DreamCloud Mattress Review – Is It As Dreamy As It Looks?

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The DreamCloud should be at the top of the list for anyone who prefers a hotel-style mattress. This mattress has a soft, tufted pillow top that is similar to what one might find when on vacation.

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, designed to offer a balance of comfort and support, and it features many components designed to help someone sleep particularly cool.

I previously reviewed the DreamCloud mattress, and they have since made some slight alterations. I enjoyed my original experience with the DreamCloud, and I was interested to see how the new DreamCloud would compare.

Does the DreamCloud offer a cool night’s getaway? Read on for my full review.

$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.


The DreamCloud Might Be A Good Match For…

  • Back sleepers. Those who sleep primarily on their backs should be looking for a mattress with a balance of comfort and support. The DreamCloud definitely has this. The coils offer support, while the memory foam contours and allows the hips to sink in. In addition, the zoned coils provide a greater level of support under the lumbar area.
  • Side sleepers. The top layers of the DreamCloud are very soft so, when side sleeping on the DreamCloud, sleepers should feel very little pressure on their shoulders and hips. The zoning in the coils also makes the mattress softer in the shoulder and hip areas.
  • Those who sleep hot. Overheating during the night can be an issue, especially when we are talking about memory foam. However, some of the memory foam contains cooling gel, which should keep the memory foam from trapping too much heat. When we add in the airflow-promoting coils, the DreamCloud should be an exceptionally cool-sleeping mattress.

DreamCloud Mattress Construction

The DreamCloud Might Not Be A Good Match For…

  • Those who prefer a mattress with bounce. While the DreamCloud contains coils, the mattress does not feature a significant amount of bounce. The memory foam layers are very slow-moving and, because of this, it might be more difficult to move around at night.
  • Stomach sleepers. Even with its zoned pocketed coils, the DreamCloud is not a great fit for stomach sleeping. Again, the top layers are very soft, and they don’t give enough support, especially under the hips. Stomach sleepers will want to look for a firmer mattress.
  • Those who want a firmer mattress. Overall, the DreamCloud is close to medium-firm, and the top memory layers are on the softer side. Those who prefer a firmer mattress or need more support should look elsewhere.

DreamCloud Mattress Feel

Construction Overview

  • The DreamCloud is 15” tall.
  • The cover is made of a polyester blend and is quilted with a layer of foam.
  • The top layer is made of cooling gel-infused memory foam.
  • Below that, there is a layer of soft memory foam.
  • The support layer contains zoned pocketed coils.
  • The coils rest on a thin layer of memory foam.

DreamCloud Mattress Side Sleeping

Construction Takeaways

  • The top of the mattress is tufted and quilted with a layer of foam, and this is meant to give the top of the mattress a Euro Top feel. This is similar to what one might experience when sleeping on some hotel mattresses, and it adds a luxury look and feel to the top of the DreamCloud.
  • The multiple memory foam layers on top of the DreamCloud combine for a slow-moving feel, and this might make repositioning at night more difficult.
  • The pocketed coils add some noticeable support to the DreamCloud. While the top layers are remarkably soft, the pocketed coils could provide enough support for heavier people.
  • The coils are also zoned so that they vary in firmness. Some areas will be firmer than others, and this should ensure that sleepers get the right amount of comfort and support on the various parts of their bodies.
  • The DreamCloud is designed to fight that old enemy, hot sleeping. The pocketed coils leave a good amount of room for airflow, the cover is breathable, and the cooling gel in the memory foam is there to help with heat dissipation.
$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Firmness And Feel

When we combine all the layers, the DreamCloud feels close to a 6.5/10, about medium in terms of firmness. The coils are supportive and firm, and the foam layers on top are on very plush. It is remarkably easy to press my hand into the mattress, but the coils stop me from pressing in too far.

In addition, as mentioned above, the pocketed coils are zoned, so this means the DreamCloud might feel a bit softer or firmer depending on what position one is sleeping in. That being said, overall, the DreamCloud feels like a 6.5/10.

