat its customers well.  We take a look at things like the company’s trial period, return policy, and overall customer service.  We have seen some companies do things like not honor their return policy or make it as hard as possible to return their product.  We want to help you avoid companies like that, so we do a deep dive into this area to make sure you buy a product from a company you can trust.
  • Matching Marketing Claims To Reality– Mattress companies are known for making big claims about their product.  In some cases the claims are true and in others they are big exaggerations.  We try to do our best to assess how accurate the claims made by the companies are.
  • Quality Of The Materials– There are some objective things you can assess about the quality of the materials used in each mattress.  Durability, for example, is directly affected by the density of the foams used in the mattress.  We do a full analysis of the quality of the individual materials used in each mattress.
  • Sleeping Hot– This is a huge factor for a lot of people.  Lots of people are especially sensitive to sleeping hot.  We take extra time to assess this aspect of the mattress and give extra points to companies that directly address this issue.
  • Transparency– In some cases, we understand why a company might not want to be fully transparent about its products, but we do greatly favor companies who are in fact 100% transparent about their products.  Providing all the details of the mattress assures consumers that they can know exactly what’s in their mattress.
  • Return Rate– No company ever publicly discloses their return rate.  We try to prod the company, however, to privately give us this statistic so we can make sure it is at a reasonably low level.  Having a low return rate is of course a great way to know that customers are loving the product.
  • Overall Philosophy– Rather than simply saying “this mattress is great” or “this mattress is terrible,” we recognize that this is a fairly subjective process.  As a result, we simply try to point you in the right direction by categorizing each mattress and saying what type of sleeper might like it.

Detailed Best Mattress Articles

If you know which mattress type you are looking at, what your budget is, or what your sleeping style is, then you can take a look at the more detailed articles we’ve written on those subjects.

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About the Author Joe Auer

Joe has been working in the mattress industry for a number of years and is an active reviewer on Mattress Clarity.

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Vickie says March 18, 2017

Hi Joe,
I did decide on a mattress….I bought a Layla. I have had it a week and I’m really loving it. It is very comfortable and I actually turn much much less. My hip and shoulder pain has went away as well. Thank you very much for your great reviews they were very helpful!

Sam says March 24, 2017

Hey Joe, I have narrowed my bed search down to 4 beds…

The Love and Sleep
Amerisleep Liberty

I am 90%+ side sleep who’s a bit sticky and carring a couple extra pounds. Overall my body temperature is pretty hot. So I can be sweaty. Also my GF and I can get down nocturnally. I’m leaning towards the Brooklyn. I know you like the Leesa. Could you shine some light on what might be a good choice for me? I also LOVE value!

    Joe Auer says March 26, 2017

    Hi Sam – all great options you chose there, good value for each, biggest difference is feel. Amerisleep is pure memory foam, Love & Sleep has a hybrid feel, Ghostbed has more of a latex feel, and Brooklyn Bedding has even more of a latex feel (more bounce). If you’re worried about great mattress for sex, you may want to check Amerisleep off the list (memory foam is typically not great for that activity). For the rest, check out my “feel and firmness” videos and I’d say make your choice primarily on that.

Bob says March 28, 2017

Hi Joe,
My wife and I are side-sleepers. We bought our mattress many years ago at Costco. I don’t know if it’s coils or springs. I have an additional 1″ memory foam on my side because I have hip and shoulder pain. My wife has a tendency to sleep hot so something that would be cooler for her would be ideal. I’m considering the Saatva, Loom & Leaf, and Tuft and Needle mattresses but I’m open to other recommendations. What would you recommend?

Myles says March 30, 2017

We have a very old coil mattress. We put memory foam top on it & really like that feel except for being hot. We are both side sleepers. Mostly do to your reviews we are looking at Loom & Leaf, Helix, Layla, and Nectar. Have you reviewed a Nectar, I’d be interested in your thoughts. Thanks

Sam says March 31, 2017

I am fairly confidant I have narrowed my search down to The Nest Bedding ‘Love and Sleep’ and the Brooklyn ‘#BESTMATTRESSEVER’. What do you think? I guess in a nut shell… These two beds seem to check all my boxes. I suppose what I’m REALLY asking is… I have no problem paying the extra $100 for the Brooklyn. I just want to make sure I am getting $100 more worth of a better bed. Are the materials better? Will the latex of the Brooklyn last longer and perform better? Or will the ‘Love and Sleep’ pretty much be close to the same bed for over $100 less?

