DreamCloud Mattress Review – Is It As Dreamy As It Looks?

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If you are looking for a hotel-style mattress, you might want to consider the DreamCloud mattress. This mattress has a soft, tufted pillow top that is similar to what you might find when you are on vacation.

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress, designed to give you a balance of comfort and support. In addition, it features many components designed to help you sleep cool.

Is DreamCloud the cool night’s getaway you have been looking for? Read on for my full review.

$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.

You Might Want To Pick The DreamCloud If:

  • You want a luxury mattress. If you like the feeling of a luxury hotel mattress, this could be a good choice for you. The cover is tufted and woven with cashmere for a comfortable pillow top feel.
  • You are a side or back sleeper. The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress and it does a good job of being pressure relieving and supportive. You should feel little pressure on your shoulders and hips if you are a side sleeper. In addition, you should get the support you need when you are on your back.
  • You are a heavier person. As a larger person, I usually have trouble “bottoming out” on mattresses, especially when I am on my side. The comfort layer is very thick on this mattress and it is also 15” tall. I did not feel like I sunk into too far and engaged the support layers.
  • You sleep hot. The cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam are designed to dissipate heat in this mattress. In addition, the coils should allow for some good airflow. You shouldn’t be overheating on this mattress.

A close up of a pillow top mattress.

You Might Not Want To Pick The DreamCloud If:

  • You are a stomach sleeper. This mattress may be too soft for many stomach sleepers. I personally felt my hips bow in and my spine got out of alignment. If you sleep primarily on your stomach, you may want to consider a firmer mattress.
  • You want a firmer mattress. I felt that the DreamCloud had a medium firmness. If you prefer a firmer mattress or require extra support, this may not be the mattress for you.
  • You prefer a classic memory foam feel. While it does incorporate different types of foam in its construction, it doesn’t have that slow-sinking memory foam feel. I sunk in just a bit, but if you like that quicksand feel, I would consider an all foam mattress.

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$200 Off

DreamCloud is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 15” tall.
  • The cover is tufted and woven with cashmere. It is 2” of a soft pillow-top.
  • Next, there is .5” of gel-infused memory foam.
  • This is followed by 1.75” of quilted memory foam.
  • Then, there is .5” of hypoallergenic natural latex.
  • Next, there is .25” of DreamPlush memory foam.
  • After this, is .5” of dense memory foam.
  • The support system is next. It is 8” of pocketed Best Rest micro coils with a foam encasement.
  • Finally, the base layer is 1.5” of high-density memory foam.

A man sleeps on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • The DreamCloud is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The cover is made with cashmere and is designed to be more breathable. In addition, the gel-infused memory foam is meant to dissipate heat. Finally, the coils promote airflow through the mattress. All in all, this should be a cool sleeping mattress.
  • The mattress is designed to have a luxurious feel. The pillow top and the cashmere cover create an experience you might get in a hotel.
  • The DreamCloud is a hybrid and offers a balance of comfort and support. The foam layers should help with pressure relief, and the coils will give you the support you need, especially on your back.
  • This should be a long-lasting mattress. There are many layers of high-density foams and a pocketed coil system. Together, they should make this a durable mattress.

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How Does The DreamCloud Mattress Compare To The Purple 4 Mattress?

Looking at these mattresses, I believe they are both going to be a good choice for heavier people. They are also both taller mattresses which will cut down on your chance of “bottoming out.”

In addition, they are both hybrid mattresses. They incorporate coils as well as a softer comfort layer in their construction.

The main difference between these two mattresses is going to be the design of those comfort layers. DreamCloud has five different layers of foam and the Purple has a proprietary hyper-elastic gel polymer. It is a very unique gel grid that is both supportive and pressure relieving at the same time.

Both mattresses are supportive when I am on my back. On my side, I felt good pressure relief with both mattresses. However, that gel grid was a bit more pressure relieving. I think the Purple 4 is a better choice for heavier side sleepers.

Also, on my stomach, the Purple 4 gave me better support. I did bow in slightly when I was on the DreamCloud.

In the end, the feels are very different on these two mattresses. The DreamCloud has a pillow-top hybrid feel. The Purple 4, on the other hand, has that unique squishy yet firm gel feel.

Read our full review for the Purple 4 mattress, HERE.


For me, this mattress felt like a 6.5/10, a medium firmness. While the top layers are quite soft, you have the coils below. Together, this makes the mattress feel about right down the middle in terms of firmness.

On my back, I feel very nice support on this mattress. I feel the soft pillow top pressing into my lumbar area. It really does feel like I am on a soft cloud.

