The Best Luxury Sheets of 2023!

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For the splurgers out there who love to sleep and rest in the lap of luxury, invest in your sheets. I’ve tested nearly all the best-selling luxury sheets on the market today, and I’ve curated a list of my favorites!

Spoiler alert: thread count isn’t a huge indicator of luxuriousness! Ready to see what made the cut? Keep reading.

Our Top Picks for the Best Luxury Sheets

Editor’s Pick

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

A man sleeps on his side on Saatva Organic Sateen SheetsWhen it comes to sleeping in luxury, it doesn’t get much better than Saatva. Amongst the brand’s sheets, the Organic Sateen set stands out as some of the most sumptuous. Saatva sources and uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton to ensure that only 100% organic cotton goes into these sheets.

The sateen weave used to make these sheets gives them a very soft, satin-smooth feeling. Though these sheets only come in white, they make your bed look like it came out of a 5-star hotel.

These sheets are also a good option for hot sleepers. Cotton is very breathable and believe it or not, thread count influences breathability, too. These sheets have a lower thread count of 300, which allows for airflow but doesn’t take away from their luxurious nature.

What Makes the Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets Stand Out?

  • Saatva uses high-quality, certified organic cotton in its sheets.
  • The sateen weave makes them feel luxuriously soft.
  • They shouldn’t trap much heat thanks to cotton’s breathability and the sheets’ lower thread count.

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Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

If you're looking for a five-star luxury hotel look and feel to your sheets, the Saatva Organic Sateen sheets will do the trick. They feel ultra soft because of the sateen weave. They're made from certified organic cotton, which is very breathable for the hot sleepers out there. Get yourself a set of these sheets with our coupon!

Best Luxury Bamboo

Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Bamboo SheetsBamboo sheets feel soft and satin-like by nature. But Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets exude true luxury. And when I think luxury, I also think of celebrities. Oprah called Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets some of the softest sheets ever, and I agree!

The Cozy Earth sheets are a great option for hot sleepers thanks to bamboo’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties. So say goodbye to night sweats with these!

The fitted sheet features deep pockets that can fit mattresses up to 20” tall, which means they won’t pop up over the corners. Cozy Earth also offers a few shades of white and gray for a bit of variety as well.

What Makes the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Stand Out?

  • These are a great option for hot sleepers thanks to bamboo’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties.
  • They’re very durable and come with a 10-year warranty, so you get what you pay for.
  • They have a celebrity endorsement from Oprah, so you know they’re luxurious.

Read our full Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets review.

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Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

The Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets are some of the softest on the market. These sheets are made of 100% viscose from bamboo and will sleep cool. These lightweight, soft sheets are a great option. 

Best Luxury Sheets on Amazon

LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set

A picture of the LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set
Credit: LUXOME

People flock to Amazon for the fact that it has, quite literally, just about everything. And with fast shipping, you can sleep in luxury in no time. LUXOME’s Luxury sheet set is a readily available luxury set that you can find on Amazon!

These sheets are made with 100% bamboo viscose, which is constructed with the sateen weave. This makes the sheets feel very soft and satin-like. And these sheets are moisture-wicking, so you won’t sleep hot and sweaty. But they’re also thermal regulating so you should sleep cozy during colder months, too.

LUXOME offers nine color options for those looking for color. And with pockets that can fit mattresses up to 17” tall, so the corners will stay on the bed.

What Makes the LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set Stand Out?

  • Though you can purchase these from LUXOME’s website, being on Amazon makes them very convenient.
  • They are constructed with the sateen weave which feels luxurious and silky soft.
  • LUXOME offers nine color options so you can match a color scheme.

Full review to come!

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LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set
LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set
LUXOME Luxury Sheet Set

LUXOME's Luxury Sheet Set is just that: luxurious. If you're on the hunt for soft, buttery smooth, bamboo sheets these are the sheets for you. These sheets feature the sateen weave which makes them feel satin-like. Sleep in style with 9 color options to choose from, too!

Best Luxury Percale

American Blossom Linens Classic Sheet Set

a picture of the american blossom linen sheets dressed on a bed.Cotton sheet lovers who live in the US and love home-grown products should look at American Blossom Linens. This US-based bedding company has some high-quality, West Texas cotton in its sheets that have a luxurious look and feel.

These sheets are made with the percale weave, which leaves them feeling very crisp and looking matte on your bed. Crisp cotton fans should love the way these sheets feel on their skin. And they have a custom thread count of 180 which is low, yes, but don’t let that fool you. It just means they are very breathable and won’t trap heat.

American Blossom designed these to get softer over time, and they should last you a good while, due to the high-quality cotton used. In fact, you have an entire two years to test them out and see if they’re the right match for you.

