Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

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Tuft & Needle is a mattress company that has been around quite a while (for an online-only mattress company), and have really been a leader in transparency in terms of how they sell and tweak their mattress based on customer research.

Also they are really the only online company at such a low price point ($600 for a queen), so I was pretty interested starting out.  However, as always, it always comes down to the quality of the mattress.  I think the company has done a great job at product development and making a quality mattress for this price point.

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Overall I think this is a really great mattress for the money, but it’s not for everyone.  Read further for my full Tuft and Needle review .

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You will love the Tuft & Needle mattress if:

  • You want a good mattress on a budget – Tuft & Needle created their own mattress and ships it directly from the factory to your door, cutting out a lot of overhead costs that they pass to the consumer.  This model is recently popular, but even amongst the online competitors Tuft & Needle is significantly cheaper.
  • You like foam mattresses (with some bounce) – the mattress is made of a proprietary foam, but it feels more similar to latex than memory foam.  This means you get the comfort/support tradeoff, but you don’t sink and get stuck like you would a traditional memory foam mattress.
  • You like a firm mattress – Tuft and Needle is firm compared to the other online mattress options.  It’s not remarkably firm, but definitely noticeable to most sleepers.
  • You don’t want frills – Tuft and Needle is a very good sleeping experience, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like luxury options do.  With Tuft & Needle every dollar goes into the core mattress quality.
  • You want to read a lot of reviews – the company has been around much longer than other online mattress companies, so it has a lot of reviews – in fact it’s the #1 rated mattress on Amazon.  So if other consumer reviews are an important part of your shopping experience, T&N can deliver.
  • You don’t like sleeping hot – unlike a lot of foam mattresses, Tuft & Needle did not sleep hot for me at all.


You may not like Tuft and Needle if:

  • You want a true luxury mattress – T&N is a very good mattress, but targeting a lower price point.  If you want to pay more to get more, there are other better suited options.
  • You prefer spring mattresses – the mattress is very highly rated, however that doesn’t mean it will turn you into a lover of foam mattresses.  If you strongly prefer a spring mattress, go with a spring mattress (seems obvious but apparently not to many of my readers).
  • You like a soft/plush feel – the mattress is definitely on the firmer side, and has no trace of the plush/soft/pillow top feel that some people prefer.
  • You want to try the mattress out before buying – the mattress is sold exclusively online (note: they have a showroom if you are in Phoenix), so you can’t lay on it before purchase.  They do offer a 100 day full refund period, however, so there isn’t a financial risk if you end up not liking it.

Construction Basics

Tuft and Needle Rating

Tuft & Needle is very transparent about their construction, so I’d visit their site if you really want to deep dive into the materials and how the mattress is manufactured.  Important things to note:

  • The mattress is made in a factory in the US
  • The foam is proprietary, aiming to get a mix of the best qualities of memory foam and latex foam
  • The mattress is 10 inches thick (they used to have a 5 inch thick model which was discontinued)
  • The cover is made from rayon and polyester, and ends up being nice to the touch and fairly stretchy.

From other reviews I’ve heard that the Tuft & Needle holds up well over time, plus they have a standard mattress warranty in place to cover you in the long term.  If you have a nice firm flat surface (foundation, platform bed, or even floor) I think the bed will hold up very well over time.

Firmness and Comfort

The mattress is definitely a bit firmer than average (I’d put it at a 7.5/10 on the firmness scale), so just make sure that suits your preference when ordering (see related article on finding the best firm mattress).  I personally like a medium firm mattress, and found the support to be among the best of mattresses I’ve tried.  The mattress is comfortable, but doesn’t have a plush marshmallow feel that some people prefer.

Motion Transfer

The Tuft and Needle has a very small amount of motion transfer, much like a latex mattress.  If you’re sleeping with a partner, this mattress is going to be much better for you than a spring mattress, which in general shows a lot of motion transfer.