On my side, I get good pressure relief. The pillow top feels soft and then I start to engage the foam layers beneath that. I feel very little pressure on my shoulders and hips.

On my stomach, I am not getting the support I need. I bow in at my hips and my spine gets out alignment. I could use a firmer mattress if I want to sleep on my stomach.

In terms of feel, the mattress has a pillow top hybrid feel. There is some softness on the top, but you then feel the high-density foam layers and coils beneath that. There is also some nice bounce, and you shouldn’t have trouble moving around on this mattress.

Motion Transfer

During my tests, I definitely saw some motion transfer on the DreamCloud mattress. When I pressed into the mattress around a glass of water, it was disturbed quite a bit. Also, when I rolled around near it, the glass moved.

I also asked Joe to get in and out of bed while I lay on the other side. I definitely felt his movements on my side of the bed. Overall, the motion transfer is not a highlight of this mattress.

Edge Support

I was surprised by how much the mattress compressed as I sat on the edge. Considering it is a hybrid mattress with a foam encasement, I thought it would have better edge support.

Also, lying down near the edge, I did feel like I was going to roll off the mattress. I think this is because the pillow top actually seems to push me toward the edge.

You can see the edge support in the photo below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Joe’s Take

To get a different opinion on this mattress, I asked Joe to talk about his experience. I am 6’7” 230 lbs., while Joe 5’9” 160 lbs.” He has a different body type and here is what he thought of this mattress:While Marten and I often disagree about mattress firmnesses, Marten and I both thought the DreamCloud was a 6.5/10.

I feel like it has a good balance of comfort and support. When I am on my back, I feel supported. It’s a good match for a back sleeper of my body type.

Switching onto my side, I also feel good pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. On my stomach, the mattress was too soft. I felt my hips sinking in a little too much.

If you are in the medium weight range like me, this could be a good match for side, back, and combination sleepers.

Joe and I seemed to have a very similar experience on this mattress. This lets me know that is should be a good fit for back and side sleepers of many sizes. Again, stomach sleepers, even someone of Joe’s size, should consider a firmer mattress.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It gives you that luxurious hotel feel. The cashmere cover and pillow top does create that feeling you get when staying on a hotel or resort mattress. If a luxury feel is important to you, the DreamCloud could work.
  • It handles the issue of sleeping hot quite well. The breathable cover, heat-dissipating foam, and airflow-promoting coils should make this a cool sleeping mattress.
  • The DreamCloud could be a good fit for people who want a long-term investment. The foams in this mattress are high-density and the coils should add a level of durability as well. If you want a mattress to last you for a while, this could be a good choice
  • This could be a good mattress for heavier people. The mattress is tall with a thick comfort layer. Heavier sleepers shouldn’t have a problem “bottoming out” on this mattress.

Unboxing This Mattress

The DreamCloud is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will come compressed and be shipped straight to you. You will want to begin by removing the rolled up DreamCloud mattress from its box. Then, preferably with another person’s assistance, position the roll on your bed.

Carefully cut away the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Then, pierce through the final layer of plastic and the DreamCloud will expand. Simply clear away the excess plastic and allow your mattress to breathe and fully expand.


In the end, I think the DreamCloud does have a luxury hotel. I also think that back sleepers, side sleepers of many sizes should get the support and comfort they need. However, stomach sleepers should think about a firmer, more supportive mattress.

The DreamCloud comes with a 365 Night Sleep Trial and an Everlong Warranty. Financing is available and the company also sells bed frames.

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47 thoughts on “DreamCloud Mattress Review – Is It As Dreamy As It Looks?”

  1. Hey there we are looking for a mattress and are between this dreamcloud mattress and the purple 3. I am 5’9 225 and she is 5’3 210 which of these would be better for us?? Also we are both side sleepers. And open to any other recommendations. Thanks! Your website and channel are amazing keep up the great work.

  2. dream cloud or purple 3? I’m 6 ft 230 and don’t care for super hard mattresses. I’m a side sleeper. My wife is 140 lbs and likes a firmer mattress. thanks!

  3. NEED YOUR HELP! Looking for some assistance, I’ve researched too much, now I’m unsure!

    Currently have an Original Purple (purchased before they came out with the different options). My boyfriend and I both hate it. We are both around 300lbs, and side sleepers. We wake up with hip pain daily, and I have chronic low back pain. Trying to find something with a softer feel, as we both like the gentle cushioning of foams, but we sleep hot, so that is also an issue. Leaning towards the Dreamcloud, but have seen mixed reviews for the softness/heavy side sleeper component. Any assistance would be AWESOME!

