Saatva Mattress Review – A Combination Sleeper’s Dream?

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Saatva is a mattress company that is all about options and value. They offer three firmness models with two height options for their Saatva innerspring mattress. They also sell an all-foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf, and a pure latex mattress, the Zenhaven.

I received the 11.5” Luxury Firm, their top-selling model, to review. I was very impressed with the Loom and Leaf’s comfortable foam layers, and I was excited to try out the Saatva again.

Is this innerspring mattress a true value? Read on for my full review.

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You Might Want To Pick The Saatva If:

  • You are a combination sleeper. If you move around while you sleep and switch positions, this could be a good choice. The coils give the mattress good support, but the pillow top also relieves pressure. It should be a balance of comfort of support.
  • You want a good value. Considering the durable construction and high-quality materials, this is quite a value. If you are looking for a long-lasting mattress, but don’t want to break the bank, the Saatva could be the mattress for you.
  • You sleep hot. There are two coils systems in this mattress. They both promote airflow throughout the mattress, so you shouldn’t be overheating while you sleep.

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You Might Not Want To Pick The Saatva If:

  • You prefer a softer mattress. The Saatva Luxury Firm, the most popular model, is firmer than average. If you like more softness, you can consider their soft model or another mattress.
  • You are a lighter side sleeper. If you are under 160 lbs and sleep on your side, this mattress might feel too firm to you. You might be too light to really press into the mattress.
  • You like a memory foam feel. The Saatva has more of an innerspring feel. If you like memory foam, and the feeling of slowly sinking into your mattress, this might not be the mattress for you.

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Construction Overview

  • The custom slim mattress is 11.5” tall.
  • The cover is made of organic cotton and quilted with foam to create a plush Euro Top feel.
  • Below this, there is a thin layer of memory foam that is meant to support your lumbar area as well as relieve pressure on shoulders and hips.
  • Next, there is a layer of individually wrapped microcoils. These are made to help with contouring and support.
  • Then, there is layer of high-grade coils that add another level of support.
  • The mattress is surrounded by a foam encasement to improve edge support.
  • The Saatva is made in the USA.

A man sleeps on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • The mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The support coils add a level of durability to this mattress. Compared to an all-foam mattress, this should be longer-lasting.
  • The layer of microcoils is helpful with contouring, spinal alignment, and relieving back pain. They work independently as well, so that could help with motion transfer.
  • Because of the two layers of coils, this mattress is firmer than average. They give the mattress good support, but the Euro Top helps with pressure relief as well. This makes me think the mattress should work for multiple sleeping positions.
  • The two sets of coils also allow for some airflow. There is plenty of room for air to circulate through the mattress which should help keep you cool while you sleep.

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How This Mattress Compares To The Loom And Leaf

Looking at these two mattresses, the first notable difference is construction. The Saatva is an innerspring mattress with a pillow top and the Loom and Leaf is an all-foam mattress.

Their firmnesses are actually very similar so the main thing to consider is your preferences in regard to feel. If you like sleeping “on” your mattress and have had success with innerspring mattresses, the Saatva should be the better choice. If you like sinking in and sleeping “in” your mattress, the Loom and Leaf is the way to go.

Read our review of the Loom and Leaf mattress, HERE.

How This Mattress Compares To The Casper Mattress

If we compare the Saatva to one of its main competitors, the Casper, the differences are fairly clear. First, the Casper is a softer mattress with more of a memory foam feel. The Saatva is a firmer innerspring mattress.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, the Saatva is going to be the more supportive mattress. If you are a side sleeper, the Casper should give you better pressure relief.

It also comes down to feel preferences. If you like a firmer innerspring feel, the Saatva should work for you. If you like a softer memory foam feel, choose the Casper.

If you are hot sleeper, the Saatva should be a cooler sleeping mattress. The coils allow for airflow and it is a more breathable mattress overall.

Finally, while the prices are similar, the Saatva should be a longer-lasting mattress. If you factor in the extra years you will be able to use the mattress, it is a better value.

Read our review of the Casper mattress, HERE.

Firmness and Feel

In terms of firmness, I thought the Saatva was a 7/10, a bit firmer than average. The euro top is quite soft, but the coils below that add some firmness.

I found the mattress to be a good fit for me in all sleeping positions. When I was on my back, the top layers pressed up into my lumbar area. Also, the microcoils conformed to my body very well.

When I was on my side, I felt some very nice pressure relief. The euro top felt very soft on my shoulders and hips and I felt very little pressure. On my stomach, I also felt well supported.

The mattress has an innerspring feel with a pillow top feel as well. There is some bounce, and it is easy to move around on the Saatva. Even with the euro top, it feels more like sleeping “on” the mattress rather than “in” it.

