Casper Mattress Review- The One Perfect Mattress?

My Casper Mattress Review

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After sleeping on Casper for two weeks, I can say that Casper is a good mattress.  I think that it delivers on value as promised, and with its innovative construction (which now many other companies have copied), you get the benefits of both latex and memory foam in one mattress.

At this point, there have been countless new companies that have entered the space and tried to dethrone Casper as the king of the online mattress industry.  A lot of those mattresses are really good as well, so I think the consumer only benefits from the number of options.  Ultimately, I don’t believe that Casper is the one best mattress for everyone, but I do think a lot of people are going to really like it.

Casper Mattress Review

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Who Should Be Interested In Casper?

  • Value Seekers– You save a ton of money by going with Casper versus a comparable mattress found at a retail store.  It’s definitely a contender for best mattress for the money (in my opinion), offering good value over retail mattress store alternatives.
  • Average Firmness Seekers– A lot of people will argue about how soft/firm the Casper mattress feels.  I think it’s right in the center.  I’ve heard a couple people say it’s too soft, while a couple people have said it’s too firm.  I think it’s just about right in the middle and in my personal sweet spot (especially great for side sleepers).
  • Those Seeking A Resilient Feel– Because Casper layers latex over memory foam, to me the feel is very resilient.  You get a good bouncy feel as well.  This isn’t the type of mattress that slowly conforms (like a pure memory foam).  It conforms very quickly.

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Casper Mattress
4.4 Reviewer
Casper is perhaps the best known bed-in-a-box option with a latex over memory foam construction. The mattress is soundly constructed and delivered at great value. It is a solid mattress, but at this point I don't think the mattress (based on specs) really stands out amongst competitors, and isn't currently one of my top picks.
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.2
Motion Transfer4.2
Edge Support4
Company Reputation4.6
Return Policy/Warranty4.7
Overall Sleep Experience4.4

Why You Might Not Want A Casper

  • You Like The Innerspring Feel– The feel of the Casper is different from the standard innerspring / foam.  If you really like that feel, then maybe you will want to look elsewhere.  I personally still had a great experience with Casper, but it’s at least something to note.
  • You Love The Pure Memory Foam Feel– Memory foam has a very distinct feel.  The Casper is much more resilient and bouncy, so if you absolutely love the memory foam feel, you won’t quite get that here.
  • You Have A Really Small Or Really Large Budget– Casper claims to be the one perfect mattress, but if you want a mattress to last only a few years and don’t want to spend that much money on it, there is no reason to pay extra for a Casper (something cheaper like the Tuft And Needle may be more appropriate).  Similarly, if you have a big budget, you can find better ultra-luxury mattresses out there.

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Other Key Takeaways

  • The Mattress Does Sleep Cool In my experience, the mattress did sleep very cool.  If you live in a warm climate, this can be very key to a good night of sleep.  Putting latex over memory foam was definitely the right decision.  When I decided to review the Casper mattress, I paid special attention to this knowing memory foam was a big part of the construction.
  • Still Waiting On Long-Term User Data– The company is still very new, so we can’t really say for sure just yet how the mattress will hold up for the long-term.  Sometimes foam mattresses can sag over time.  I don’t think that will be the case here, but again it’s too early to say for sure.
  • Super Friendly Customer Policies– The free trial and return policies are top notch and definitely alleviate any concern of buying the mattress online.

How much is a Casper mattress?

The Casper mattress ranges from $500 for a Twin size to $850 for a Queen and $950 for a King. This price includes shipping, and will arrive in 1-5 business days.

So Do You Recommend Their Mattress?

When rating the Casper mattress, I tried to ignore all the hype and press and just focus as much on the materials, my personal sleeping experience, and the overall value.  I think that you probably won’t be disappointed if you end up with a Casper, and it even made my best latex mattress options.  I suggest checking out my mattress reviews for other higher-rated options.

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