What Makes the American Blossom Linens Classic Sheet Set Stand Out?

  • True to the brand’s name, these are made in and sourced from America.
  • These are an eco-friendly choice and are free of dyes.
  • You have a whole two-years to test these out as part of American Blossom’s Happiness Guarantee.

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American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets
American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets

The American Blossom Linens Classic Sheets are made from 100% West Texas Cotton. These environmentally friendly sheets are free of chemicals, dyes, and will only get softer and more comfortable the more you use them. 

Best Luxury Sateen

Birch Organic Sheets

Birch Sheets - side sleepingIt should be fairly noticeable by now that sheets made with the sateen weave feel very luxurious and soft. But when it comes to our favorite luxury sateen sheets, Birch stands out for a few reasons.

Birch as a brand is known for making eco-friendly mattresses, and the sheets are no different. The cotton used to make these sheets has been GOTS certified, which is a certification reserved for cotton that is grown responsibly, sustainably, and free of harmful chemicals.

Woven into the sateen weave, these sheets feel incredibly soft and buttery. If you don’t love that crisp cotton feel to a percale sheet set, sateen is for you.

What Makes the Birch Organic Sheets Stand Out?

  • The sateen weave makes them feel very buttery soft and silky smooth.
  • The cotton is GOTS certified, meaning it has met the highest standards for eco-friendly and organic products.
  • While many organic products are dye free, Birch offers five light-to-natural shades.

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Birch Organic Sheets
Birch Organic Sheets
Birch Organic Sheets

If you love your cotton sheets to be certified organic, feel buttery soft, and keep you feeling cool all night, Birch's Organic Sheets are for you. They have the gold standard for an organic certification, and they come in a few colors to give you some variety.

Best Luxury Cooling

Serta Arctic Sheets

Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets Featured ImageOne of the reasons you might sleep hot is because your sheets aren’t breathable, but more likely, it’s because they aren’t moisture-wicking. And if you want a set of sheets that feel cool-to-the-touch while also being breathable and moisture-wicking, the Serta Arctic sheets are for you.

These sheets feature a blend of Tencel lyocell, CoolMax polyester, and cooling nylon. This triple blend of fabrics will work to keep you cool all night. Tencel is a material derived from eucalyptus, and it’s very breathable and moisture-wicking.

Serta only sells these in white, but they look very cool (pun intended) on your bed. So say goodbye to night sweats with these sheets. Sleeping hot isn’t luxurious anyway.

What Makes the Serta Arctic Sheets Stand Out?

  • Tencel lyocell is a great option for hot sleepers: it’s cool-to-the-touch, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
  • These have a very sturdy elastic band that will keep the sheets on your bed.
  • Serta offers an extensive 120-night trial to really let you test them out and see if they’re the right choice for you.

Read our full Serta Arctic sheets review.

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Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets
Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets
Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets

If you're a hot sleeper looking for an icy cool set of sheets, then the Serta Arctic Cooling sheets are for you. They're made with a blend of cooling tencel, nylon, and Serta's CoolMAX polyester. These sheets feel very cool to the touch and you won't feel hot and sweaty under these sheets!

Best Luxury Cotton

Boll & Branch

woman sleeping in bed with Boll and Branch sheetsFor those looking to shell out a little extra money for a set of sheets that have been rumored to be used by former Presidents Bush and Clinton, listen up. The Boll & Branch signature sheet set is just for you.

Boll & Branch uses long-staple cotton, which means the cotton fibers have been made into long, but durable fibers. These threads have been woven into the sateen weave, which makes these sheets feel very soft and satin-like. The cotton is 100% organic, and has been ethically sourced.

The fitted sheet has deep pockets that can fit mattresses up to 17” tall, so they do a good job of staying on your bed. Cotton is good for breathability as well, so hot sleepers should sleep comfortably with these sheets.

What Makes the Boll & Branch Sheets Stand Out?

  • Another set made with the sateen weave, the Boll & Branch feel very soft and silky smooth.
  • They’re made with long-staple cotton which makes them very durable.
  • They’re very breathable and shouldn’t trap heat.

Read our full Boll & Branch Signature sheets review.

Boll and Branch Sheets
Boll and Branch Sheets
Boll and Branch Sheets

The Boll and Branch sheets combine a crisp, light feel with the softness of high-quality cotton. These are some of the best cotton sheets on the market. 

Best Luxury Egyptian Cotton

Parachute Percale

Parachute-percale-sheets-on-bedEgyptian cotton is marketed as the most luxurious type of cotton. And this marketing is based in fact. Egyptian cotton is able to be spun into finer threads, which makes it much softer than standard cotton. Parachute uses Egyptian cotton in its percale set, and that’s why they’re our favorite luxury Egyptian cotton sheets.

