Endy Mattress Review

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Endy is a bed-in-a-box mattress that quickly became popular in Canada.

The mattress has a foam comfort layer, a very cool cover, and (in my opinion) is a bit softer than average.  For that reason, I think it could be a good choice for side sleepers but perhaps not the best fit for people who sleep only on their back or stomach.  Its price point makes it a very affordable option for more people as well.

Overall I really liked Endy and think a lot of people will too.  Read about my experience in my full Endy mattress review.

$50 Off

Endy is a very comfortable mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $50 off an Endy mattress by clicking the link below and using code CLARITY50 at checkout.

You will love Endy if you…

  • Want great comfort – with a nice foam comfort layer, Endy stands out in that it has a nice plush feel
  • Want a slightly softer mattress – whether you are a side sleeper or just prefer a slightly softer mattress, Endy will deliver
  • Want great value – Endy is shipped straight from the factory to your door, saving on a lot of costs associated with selling a mattress (some of which are passed on to the consumer)
  • Love Canadian made – Endy is manufactured in Toronto, so it’s a short trip from the factory to your door (relative to where most mattresses are made) if you’re in Canada

Endy Mattress Reviews

You may not like Endy if you…

  • Want a firm mattress – the Endy mattress is definitely slightly softer than average, so if you are interested in a firm mattress, Endy probably won’t be the best fit
  • Are a stomach sleeper – generally I recommend that stomach sleepers go for a firmer mattress.  Of course it always comes down to your preference
$50 Off

Endy is a very comfortable mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $50 off an Endy mattress by clicking the link below and using code CLARITY50 at checkout.

Endy Feel and Firmness

Endy has a great feel, more plush than most mattresses of this thickness.  I’d put the firmness at a 5.5 out of 10, slightly softer than average.

You can see that the mattress is memory foam like, so a little slow to respond (not a bad thing, just something to note for your preferences).

Endy Sleep Construction

Endy is manufactured in Toronto, Canada and starts with a visually appealing hypoallergenic stretch-knit cover (kind of feels like an optical illusion)!

Endy Mattress Cover

The mattress is 10 inches thick in total and consists of the following foam layers:

  • Comfort layer: 2 inches of 3 lb foam (infused with cooling gel)
  • Transition layer: 3 inches of 1.8 lb soft support foam
  • Base layer: 5 inches of 1.8 lb firm support foam

I like that Endy clearly discloses their foam densities and is very transparent about their materials.

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Motion transfer Test

Endy has a top layer of foam that is memory foam-like, so we expect it to perform very well in the motion transfer test below:

As you can see, the object is barely disturbed as I really push on the foam nearby, one of the best performances of motion transfer of all the mattresses I have reviewed.

Endy vs Casper

Endy is most often compared to Casper since they are both popular bed-in-a-box options available in Canada.  I think both mattresses are of great quality at a similar price point, and I enjoyed sleeping on both.  I would make the decision based on two factors, foam type and firmness.

Endy mattress vs Casper

Foam type – Endy’s top layer is memory foam-like, and Casper’s top layer is latex-like foam.  As a result, Casper has a little more “spring” to the mattress, while Endy has a more traditional memory foam feel.

Firmness – I found both mattresses to be on the softer side, but Endy is still slightly softer than Casper.

4.2 Reviewer
Endy is a memory foam mattress that is made and shipped out of Canada. Overall I really liked the mattress, and note that it is a little softer than average. I think it is a great option for side sleepers especially.
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4
Motion Transfer4.5
Edge Support3.4
Company Reputation4.3
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.2

Other things to note

  • Endy is made in Toronto, Canada (ships to the US as well)
  • They offer a 100 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • They also offer a pillow that I am anxious to try!

Final recommendation

I really enjoyed sleeping on the Endy mattress, for a side sleeper like myself I think it’s a great option (though it may be too soft for stomach sleepers).  I like the transparency and brand, and think at the price point it offers a very good value.

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9 thoughts on “Endy Mattress Review”

  1. I purchased an Endy mattress in July 2018. The mattress cover is only stretchy on the top, the sides and bottom are different non-stretchy heavier fabric. The zipper is sewn into the non-stretchy fabric, so the zipper compresses the mattress corners.
    The so-called top layer which is Endy foam is already coming unglued from the layer below. The mattress has become so hard it’s uncomfortable to sleep on.
    Endy claims all layers are Certipur-US. I checked the list of foam producers on the Certipur-US Website and Endy is not on the list. Perhaps the other 2 layers are Certipur-US certified by one of the 2 Canadian suppliers on the list. The customer service is very poor. I have put in a claim on the so-called 10 year warranty and the person who answers the emails is giving me the run-around. I would never recommend Endy either for mattress quality or for customer service. Choose another brand. By the way Endy is now a subsidiary of Sleep Country Canada as of November 2018.

  2. i was wondering if there is a futon version of this mattress? something that can be used both as couch and a bed.

  3. I am wondering about your price comparison between Endy and Casper. I was just on their websites and for king size Endy is $950 (plus $50 off) while Casper was $2,900. Did I miss something? Huge price difference and what is the difference in value for a full $2,000? Thanks.

  4. How does the endy compare to the leesa mattress. I have the endy and like the feel but do find it lightly soft. And I am concerned about the long term durability as it is made with a lower density foam. Any thoughts you have would be helpful

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