In a nutshell. What are the key differences between the ‘Nest’ Love and Sleep and the Brooklyn Best Mattress Ever? Besides the materials, I know ‘Love’ is a hybrid foam and BB is Latex. what are the main differences to how each surface will feel and perform?

Thanks in advance!

    Joe Auer says April 3, 2017

    Hi Sam – these are very similar in terms of value (they’re actually made in the same factory I believe), it really comes down to difference in feel and which you prefer. I’d check out my “feel and firmness” videos for each and make the decision based on that!

Marta Durham says April 1, 2017

I’ve rarely slept through the night in years due to hip pain doctors have diagnosed as bursitis. And I wake up with lower back pain if I try to sleep on my back. I figured out a different mattress might help when I began moving to the 2-cushion couch in the middle of the night, where my hip (or bottom, if on my back) fits nicely in the crack and the rest of me is supported! I had the Loom & Leaf on my radar but noticed research recommended latex, or a hybrid, to mitigate the “pudding” sensation, giving a quicker response to movement than foam. Could you comment on that and give me your overall recommendation, please?

Dwayne says April 4, 2017

Do you have an opinion of the Casper lineup?

Debra Auld says April 5, 2017

Hi Joe,
Don’t know if you can help. Trying to figure out the better brand to choose for my 24 yr old son . He is 6′ , 260lbs and a side/ back sleeper.
I am not looking to spend a lot . He doesn’t want to sink in and is concerned about edge support and being hot .
I also would like to know about bases . I want sturdy , not concerned about looks .
I hope you can help .

Warm regards,

Debra Auld

    Joe Auer says April 6, 2017

    Hi Debra,

    I’d check out my best mattress for heavy people as a starting point, you’re going to really want to focus on support and quality. Let me know if more recommendations would be useful!


Camille Jaque says April 8, 2017

Hi Joe, I just started looking for a mattress because ours is dead. We had a spring with a foam topper. I am a side sleeper and a little over weight and my husband is a back sleeper with normal weight. I am looking at a wink or purple California King. Both companies offer payment options. We are both hot sleepers. I am concerned about how purple recommends a mattress cover which they sell. I guess we are used to a bit of bounce but really I just need a good night sleep. 🙂 We look forward to your recommendation. Love your page, glad I found it.

Stephen Meyer says April 12, 2017

Based on your valuable video reviews, my wife and I chose an Aviya Luxury Firm queen size mattress and could not be happier so far. We also really liked the Wink mattress as well, but the price differential was substantive to go with the Aviya, which allowed us to purchase the foundation for less than what the Wink mattress would have cost us.

Shannon says April 13, 2017

Still in the market. Need the best mattress for 2 plus size people. He’s 6’5″ too. We both like firm mattresses. Thank you!

Patricia Martin says April 19, 2017

Yes, we bought a GhostBed. I bought it because of the latex foam layer. However, I have found it to be very firm for me. I would say an 8 or 9. My husband is happy with it, but I am having trouble getting used to it because it is so firm. I would be happier if it were as the website says, a 6 or 7. I never use to sleep on my back, but now i have to so my hips don’t hurt. I’m not giving up on it yet.

Patricia Martin says April 19, 2017

Joe, I made a comment earlier about the GhostBed we bought. Please disregard my comments. We have only slept on the bed one week, so we I am still evaluating it.

