Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

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Brooklyn Bedding has been in the mattress industry a long time, though they’re now coming out with a completely new mattress.

They call it the #bestmattressever (yes, the hashtag is part of the name), and since it gets very strong ratings from other sites, I was very interested to see the feel and comfort of this new latex-like mattress (see how it compares to other brands HERE).  Overall I had a good experience with the mattress, but there’s some particular things to note about the mattress you should know before making a purchase.

In early 2017, they changed the construction of the mattress, so this is an updated review based on this new construction.

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You will love Brooklyn Bedding if:

  • You are a fan of latex-like qualities – the latex foam mattress feel is very distinct, and though less popular than memory foam, is actually considered by many to be the best sleeping surface.  This mattress has good bounce and breathability, as well as great durability.
  • You like a mattress designed by some of the best in the industry – many of the new popular mattress companies have products designed by people new to the industry (so quality varies).  There’s no doubt with Brooklyn Bedding that the designers and manufacturers are mattress experts and knew very well how to make a quality product.
  • You are looking for great value – Brooklyn Bedding not only ships from the factory to your doorstep, they also own the factory.  Thus they are able to offer as good or better a deal on their own product than competing options.
  • You do not like sleeping hot – a big concern for many looking at foam mattresses.  The bed didn’t sleep hot at all for me.  The TitanFlex foam draws heat away from your body effectively.
  • You want a mattress great for sex – This mattress has great bounce to it.  It narrowly missed our best mattresses for sex list.
  • You prefer a reviewed mattress – many of the new online-only companies don’t have many reviews – Brooklyn Bedding does, both for the company and this product.  Reading some of these can definitely provide some peace of mind.

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You will not like Brooklyn Bedding if:

  • You’re a spring or memory foam person – If you are a die-hard memory foam or spring person, go with your passion.  This mattress won’t magically change your preference (though definitely some will be persuaded).
  • You want all the luxury bells and whistles – I consider the mattress quality to put it in the luxury category, but if you want to spend more, you can get more specialty features with other products.  Check out Zenhaven if you want natural latex.
  • You want to try the mattress out before purchase – no can do, sold only online.  They do offer a 120 night full return policy, so you won’t be stuck with the mattress if you end up not liking it.

Comfort, Support, and Firmness

This is a pretty comfortable mattress.  You won’t quite get the pressure-relieving characteristics of memory foam, but it still felt good for me sleeping on my side.  The video below shows off the firmness of the mattress.  You can also see just how responsive the mattress is.  It almost immediately responds when you change positions or just move around.

Brooklyn Bedding has 3 firmness levels, so you have the freedom to choose your firmness.  I had the medium firmness option, which I’d put at about a 6.5 out of 10 firmness.

Motion Transfer

This mattress does a decent job of isolating motion.  It’s not as good as memory foam, but it’s still pretty good.

Adjustable Base Friendly?

The video below shows that the mattress works just fine with an adjustable bed.

Return Policy and Special Notes

The return policy follows the standard online-only mattress model, where you can return the mattress within a period of time (120 days for Brooklyn Bedding) and get a full refund.  This is actually the best way to test out a mattress, in that you won’t really know what it’s like to sleep on a mattress after laying on it for 5 minutes in the store.

A unique note about Brooklyn Bedding is that they actually own their factory where they manufacture this mattress (made in USA).  They have been in the mattress game a long time, and thus are both design and manufacturing experts when it comes to mattress.  Because of this, I think they have one of the better quality products on the market at this price point, even compared to the other online-only mattress companies (which also deliver huge value over the traditional mattress store model).

Mattress Construction

Brooklyn Bedding is very transparent about their manufacturing, so I think actually the best source of information on their specs is their own website.  However for quick summary, the mattress consists of:

  • 2 inches of softer TitanFlex foam
  • 2 inches of firmer TitanFlex foam
  • 6 inches of high density polyfoam

The cover is a quilted cotton polyester blend.  It is quilted with 3/4 inch tick of polyfoam, giving it a somewhat plush feel on top.  Overall the mattress is made to have great bounce and sleep very cool.

Prices, Weights, And Dimensions

The table below gives the price for each mattress size, as well as the responding weights and dimensions.

Twin39" x 75" x 10"58 lbs.$425
Twin XL39" x 80" x 10"60 lbs.$475
Full54" x 75" x 10"85 lbs.$625
Full XL54" x 80" x 10"90 lbs.$700
Queen60" x 80" x 10"100 lbs.$750
Queen Short60" x 74" x 10"100 lbs.$750
King76" x 80" x 10"120 lbs.$900
CA King72" x 84" x 10"120 lbs.$900
Split CA King(2) 36" x 84" x 10"120 lbs.$1,050

Final Recommendation

If you like the latex feel, Brooklyn Bedding should be one of your top choices.  I found it really comfortable, and very well priced, especially knowing it comes from an established mattress company with manufacturing expertise (see our other reviews).  If you’ve made it this far, I think it’s well worth a try.

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Brooklyn Bedding
4.2 Reviewer
Brooklyn Bedding is a strong latex mattress option. They offer good value and it sleeps comfortably.
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.2
Motion Transfer3.7
Edge Support3.6
Company Reputation4
Return Policy/Warranty4.6
Overall Sleep Experience4.2

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