LUXOME LAYR Pillow Review – The Ultimate Customizable Pillow?

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One of the most modern pillow innovations is adjustability. Gone are the days of having to constantly fluff a pillow to get it tall, or smash it down to get it low and flat. Adjustable pillows give you the power to make it work for you!

The LUXOME LAYR pillow takes the idea of the adjustable pillow and elevates it (pun intended). It comes with three inserts for a truly customizable pillow! In my unbiased review, I’ll cover everything you need to know. And yes, I did test every configuration available!

Keep reading to see what works best for each sleeping position and more!

Luxome LAYR Pillow

Luxome LAYR Pillow

The LUXOME LAYR Pillow is a high-quality adjustable option that allows you to create your own comfort.

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Bamboo, Memory foam

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Trial Period

30 nights



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LUXOME LAYR Pillow Overview

LUXOME is a luxury brand known for cooling products like its bamboo sheets and weighted blanket. It’s all about the luxury experience here. So it makes sense that the brand’s pillow is all about giving you an individualized experience with its adjustable pillow, the LAYR Customizable pillow.

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Here’s a quick overview on who will enjoy the LAYR, and who needs to consider something else:

Who Might Like the LUXOME LAYR Pillow?Who Might Not Like the LUXOME LAYR Pillow?
Fans of memory foam pillowsFans of down pillows
Hot sleepersPeople who don’t like adjustable pillows
Combination sleepersShoppers on a budget

LUXOME LAYR Pillow Firmness and Feel

When it comes to adjustable pillows, the firmness and feel can change slightly. However, the LAYR pillow has three different inserts to use. These can drastically change the firmness and feel of the pillow. Let’s discuss how.

How Firm is the LUXOME LAYR Pillow?

The three inserts are divided into three firmness levels:

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Firm

LUXOME has many different configurations for the LAYR pillow to achieve different firmnesses and feels. I’ve included a graphic below that LUXOME created as a guide to as a start to achieve all the different firmnesses, with S standing for soft, M standing for medium, and F standing for firm.

A graphic displaying four different configurations for the Luxome LAYR pillow
Credit: Luxome

Sleeping on the LUXOME LAYR Pillow

I’ve tested many adjustable pillows, but none are quite as adjustable as the LAYR is. It has a wide range of configurations. I tested as many configurations as I could, but to not bore you with every single option, I’ll give you three configurations that I believe match each sleeping position.

For back sleepers, the best configuration that worked for me was having the soft and medium inserts in the pillow. Because I like memory foam pillows, I kept the medium insert on the top, with the soft insert at the bottom. This provided me with the most support and comfort for back sleeping. This is also the configuration that the LAYR comes in right out of the box, so if you’re a back sleeper, I’d start with it like this!

A man sleeps on his side while using the Luxome Layr pillow.

As a side sleeper, I knew I was going to need more support from the firm layer. I tested the LAYR out with both the 1” and 2” foam pieces of the firm insert and the medium insert, with medium on the top, firm on the bottom. This configuration was immediately too tall for me, so I took out the 1” foam insert and this was much more comfortable and natural for side sleeping.

Stomach sleepers need a very low and flat pillow. While I could compress the pillow with both the medium and soft inserts, I think for most stomach sleepers, this would be too tall. I would recommend removing some of the memory foam from the medium if you want both the medium and soft. Or I’d use the medium insert by itself to avoid developing neck pain.

30-60 Min Nap

As a side sleeper, I decided to go back to the configuration that worked best for me. I felt my head and neck feel comfortably supported on this pillow. And after I settled in, I found myself snoozing soundly. I really felt the support from the firm layer, so while my head sunk in a little bit, the firm layer kept me from bottoming out.

As a textbook hot sleeper who loves memory foam pillows, having the gel-infusion in both of the medium and firm inserts is a huge plus. I never felt like this pillow was going to overheat while I slept.

What Does the LUXOME LAYR Pillow Feel Like?

Because you can change the feel depending on what you have inside the LAYR pillow, I’ll describe what each of the inserts feel like.

Soft: This insert is full of down alternative, and it has a plush, comfy feel to it. As the name suggests, it’s very soft and offers a small amount of support.

A close up image showing the label for the soft insert of the Luxome Layr pillow.