Though the percale weave used to make these sheets gives them a crispness, the Egyptian cotton gives them a good amount of smoothness, too. They feel very lightweight, and shouldn’t trap heat.

Because Egyptian cotton is more durable, these sheets should be a worthy investment for their luxury. Parachute even recognizes this and offers a 3-year warranty!

What Makes the Parachute Percale Sheets Stand Out?

  • Egyptian cotton feels much softer and is more durable than standard cotton.
  • Parachute offers a 3-year warranty so they should last you at least that long.
  • They come in a variety of neutral shades for color options.

Read our full Parachute Percale sheets review.

Parachute Percale Sheets
Parachute Percale Sheets
Parachute Percale Sheets

The Parachute Percale sheets are some of the softest cotton sheets on the market. They also are crisp and light, providing a durable and cool sleeping experience for many nights to come. 

Best Luxury Linen

Avocado Organic Linen Sheets

Sleeping with the Avocado Organic Linen SheetsIf you love the texture of linen sheets, then take a look at some of the most luxurious linen sheets I’ve encountered, the Avocado Organic Linen sheets. The brand is dedicated to making eco-friendly and carbon-neutral products. And true to this promise, Avocado uses GOTS certified European flax in its linen sheets.

Avocado avoids the use of harmful chemicals and dyes in its sheets, so they come in white and neutral shades, which look very elegant on a bed. These sheets are lightweight and breathable, and flax is a moisture-wicking material so hot sleepers should sleep very comfortably with these sheets.

The fitted sheet can fit mattresses up to 16” tall, so you won’t have to worry about the corners popping up during the night. And flax is a great option if you have sensitive allergies because these sheets are hypoallergenic.

What Makes the Avocado Organic Linen Sheets Stand Out?

  • Linen is very breathable and won’t trap heat.
  • Avocado has many certifications for these sheets to ensure they are eco-friendly and organic.
  • They’re a good option for anyone looking for hypoallergenic bedding.

Read our full Avocado Organic Linen sheets review.

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Avocado Organic Linen Sheets
Avocado Organic Linen Sheets
Avocado Organic Linen Sheets

Love the textured feel of a linen sheet, and are also looking for a green bedding product? Avocado's Organic Linen Sheets are the answer! These sheets are a great option for eco-conscious shoppers, and hot sleepers alike. Click our coupon to get a set of your own!

What Makes a Sheet Luxurious?

Marketing will have you believe that a high thread count set of sheets is the most luxurious thing in the world. Well, I’m here to bust that myth. Thread count influences how soft a set of sheets feels, and how breathable they are. But high thread count doesn’t always mean luxury.

For me, the phrase “the best luxury sheets” really means what kind of materials a brand uses, how they’re constructed, and if the brand goes through certification processes. Bamboo, organic, long-staple cotton, Egyptian cotton, and linens are materials that can be made to feel very luxurious.

With the exception of linens, cotton and bamboo can be made into the sateen weave. This weave style feels luxuriously soft, buttery smooth, and almost like satin. The other style, the percale weave, feels very crisp and lightweight. It can feel very luxurious, too, but most of the sheets on this list feature the sateen weave.


What’s the most luxurious thread count for sheets?

Though thread count isn’t an indicator of high quality sheets, higher thread count sheets will feel much softer and cozy. We have a full article detailing what’s the best thread count for sheets, but in a nutshell, around 800 to 1,000 is a good option for high thread count lovers.

Some brands do have sheets that go up to 2,000, but I’d steer clear of them. Sheets with a thread count that high can be artificially inflated, as the company could be using multi-ply threads that use two or three fibers within a single thread.

What type of sheets do luxury hotels use?

When it comes to luxury hotels, durability plays a big role. Though many sheets feature the luxuriously soft sateen weave, luxury hotels will opt for the more durable percale style sheets.

These feel very crisp and will resist pilling much better than sateen weave sheets. Pilling tends to happen more in sateen weave sheets, and will happen quicker when washed as frequently as hotels do.

Are luxury sheets worth it?

In a word, yes! Some sheets might be an investment, but in the case of Cozy Earth, some luxury sheets are designed for longevity. Cozy Earth recognizes this and offers a 10-year warranty so they should last that long with good care.

What goes into the price of luxury sheets?

There are two big considerations that go into pricing sheets (and it’s not thread count!): materials and certifications. Egyptian cotton has to be grown in Egypt to be considered as such, and manufacturers need to import this material, which drives up the price.

Many brands will also get certifications on sheets to ensure that they are eco-friendly and have responsible production. Getting these certifications are intensive and not cheap.

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