Final Word

I think at this price point, there isn’t a better mattress than Tuft and Needle.  Rating the Tuft And Needle mattress becomes easier to do once you consider the price point of the mattress compared to other alternatives.  If you’re willing to spend more, then there are better options.  BUT if you’re at the lower end of the mattress budget spectrum, then knowing what else is out there, I think it’s a no brainer (see all the reviews from our site).

I also really like the company and how they are so transparent, so you should feel good about supporting an honest company (especially compared to the traditional mattress brands).  I hope you have enjoyed my Tuft & Needle mattress review.

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Tuft and Needle Mattress
4.4 Reviewer
  • Great value
  • Reputable and transparent company
  • Low price point
  • No frills/luxury
  • Firmer than average
The Tuft & Needle mattress is not the best mattress I've ever slept on, but at this price point it is very hard to beat. Definitely a solid mattress with no frills, and a very reputable company providing a strong value. The mattress is on the firmer side, making it a great option for stomach and back sleepers but a questionable option for side sleepers. Overall I am a big fan of the company ethos and do like the mattress.
Value (Price)4.8
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.6
Motion Transfer4.1
Edge Support3.8
Company Reputation4.8
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.1

Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site. He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 100 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed.When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading both fiction and non-fiction, and playing classical piano. He enjoys traveling as well, and not just to test out hotel mattresses!

Blog Comments

If I understand your comment correctly, one should not consider this mattress if it is going to set on top of a box spring?

A box spring will work just fine with T&N. You can check out their support page for more info on that.

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for your answer Joe.

For what it’s worth, we purchased a king and have been sleeping on it for 2 nights. So far…

-it’s more firm than wife and I expected but considering how beat up our old mattress was I think this is more of an adjustment to “correct” vs “too firm”
-I sleep mainly on my side and the mattress has an appropriate amount of “give” for pressure points, I believe it’s a perfect bed for side sleepers
-I underestimated the need for a new pillow, as the new mattress is supportive and level, my original pillow compensated for lacking mattress support on our old setup
-I am surprised, thus far, at how well the mattress handles and disperses heat. unlike other foam setups, I do not wake up feeling like a roasted bird
-it’s “quiet”. I have yet to wake up from wife shifting around
-price point is reasonable and then some. this is true value for money if you ask me
-return policy is bonkers awesome. I hope not to utilize, but the 100 day no probs return is great to have in back pocket. Although admittedly, getting that honkin mattress back in a box somehow seems daunting if not impossible =)

hope this helps those searching. I read up for about 90 days before finally settling on T&N
-Mike D

in essence, after the first 48h, I would give this a high rating but need much more time to properly measure.

We have a Tuft and Needle mattress and we really like it. We had difficulty finding sheets to fit but finally did online. I would like to find a fitted mattress cover that will properly fit. Any suggestions?

I am confused..after reading your comments and then your reviews on all the mattresses.. which do you really like better the tuft and needle or the ghost. they are basically the same price one is 900 and one is 895..please let me know …we really need a new mattress and I have been hearing a lot about these type mattresses

I think the choice between them really depends on your preference –

Ghostbed is softer/T&N is firmer
Ghostbed is latex/T&N is proprietary foam (Ghostbed has a bit more bounce)
Ghostbed is thicker, and probably (in my opinion) better for heavier people

Hi, i just bought the Tuft and Needle and have spent about one week on it. I can’t wait to return it. I don’t find it very firm at all and not supportive enough for my lower back/hip area. I have had a hard time sleeping through the night – such a disappointment. My husband and I are not very big peopel – perhaps this mattress feels more firm if you have more weight sinking through the top layer of foam?

What would be the next step up but firmness more toward 5 wanting good support and a soft feal? Thank You

Hey Rocky – I’d start with the Love & Sleep from Nest Bedding next.

I was wondering if this mattress requires a box spring support, and also if it can be used directly on an adjustable bed frame? Does it flex so it can be used on an adjustable bedframe, both head and foot.

Hi Joseph – it does not require a box spring, just a solid foundation (platform bed, slats, or even floor work just fine as well). It is all foam and does flex, I imagine it would work fine on an adjustable frame, but I haven’t tried it myself – I’d check with T&N directly to see if they have any insight or suggestions on that.