Trish says April 21, 2017

Hi Joe,
I have been researching on-line beds for over a year and I am so confused about the choices. I sleep mostly on my back and maybe about 40% of the time on my side. I have back and neck problems. I love the softness of a memory form mattress and have owned 2. Both made my lower back hurt and neck, and I slept very hot in them. I was 50 lbs. heavier then, and I am still loosing weight, so possibly a memory foam bed would support me better now. Most important to me are sleeping cool, enough support for my back and neck, yet I do like softness to the mattress top. However, I do not want to sink much into the mattress as this just makes me hot, and makes it hard to move around. I am going back and forth between Pangea Copper Mattress or the Alexander Signature Hybrid Bed. If I were to go with the Hybrid should I get the Luxury Firm or the Medium Firmness. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Edward says April 25, 2017

I went with an Aviya Luxury Firm Queen mattress. I needed something that had a traditional and on the mattress feel. Very happy with my purchase, your review was great!

Thomas Bissell says April 30, 2017

I would like a recommendation on a king mattress set. i weigh 250 and wife about 170. I am back sleeper and my wife is side sleeper. We like the feel of pillow top but need support for the weight. Don’t want a “hot Mattress”. Value is important but willing to spend more if needed.

    Joe Auer says May 2, 2017

    Hi Thomas – I’d suggest a hybrid, have you looked at the Alexander Hybrid or the Brentwood Home Oceano?

Judy Harrigan says May 1, 2017

Have you tested the Purple mattress brand? I am interested in that but I also got interested in your recommendation on Lull Revere or Amerisleep. Could you compare those for me? I have a very bad back and have 3 plates in my spine. (2 in neck and 1 in lumbar area.) The LULL had the different firmness levels and that’s what I question. Would either of the 2 above be better for me than the Purple mattress?
Thank you for any assistance you can give me.


Judy Harrigan

    Joe Auer says May 1, 2017

    Hi Judy – I did review the Purple, check out my full Purple mattress review for details. I think between Lull, Amerisleep, and Purple all could be better/worse for your back depending on your own preferences. I’d suggest really looking at the “firmness and feel” videos for each to gauge what might work best for you.

sachin says May 14, 2017

Hi Joe,

I am struggling to decide between many Extra firm mattress, we are looking for something like a futon feel which doesnt contour like a memory form but not traditional springs.
I would appreciate if you could give your recommendations.( Leesa or tuft & needle are still less firm for our likes.
Is the love and sleep from nest bedding a good firm option which will not be contouring or sinking ?


    Joe Auer says May 18, 2017

    Hi Sachin – I think a hybrid like Love & Sleep will be just what you are looking for. Other similar options are the Alexander Hybrid, Sapira, and Herobed.

Tracey Reddy says May 20, 2017

Thanks Joe for all the info – question – I’m a side sleeper with lower back pain issues & a tight budget – would the Zinus Memory Foam 12″ Premium Ultra Plush Cloud LIke mattress be a good option? Thanks!

    Joe Auer says June 6, 2017

    Hi Tracey – I think Zinus 12″ would work well for a side sleeper.

Nils says May 22, 2017

I took Consumers Report recommendation and bought a Caspar. Noticed you have not reviewed. Thanks

Wendy says May 22, 2017

Would love your recommendation for as organic/natural as possible, med/firm, not fans of memory foam, side sleepers mostly, 110 lbs and 140 lbs people.

Kat says May 24, 2017

Hi Joe,

I’ve been on the search for a good mattress for 3 years now! (Goldilocks here) Can you recommend something firm but not hard, with a pillowy top, that sleeps cool and is ideal for one sidesleeper? I tried Tempurpedic but found it way too hard and unyielding. Ideally I’d like to buy Canadian as it will probably be cheaper. 🙂

Please help! Thanks!
Kat in Toronto

    Joe Auer says June 6, 2017

    Hi Kat – first that comes to mind is the Oceano from Brentwood Home. Great support, but also a nice plush top, and sleeps very cool.

Murry says May 28, 2017

I am still searching for the “right” mattress for me and my wife. I wake up with hip pain if sleeping on my side and lower back pain if sleeping on my back. Have always had traditional innerspring but want to switch to something else. Want something more natural and am staying away from memory foam or other synthetic materials. Looked at Spindle but have never slept on latex and return policy not so good. Any other suggestions?

