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Look, I get it. None of us are made of money. When you do a search online for a new mattress, you’ll see that some of the prices are pretty steep. For some of the higher-end bed-in-a-box mattresses, you could be spending upwards of $3,000.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality mattress. I have slept on hundreds of mattresses, from the least to most expensive. Out of these mattresses, I found six that are affordable but also comfortable and supportive. While these mattresses do range in price, they are all under $700 for a Queen-size.

So, read on, and let us help you save!

Most Supportive

The Allswell is a supportive hybrid mattress. It is also a great value and should be a good match for back and stomach sleepers. 

Doesn't expire

Most Options
Zinus Memory Foam
Zinus Memory Foam

The Zinus is a value memory foam mattress that comes in a variety of firmness options. 

Doesn't expire

Best For Side Sleepers

The Nectar mattress is the most expensive mattress on this list, but it is still a good value and a great match for side sleepers. 

Doesn't expire

Balanced Foam Feel
Casper Essential
Casper Essential

The Casper Essential is a streamlined mattress with a balanced foam feel. You will sink in, but you shouldn't feel trapped in the Essential. 

Doesn't expire

Good For Lighter Sleepers
Brooklyn Bedding Bowery
Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

The Bowery is a simple, yet comfortable mattress. It is a good match for lighter back and side sleepers. 

Doesn't expire

Best For Hot Sleepers
Lucid Hybrid Mattress
Lucid Hybrid Mattress

The Lucid Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is a mattress with many benefits of memory foam and none of the drawbacks. 

Doesn't expire


Top Picks Explained

While I have narrowed down your search to six mattresses, you still have a little work to do. These six mattresses are a good fit for different types of sleepers. Some are better for back sleepers, and others are better for side sleepers. If you pay close attention to the details in our post, you should find the right cheap mattress for you.

Most Supportive


If you have ever been strapped for cash, you may have stepped into a Wal-Mart hoping to save some money on household essentials or a Chuck Norris box set. Now, Wal-Mart is also there to help you save money on a bed-in-a-box mattress with its Allswell mattresses.

There are three mattresses in the Allswell line: the original Allswell, the Allswell Luxe, and the Allswell Supreme. The original Allswell is their most affordable mattress and a Queen-size retails for around $375. The company is able to price the Allswell so low because of its smaller profit margins.

Because of this, you are still getting a quality mattress. The Allswell contains pocketed coils and premium memory foam above that. The comfort layer is quite thin, so this is a firmer and more supportive mattress. The Allswell is a great match for both back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

So, if you need a firmer mattress, and you want a great deal, check out the Allswell.

What Makes The Allswell Stand Out?

  • At under $400 for a Queen-size, it is a very budget-friendly option.
  • It provides a balance of comfort and support for back sleepers.
  • The Allswell is supportive enough for most stomach sleepers.

Read the full Allswell mattress review 

Allswell Deals

The Allswell is a supportive mattress that should be a great fit for back and stomach sleepers. It is also a very good value

Most Options

Zinus Memory Foam

If you hop onto Amazon, you will find a number of Zinus products. They make everything from tables and couches to, yes, mattresses. There are quite a few Zinus mattresses currently available and I am a huge fan of the Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

What’s great about this mattress (and Zinus in general) is the options. Based on your sleeping position, you can decide on whether you want an 8″, 10″, 12″, or 14″ model. Since I spend a good amount of time sleeping on my side, I opted for the 12″, one of their softest models.

Lying on the 12″ model, I feel myself sink into that soft memory foam. The comfort layer is quite thick, so I feel very little pressure on my shoulders and hips. However, if you are larger, you can go with the 14″ model which has a thicker comfort layer. Also, if you need more support, you can choose the 8″ or 10″ model.

Again, Zinus is all about letting you choose what’s best for you. If you want a value memory foam mattress with just the right amount of comfort and support, you should like Zinus.

What Makes The Zinus Stand Out?

  • The Zinus comes in a variety of firmness options.
  • The 12″ model is a great match for light- and medium-weight side sleepers.
  • The Zinus features cooling gel and air channels, making this a good fit for hot sleepers.

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Zinus Deals

Zinus has a wide selection of mattresses that are really great values.  You can get the best current deal on Zinus mattresses simply by clicking the link below.

Best For Side Sleepers


Every mattress on our list is very affordable. However, if you want something very comfortable and have just a bit more money to spend, it is worth checking out the Nectar.

The Nectar is the most expensive mattress on this list, but it is still less than $700 for a Queen-size. With the higher price comes a more complex construction. The Nectar features Tencel fabric, quilted memory foam, and gel memory foam.

This memory foam is extremely comfortable and makes the Nectar a fantastic match for side sleepers. Side sleeping on the Nectar, I feel very little pressure on my shoulders and hips.

In addition, the Nectar should be supportive and comfortable enough for most back sleepers. When I back sleep on the Nectar, my hips sink in a bit, and the memory foam takes the shape of my body.

Those who want a extremely comfortable mattress and don’t mind spending a few hundred more should consider the Nectar.

What Makes The Nectar Stand Out?

  • The Nectar is soft and should offer pressure relief to side sleepers.
  • The mattress should support back sleepers.
  • The mattress features numerous cooling features and should not sleep hot.

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Nectar Mattress Deals

Nectar is a very comfortable memory foam mattress that happens to also be an amazing value.  You can get the best deal on the Nectar plus two premium pillows by clicking the link below.

Balanced Foam Feel

Casper Essential

For years, Casper only offered one mattress: The original Casper. However, they have recently added a number of mattresses to their line. One of those mattresses is the Casper Essential.