DreamCloud Firmness Scale

Let’s take a look at how the DreamCloud feels when I lie in different sleeping positions:

  • Back sleeping on the DreamCloud is a very nice experience because the memory foam layers allow me to sink in a bit, and the foam also adds some decent contouring. At the same time, the coils are supporting me, and the zoning is adding even more support under my lumbar area.
  • Side sleeping on the DreamCloud, I feel very comfortable and, even though I am a larger person (230 lbs), I don’t bottom out significantly on the DreamCloud mattress. I sink into the memory foam layers and that, combined with the zoning, makes me feel little pressure on my shoulders and hips.
  • However, when I move to my stomach, I am feeling significantly less support than what I felt when I was on my back. I can feel my hips sinking into the DreamCloud, and I start to feel some strain in my lumbar area.

While the DreamCloud does contain pocketed coils in its construction, it does have more of a memory foam feel. Overall, I would say it has a hybrid feel because I can feel the support of the coils, but I am mostly experiencing the soft, unresponsive memory foam in the top layers. In my personal experience, it wasn’t exceptionally easy to move around on the DreamCloud.

DreamCloud Firmness And Feel

Motion Transfer

Based on the construction of the DreamCloud, I expected the mattress to handle motion transfer quite well. Memory foam is a material that is known for cutting down on motion transfer, ensuring that sleeping partners do not disturb each other during the night.

To test out the motion isolating capabilities of the DreamCloud, I placed a glass of water on one side of the mattress. I then pressed into the other side of the mattress, and I did not see too much disturbance in the glass of water.

The results of this test tell me that the DreamCloud should, indeed, be a particularly good mattress for couples.

DreamCloud Motion Transfer

Edge Support

Edge support is also an especially smart thing for couples to consider because couples want to know if they can sleep toward the edge of their mattress, giving them both more room, or if they will be confined to the center of the mattress.

Personally, I did not experience the best edge support on the DreamCloud. I first sat on the edge of the DreamCloud mattress, and the DreamCloud compressed a good amount, making me feel like I was going to pitch forward.

Then, when I lay down toward the edge of the DreamCloud mattress, the edge collapsed enough so that I felt like I would roll off the mattress.

In the end, the DreamCloud does not feature fantastic edge support.

DreamCloud Mattress Edge Support

Joe’s Take

My opinions on the DreamCloud are, of course, based on my experience. I am significantly taller than most people (6’7″) and I am heavier-than-average (230 lbs). Size and weight should always be a consideration when one is shopping for a mattress. To offer a different perspective on the DreamCloud, I asked Joe, who is 5’9″ and 160 lbs, to talk about his experience on the DreamCloud mattress.

Marten said the DreamCloud was a 6.5/10, and I actually agreed with him. Here is how I feel sleeping in different positions. 

  • Back sleeping on the DreamCloud, the mattress is a good match for me. The mattress is supportive, and my hips sink in just a bit. 
  • Moving to my side, I feel pretty good pressure relief. I am not feeling too much pressure on my shoulders and hips. 
  • Stomach sleeping, the DreamCloud is not supportive enough for me. I need more support, especially under my hips. 

So, light- and medium-weight side sleepers should find the DreamCloud to be a good fit. Stomach sleepers should look for something more supportive. 

Even though Joe is lighter than me, it appears we had very similar experiences on the DreamCloud. No matter what size someone is, the DreamCloud is better for back and side sleeping.

Unboxing The DreamCloud Mattress

Similar to most online mattresses, the DreamCloud comes in a box. First off, I recommend asking a friend to help move the mattress into the bedroom or sleeping area because it is a very heavy mattress.

Then, open the top of the box, and take out the rolled-up DreamCloud mattress. Position the mattress on the bed frame of foundation, and then begin to cut through the layers of plastic. Do this carefully as cutting too deep could damage the new mattress.

Finally, clear away all of the packing materials and give the DreamCloud a few days to expand. While the coils will expand quickly, the memory foam layer might take 24 to 48 hours to fully expand.

What Makes The DreamCloud Stand Out?

  • The DreamCloud features a fantastic balance of comfort and support and should be a good fit for most back sleepers.
  • Side sleepers should feel particularly nice pressure relief on the DreamCloud mattress.
  • Even though the DreamCloud mattress contains memory foam, it should still be a cooler-sleeping mattress.
  • Considering the DreamCloud’s quality materials, it is very affordably priced.


In the end, the DreamCloud is still an impressive hybrid mattress. Its combination of supportive coils and soft foam makes it an ideal choice for side sleepers and back sleepers. Hot sleepers who often overheat during the night will also enjoy the DreamCloud.

The DreamCloud comes with a 365-night sleep trial, a Lifetime Warranty, and free shipping and returns. Financing is also available.

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