Helix Coupon Promo Code – $75 Off Purchase

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Helix is already reasonably priced, but we have a $75 coupon code to help you save even more!

To get $75 off CLICK HERE and use the coupon code “CLARITY75” (note this code is case sensitive).  If you buy a mattress plus one other product, you can use code “CLARITY125” to get $125 off.

We will always update this page to have the highest discount available for the Helix mattress.  This personalized mattress is a great option for shoppers that want a high quality mattress and are looking to save substantially, particularly when using a discount coupon.  Save $75 with our coupon.

Highlights Of The Helix Mattress

  • Helix doesn’t believe that there is one best mattress for everyone.  As a result, they have crafted an innovative way to customize a mattress to your needs based on answers to a personalization quiz that you take online.
  • No matter what your preferences and needs are, Helix should be able to make a mattress that fits you well.  They even have a mattress specifically built for heavier people who need extra support and more durable materials.
  • Helix is a great choice for couples because it allows you to customize two sides of the mattress.  That means if two people have different preferences, they can still share the same bed with two sides being customized differently.  No more arguments about mattresses are necessary with the Helix!
  • Overall, the mattresses are very thoughtfully constructed and use great materials.  The mattress is one of our highest rated in the whole market.

We do recommend the Helix mattress at Mattress Clarity, but if you want more information check out our full Helix Sleep rating breakdown.

If you come across any coupons with greater discounts, please let us know!  We are always looking to share the best promo codes with our readers.

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3 thoughts on “Helix Coupon Promo Code – $75 Off Purchase”

  1. Hello, my husband recently purchased a ghostbed, while its not horrible, it hurts his back greatly. I don’t want to keep something of an investment that he’s going to be unhappy with for years. We got 50 dollars off and I also noticed the Leeds bed is ggiving a 75 dollar target card. Bottom line is, we need a bed, we have had some financial troubles and sickness and death in 2016. So needless to say it’s not been a good year along with surgeries. Your bed is quite a bit more than what we paid, and we had to get financed, which barely came thru, but it seems from doing some investigating, your bed seems the best, most comfortable for a reasonable price given if you could give us a discount and finance is reasonably. I usually not one to ask for handouts, but again things have been terribly hard this year, and pur old mattress is about ten years and you can feel the springs. We both have bad backs and just want to get a good night a sleep without selling a kidney for a tempurpedic, lol. I would love to hear back from you soon, as I think we are sending the ghost bed back, very disappointed. Thanks for listening. Holly M

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