The Casper Essential is a more streamlined version of the original Casper. It does not feature the Casper’s Zoned Support system but does contain latex-like foam, memory foam, and a base layer. Its simpler construction allows Casper to sell the Essential for less than the Casper. With discounts, you can purchase a Queen-size Essential for around $550.

Without the Casper’s Zoned Support, the Essential is more fitting for light and medium-weight sleepers. I weigh 160 lbs, and the Essential feels supportive when I am on my back and soft enough when I am on my side.

The mattress also has a balanced foam feel that lets you sink in a bit without trapping you. I find it very easy to move around on the mattress and change positions at night.

If you like a balanced foam feel and you are on the lighter side, the Casper Essential should work for you.

What Makes The Essential Stand Out?

  • It is a more affordable model from the very popular Casper company.
  • The Essential has a simple construction but is still a good fit for lighter people.
  • The mattress is a supportive match for back sleepers.
  • As long as you are not too large, the Essential should relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.

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Save $10

The Casper Essential is a comfortable value mattress that should be a good match for lightweight sleepers. Click the button to save 10% on your purchase of the Essential mattress. 

Best For Lightweight Sleepers

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

If you are looking for a good value, Brooklyn Bedding is always a good start. The company actually owns their own factory. They sell their mattresses direct-to-consumer and are able to price their mattresses quite low. Out of their ever-growing line of mattresses, the Bowery is their most affordable. With discounts, a Queen-size Bowery costs close to $550.

Like the Casper Essential, the Bowery is a streamlined mattress. It contains Energex foam, a transition foam layer, and base foam. The Energex foam is soft but also responsive. You will sink into the mattress, but you should have no trouble moving around.

The Bowery is also a good fit for back sleeping and side sleeping. Again, I weigh 160 lbs, and the Bowery gives me all the support and comfort I need. I will note that heavier sleepers might have a different experience.

The Bowery also has that balanced foam feel so if you want a bit of the memory foam feel and worry about getting stuck, this mattress is a good option.

What Makes The Bowery Stand Out?

  • It comes from Brooklyn Bedding, producer of value mattresses
  • The Bowery is a simple, yet high-quality mattress.
  • It is a good fit for lighter back and side sleepers.
  • The Bowery contains breathable foams, so it shouldn’t trap too much heat.

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Get 20% Off

The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery is an affordable mattress that a lot of people will like.  You can get 20% off the Aurora mattress by clicking the link below and using code CLARITY20 at checkout.

Best For Hot Sleepers

Lucid Hybrid

Memory foam is great, but it does have its drawbacks. Namely, it can trap you and make you sleep hot. However, this is not an issue with the Lucid Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress.

The Lucid is 10″ tall and contains bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam, two transition layers, and individually-wrapped coils. First off, the bamboo charcoal is going to help with heat dissipation while the coils will promote airflow through the mattress. Second, while the memory foam is very soft, the transition layers ensure that you don’t sink in too far and feel stuck.

The mattress is right in the middle in terms of firmness. For me, it was a 6.5/10 on a firmness scale. The Lucid has a balance of comfort and support that is ideal for back sleeping. Also, for someone of my size, the mattress relieved pressure on my shoulders quite well.

So, if you want a mattress with the benefits of memory foam but few of the drawbacks, the Lucid could be right for you.

What Makes The Lucid Stand Out?

  • The mattress is soft and pressure-relieving, but you shouldn’t get stuck.
  • It features memory foam but shouldn’t sleep too hot.
  • The Lucid is a medium-firm mattress that should work for back and side sleepers.

Read the full Lucid mattress review

Lucid Hybrid Mattress Deals

The Lucid Hybrid mattress is a great value and features a balance of comfort and support. Click the button for the best deal on a Lucid

Marten’s Take

My opinion on these mattresses is, of course, based on my own personal experience. Since I am 5’9″ and 160 lbs, I thought it was a good idea to ask Marten, a larger member of our team, to try out these mattresses for himself. Here is what he thought:

So, Joe made this list of the best cheap mattresses. If you are a larger person like me, you often have to spend more money to find a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive enough for heavier weights. However, these really are some quality mattresses, and I think a few of them are a good fit for someone of my size.

First off, the Allswell is a good match for heavier people. This is because it features coils in its construction. If you are a larger person, it is usually a good idea to find a mattress with coils in it. This is a very supportive mattress and, for me, it felt like an 8/10, firmer-than-average.

On my back, I am getting enough support. My hips are sinking in the right amount, and I am also feeling good lumbar support. The mattress is too firm for side sleeping, but it is supportive enough for me when I am stomach sleeping.

Then, we have the Lucid. Like the Allswell, the Lucid contains coils. When I am on my back, the mattress is a great match for me. It is both supportive and comfortable. While the Lucid doesn’t really work for me as a side or stomach sleeper, it is a good match for heavier back sleepers.

Now, what if you don’t want coils in your mattress? If this is the case, I would consider the Nectar. This memory foam mattress feels great when I am on my back. My hips sink in the right amount, and I also get good lumbar support. I am also getting some contouring from the slow-moving memory foam. Moving to my side, I sink into the mattress and feel some awesome pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. The Nectar is too soft for stomach sleeping, however.

So, if you are a larger person looking to save some money on your mattress purchase, take a look at the Allswell, Lucid, or Nectar.

It is great to get Marten’s perspective on these six mattresses. You should always think about your size and weight when you are shopping for a mattress. Larger people should keep Marten’s comments in mind.


In the end, “cheap” is a subjective term. You can get a mattress on Amazon for $150, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be comfortable or supportive. However, I can attest that these six mattresses are not only a good deal, but they are also well-made quality mattresses. If you need any more help narrowing down your decision, leave a comment below, and I will be happy to help!

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