Medium: This insert blends both shredded foam and the down alternative microfibers from the soft insert. The foam pieces will provide a bit more support and start to give it a slow-moving feel. The fill from this insert is removable as well.

A close up image showing the label for the medium insert of the Luxome Layr pillow.

Firm: This insert has two memory foam slabs that are 1” and 2” tall. Together, they have that classic slow-moving memory foam feel.

A close up image showing the label for the firm insert of the Luxome Layr pillow.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

When it comes to average weight sleepers, I think many of the configurations I tried out will work, if not needing minor adjustments. Back sleepers should enjoy the combination of the medium and soft inserts, while side sleepers should enjoy any combination as long as they utilize the firm insert. Stomach sleepers should only need one insert, or remove some of the fill from the medium insert if they want both the medium and soft.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

As a heavyweight sleeper myself, the configurations I tried out worked really well for me, so I see that being the case for people with similar body types to me. To recap that is: back sleepers should use the soft and medium inserts as is. Side sleepers should remove the 1” piece from the firm section. I would recommend leaving in the 1” section if you have broader shoulders than I do. Stomach sleepers might be able to compress the pillow enough with both the soft and medium inserts, but one insert should be ok.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lb

Lightweight sleepers should be able to enjoy any combination as well, though I’d recommend sticking with the soft and medium options for all sleeping positions. However, if you prefer firm pillows, the 2” insert from the firm insert should give you good support.

LUXOME LAYR Pillow Construction

Let’s take a look at the materials that make up the LUXOME LAYR pillow.


The outer cover is made from bamboo viscose. This feels very soft to the touch, and bamboo viscose is great for hot sleepers. It’s both breathable and moisture-wicking so it won’t retain heat.

A hand rubs the cover of the Luxome Layr pillow.


There are three different core inserts for the LAYR, making it truly one of the most versatile customizable pillows out there. The three inserts are labeled with different firmnesses.

  • Soft – has soft, fluffy down alternative
  • Medium – combines shredded memory foam and down alternative fibers
  • Firm – has two gel-infused memory foam slabs, one being 1” tall and the other 2”

These materials have all met the OEKO-TEX certification, meaning they are made without the presence of harmful chemicals.


Because you can adjust this pillow, the LUXOME LAYR has multiple height or loft options.

Side sleepers will want to keep the pillow quite tall, so I’d recommend keeping both firm inserts in the pillow (combined are 3” tall) with one of the other inserts.

Back sleepers can go with many different options as long as the pillow keeps a medium loft. Stomach sleepers will want to keep the pillow low and flat.

LUXOME LAYR Pillow Size Options and Price

Check out our up-to-date pricing chart below for the LUXOME LAYR! You have the option to buy this in standard or king size options, as well as the option to purchase a double pack.

Standard (single)$120
Standard (two-pack)$180
King (single)$150
King (two-pack)$225

Luxome LAYR Pillow

Luxome LAYR Pillow

The LUXOME LAYR Pillow is a high-quality adjustable option that allows you to create your own comfort.

Check Price

Accessories Details


Bamboo, Memory foam

Trial Period
Trial Period

30 nights



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping minus HI and AK

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

LUXOME LAYR Pillow Performance

Let’s talk about some other key considerations for the LUXOME LAYR pillow.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

The LUXOME LAYR has been designed to be a cooling pillow! It has a breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo outer cover which is a great combination for hot sleepers.

The two memory foam inserts (medium and firm) feature gel-infused memory foam. Gel infusions are popular for many memory foam products because the gel will pull away body heat and keep you from overheating.


The LUXOME LAYR pillow comes to you compressed inside of plastic packaging. You will need to let it expand before using, so it’s not ready to use right out of the box. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Because it’s been compressed, you may also notice a faint chemical smell to the foam. This is just a result of the compression process, and the smell should dissipate after about 24 hours.

Care Instructions

The LUXOME LAYR has four covers: the main cover that encases the three inserts, and the covers that surround the inserts. Each of these covers are machine-washable.

Before machine-washing, remove the inserts and wash on a gentle cycle with a detergent of your choice (mild is often recommended, however). From there you will tumble dry on low heat, or no heat at all to prevent shrinkage.


