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Saatva Coupons

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As you can read on their website, Saatva does provide a small discount at checkout if you are willing to share the fact that you made your purchase with your friends on Facebook.  Other companies sometimes provide distinct coupons or promo codes, but in this case Saatva does not.  Their rationale for doing this is that they are already passing along so much value to you that their price is already set at a huge discount.  This makes sense to me, with a little bit of a caveat.  People always love to get that extra value at the end, so I think maybe it would be wise to provide some sort of coupon at times.  I completely understand where they are coming from, however, and respect the choice that they have made.

Saatva Coupons

To get a discount, go through the standard checkout process.  When you get to your shopping cart, at the end you will see a little Facebook icon and a little bit of text describing how you can save money.  You will get a little pop up box and then you can share your purchase with your friends on Facebook.  That’s pretty much the whole process!

If you’re looking to learn more about the Saatva mattress, check out my full Saatva review.

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Sandy says September 5, 2016

Please don’t think I’m totally crazy, but for all the great reviews and comparisons that you’ve done – and I’m duly impressed believe me – there is one area that you don’t cover: sex friendly as a quality of the mattress. But I think it’s worth mentioning somewhere in your reviews.

    Joe Auer says September 6, 2016

    Sandy – you’re absolutely right! I mention it in a few of the reviews, but it’s not standard across the site. I’m going to make a point to incorporate it more often, many thanks!

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