Tony Klespis

Staff Writer

Tony is a staff writer at Mattress Clarity where he analyzes sleep products and appears in review videos.

Tony earned an M.A in Mass Communication from Texas State University and a B.A in English with a Creative Writing minor from Sam Houston State University.

After earning his Master’s Degree, he dove into the world of real estate investing as a digital marketing intern, where his main priority was to update and create blog content. Realizing the world of real estate investing was fascinating, Tony began to realize he loved learning about multiple subjects, and his horizons expanded.

Outside of the world of mattresses and mattress accessories, Tony can be found walking the streets with friends, phone in hand, playing Pokémon Go. When he’s not out doing that, his nose will be in a book, or he’ll relax to any and all cooking and baking content the internet has to offer.

Sleeping Position: Side Sleeper

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