Thanks, Joe. This really helped clarify the information out there. I don’t think this is the one for me.

Thanks for these reviews, however, still torn. We have been looking at the T & N and Casper. Husband likes firmer, but I think I’m more into a memory foam feel. Also I’m a side sleeper, so that’s a big consideration. Please help us decide ????

Heya. I’ve been doing mountains of reading on foam mattresses as I am getting older and creaky. I prefer a firmer mattress, sleep hot and accustomed to innerspring. Id rather not spend a fortune (cheap ass) but will gladly pay for comfort/ quality. So far have read into casper, tuft/needle, lucid, amerisleep, and loom/leaf. So far I’m seeing the tuft as the way to go. If you chose a bed for me what would it be? Thank you Joe.

Hi Morgan – Tuft & Needle seems like it would check all your boxes!

What are the “luxury” components you keep referring to that make others better? That is confuses me trying to make a choice.And how can it be both soft and then more firm also. And does it allow using standard fitted sheets or will I have to buy new one?

Denser foams, more foam, gels, different fabrics on the cover, different construction components – lots of things you can add. It does fit standard sheets.

Heard lots of good things about Tuft & Needle. They have a great price and lots of fantastic reviews from consumers that ordered them. My wife and I may be in the market for one later this summer. I dunno though… So many choices out there. Thinking of getting a new bed for our cabin.

I bought a Tuft and Needle mattress a year and a half ago. I love it! At first it was not as comfortable as I expected but after about two weeks my body adjusted. I think if you are sleeping on a poor mattress, it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to a better quality mattress. I like a firm bed and don’t find the T&N to be too firm. It is very comfortable and I wake up feeling well rested. My mother has visited me and slept on the bed and found it extremely comfortable as well. She has a full spinal fusion and owns a Temperpedic. I think for the cost of the mattress, you cannot beat the Tuft and Needle if you like a firm mattress.

I’m going back and forth between Tuft and Needle and Lull. I’ve read your reviews of both and am still unsure. I have some hip and lower back issues, I am a side sleeper but wake up on my back. My question is, does the difference in firmness between the two make that big a difference if youre a side sleeper vs a back/stomach sleeper? Thanks.

You’ll want to focus on the difference in firmness most if you are a side sleeper. It can get pretty uncomfortable if you have something that is too firm and you sleep on your side. Maybe go with the Lull if you sleep mostly on your side.

Very cool. I was leaning toward the Lull. Thank you so much for the advice.

Considering tuft & needle or nectar. Thoughts on those 2?

The T&N is a little firmer and gives you a more “on” the mattress feel. With Nectar you sink into the mattress more and it has slow-moving memory foam versus T&N, which is bouncy. It really comes down to your personal preferences on those characteristics.

Following up on Joe’s response – while a foam mattress like the T&N will work on a box spring, it will perform far better for you if you consider alternative arrangements. This mattress depends upon resistance and convection. It functions best on a uniform surface, such as the floor, a platform bed frame, or a multi-slat “grid” (think 10 or more slats) – just using 5 or 6 slats, or a “cheap” box spring isn’t going to cut it any more. Also, its cooling effect is optimized by allowing the lower half of the mattress to “breathe” and intake air. Of course, when it’s on the floor or on a typical platform bed deck, the underside isn’t being utilized to its maximum potential. This is why a multi-slat grid, or a Bunky Board, or a platform deck with perforations (holes or slots) cut in it would be ideal.

After rather intense research (falling onto a number of mattress models and then rolling around like a hot dog on a rolling rotisserie), I chose a T&N Queen and have been gladly sleeping on it in bliss for 10 months now. Up until 2 months ago, I had it directly on the floor, and favored how firm it was while still allowing me to sleep on my side. Then I got a Queen bed frame, and tried it (for 2 nights) on 5 slats (with center support)… Nope! I managed to find a multi-slat grid (that Swedish place that rhymes with Hitreeah has them, for example) that gives it the resistance _and_ airflow that allows this mattress to really excel.

