Zinus Mattress Review

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The Zinus mattress is one of the most popular memory foam options on Amazon (very reasonable price, lots of good reviews) so I was excited to try it for myself.

Overall I liked this bed-in-a-box mattress, but had some complaints as well.  A lot of people want to get a memory foam mattress but they are on a tight budget. For that reason, I eagerly anticipated getting this mattress as it aims to be that great memory foam mattress at a very affordable price.

See my experience in my full Zinus mattress review.

You will like the Zinus mattress if you…

  • Are looking for great value – Zinus is priced incredibly low for a mattress of its quality, between $100-$300 depending on size and model
  • Want lots of reviews – Zinus has been on Amazon for quite a while, with many positive reviews (and a few negative reviews for good measure)
  • Like the pure memory foam feel – Zinus has a pure memory foam feel (they also have spring and hybrid options available which I didn’t try)

See How Zinus Compares To Other Brands Here

Zinus Mattress Review

You may not like Zinus if you…

  • Want a luxury mattress – Zinus is great value, but it’s not the best memory foam mattress available on the market.  If you’re willing to pay significantly more, you can get more
  • Want a long trial period – many of the bed-in-a-box options will offer free refunds for a long period (eg 100 days).  Zinus offers 30 days, though note these other options are usually at least 2x the price as well

Feel and Firmness

See the feel of the Zinus mattress below:

There are a variety of Zinus options to suit different firmness and feel preferences, this is the average firmness model. As you can see, it has a very slow reaction time, which is typical for memory foam mattresses.

This model is probably the best option for the majority of sleepers.  You may want to choose one of the softer or firmer mattresses if you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Motion Transfer Test

The Zinus mattress I tested was memory foam, so we expect it to perform very well in terms of motion transfer.  See the results below:

I haven’t tested the hybrid or innerspring mattresses from Zinus, but I expect that the memory foam options will perform the best in terms of motion transfer.

Construction and Materials

The Zinus mattress I tried is four layers of foam totaling 12 inches thick.  These layers include:

  • Top comfort layer: 3 inches of 2 lb density memory foam
  • Transition layer: 2 inches of 1.7 lb density pressure relief memory foam
  • Base layer: 3.5 inches of 1.7 lb density comfort curve memory foam
  • Base layer: 3.5 inches of 1.7 lb density comfort curve memory foam

The densities for memory foam can loosely used to gauge durability.  At these densities, I wouldn’t expect the mattress to last a lifetime, but at this price point it should be fine to replace the mattress every 5-10 years.  See a close-up of the mattress cover below:

Zinus Mattress cover

Other things to note

  • The mattress is available on their own site or Amazon (more popular)
  • Zinus has a number of other value products, including toppers, foundations, and pillows
  • Products are not made in the USA
4.1 Reviewer
Zinus is perhaps the best valued mattress I have tried at the lower price point. I had a very comfortable sleep experience on this memory foam mattress.
Value (Price)5
Doesn't Sleep Hot3.7
Motion Transfer4.3
Edge Support3.5
Company Reputation4.5
Return Policy/Warranty4.3
Overall Sleep Experience4.3

Final recommendation

I had a good sleeping experience on the mattress, and I think one of the Zinus options could be good for anyone, depending on their sleeping preferences (see our other reviews).  Zinus is definitely a great value for the price.  With so many reviews on Amazon, I would say this is definitely a good option for people with a lower budget (less than $400).

Get the best value on the Zinus mattress

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29 thoughts on “Zinus Mattress Review

  1. In the review under the Construction and Materials section, you state that you tested the 10″ mattress. Yet, the one you describe is the 12″ mattress. Which did you actually test?
    Here is a cut & paste from the description you gave:
    Construction and Materials
    The Zinus mattress I tried is four layers of foam totaling 10 inches thick. These layers include:
    Top comfort layer: 3 inches of 2 lb density memory foam
    Transition layer: 2 inches of 1.7 lb density pressure relief memory foam
    Base layer: 3.5 inches of 1.7 lb density comfort curve memory foam
    Base layer: 3.5 inches of 1.7 lb density comfort curve memory foam

  2. Thanks for your review. Considering this mattress in queen but not sure what thickness to get. I prefer a firmer feel, and sleep both on my side and my back. Should I go for 8, 10, or 12″?

  3. Have you done reviews of other cheap matresses? Like Qomfort? Trying to determine if I want to go with an old fashioned memory foam or opt for a more latex like feel for the responsiveness…. Thanks!

  4. Puzzled by the difference between Zinus green tea and Zinus green tea with gel. Considering 12 inch. Can you explain?

  5. Joe, Thanks for the detailed review, sounds like I should consider Zinus. Which Zinus model did you review? Appreciate your information, very helpful.

  6. I ordered the 10″ queen plush and received barely 8″ after expansion. Zinus never answered the phone. Left message and they didn’t call back. Amazon wants to charge return s/h charges for their screw up. So hopefully you all keep that in mind before your next purchase. I do not trust Zinus or Amazon.

  7. When one is sitting in the bed there is greater pressure and weight placed in that area. what factor should I focus on when shopping for the mattress? Is it the density, ILD, pounds of foam per cubic in, or anything other than that? Any particular direction I should be looking that would be helpful.

  8. I am looking for a mattress for adjustable base. I would like a supportive mattress that would feel supported even in the incline position. I would like to have the opportunity to return it if it does not work for me without a charge and I would like to get the best value and price. . Can you make a recommendation?

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