Try And Buy Saatva Mattresses- Dealers And Stores

We get a lot of emails asking different questions about the Saatva mattress.  A lot of the time, people want to know if there is somewhere they can try out the mattress or whether there are dealers or stores that carry the mattress.  I’m putting together this quick article in response to those question.

Where To Buy Saatva Mattresses

At the present, you can only buy the Saatva mattress online (Click Here To Visit Their Site).  As a result, there are no dealers or stores that hold their product, and I don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon.  It seems that there online-only business model is going well and is big part of who they are as a company, so I imagine this will be the case in the near-term.

Where To Try Saatva Mattresses

Saatva currently does not have any showrooms or stores where you can try out the mattress.  The company’s philosophy is that jumping on a bed for a few minutes is a poor indicator of how you will like the mattress over time.  Because it would go completely against their philosophy, the company doesn’t want to have any showrooms where you can try out the mattress.  The company has a very friendly trial period and return policy, so there should be little concern about buying online.

The company’s online-only business model allows them to price their product at a level much lower than you would ever find at a retail store. It allows the consumer to really get that extra value with their purchase.

Visit Their Website To Buy

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11 thoughts on “Try And Buy Saatva Mattresses- Dealers And Stores”

  1. Buying a mattress is like buying a car for a long trip. It had better be comfortable for ME. That said, I would be hard pressed to buy any mattress without trying it out first. I’m a traditionalist, which means I don’t buy into hype and “what’s new”. Been in business/sales too long to get caught up in that scene. Foam is not a great feel, air is simply an air mattress with a pillow top…….neither is my idea of comfort. Individual pocketed coils, along with innovative materials to provide cooler sleeping makes sense. I know what to expect, if I bought it online.

  2. I would never buy a mattress without trying it! Who would be so crazy? This is the millennials instant gratification ! If I have to go to IL I will before I buy online! Millennials need instant gratification ! I learned and worked hard for what I got so won’t buy till I can try it!

  3. Online “100 day [or whatever] free trial” sounds good — EXCEPT what does one (or two!) sleep on after old one’s long gone during return/replace process!? NOT as easy as sounds in limited beds’ situation! (&, NO, “couch” isN’T the answer 🙁

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