Helix Mattress Review

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Helix is all about personalization. You actually take a quiz that asks you questions about your body type and sleeping preferences before getting to the checkout.

All Helix mattresses incorporate microcoils, proprietary foam, and polyfoam, but the final product will change based on your answers to the quiz (learn more on that process HERE).

So, my review is based on the mattress designed for me, and your experience may be slightly different.

How did my personalized Helix mattress work for me? Read on for my full review.

You Might Want To Pick The Helix If:

  • You Want A Mattress Built For Your Specific Needs– If you are unsure of what kind of mattress you need, Helix will build a mattress that fits your body type and sleeping style.
  • You Sleep With A Partner– Helix can customize the mattress to fit two different sleeping styles. Each side will be personalized for you and your partner.
  • You Are A Hot Sleeper– The layering can be changed to match your preferences, especially if you sleep hot. The microcoils and Dynamic Foam definitely kept me cool on my Helix mattress.

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You May Not Want To Pick The Helix If:

  • You Want That Classic Memory Foam Feel– While you can choose your preferences, classic memory foam and latex are not part of the construction. If you want that slow, sinking feeling, you won’t be getting that with your Helix mattress.
  • You Want To Customize The Mattress Yourself– The specific construction of your mattress is based on how you respond to the quiz. You will not actually be able to choose exactly how your mattress is put together.
  • You Like To Sleep Toward The Edge Of The Bed– The edge support on the Helix isn’t great, so you may feel uncomfortable toward the edge of the mattress.

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Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 10″ tall.
  • The first layer is 2” of Helix Dynamic Foam. This is like a combination of memory foam and latex.
  • Then you have 2.4” of individually wrapped microcoils. These assist with contouring and motion isolation.
  • This is followed by 2” of a polyfoam that helps transition you from the comfort layers down to the support layers of the mattress.
  • The base layer is 4” of supportive polyfoam.
  • The Helix is Made in the USA.

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Construction Takeaways

  • The Helix comes in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The ranges and construction will be tweaked to suit your personalized preferences.
  • The Dynamic Foam responds quickly so you won’t feel stuck.
  • This top layer of foam and microcoils help with heat dissipation and airflow, so you won’t be sleeping hot.
  • The thick, comfortable top layer made my Helix ideal for a side sleeper like me.


I prefer medium softness and I sleep on my side. My personalized Helix was very close to what I was expecting.  Average firmness is around 6.5 or 7/10 and this was a little softer than average, putting it at a 6/10.

Also, the Dynamic Foam responds very quickly, so I felt nice pressure relief without getting stuck. Lying down on my side, I didn’t feel any pressure on my shoulders or hips.

Motion Isolation

With its combination of memory foam and microcoils, I expected my Helix to perform well with motion isolation.

Overall, I would say the motion isolation is about average.  During my test, there was a little bit of motion transfer as I moved around the cup. This could be a good choice for couples.

Edge Support

With my Helix, I felt the mattress collapse as I neared the edge. Overall, the edge support isn’t that great with this mattress.

If you want to utilize the full surface area of the mattress, this might not be the best choice for you.

You can see the edge support in the photo below.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • Your Helix will be fully personalized to fit your specific sleeping style.
  • If you sleep with a partner, you can each customize your side of the mattress.
  • With all Helix mattresses, the combination of foam and microcoils gives support while still relieving pressure.
Helix Sleep Mattress
4.5 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.7
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.6
Motion Transfer4.1
Edge Support3.9
Company Reputation4.6
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.5

How To Unbox This Mattress

The Helix is a bed in a box mattress, which means it will come compressed and shipped straight to you. You will want to begin by removing the rolled up Helix from its box. Then, preferably with another person’s assistance, position the roll on your bed.

Carefully cut the away the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Then, pierce through the final layer of plastic and the Helix will expand. Simply clear away the excess plastic and allow your mattress to breathe and fully expand.


Helix did a nice job of customizing the mattress to fit my specific needs. I am a side sleeper who prefers a medium firm mattress, and my Helix matched those preferences well. If you are looking for a personalized mattress, the Helix could be a great choice for you.

However, if you really prefer classic memory foam or latex, you won’t get that with the Helix. Regardless of how your Helix mattress is customized, those will not be included in the construction.

Helix offers a 100 Night Sleep Trial as well as a 10 Year Warranty.

Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site. He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 100 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed.When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading both fiction and non-fiction, and playing classical piano. He enjoys traveling as well, and not just to test out hotel mattresses!

Blog Comments

This Helix mattress company sounds pretty cool, I’m digging the personalized idea a lot! I love things that are made just for me. Quick question – my husband and I have totally different body shapes, he’s 6’4″ and 220 lbs, and I’m 5’5″ and 115. Do you think a Helix would work well for us?

You can actually personalize each side of the mattress, so it should work well with couples.

what kind of box spring would you recoomend?

I got a platform bed with wooden slats from Amazon. I’ll be getting more into this in the future with my site. Just make sure the wooden slats aren’t too far apart if you go this route.

You mention a time or two, “You like foam …” or “You don’t like foam …” How does one know weather he does or not (like foam)? Personally I have no clue, having had my current mattress way, way too long, 16 or 17 years, if that gives you a clue to its construction and style. I think it has springs in it, though; which, oddly enough, still feel pretty supportive to the touch. But I’ve been assured 100% of the time that it is way too old to still be as supportive as I want. Thanks.

Hi Lee! Really there’s no way to know besides trying out a foam mattress. Most people have tried it at some point (hotel, friend’s house, etc) so they at least have a general idea of the feel. If you’ve never tried one, I’d suggest going down to a local mattress store and just laying on a few foam options to see how it feels. I wouldn’t recommend choosing a mattress like this (it takes a few nights of sleeping on it to know if it is a fit) but at least it is a starting point!

we recently bought a novaform from Costco. It is very comfortable except it is too hot, when I get into the bed it is freezing for about 5 minutes then it slowly warms up til after 4 hours I wake up from the heat. it is awful…how about the Helix, is there a heat problem with it?

Sorry to hear that, I haven’t personally tried Novaform but have heard good things! Helix in my experience was great with heat (kept it relatively not hot throughout the night).

Did you mean the mattress gets hot throughout the night or you keep the room hot? Does the mattress get really hot or does it stay cool throughout the night?

My husband and I just started sleeping on this mattress and really like it. My hope is that it will stay this way for years.

I am curious, did you personalize each side? And if so is there a SUPER noticeable dent or hump in the center of the bed? This is the part that is giving me the most pause. My husband and I are shaped and sleep very differently so I know we would want to customize….given the option. but he is often gone and when he is I find that I kinda move over to his side of the bed in the middle of the night….if you lay in the center of the bed does it feel….odd? Thanks in advance.

Hi Mariah – I did not customize each side. I’m told that Helix is better than most at fusing the different sides together to avoid that potential hump in the middle – but no personal experience to speak of.

My husband and I are total opposites when it comes to a mattress (I need soft he needs it firm) so personalizing sounds amazing but how do they personalize temperature regulation? I need to sleep cool and he’s always cold.
Also, does this foam latex have a smell that needs a lot of time to go away?

Hi Stacey! When you personalize each side of the Helix, they’re essentially making two mattresses and fusing them together, so they can have very different characteristics if you so choose.

I didn’t notice much smell with the Helix.

Hey Joe,
I like your reviews and your really cover a lot of mattresses. Im a side sleeper. 6’1″ 190lbs athletic build and i am trying to descide on a matress. The bear, helix, lull and leesa. Any recomendation? I have back neck pain but i think im on a too firm mattress (spring with latex) i would appreciate your input.

I bought a helix 2 months ago and have been sleeping on it since then. Here are the pros and cons according to my experience so far based on ‘Dual Comfort’ for a 240 lb, 6’2″ male, and a 160lb, 5’10” female. Both sides were medium firm, ‘foot out the cover at night’ cooling option, side sleeper (me), stomach (me). This makes sense if you go through the ‘test’ during the buying process on the website. Cons- the seam down the middle really bothers me. Its visually and physically noticeable and i don’t understand why that wasnt pointed out before purchase. I’m very fit and athletic, yet the past week I’ve been waking up with back discomfort. As a sidesleeper, the bed provides pressure relief on my shoulder, but seems a bit too soft for proper alignment in my back. It sleeps a bit too warm (not hot) for us both as well. ‘Foot out the cover’ not really cutting it lol. But, overall, we’re happy with it because it is very comfortable, it is a wonderfully inventive company and the customer servive (return policy) is top notch. To resovle the above issues Im going to call them today – repeat what ive said here and order another, while asking for this one to be returned. Ive actually been sleeping in my husbands side and prefer that… he is very accommodating lol.

