A number of mattress companies have reached out to provide my readers exclusive discount coupons when purchasing. These discounts come in either dollar form (eg $50 off) or percent form (eg 5% off). I will do my best to keep this page up to date with coupon codes that are working. However, some coupons do tend to expire, so let me know if that’s the case and I will make sure to update for you and other readers.

Mattress Discount CouponsIt’s great to get a discount on any purchase, but don’t make your mattress decision based on these discounts. Remember that you’ll be spending ~8 hours a day on this purchase, so it’s really not worth a saved $50 to get a mattress you’re not crazy about.

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I’ve been reading your reviews and finding them very useful. I’m almost ready to buy a mattress but decided to hold off until Black Friday. Do online mattress companies do big discounts during Thanksgiving weekend?

Hi Ekaterina – very few of the online companies will do Black Friday deals, but a lot of the in-store brands will. I’ve heard (unofficially) that Amerisleep and Ameena are going to do some discounts around that time, but nothing officially from anyone else.

Thank you Joe!

I am considering purchasing a Charles P Rogers mattress, either the Powercore 9000 or the Nano2. I am skeptical of purchasing though since I can not try it and they do not offer returns. Thoughts on this company? Thanks

Hi Pete – unfortunately I haven’t tried the Charles P Rogers.

What do you think is the best two-sided innerspring mattress for side sleepers? I want to be able to flip my mattress to avoid the awful middle hump that occurred on my current pillow-top! Thanks for all your advice!

Hi Ashley – I haven’t reviewed any two-sided spring mattresses actually! What brands are you considering?

Any feel for the Hamuq mattress?

Have not reviewed, sorry Donald!

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