Layla Mattress Review - Does Copper Infused Work?

Layla Mattress Review

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I was excited to try the mattress from Layla Sleep because it’s not just another bed-in-a-box at this point; it has some really distinguishing features, mainly the copper infusion and the flippable component.

Overall I really liked the Layla, and do recommend it, but I had some complaints as well (see how Layla compares HERE). With the influx of so many mattresses into the market, it was good to see Layla distinguish itself from a lot of its competitors.

Read my full Layla mattress review for my personal experience.

You will love Layla if you…

  • Love copper infused – this is the first time I’ve seen a copper-infused mattress, but I have heard of it in knee braces/socks.  I suggest that you research the science yourself (I’m not an expert), but it claims to improve circulation and help with join pain.
  • Want to sleep cool – the copper infusion and thermogel cover both aim to make the mattress sleep cool.  In my experience it did in fact sleep cool.
  • Want great value – the flipping and infused-copper are new features, and all at a similar price to a lot of the other online-options.  Certainly a steal compared to a lot of traditional retail store memory foam options.
  • Like the flippable option – one side soft, one side firm, flip at your convenience (see my flipping video below).

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Layla Mattress Review

You may not like Layla if you…

  • Want a slightly firmer mattress – The Layla soft is pretty soft, and the Layla firm side is quite firm.  If you want an average/slightly firmer than average mattress, Layla probably isn’t the best fit.
  • Don’t care about the infused copper or flippable options – these aspects have a lot of value if you want them, but if you aren’t interested in these components, it’s probably not worth investing in a Layla.

How to flip the Layla Mattress

I’ve tried a few other flippable mattresses, and they all flip a little different.  Layla is on the easier side of the spectrum, watch to see the process in the video below:

Firmness and Feel

Since the mattress is flippable, it has two firmness/feels. See how the two firmnesses vary from each other in the video below (note: this video does not show the flip in between).

The soft side is probably a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (great for side-sleeping), and the firm side is probably an 8.5 out of 10 on the scale.

Layla Mattress Construction

The Layla mattress has the following layers:

  • Comfort layer: 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam
  • Base layer: 6 inches of base foam
  • Other comfort layer (post-flip): 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam

You can see the difference between the firm and soft side is just 2 inches of memory foam.  The cover is also something to note, which sports a thermo-gel finish.  This puts the gel as close to your body as possible to help with cooling.

Layla Mattress Cover
What is copper infused?
Copper is actually infused in the memory foam.  Copper infusion is popular in other items such as knee braces, socks, etc (near the joints), but this is the first time I’ve heard about it in a mattress.  I’m not familiar with the science myself, but Layla Sleep claims it helps with joint pain, improving circulation, and general cooling (the mattress definitely slept cool for me).

Motion Transfer Test

Layla performs very well in the motion isolation test, making it a great mattress for couples. See my “test” in the video below:

Other things to note:

  • Layla is a great value, all sizes priced under $1000
  • It has a 4 month sleep trial and a lifetime warranty
  • The mattress is made in the USA
  • The mattress is available in-person at Nest Bedding showrooms
Layla Mattress
4.4 Reviewer
The Layla is a really unique offering due to the copper-infused memory foam and flippable option. I enjoyed sleeping on the mattress, and think it is definitely the best option out there for some sleepers.
Value (Price)4.8
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.5
Motion Transfer4.6
Edge Support4
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.7
Overall Sleep Experience4.4

Final Recommendation

I really liked the Layla in my two week sleep trial, and slept very well (I used the soft side).  I can’t say I personally noticed any joint pain or better circulation, but I think there is some scientific literature available to back up some of these claims (I suggest you investigate for yourself if you’re on the fence).

Overall I think the Layla has a really unique offering (compare to other reviews), and if you’re intrigued by the copper or flippable capability, Layla is a no-brainer.

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Jacquelyn says November 23, 2016

Ok, wanted to amend my earlier message now after doing more research… I think we have narrowed it down to trying the Layla or the Amerisleep Liberty or Colonial or Independence. I read your reviews and many others, and cost is a factor too, so wondering if I start with the Liberty and if too firm still, can exchange and stay with Amerisleep or to try the Layla since it’s reversible and very reasonably priced – advice??

Pamela says February 7, 2017

Would be very interested in your opinion on the Purple mattress

AngelaS says March 3, 2017

I do not understand why the mattress cover has to be opened to flip the mattress. Why not just pick the mattress up and flip it, cover and all.

Kalina Pekarski says March 5, 2017

I love the fact it’s infused with copper

Wanda Bee says March 8, 2017

I love this mattress because it looks so soft.

Linda Hilton says July 28, 2017

What is the price of. Queen Layla?

Cleta says November 12, 2017

Hello. I’ve been looking for a new mattress for quite a while. Tired of waking up tired! I have narrowed my search down to Layla and Loom and Leaf. I need a king size. My husband is 230 and i am 150. What do you think in comparing these two mattresses and companies. Thank you for your input.

    Joe Auer says November 13, 2017

    If your husband sleeps on his side he would probably want the L&L because it’s thicker and more appropriate for heavier people.

Mj says January 2, 2018

I have horrible back pain/fibromyalgia. I’m at my breaking point and have gotten to the point where going to sleep makes me angry, bc I wake up in horrible pain. I have 2 kids, under 2, so I need my energy, and to not be in constant pain.

I’m interested in the layla, Casper, nectar….I’m looking to spend not an arm and a leg, bc again, I have 2 kids and a small income. .
What would you suggest?

Jeff says February 7, 2018

Thanks for you review. My biggest concern is sleeping hot, how was your experiences with being hot while sleeping? Do you have a preference for the best mattress for sleeping cool?

Joe says February 10, 2018

How is the softness of this compared to the Nolah mattress? I have a Nolah right now, but am finding it a bit firm and causing pressure on my shoulder. Trying to figure out if this one is softer or if I should be looking at something else. I am a side sleeper, but I have broad shoulders so I sleep better on softer mattresses.

    Joe Auer says February 12, 2018

    It’s pretty comparable. You would probably want something with a thicker comfort layer. Maybe something like the Amerisleep AS4.

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