Motion Transfer

During my tests, I did see some motion transfer on the Saatva. The glass moved quite a bit when I was pressing into the mattress. Also, when Marten moved around on side of the mattress, I felt it on my side.

This is an innerspring mattress without thick layers of memory foam. Memory foam is usually better at absorbing motion, so I wasn’t surprised that the Saatva didn’t have the best handling of motion transfer.

I would say the motion transfer is decent for an innerspring mattress, but it may not be the best option for couples.

Edge Support

If you want to utilize your whole mattress, you should think about edge support. On the Saatva, I was very impressed by the edge support. It has a foam encasement around the edge and is also an innerspring mattress.

Because of this, I felt very secure sitting near the edge. Also, lying down near the edge, I did not feel like I was going to roll off the bed.

You can see the great edge support in the photo below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us. He has a much different body type than me: He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lb; I am 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about the mattress:

I agreed that this mattress felt like a 7/10 in terms of firmness.

I felt very nice on my back. The pillow top allows my hips to sink in a bit, but not too much. My lumbar area is also supported.

On my side, I expected to feel more pressure on my shoulders and hips. However, I felt pretty decent pressure relief.
On my stomach, the mattress was a bit too soft for me. I felt like I was bowing in at the hips. There is a firm mattress option from Saatva, and I would consider that if you are a heavier stomach sleeper.

While I found that the mattress worked for me in numerous positions, Marten did not have the same experience. As a larger person, he pressed into the mattress more, so he felt less pressure relief on his side. Also, being bigger, he needed a firmer mattress to give him the support he needed on his stomach.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It is a value, considering the high-quality materials. This mattress is affordable and made with durable components, so it should be long-lasting.
  • It could be a good fit for multiple sleeping positions. For someone of average weight, this mattress offers a balance of comfort and support. You should feel nice pressure relief on your side as well as support when you are on your back or stomach.
  • You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on this mattress. The two layers coils allow for some very good airflow. This should keep you cool while you are sleeping.
Saatva Mattress
4.7 Reviewer
  • Tremendous value
  • Firmness options
  • One of few direct to consumer innerspring options
The Saatva mattress is a great option for people that like the innerspring/hybrid feel. It is one of the few innerspring mattresses that is direct to consumer, competing with the top brands (eg Beautyrest Black) at a fraction of the cost. They also have firmness options to accommodate different preferences. Overall I enjoyed my experience on the mattress
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.9
Motion Transfer4
Edge Support4.8
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.7
Overall Sleep Experience4.7


In the end, the Saatva really is a great value. It uses durable materials and is sold at a very affordable price. Considering this mattress should last you for some time, it is a good deal.

Average weight sleepers should find comfort and support in numerous positions. They should also be sleeping cool. However, those who prefer a softer mattress or like more of a memory foam feel should consider the softer Saatva model, the Loom and Leaf, or another mattress altogether.

The Saatva comes with free White Glove Delivery and a 120 Night Home Trial. Financing is also available.

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118 thoughts on “Saatva Mattress Review – A Combination Sleeper’s Dream?

  1. Thanks for creating such a resourceful site. Very helpful! I’m deciding between a Beautyrest Worldclass super plush pillowtop from the online factory store (they quoted me $1086 with Labor Day sale) or the Saatva soft plush. I’m a side sleeper. Any preference since the price is the same?

  2. Thank you so much Joe. All your info has been incredibly helpful. I shopped around a lot and did a lot of research after almost buying a janky, overpriced mattress at a retail store. After weeks of research and hours of reviews (thank you joe and all who leave reviews) I went with Loom and leaf. It was just delivered today have not slept on it yet. Looks and feels amazing. Happy with the price and company my wife and i are medium build back and side sleepers. You will be hearing more after after a few nights. .

  3. What do you think between Aviya and Saatva? I don’t want rock hard… I see that’s been a problem. Also, do you think the edge support is better on Saatva or Aviya? Thanks! I look forward to making a decision here soon!

    • I prefer Saatva, but note it’s also significantly more expensive (especially when considering shipping). They both have firmness options, so I’d go for the medium or soft.

  4. I am surprised you make no mention of edge support. Our new SAATVA is very comfortable unless we get anywhere near the edge of the bed. If you do, the almost total absence of any discernable edge support cause us to literally slide off the bed. Combine a pillow top with no edge support and its like sleeping on a hillside when you try to sleep on the edge of the bed. I called customer service to complain thinking maybe they accidentally left out the edge support when they made our mattress, but they confirmed it has little edge support and their recommendation was that we not sleep near the edge of the mattress. Sheesh!