  4. Don’t buy the Dreamcloud platform bed!!!!! My husband and I purchased the mattress. i like it and he tolerates it. But the platform bed is EXTREMELY cheaply made. There is a very limited return policy on the bed frame. The offered the replace the broken parts but we decided that cheap replacement parts aren’t going to fix the problem. I wish i would have read this review before i purchased it.

    • Dream Cloud’s customer service is absolutely atrocious. The 365 warranty is a complete sham. I have emailed, called, and used the online messaging portal and they continue to disregard my request for a refund. The mattress is too soft for me but they will not honor their refund policy, at least not thus far.

  5. If money isn’t a factor, what in your opinion is the best mattress for average weight side sleeper with arthritis…needs to be cool as well.

  6. My husband and I are looking for a new king size mattress. We are both in the 225 lb range. He is a side/back sleeper. I am a side/stomach sleeper. We can’t afford the Purple 3 bed, which looks like is a consistent recommendation for us. Which would you recommend instead?

  7. Hi,
    My wife and I slept on a “Dormia” (once ABC) latex mattress for 15yrs (way too long). Deep indents, awful.

    She is ~130 and mostly a side sleeper with some lower back problems. I’m 6’3, 220 and mostly a back sleeper (but sometimes side), no back problems except after that latex bed. We need a California King.

    2 mo ago we got a Ghostbed. I liked it – so firm – but I never went onto my side. I particularly loved sitting on the side and putting on my shoes… She hated it. It’s NOT for side sleepers (somehow I missed that!). We called them and they sent us the 3″ foam topper and she was able to sleep on her side – as was I. However I fail to see the logic behind needing a topper for a new mattress, so we’re moving on.

    I think we need something without a pillow feel on top and the conforming layer somewhere deeper.
    We checked out the Mint – I think it’s still NOT a good side-sleeper bed – you feel the very stiff firmness below the surface layer.
    We didn’t love the Casper – too soft and it’s too expensive.
    A decade ago I slept on a Tempurpedic for a night or 2 and liked it – a long time ago.

    We checked out the Helix Dusk, Dawn and Midnight. She liked the Dawn the most. It seems like the Brooklyn Signature might be a better build than the Helix Hybrid(?) – but we really didn’t give it too much of a try. This Dreamcloud certainly seems like it should be in the running as well.
    We also checked out the Muse (medium firm) which we think we liked…
    We tried a Bear but it’s too expensive, as is the Loom and Leaf (which seemed really solid.
    Everyone also seems to rate the Amerisleep well but who knows…

    I like your review style. Any thoughts or recommendations?
    Supportive for the back but good for the side too.
    More “on” than “in”.
    Not hot.
    With some thrill upon sitting up and tying my shoes.
    Maybe some sex (any more than the rare case already would be welcome!)
    Good customer service just in case (horrors!) we have to switch again.

    So helix, Brooklyn signature, dreamcloud or go with muse foam???

    I hope you can help us with this overwhelming process!

  8. Hi Joe, Love this review. I’m 5’4″ and 120 lbs, my husband 5’9″ and 155 lbs. We like a firm bed, but are more lightweight. We’re primarily back sleepers but also switch to our sides throughout the night. We’re also concerned about edge support because our toddle often sleeps with us and we are literally sleeping on the edge. Do you think the DreamCloud would be a good fit for us? Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

  9. I’m on my second dreamcloud mattress. The first one we had after only 6 months of use had a HUGE dip on my husbands side. I literallly could roll down a hill into a giant “hole”. He is around 270 pounds and I’m 143 pounds. My side however remains perfect. We did flip it around as recommended but what was happening my hips were falling into his “hole” when switched and caused me to be in horrible pain. We did send photos to the company demonstrating images of the “hole”. They did do the right thing and send us a new mattress at no charge. They said the coils may not have opened in his side all the way when we first received it. But we did follow the instructions thoroughly. We have our new mattress and my husband is already claiming his side feels it’s “sinking” again. This mattress is not good for bigger guys at all as it creates giant sink holes. For me I’m fine with it no problem. It’s comfortable. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

  10. Hi, my boyfriend and I are in the market for a new mattress. He’s 6’7″ 230 lbs and I am 5’9″ 145 lbs. We both currently sleep on our backs or sides (tossing and turning all through the night on our 11 yo mattress), but would like to be comfortable enough to sleep on our backs. He sleeps really hot and would like something cooler than our old memory foam mattress. We tried “The Casper” middle priced mattress and absolutely hated it. we couldn’t tell if it was too firm or too soft but it just didn’t work. Do you have any recommendations?