I am considering a tuft and needle and mattress but I don’t know if it is the right choice for me. Why don’t standard sheets work? Where do you get the sheets?

Where did you see standard sheets won’t work?

joe, I have been sleeping on a recliner the last 5 years because of lower back issues that would not let me get comfortable on any bed (soft or hard) I am getting my back issues straightened out and have been sleeping on a soft foam couch as that is all I have besides a recliner. I am trying to find a good foam bed that has a return policy. Nectar not making timely delivery ( found out first hand) and casper is too expensive. would the tuft and needle work? if needed to be returned, how do you ship this bed back? thanks, john

Yeah I think it would be a good choice. They will probably just arrange for someone to pick it up for you and donate it to a local charity.

Hi Joe, thanks so much for your wonderful summary. I am heavier and average height; my husband is thin and tall. We are both side sleepers although we also sleep on our backs sometimes. I have disc issues in my lower back that cause a lot of pain and am looking for a good/durable/quality mattress to help relieve the pain. We presently have a Sealy Posturpedic Hartsdale Firm and it just isn’t working for us. We constantly change positions and it seems to add to the pain versus relieving it. Do you have 1 or 2 mattresses you could recommend? Of course, I’ll check them out as well but could really, really use some good solid advice. Many of the “best of” reviews out there don’t seem to check out so well and I’ve spent countless hours researching. Thank you, thank you. Kind Regards, Melissa

Seems like you and your husband have different preferences/needs. I would take a look at Helix or Tuck, where you can customize each side of the bed.

I have 2 T & N mattresses and they are by far the best mattresses I have ever had (I am 67 & owned a few). My sister visited for 5 weeks in Dec/Jan. When she got home, the 5 bedroom home was converted to T&N mattresses. I swear by thier product!

Tuft and Needle vs Love an Sleep – your thoughts? Same price point. Similar construction. What are some differences that stand out to you? Which one do you think is firmer between Tuft and Needle and the medium Love and Sleep?


Very similar. The T&N is slightly firmer than the L&S Medium. It’s a tough call.

We have a Tuft & Needle King that is too firm, we are both side sleepers. I feel pressure at both my hips and shoulders. We added a 2″ that Tuft and Needle provided so the pressure issues have improved but now it is more difficult to move. You recommended perhaps the Amerisleep AS4 as a possibility. Do you have any experience with the Puffy Mattress? I see it has only 2 layers just like the Tuft and Needle, can they be different in the support provided or should we expect the same problem?

I haven’t reviewed the Puffy yet.

I just ordered my T&N today on Amazon. Do I need a mattress pad? I also ordered a supportive platform as well.

Give it a shot before worrying about getting a pad. It’s possible if you are a side sleeper but there’s no reason to worry about it until you try it out.

Have you had a chance to look at the Tuft and Needle Mint? I am trying to decide between the Original Tuft and Needle and the Tuft and Needle Mint. I am approximately 5′ 7″ 190 combo sleeper and I generally prefer firmer mattresses. Thank you.

I haven’t yet but should be reviewing it pretty soon.

I live in Phoenix and therefore was able to visit the T&N show room to test out both mattresses. I also prefer a firmer mattress, and I definitely prefer the original mattress to the Mint. To me, the Mint had a bouncier feel that I did not care for while the Original seemed a bit more firm and supportive. The only characteristic of the Mint I preferred to the Original was better edge support.

This is a great review. You mentioned the Ghost… My LP Prodigy 2.0 came with a free 10″ mattress by Nature’s Sleep. does this mean I have a basic Ghost? The owner’s instructions say it has Visco-Memory Foam gel that changes characteristics with temp. (controlled by mattress pad selection). I wanted a firm mattress and have been pleased with it for 6 mo. It does seem to let me sink in a lot by morning. Should I invest in a better mattress or consider my freeby as pretty good.

I don’t think that’s a Ghostbed. If you like it then I would just stick with it.

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