    • Hey Bill! I actually do go through the edge support in one of the videos above – I’m surprised to hear it was bad for you (and that they confirmed), I actually find it to be pretty decent. Maybe I’m spending too much time on foam mattresses!

  5. i have slept for years on a water bed, then an old posturepedic with a memory foam i put on top. then i had so much hip pain i slept in a lazy boy for a few years. now at 53, dr says i got to go back to sleeping on a mattress and my old one is killing my lower back! i like the saatva and the loom and leaf but i have no idea whether i should get springs or foam!!! i have no real experience to go on only that i dont want soft or very firm. something in the middle … any pointers?

    • Hi Mary – very difficult decision since it comes down to preference! I’d go to a local mattress store just to lay on a few to see if either type sticks out for you.

  6. I tried a beautyrest hybrid and links it but want to also try memory foam so I am returning to store next week and try tempurpedic. The old bed guy says saatva pays for its reviews and is falsely advertised and not a good mattress. This is a very confusing process and I appreciate your reviews. I also know saatva,makes the memory foam mattress that was recommended. How will I know if I like memory foam? I have back and neck issues and plan to have mattress a long time. Any recommendations in this crazy process. It is hard for me to buy something I can’t try even though it is a better deal. I’m going to try out the tempur-pedic contour rhapsody luxe you recommended and see how it feels. I like the hybrid…very confused in Rockaway Beach OR

  7. Intrigued by Saatva, but concerned about the “luxury firm” being too firm. I like firm but soft and need good motion control because we both roll around a lot. Currently have a Serta pillow top. Can you also comment on other mattress brands “off gassing” please?

    • The Saatva is slightly firmer than average. It’s hard to say for sure if it’s exactly right for you, but I thought it was just fine while sleeping on my side. If you need really good motion control, I would potentially take a look at high density memory foam options like Loom & Leaf, The Alexander, or some of the Tempur-Pedic models. There is no off-gassing at all with the Saatva. With other brands, the smell always goes away after a couple of days.

      • You state that the firm is too firm, what about the Luxury Firm, isn’t it between soft and firm? Isn’t that supposed to be a good compromise?

      • Hi, Saavta also has a “Plush Soft” option, which is softer than their Luxury Firm. That’s what I just ordered.

    • The Luxury Firm was too hard for me, even with a two inch latex topper I added. But I read a mattress salesman’s suggestion that you can soften your coils a bit by walking on them. So I jumped around for about five minutes and it made a big difference. Now it is broken in. I don’t know if that is recommended by the manufacturer but previously my shoulder hurt when I laid on my side. I had been afraid to get a softer mattress because I was replacing a sagging one.

  8. Hi. I first thought I really loved the tempur pedic cloud breeze. I went to sleeps and found I was mostly loving the hybrid feels of the beauty rest and the sterns and foster lux estate hybrid.

    I really don’t want to buy from sleeps with all of the friendly online options.

    My Hubbie loved the sterns and foster and liked the memory foam but felt he’d get tired of it quickly with the sinking feeling.

    We both work as hairstylists in nyc and have pretty rough back and hip issues.

    We are both very light sleepers who move around quite a bit. We both tend to wake up on our backs but some side sleeping is done too. Currently sleeping on a sealy innerspring that’s 10 years old and totally shot which may account for our disturbed sleep patterns.

    We are upgrading to a king and want to spend no more than 2200$ roughy.

    Any recommendations ??

    Very drawn to saatva but also loom and leaf or keetsa. Ugh too many choices need to commit!!!

    • If you think you guys would get tired of the sinking feeling of memory foam, I would stay away from that category. It does sound like Saatva would be a good choice for you based on that and the rest that you have described and the 3 choices you have listed.

  9. Great site for a serious bed buyer..can you compare Leaf and Loom and Casper , knowing L & L is considerably more expensive??

  10. We just had the firm version of their mattress, and I agree with your assessment. You do not sink into the mattress at all, and they state that. However, the mattress is hard as a rock, and the construction feels cheap and springy. I would equate it to the low end bed you feel in a mattress store. They try to dress up the quilting/outside, but we had nights of pain with the mattress, and returned it to buy a name brand we tested in the store. I do not recommend this mattress, as the price is no value if you get a good deal in a store. The customer does take a risk with “risk free”, because you need to sleep on it, till it’s returned and/or you have somewhere to store it. They do have nice customer service, but I think they could do a much better job on the product.

    • My wife and I recently purchased a luxury firm and your assessment that the mattress construction feels cheap and springy (but dressed up quilting) is right on. We are both experiencing back pain that we were both hoping would be relieved with a new mattress, and will be returning this one.

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