Avocado Mattress Review- Natural Luxury?

Avocado Mattress Review- Natural Luxury?

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Avocado is a new mattress offering that combines the support and durability of springs with natural dunlop latex.  I’m always excited to see new mattresses that have fully natural materials, as I think consumers are becoming much more conscious of what’s in their products.  While natural materials are exciting, I was also very interested to see how the mattress slept.

Note: I received the version with the 2 inch pillow top


  • The cover is button-tufted and is made with 100% organic cotton.  It is breathable and soft to the touch.
  • The mattress is 13 inches thick in total.  The comfort layer is 5 inches of natural dunlop latex (3 inches plus 2 inches with the pillow top).  This is a very durable material that provides good pressure relief and great bounce.
  • The support layer is a system of individually wrapped coils.  The coils are also zoned, meaning you get extra support where you need it the most.  Basically, it’s a very advanced support system that should be durable for the long-term.

Learn more about the construction of the mattress HERE

You Might Want To Pick The Avocado If:

  • You Want A Mattress That Will Last A Long Time– The materials used in this mattress are highly durable and should last a very long time (see more on the materials here).  That makes the value of getting this mattress that much higher.
  • You Like Bounce/Resilience– This mattress is very bouncy.  When you move around, the mattress immediately moves back into its original place.  To me, whether bounce is good is a matter of personal taste.  If this is what you are looking for, you will definitely find it with this mattress.
  • You Want A Foam Feel Without Sinking In Too Much / Getting Stuck– I thought the mattress had a nice foam feel to it.  At the same time, given how resilient it is, you never feel like you sink into the mattress too much and you never feel like you get stuck in the mattress.  It is more an “on” the mattress feel than an “in” the mattress feel.
  • You Want Materials That Are Actually Natural– A lot of mattress companies claim that they have a “green” mattress.  Most of the time this claim is either partially or totally false.  In this case, the foam that the company uses is 100% natural latex.  If you are looking for a more natural solution, this could be a good choice.
  • You Want A Breathable Mattress– This mattress breathes very well, meaning you shouldn’t have any concerns about sleeping hot here.

You Might Not Want To Pick The Avocado If:

  • You Want To Sink Into The Mattress– If you are used to a memory foam, sinking in feel, that’s not what you get here and you should probably look elsewhere.
  • You Don’t Want Bounce– This mattress is very distinctive in how bouncy it is.  If you don’t want much bounce, then there are probably some other options that would be better suited for you.
  • You Are A Lightweight Side Sleeper– I think the mattress is good for most people in any position, but I think for people lighter in weight who just sleep on their side might think the mattress is too firm (even with the pillow top).


From the video below, you can see just how bouncy the mattress is.  That is probably its most distinctive trait.  With the pillow top, it has a nice medium firmness.  For me, it was soft enough on my side and yet firm enough when I slept on my back.  Some lightweight people who just sleep on their side may think it’s a touch too firm in my opinion.

Motion Transfer

Latex typically doesn’t perform as well as memory foam does for motion transfer but still does a pretty good job.  As you can see from the video below, the Avocado does a decent job at isolating motion.  However, you will still feel it a little bit if you sleep with a partner and they move around in the bed.

Extra Details

The mattress has a couple of extra details that I thought were worth mentioning.  The mattress is 13 inches thick (if you have the 2 inch thick pillow top).  It has handles on the side that make it much easier to move.  It also has tufting, which shows craftsmanship and makes sure that the layers of the mattress never shift at all.  These are all nice touches that just add to the value of the mattress.

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What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • It uses latex that is actually 100% natural
  • It is highly durable
  • It gives 2 firmness options with the option of adding the pillow top
  • It sleeps very cool
  • It is very bouncy/resilient
Avocado Mattress
4.4 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.6
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.6
Motion Transfer4
Edge Support4.3
Company Reputation4.3
Return Policy/Warranty4.4
Overall Sleep Experience4.4


If you are looking for a mattress with natural materials that can last a very long time, this could be a very good choice.  As long as you are comfortable with the level of bounce, I think there are a lot of reasons to really like this mattress.

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