Hi Sharon – thanks so much for sharing your experience!

More of a question than a comment, how do these online places, like Helix, do the returns? Do I have to roll it back up and try and get it back in the box?

Hey Philip – no definitely not. Most companies will send someone to pick it up, either a donation place or disposal company (not sure exactly what Helix does).

Thanks Joe, just put in my order, will see how it goes but I have high hopes, and hope not to have to worry about a return.

I was wondering about your low ratng on this mattress’ edge support? Is that because you have a platform bed? And someone asked if this mattress needs a box spring? Thank you.

I wouldn’t consider it low, it’s just average for a foam mattress (this is independent on type of base). This mattress does not require a box spring.

Hi Joe – I have a Tempur Pedic bed currently. It came with a foundation. Can I use that same foundation with a Helix bed?

Hi Brian – that shouldn’t be a problem, I’d just check Helix’s warranty to make sure it is in compliance.

Will this mattress work with an adjustable base?

Yes it will.

i’m going to move into my first apartment this febuary and am thinkinh of trying out a helix matress this will be my the first matress im buying and my first forray in memory foam type mattresses my only concern is i sweat quite a bit while sleeping how well does the mattress cope with that

As a side sleeper would you recommend the Helix or is the Colonial or Liberty a better idea?

Hey Craig – both can work for side sleepers, really just comes down to your feel preference.

Glad to find this review–I’m currently down to two choices in my mattress search. The deciding factor for me will be fumes/smell, since my husband is super-sensitive to that. Can you go into any more detail about any smell, odor, fumes, etc, that you might have gotten from the Helix?

Hi there – Helix has a bit of an off-gassing smell, I’d put it at average for a bed-in-a-box (all have at least some off-gassing). I didn’t smell anything after 48 hours, though a person very sensitive to smell may smell something for a bit longer.

Just wanted to post a comment about my opinion on my Helix mattress for people looking for reviews because they’re considering buying one.
I would give my Helix mattress 3 out of 5 stars.
Don’t get me wrong, overall its a comfortable and good quality mattress and I enjoy sleeping on it. I guess for me the only downside is for $900 this mattress didn’t WOW me like I expected it to. The mattress stays cool which is good, its firm (but I do wish it was a tad bit more firm for my taste), but the main thing that made my buy this mattress and pay the premium price is it was supposed to be customizable for someone who is a side sleeper and I don’t really see a huge difference in comfort than I do sleeping on a standard mattress. In all I like the mattress but if I had tested it before buying it I probably would have passed because for a $900 price tag I don’t see that much of an increase in comfort sleeping on my side to justify the price difference. If the price were lower I would recommend it to other people but at $900 I would say you may want to consider some other options first.

Just heard about this Helix mattress so wanted to look into it a bit more. First and foremost, I’ve been in the mattress industry for several years – sales and management. Secondly, my background is analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical sales. The reason for stating this is to add validity to my recommendation as opposed to someone who just has a job in the mattress industry. My expertise includes cardiovascular disease (MI, stroke, PAD), mental health (depression) and insomnia.

Beds in a box are extremely convenient and much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. Other than that, don’t expect much. Durability is poor. The foams used in beds like the Helix would have to be porous enough to compress into a small box. The coils used in the Helix don’t seem to be “pre-compressed”. THAT means that those coils over a short period of time will flatten.

Finally, one CANNOT obtain a comfortable mattress that is “customized” to them based solely on answering questions on their sleep patterns. IMPOSSIBLE! The ONLY way to use SCIENCE in making a bed is to implement electronic measuring devices to specifically identify and address specific pressure relief points.

I can go into more details/reasons for why the Helix and other similar bed-in-the-box products are just an AWFUL solution to resolving your sleep issues but will leave that for another time. But for now, don’t waste your money on something that you can’t feel and won’t hold up for very long. BAD idea purchasing this mattress!

Is there a major difference between the “medium soft” and the “medium, medium firm”? I cant make a decision because i know what id like but i have no idea which is closer to which i like. I love the way tempur flex medium firm feels if that can help.

