Eight Sleep Mattress Review – Mattress Of The Future?

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The Eight mattress is an innovative new concept that allows people to track their sleeping habits better than they probably ever thought possible.  While the technology seemed really cool, I wanted to see how the mattress itself felt too to make sure people would have a good experience with it (see how it compares HERE).

This review will cover everything consumers should know about this mattress, including a full breakdown of the construction, firmness and feel, comfort, support, edge support, motion isolation, breathability, durability, and so much more.

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  • The cover is made of polyester.  It is thin and no frills, but it gets the job done and doesn’t affect the overall feel of the mattress significantly.
  • The top layer of the mattress is 2 inches of something called “reactive” foam, which is a specialty polyfoam that is high density and is resilient and breathable like latex.  This makes the mattress easy to move around and people get nice pressure relief without the feeling of getting stuck.
  • The second layer is 2 inches of memory foam, which helps the mattress contour to the body and provides extra pressure relief.
  • The third layer is 2 inches of transition foam that acts as a buffer between the comfort and support layers.
  • The bottom layer is 4 inches of support foam and is high density and a good material.

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Who Might Want To Pick The Eight Mattress:

  • People Who Want The Most Advanced Sleep Tracking Technology Possible– There is no question that Eight provides the most advanced technology for sleep tracking on the market.  If people want to know exactly how they are sleeping, how many times they tossed and turned, how they were breathing during sleep, how deep they sleep was, etc., this is the mattress for them.
  • Those Who Sleep In Multiple Positions Throughout The Night– This mattress has a neutral firmness in my opinion.  That means it’s not overly good for just one sleeping position over the others.  It’s a pretty good fit for people in any position.
  • People Who Want Pressure Relief WIthout The Feeling Of Getting Stuck– This mattress does a good job with pressure relief and at the same time the feel is pretty responsive.  That makes it easier to move around and people won’t feel they slowly sink into the mattress and get stuck, which can happen with some memory foam mattresses.  Overall, it’s a nice balanced feel that sleepers will get.
  • Those Who Want Great Value– Currently, for just the mattress, a Queen is $850.  However, they typically have a discount available of up to 20%.  The mattress has high-quality foams that should be pretty durable.  Given that, people can really get a great value from this mattress.

Who Might Not Want To Pick The Eight Mattress:

  • Those Who Like Slow-Moving Memory Foam– If someone is used to more standard memory foam mattresses where they slowly sink into the mattress and it envelops them, that’s not really what they get here.  In that case, they may want to look elsewhere.
  • People Who Prefer Traditional Innerspring Mattresses– This mattress definitely has a distinct foam feel to it.  It feels different from a spring mattress.  If people want more of a traditional spring feel, they should look elsewhere.
  • People Where Sleep Tracking Is Not On Their Radar– Some people sleep pretty well and getting a sleep tracker isn’t really necessary.  The Eight sleep tracker is very advanced, so I think if people already sleep well, then they probably don’t need to get this.

Note Regarding The Feel Of The Mattress With The Sleep Tracker

I’m a big fan of the feel of the mattress.  I slept on it without the sleep tracker for several nights to get a good feel for it on its own, and I really enjoyed it.  I would note that when people put the sleep tracker on the mattress, it changes the feel of the mattress a bit.  To me, it’s a less comfortable sleep surface with the sleep tracker on it, and I think most people would agree.  It’s not the end of the world, but it’s something to note.

What Are The Features Of The Sleep Tracker?

  • See nightly data about how people slept and see trends over time to alert sleepers of any major issues
  • There is a “smart” alarm feature and people can run sleep experiments to see how different things affect their sleep
  • Home integrations (using IFTTT), white noise player, and bed warming for each side of the bed

What Does the Sleep Tracker Actually Track?

  • What time people go to bed and their breathing rate
  • Temperature in bed and someone’s usual bedtime (over time)
  • Number of hour slept and the time people actually fall asleep
  • Room temperature as well a light levels
  • Tossing and turning and how deep someone’s sleep was
  • Heart rate, noise levels, and humidity in the room

I probably missed a couple of other things the tracker actually tracks.  The overall point is that it tracks A LOT of different things and people get a really interesting picture of how well they are sleeping.  I think most people will be very surprised by the results of their sleep.  Living in New York City, I know there are outside noises that wake me up a lot, but the tracking data showed that was a much bigger problem than I even realized, for example.


As people can see from the video, the mattress is fairly responsive and bouncy.  That means people won’t ever have the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress and it will be easier to switch positions.  It has a medium firmness in my opinion that was just soft enough for me when sleeping on my side and just firm enough for when I was sleeping on my back.  Potentially lighter weight side sleepers would think it’s too firm.

Motion Transfer

As people can see from the video below, the mattress does a pretty good job at isolating motion.  It’s not as good as some pure memory foam mattresses, but it is still pretty good.  It can be a good option for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s movements.


I really liked the feel of the mattress and think the technology is really awesome.  My only caveat is that the sleep tracker itself changes the feel of the mattress and makes it a little bit less comfortable than it would be without the tracker.

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