Ky says June 1, 2017

After watching/reading many reviews we went with the Loom and Leaf by Saatva

Amanda says June 1, 2017

I am looking for a mattress for my husband (240 lbs) and myself (140 lbs). We both change positions from our backs to sides, and both have back and shoulder pain. We like the feel of quality innerspring mattresses, but experience problems with the bed sagging after a couple of years. I was looking at foam mattresses because they may not be as likely to sag, but am open to any suggestions which would provide good back support yet be soft enough to sleep on our sides too. We don’t mind investing in high quality but don’t want to pay more just for the name. Thanks!

    Joe Auer says July 12, 2017

    The Sapira or Intellibed sound like a good fit for you.

Jeff says June 2, 2017

Hi Joe,

My wife and I are both active folks in our mid-40’s. We definitely prefer memory foam over coil spring,, but have not had the opportunity to try out latex or other options. We both loved the Tempurpedic tempur-contour elite breeze, one notch down from their firmest. She is more of a side sleeper and I sleep in every position. Sleeping cool is important to us, well at least to me! We intend to go with one of the online options, and while we are price-conscious we are willing to go $1500-$2000 if it is worth the difference. What do you recommend?


    Joe Auer says July 11, 2017

    Check out Amerisleep. They have a line of 5 memory foam mattress all with different firmness levels.

Patrick says June 2, 2017

We have an 8-year old Temperpedic mattress that has developed a big indentation on one side. My wife and I weight 200 and 250 pounds. I’m debating between the Loom & Leaf and the Saatva. I have two questions. (1) How do you think the mattress life would compare between the two? (2) Can the Saatva be used on our Ergo adjustable system that came with the Temperpedic mattress?

    Joe Auer says June 6, 2017

    Hi Patrick – the L&L will be much more similar feel to the Tempur-pedic. In terms of longevity, both mattresses have good quality materials (in my opinion), but I haven’t tested either (or any mattress) over the long term. The Saatva 11.5 inch works with an adjustable base.

Wes Sarver says June 3, 2017

Joe, I have been sleeping on a water bed for the last 25 years.. What are going to be the major differences going to a foam mattress??
I have been reading a lot of your reviews for foam mattress and would like your opinion for going to foam over water

    Joe Auer says June 6, 2017

    Hi Wes – it’s about as different as it gets with a bed! With such a big change, I would recommend trying a foam mattress for a few nights to make sure you like the general feel.

Tracey Reddy says June 6, 2017

Hi – Please give any advice you have for mattress good for those with lower back pain. Is memory foam the best bet? I’m a side sleeper & I’m on a tight budget – is Zinus a good bet or is another brand better for the back pain? I’d greatly appreciate any advice you can provide. And thanks so much for the info on your website – it’s very helpful… & yes, selecting a mattress is a horrible ordeal…ugh!

Cole Horsley says June 18, 2017


First,I do not sleep well and have lower back stiffness for years

I start on my side and wake up on my back. I sometimes start on my stomach for a bit.

I bought a memory foam mattress (firm..rated over 4, if that makes sense) online from Overstock,com a couple years back. Still sleep poorly and no help for my back.

Not expecting a miracle bed anymore, but contemplating the Leesa or Lull.

Any thoughts appreciated..

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi Cole – Leesa and Lull are both good options for people that sleep in every position (I thought they felt great in all three).

Kemp says June 22, 2017

Joe, putting cost aside and considering just comfort and quality how do you rank Ghostbed against Lull, Leesa, and Loom & Leaf?

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi Kemp – really the differences for those three comes down to the difference in feel – memory foam vs foam hybrids. I’d focus on the feel videos in the review to see which one suits your needs the best.

Vaga says June 23, 2017

Hi Joe,
I am leaning toward the latex mattresses and would love an all natural but my pocketbook just can’t get there. We presently have an innerspring mattress that was made by a local mattress maker. I thought that I would get the latex for the guest bedroom since my son took his bed when he moved out. I thought that we could try it out and see how we liked sleeping on it. I am usually a side sleeper and my husband has back problems so I thought it might work and we both like it cool when we sleep. We are not small folks either so I don’t want to end up sleeping in a hole.