    • I’d have to know more about why you don’t like the Casper. The DreamCloud seems like it would fit for you but I’d need to know a little bit more about your preferences.

  11. Upon reading this page, I decided to go for it and use the DreamCloud. My order of two twin XL adjustable beds was great until it wasn’t. The mattresses are lovely- cool, firm yet soft. One of the adjustable beds wouldn’t work, however and that’s when hell broke loose. $600 white glove service, my eye! They wouldn’t take it back. Customer service sucks in the worst way. It’s been a month and still no repair. Not a manager in the house, apparently. They sent 3 remotes and finally a damaged parcel of parts. Left and right hands have no idea. Bed made in China, customer service made in the bowels of hell.

  12. my partner rolls around all the time. would you have a mattress that would fix this or a couple of ropes to tie him down if i purchase a mattress

  13. Hi,

    We’re looking at the DreamCloud mattress, but I’m not sure if it’s a good choice for my wife and I. I’m 320 lbs and my wife is 138 lbs; we both sleep all over the mattress. Would this mattress be a got fit or do you know of another one that is?

    We went from a stern and foster to a beautyrest black and it’s not working out.

  14. My husband and I are both combination of side and back sleepers. I’m about 130lbs and he’s about 200lbs. I am also currently pregnant, second trimester, so sleeping mostly on my side. We bought a Nolah and I hate it. I wake up in pain every day. The mattress we had before was a version of iCloud and was way too firm. I added a topper and it made it nicer but I still woke up with hip pains. Now with Nolah I wake up with middle to low back pain and neck pain and headaches. Going to return it. I am looking at DreamCloud vs Saatva vs Brooklyn bed – what would your recommendation be considering all of the above?

    • It’s somewhat firm. We went from a Tempur-Pedic to DreamCloud and I wake up in pain every morning – either my ribs or my neck. We are considering sending it back. 🙁

  15. i love your site. all others seem to be just trying to get commissions by marketing every mattress without saying negative or discerning things about one vs another. i bought a dreamcloud after reading other reviews and was severely disappointed. construction was quality but was very firm. wish i had read your review. my wife is pretty petite and side sleeper and has pain from our luxury firm stearns & foster. dreamcloud was much worse for her. i am 180lb back sleeper and ALMOST NEVER had pain or discomfort on the s&f and woke up with pain both nights on dc. (switched back and returning dc) i was strongly considering casper wave but someone also recommended winkbed. which would be better for my wife?

  16. Where can I leave a review about the horrible communication and customer service of DreamCloud? They over promise and significantly under deliver. Been waiting three weeks for a matters and bed frame that was supposed to be delivered in two days. Every time I call to inquire I get some sort of run around, and no apology or responsibility taken by the company. Do not buy from them. I won’t ever again.

  17. I am on the market for a few beds. My child and I are both multi-position sleepers. I get back pain if the bed is too soft as I sleep on my stomach. I am also light about 115 so many memory foam mattresses I do not sink into. Do you have a recommendation for this combination? I like hybrids but was unsure if there was a good option. My child is about 100# and prefers a softer mattress and has no back issues. We could go with a middle priced option for her. The third is for the guest room…looking for a less expensive option that would make most average people happy. I’ve been looking at dreamcloud, wink bed, nolah, nectar….and many others that I’m pretty confused. Thank you for any clarity.

    • DreamCloud would be a good option if you don’t sleep on your side. I think the Winkbeds could be a good option for you. Your child would probably love the Nolah. Nolah or Nectar would make a great guest room bed too.

  18. Yes, it is true that DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in China and then imported to the US. I have talked with their representative and he told me the same.

    However, the quality of the mattress is on par and manufacturing in China only helps in controlling the cost.

    I would recommend DreamCloud over Sapira.

  19. In a online conversation with one of their representatives they told me they bought some components abroad but assembled in the U.S.

    • I am not sure where you see conflicting information on DreamCloud’s website but when I asked them where their mattress was made, this is what they told me: “We design our mattresses in the US and carefully select quality manufacturers in China to manufacture them to our specifications. We import our mattresses to our Seattle area warehouse and inspect them before shipping them to customers. Our use of quality overseas manufacturers helps us keep our prices so low.”

  20. How would this Dreamcloud mattress compare to Sapira, Aviya, and Winkbed? Which would sleep cooler, with less sinkage and feel more like sleeping on and not in the mattress? I’m also considering some latex hybrids as well.

    • All of these mattresses should be the same in terms of coolness – hot sleeping shouldn’t be an issue. The Winkbed will have the most “sinking in” feeling and the others will sleep more on top of the mattress. Hope that helps!

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