The LUXOME LAYR pillow will be a good option for those looking for a hypoallergenic product. The outermost pillowcase is made out of bamboo viscose, which is naturally hypoallergenic. It won’t trap allergens in your sleep environment and won’t trigger any allergies. The cover is also machine-washable for an added layer of allergy protection.

Company Policies

Here’s what LUXOME offers on the LAYR pillow when you make a purchase.

Warranty Info

As of right now, LUXOME does not offer a warranty on the LAYR pillow.

Sleep Trial

You’ll have 30 days to test out the LUXOME LAYR as part of Luxome’s “Perfect Pillow” guarantee.

Return Policy

During the 30-day trial period, you can return the LAYR pillow. LUXOME will cover the shipping cost if you need to return it due to factory defects, and give you a full refund.

However, if you’re returning it because it just wasn’t the pillow for you, or need a different size, LUXOME will take out the shipping cost price from your refund.

Common LUXOME LAYR Pillow Complaints

There are plenty of four and five star reviews for the LUXOME LAYR Customizable pillow. On paper, this should be the only pillow you need, seeing as you can customize it to your liking.

But therein lies the problem with the complaints for the LAYR pillow. Almost every single complaint I saw in the customer reviews dealt with how troublesome the customization process was.

From either one of the inserts not having enough fill to just a general confusion or frustration to the customization process, this pillow was hard to make “just right” for some customers. If you’re not looking for a customizable pillow, but still want a high-quality pillow, check out our list of the best pillows!

How Does the LUXOME LAYR Pillow Compare To Other Pillows?

The LUXOME LAYR is all about customization. But if you’re wanting a simpler adjustable pillow, or just want a standard pillow, it’s always good to do some comparison shopping. Let’s compare the LAYR to another adjustable pillow and a standard pillow.

LUXOME vs Coop Sleep Goods

When it comes to adjustable pillows, most of the time it means taking out or adding in a fill. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Coop Sleep Goods Original pillow. You can change the height to make it a low or high loft pillow by simply removing the shredded foam fill.

A woman holds the Coop Home Goods pillow in her arms.

But with the LAYR, there are three different inserts that can all be adjusted in some way, giving sleepers even more options for loft and firmness. Hot sleepers will also enjoy the LAYR a bit more, too thanks to the foam having a gel-infusion.

Both feature bamboo covers, which are breathable, moisture-wicking and good for hot sleepers, but Coop’s foam isn’t gel-infused.

Who Should Get the LUXOME LAYR Pillow?Who Should Get the Coop Sleep Goods Adjustable Pillow?
People who want a variety of customizable optionsPeople who want a simpler adjustable pillow
Hot sleepersShoppers on a budget

Read our full Coop Sleep Goods Original pillow review.

LUXOME vs Tuft & Needle

People love memory foam because they can sink into it and get some good contouring. But it can often leave people feeling “trapped” within it. If you want a foam pillow that’s easier to move around on – especially if you’re a combination sleeper – the Tuft & Needle Original Foam pillow is for you.

A woman sleeps on her side using the Tuft & Needle Original Foam pillow.

This isn’t an adjustable pillow like the LAYR, and is instead a single piece of T&N foam. It’s very responsive and won’t have that sinking feeling like most memory foam pillows do. And because it’s not adjustable, you don’t have to go through trial and error to find the right customization, making it better for people who just want a standard pillow.

Who Should Get the LUXOME LAYR Pillow?Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow?
Fans of adjustable pillowsAnyone who wants a standard pillow
People who preferslow-moving memory foam pillowsCombination sleepers who want a pillow that’s easy to move around on

Read our full Tuft & Needle Original Foam pillow review.


What does adjustable loft mean in pillows?

Loft refers to the height of a pillow, so an adjustable loft means you can change the height of your pillow. This is especially important for choosing a new pillow based on your sleeping position.

The best pillows for side sleepers are tall and supportive. Stomach sleepers need low and flat pillows, while back sleepers need something in the middle.

What if I don’t like my LUXOME LAYR pillow?

You’ll have 30 days to test out the LAYR pillow. If, during this time, you can issue a return for a full refund. If you’re exchanging for a different size, Luxome will take out the shipping cost from your refund.

How long will the LUXOME LAYR pillow last?

In general, it’s a good idea to change your pillow out every two or so years. There are many different components to the LAYR pillow, so I can see it lasting that long with ease. Especially with machine-washable covers.

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