    Joe Auer says June 29, 2017

    Yeah unfortunately natural latex mattresses are are costly to make so the price tag has to be higher.

Emiko says June 23, 2017

Hi Joe,
I need mattress that support my back,neck,shoulder.yet it,s soft to cradle my body. I’m 66 120p. Which mattress Would you recommend?

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi Emiko – so many mattresses fit those requirements! Any other preferences I can work with for a recommendation?

Noelle says June 23, 2017

I did buy a mattress! Thanks for asking Joe and for recommending plushbeds. I am a petite woman aged 50 with some osteoarthritis in neck accustomed to inner spring mattresses. (went through a tempurpedic phase years ago. Liked it but about five years in it became too soft and couldn’t get comfortable on a new foam mattress after that. So went back to springs. A keetsa specifically)
This time I was looking for a matttess for a day bed. I went with the six inch all natural latex by plushbeds. Slept on it one night so far and looooove it. I will probably get a latex topper for my other bed at some point. Natural latex might be the answer for me. I don’t sink into it, it’s nice and supportive yet super soft. Thank you so much for your advice.

John Kuro says June 26, 2017

Hi Joe, My wife and I are in our 60’s and overdue for a new mattress. We are both side sleepers and have had some back problems and I have issues with my neck off and on. After reading your recommendations we are interested in the Loom and Leaf relaxed firm and the Amerisleep AS3 and AS4. We would like to know which of the Amerisleep beds would be closest in firmness to the Loom and Leaf relaxed firm and which you think would best fit our comfort level. We’re looking for something that gives us support but not that sinking feeling. We’re also looking for a mattress that would keep us cool. If it helps our weights are 130 to 140.
Thank you

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi John – L&L is in my opinion right in between the AS3 and AS4 (though note firmness is very subjective). I think all three could be good options, all offering good tradeoffs between comfort and support. Since you’re a bit on the lighter side, I’d probably start with the AS3.

John K says June 26, 2017

Hi Joe, my wife and I are looking at replacing our bed. After reading your reviews we were interested in Amerisleep AS3 or AS4, Loom and Leaf medium firm and Ghostbed. We are in our 60’s and we both have back pain. We are side sleepers and are looking for good support but not that sinking in feeling. Our weights are 130 and 145 if that helps. What are your recommendations please.

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi John – all good options, but if you’re looking to avoid a pure memory foam feel, go with Ghostbed.

Jean says June 30, 2017

Hi Joe,
I have been trying to decide which mattress to purchase for a couple of months now and need a little help. I am 5 feet tall and weight 110 pounds. I sleep on my back and side and toss and turn at night. Also, I was wondering what your opinion on the Bear mattress was. Do you have a recommendation for me? Thank you

    Joe Auer says July 3, 2017

    I think you might like the Bear mattress actually. It is a medium soft and has nice memory foam on top that I believe will mean you won’t toss and turn at night very much.

Amy L Roller says July 9, 2017

Joe, I haven’t seen anything about off gassing on your reviews on any of the mattresses. We live in a place that has absolutely no way to air out our home, so off gassing would be detrimental to our health, as well as the health of our two dogs. Please advise.

Thank you

    Joe Auer says July 10, 2017

    With bed-in-a-box mattresses, you can always expect there to be some off-gassing. There are some online options that don’t come in the box. You can look at Saatva, Loom and Leaf, Winkbeds, for example. They won’t have any off-gassing.

Karen Kress says July 12, 2017

Hello… I am in the market to get a new memory foam mattress… I have had a Tempurpedic for 15 years and it’s had it… (probably years ago)… we don’t like it because it is so hot to sleep on, which I am sure that has been addressed int eh last 15 years. Price is also a worry now since I have had my hours cut. I have been reading about a mattress called Nectar and from what I have read, it seems to be a really great mattress for the price. Have you reviewed any of those as of yet? Thanks for your informative reviews!!!

