Best Reviewed Mattress for Under $2000

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If you’re looking for a mattress under $2000, you have the opportunity to get one of the best mattresses available.  With the new online-only business model for mattresses, the middle men are cut out of the sales process, passing on a lot of savings to the consumer.  This allows you to get a mattress that historically would cost $4,000-5,000 in a retail store.

Most of the online mattress companies are targeting low-mid tier customers (~$800), though a few are targeting the luxury market.  What’s great about the business model is that you can have all of the bells and whistles in the mattress and still not exceed $2000 (even for a queen or king size).

If you were shopping at a retail store and looking at a Tempurpedic or Beautyrest, you would only be able to get one of the lower-end models for under 2000 dollars.

My Top 3 Mattresses Under $2000

All of these recommended mattresses are very high quality, but even a high quality mattress is not a one-option-fits-all product.  I’ve broken down the options to four categories to help with the selection: memory foam, spring, and natural.

These mattresses also rank top amongst my mattress reviews overall.

Top Under $2k Mattresses Compared

Bear Hybrid

There is a lot to like about the Bear Hybrid mattress.  It features premium foams in the comfort layers that have excellent pressure relief.  As a result, the mattress performed quite well on our pressure map testing.  If you sleep on your side, you will really like this mattress.  At the same time. the mattress has individually wrapped steel coils in the support layer.  This makes the mattress very supportive too.

Because of its unique hybrid construction, this mattress is a good fit for all three sleeping positions.  I found it to be especially good for side and back sleepers.  If you find yourself switching positions at night, the Bear Hybrid can be an excellent choice for you.

The mattress is not going to sleep hot either.  It uses breathable foams and also features a celliant cover.  Celliant can potentially provide you certain health benefits but will also create a cooler sleeping surface at night.  This is a really nice extra touch on an already great mattress.

If you are interested, make sure also to check out our full Bear Hybrid review.

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf ReviewThough Loom & Leaf tops the memory foam option for less than $2k, it is actually significantly less (priced at $1,699 for a King), though shipping is not include in the price (most online-only companies include shipping).

This memory foam mattress is the closest that you’ll come to Tempurpedic, but at a fraction of the cost.  They have multiple firmness options, and have used gel-infused foam so that the mattress does not sleep hot.  Loom and Leaf also ranks amongst top memory foam and side sleeper picks.

You’ll also have the feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress, not “on” the mattress, and will have the slow response foam experience that memory foam lovers adore.  Learn more about my experience with this mattress in my Loom & Leaf review.


WinkBeds Mattress ReviewWinkBeds is a smaller brand, but spent their marketing dollars building the best innerspring mattress possible.  There are two layers of coils and 2 inches of high density memory foam on top.

Though technically a hybrid, WinkBeds feels more like an innerspring mattress.  The extra layer of foam on top makes it a good option for side sleepers.

The company also has a great reputation and very personable customer support.  To learn more about this mattress visit my WinkBeds review.

Note of Caution

When purchasing a mattress, there are a number of bells and whistles that you can definitely spend money on, but (in my opinion) won’t improve your sleep experience whatsoever.

Yes, you can pay an extra $1k for diamond infused gel foam, but this isn’t going to sleep noticeably cooler than other gel options.

The options I chose above of course aren’t the most expensive mattresses available, but I do think that they have all the features that are worth paying for.  That is, I don’t have any mattresses that I strongly recommend that are priced higher than $2000.  See our best mattresses overall article and all mattress reviews too.

The mattresses are, in my opinion, some of the best for the money, but also the best available.  Let me know if you have any questions on these brands or others listed on the site!

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Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site.

He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 250 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed. He has been testing mattresses for over 5 years now, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to mattress selection. He has been cited as an authority in the industry by a number of large publications.

Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University.

34 thoughts on “Best Reviewed Mattress for Under $2000”

  1. Hi Joe,
    I have been studying your reviews for a few months. I need to buy 3 mattresses. I like the iseries feel. The springs with the memory foam/spring combo seems to support my body well, but I wanted to have a different perhaps more quality brand than the iseries. The other other mattress is for my daughter and she likes a softer mattress. The third can be any type. We are both light so if the mattress is a memory foam that is too firm we do not sink in at all and it is not good for us. But on the other hand I do not want to loose myself entirely to my mattress and want to be comfortable in all positions(too soft can be a back ache when on the belly. But again we are light so most mattresses won’t sink to cause this problem). Please if you have suggestions. The price is a bit flexible. I was looking at the wink bed for one, but I am very open to options. Thank you!

  2. Hi Joe..I go thru mattresses the way people go thru underwear! I have bought 3-4 mattresses in the last 4 year..a vera wang hybrid, an iCloud and I now have a Saatva, which is the best of the three but I still wake up with a painful lower back ( I have spinal stenosis and bad arthritis and a few messed up discs beginning at L3 . I know that a TemperPedic would be best for me but I am worried Bec of the heat and I am a very hot sleeper. At PC Richards, they have a Temperpedic called “Breeze” and I stayed on it for a half hour ( I am a side sleeper who flexes her upper leg so I am mainly a side sleeper but a bit of the tummy is on the mattress also). After laying on the bed, my side was cool to touch and the cool feeling continued for about 3 minutes after I got off the bed. Long story short, I bought the bed!! My question is, are temperpdics really the most comfortable and also, what is the deal on this new cooling technology? Appreciate all you do…I hope you realize how many of us need your opinion and advice. Sweet Dreams…Diana

  3. I agree a Latex Mattress is the way to go. I feel much safer with something organic (after all, my face will be near it inhaling 8 hours a night), and I wanted a mattress I wouldn’t have to worry about replacing in 10 years. I went with a PlushBeds because the build quality and materials seemed to blow the competition out of the water. It’s the best looking mattress I have ever seen, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  4. I’ve done extensive research on beds and so far it’s looking like “Sleep Essentials” 100% Latex mattresses are the best. You just have to make sure that you are not buying the synthetic latex, and that there is NO added memory foam or anything else. Also, be sure that it’s made from “Dunlop Latex and not Tallalay Latex. I read reviews on these latex beds where people had been sleeping on theirs for 30-40 years and still no sagging. And the best part is you can purchase one for less than $1,000 and the shipping is free! I can’t wait to own one myself, as soon as my finances allow. The place is located in Roanoke, VA ……..540-397-2337

  5. Hi Joe, left comments the last 2 nights and haven’t heard back yet. My wife and I are looking for a memory foam mattress for side sleeping that doesn’t give us that sinking feeling. We are both in our 60’s with back pain and weigh 145 and 130. Looking at your reviews we were interested in Amerisleep AS3 or AS4, Loom and Leaf relaxed firm or a letex bed. Keeping cool is a must. Thank you

  6. I purchased a Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress 2 years ago and in about 12 months it looked like a canoe and slept like a canoe. My back, shoulders were hurting every morning when I woke up. I finally took the mattress off the bed and put in the guest bedroom and put the guest mattress in the master bedroom. I would not recommend the Saatva mattress to anyone. I wish I could have gotten my money back, but the return shipping cost was not worth the hassle. The mattress is still under warranty and it’s very poor quality to bow down in the middle like a canoe. I can’t sleep om either end of the mattress because I roll towards the biddle….Junk!

  7. Hey Joe. Which do you believe is the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers between Amerisleep Liberty or the Loom and Leaf? Much appreciated.

    • Really similar feels and business model Ken, honestly I’m not sure I have a good answer for you! I do think the Liberty is a touch softer if that helps your decision.

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