Just went through the process of exchanging my helix dual comfort for a softer one for my side.Called for a new mattress only to find I have to pay $250 for new one (price increase during trial period),also they wanted me to hold old one for pickup in 2 weeks ! My guess is to hold my refund a little longer ! Otherwise a good product !Customer service needs improvement !!!

Ordered compromise matress trying to avoid problem with dual side sleep number of rolling off my high firm side to my wife’s low soft side. Unfortunately it was much too firm for my wife as I loved it. Would recommend trying helix based on my experience with refund gaurantee. Helix 1st offered topper to soften it. We declined. They were unable to find recycling or charitable organization to accept return in my area and presented me with some very reasonable options to fulfill refund requirements. There was some effort on my part to pursue less wasteful option but all communication with helix was friendly and not at all pushy. They even wrote a hand written note thanking me for effort spent of pursuing more charitable disposal option. Based on this alone, I would certainly recommend helix trial.

I have had the Helix for 8 months and have to already put in a warranty claim. The foam loses density in the highest use areas like where you sleep every night. I am a side sleeper and the lost density is causing a lot of problems. I have to wedge a pillow under my hips to compensate for the dip that happens. The top foam is very spongy so it bounces back but the support layer has lost it’s density fast. In the beginning it was amazing but it’s been less than a year and the only thing I’m feeling now is neck and back pain.

I’ve been sleeping on my custom Helix mattress for more than three years and it’s infinitely more supportive and comfortable than my old Temper-Pedic mattress that in the summer was so soft it cradled me. It was a struggle to get out of bed because I was buried in the mattress. During winter it was like sleeping on a marble slab. My Helix maintains its customized support regardless of temperature. As a 69 y.o 220 lb 6’0″ male, I can honestly say this is the most supportive and comfortable mattress I’ve ever used. And no more backache.

Glad to hear it worked out, Gary!

I enjoy your site. Thanks.

I am a 62 year old male with moderate lumbar pain. I need to replace my mattress on adjustable bed. would prefer to keep a spring mattress. Do not like the sinking feeling of memory foam.

Are there any brands that you could recommend i look at?


Take a look at Saatva

I love the feel and back support Tempur-Pedic Flex Prima. I am a stomach and back sleeper. Would you think the helix is a comparable option or would you suggest another option.

Very different mattresses. For one, Helix doesn’t use memory foam, so if you really like the memory foam feel that’s something to be aware of.

Whatever you choose, do not buy from Helix! They have terrible customer service and unreliable delivery times. I tried to work with them to resolve a delivery issue with a friend’s order but the customer service team was unwilling to help. It’s such a shame because they make a good mattress (I love mine) and my friend is out a mattress a whole extra week. It makes moving even tougher when you have to sleep on the floor.

We bought a Helix mattress and from the moment we unpacked it and tried it out it was considerably more firm than we expected and was beyond comfort. I called the company and told them we did not find the mattress to be comfortable and we wanted to return it as their ads said was easy to do. They told us we had not had time to try it out and get used to it and we needed to keep it longer and we would adjust to it. We called again after a few weeks and told them it was still not comfortable and we wanted it return it. They asked if we would let them send us a topper to try and if that didn’t work we could return it. After trying the topper we were still not satisfied. I called the company and asked for the third time to return the mattress and was told that we had it too long and they would not take it back.
Not only are we unsatisfied with the mattress, we are even more unhappy with the customer service and the “warranty”. We highly recommend to not do business with this company. In our opinion the product isn’t as good as promised and the neither is the warranty.

I took the quiz, and to my surprise it said: “It looks like we’re not able to personalize a mattress for this particular set of responses.” and gave their phone number! I’m a back sleeper, but can’t figure out why their quiz can’t personalize a mattress for me! Would it be because I’ve shrunk, and am now only 4’11” rather than 5 feet tall?

I’m not sure actually. I would reach out directly to them.

How does it work with an adjustable bed frame

The Helix mattress should work with any base as long as the support beams (what’s touching the mattress) are no more than 3 to 4 inches apart. Hope that helps!

2 years on a Helix and CAN NOT WAIT FOR OUR NEXT BED! The base foam, just like the base foam in our Tempurpedic, has broken down and provides no support. Back and neck feel terrible for both of us. We are 190 and 150lbs. After having 3 different foam beds we are going back to coils for the base as the cheap “high density foam” breaks down within a year and the beds are useless as they do not support at all. Very disappointing.

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