Jean says July 17, 2017

I am still undecided on which mattress to buy.
I’m 5′ tall 105 pounds and sleep on my back and stomach.
I wake up when sleeping on my side from shoulder pain and wake up on my back with back pain. I am not a hot sleeper. I just can’t decide.

Albert says July 17, 2017

I haven’t purchased a new mattress yet, but hope to d so within 60 days. I might be more confused than ever, but am leaning toward a Purple.

    Joe Auer says July 17, 2017

    Just go for it. They have great return policies, so the risk is low.

Joseph Ritter says July 21, 2017

Hi Joe, There is a Comforpedic Queen size 14″ gel foam mattress for sale at $499.00 It retails for 2150.00 available in plush medium and firm. I realize that the company no longer manufactures this line, however the mattress is new, never used. It sounds like a pretty good cool deal and fits my budget. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Joe Auer says July 21, 2017

    I haven’t been able to look much into that line of mattresses just yet, so I don’t think I can give a great answer just yet.

Scott says July 22, 2017

Hiya Joe!

I was gonna ask this of the Wink guy, Dan Adler, but, nice as he’s been, it’s good to also get a more neutral opinion haha.

So, I’m heavy and have back problems, an especially bad back for a year now. I’ve been losing weight and just got under the 300 lb mark, which I wanted to get to before trying a Wink, because I don’t want to be forced to get their new Plus if the Firm will end up being better for my situation.

Anyway, I’ve been trying the Sapira for the last week, and it’s not working out, it’s hurting my sides and abdomen, whenever I lay on my side, which I have to occasionally. (Sleeping exclusively on my back seems to irritate it.) I took some photos of my back, and it looks like the pelvis sinks in too much and the shoulders don’t sink in enough. It also just feels like it’s maybe too firm in general for good side sleeping? But maybe that’s a misconception on my part. I’m not a mattress expert.

So, I’m gonna return the Sapira and try a Wink, particularly because their Firm and Plus have better support I’m the middle. I’m worried about getting the Plus though. Before the Sapira, I tried out a few latex toppers and, without fail, regardless of what mattress I put them on (four different mattresses, in several combinations of firm and medium firmness), they made the side that is not against the mattress and my lower abdomen hurt. And I know the Plus has a layer of latex.

I’m also a bit worried it will be too firm, especially since I have no intention of staying at this weight, I have to keep losing weight to get this back better. I worry that, as I lose weight, the Plus will become a worse and worse mattress for me to be on. Which is…not super great logic haha. If only because at this point, I’ll take three or four months of the Plus being the best mattress for me, if at the end of those three or four months my body is feeling better and I can move on with my life.

So. I’m not even sure what I’m asking here. Maybe I’m just asking for your thoughts? Will the extra firmness of the Plus definitely make it worse for laying on my agitated side and abdomen? And are these recent issues with latex a sign to stay away from the Plus?

And I know I always have the option of trying the Plus and exchanging it for the Firm, but it’d be great to nail this on the first try, you know?

Kinda long haha, but you specifically asked for me to leave a question if I had one. You made this bed lol.


Oh, and I really appreciate your site! It’s one of the few that really helped me narrow down the mattresses I wanna try. I’ll be sure to use a referral link for the Wink, if you have one! (Ha, I just scrolled up to see if y’all did referral links, and saw you listed the Wink as great for side sleepers!)

    Joe Auer says July 22, 2017

    I think you’ll be okay with the Plus. Definitely reach out to Dan too. He’ll be super honest with you.

Fred says July 24, 2017

What adjustable frame do you suggest?
Probably going to buy a Loom & Leaf mattress. They sell one for 2499. Good price? Or is there something out there better price with the same quality?

    Joe Auer says July 24, 2017

    That’s actually the only one I’ve personally tried so far. It’s a solid choice, so I say go for it.

Rick says July 26, 2017

Ended up buying a foam sweet foam 4 layer latex bed. Really liked their level of knowledge and suggestions.

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