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Every member of our team has the same goal: To provide you with honest and straightforward mattress reviews and sleep product reviews so you can get your best night’s rest. That’s it!
School Start Time


The Effects of School Start Time on Student Sleep Habits and Performance

Time and again, research has demonstrated the role sleep plays in our overall health. Sleep improves the immune system, promotes mental health, and enhances overall brain function. On the other hand, a lack of...

A lounge with sleeping spaces.

Bedding Industry, News

Casper Opens The Dreamery, A Nap Space For Busy New Yorkers

Bedding and mattress retailer Casper opened a new nap space in the heart of New York City earlier this month. At the Dreamery, customers can try out a Casper mattress and sheets and get...

Simmons Beautyrest

Beautyrest Silver Collection Overview

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping you’ve probably looked at a Simmons Beautyrest mattresses. The brand has been around for a very long time and has many different collections and models that can be...

Bedding Industry, News

Mattress Firm Now Accepting Applications For A “Snoozetern”

Last week, Mattress Firm announced its search for a “Snoozetern” — an intern for this fall — who will be responsible for testing Mattress Firm mattresses and creating content as a member of their Social Media...

Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Best Pregnancy Pillows 2018

During my pregnancy, I had the opportunity to review a collection of 10 terrific pregnancy pillows (you can check out my full reviews on all of the, here!). Each one was different and unique...

News, Sleep Health

New Study Focuses On Link Between Sleep Apnea And Early Signs Of Dementia

A team of researchers from the University of Sydney found what they believe is a strong link between decreased oxygen levels associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and structural changes in the brain often...

News, Sleep Health

Almost Half Of Americans Want The Bed To Themselves

A new survey says that many American adults would rather sleep alone. The survey, which was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with bedding company Slumber Cloud, found that nearly half of respondents had a...

Where The BedBugs Bite

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Where The Bedbugs Bite: Mapping Reports Of Bedbugs In The U.S.

Like this infographic? Consider sharing it with this link or embed on your own site with the embed code below! <a href=””><br /><br /> <img src=”” alt=”Where The Bed Bugs Bite – –...

man driving a car


Everything You Should Know About Drowsy Driving

If you drive a car, this scenario will probably sound familiar: It’s nighttime and you’re driving home It’s been a long day, and you start to nod off. Every now and then, the wheel...

Bedding Industry, News

Brooklyn Bedding Debuts New Encasement Mattress Protector Online

Mattress retailer Brooklyn Bedding now offers a mattress protector online that provides 360-degree protection from all types of fluids, dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria, says the brand. The encasement protector was originally offered...