Most Comfortable Mattresses 2020

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Over the years, we at Mattress Clarity have listed our top picks for a variety of mattress categories; we’ve talked about the best memory foam mattresses, the best soft mattresses, and numerous others.

But in the end, most people just want to know one thing: What is the most comfortable mattress? Well, they can stop asking because that’s specifically what we are talking about today!

While there is no one perfect mattress that will be appealing to everyone, we’ve chosen 10 supremely comfortable mattresses that should work for a variety of sleepers – we’ve got memory foam, latex, and innerspring, so there should be something for everyone!

Our Top Picks

The most comfortable mattresses are:

Having tried so many amazing mattresses, it was difficult to narrow down the list to only nine mattresses – however, these mattresses have impressed us with their quality, value, and overall comfort. When you’re trying to narrow down these options to find your next perfect mattress, pay attention to the superlatives we’ve assigned to each mattress so you can figure out which is best for your specific preferences!

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Take our mattress quiz for the most personalized mattress recommendations.

Best Memory Foam Mattress


The Layla is one of the most comfortable mattresses on the bed-in-a-box market, and it is also one of my personal favorites; it is a particularly innovative mattress because it is flippable. If you can’t decide between a firm vs soft mattress, the Layla is a good choice because it features both a softer side and a firmer side, allowing sleepers to choose what works best for them. The softer side of the Layla is obviously more comfortable and features a whopping 3″ of soft memory foam.

The softer side of the Layla provides some of the best pressure relief I have experienced on a mattress – lying on this side of the Layla, the majority of side sleepers should feel almost no pressure on their shoulders and hips – again, our pressure map testing showed that the Layla relieves a great deal of pressure in those areas.

The Layla’s memory foam is also infused with copper; this material is antimicrobial and will help keep the top of the mattress free of mold and mildew. What’s more, it’s a great conductor; the copper will draw heat away from sleepers, helping to keep them particularly cool at night. There’s even a material called Thermogel in the cover which will make the top of the mattress significantly cooler.

Finally, the Layla just has that classic, slow-moving memory foam feel; those who want to slowly sink into an innovative mattress shouldn’t definitely check it out!

What Makes The Layla Stand Out?

  • The Layla is flippable and offers two firmness options in one mattress; it features both a soft and a firm side. 
  • The soft side of the Layla is softer-than-average and provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers of many sizes.
  • The mattress features copper-infused memory foam and a Thermogel cover; it shouldn’t be sleeping particularly hot.
  • The Layla features a classic, extremely comfortable memory foam feel.

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$150 Off

Layla is an innovative mattress that happens to be one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on.  You can get $150 off the Layla mattress (plus $300 of accessories) by clicking the link below.

Best Luxury Mattress


Many of the comfortable mattresses on this list contain memory foam or some type of foam – this is a relatively modern style of mattress – what about those who prefer something more traditional? Well, that’s why I like the Saatva; it is a comfortable, luxury mattress with a traditional innerspring construction, making it one of the best firm mattress that still offers comfort.

The Saatva contains two layers of coils: high-grade support coils and individually-wrapped micro-coils. The bottom layer of steel coils are there to provide support for even heavier weights and the micro-coils add a nice amount of contouring. They also leave a lot of room for airflow, so the mattress shouldn’t be sleeping too hot.

While the mattress is very supportive, it is quite comfortable as well – the mattress features a plush Euro-style pillow top that should provide an excellent amount of pressure relief.

With its balance of comfort and support, the Saatva is a fantastic option for both back sleepers and side sleepers. Those who want a comfortable innerspring mattress should consider the Saatva!

What Makes The Saatva Stand Out?

  • This luxury mattress contains two sets of steel coils that provide great support and contouring.
  • The Saatva is one of the best innerspring mattresses we have reviewed.
  • The Saatva is plush and one of our top picks for the best pillow top mattress.
  • The mattress should work for both back sleepers and side sleepers.
  • The Saatva allows for plenty of airflow, so people shouldn’t worry about overheating.

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$200 Off

Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can save $200 on a Saatva mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Best Soft Mattress


While comfort in a mattress is so important, none of us want to pay an arm and a leg; those who are looking for an affordable, comfortable mattress should be blown away by the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar features a thicker layer of soft memory foam right on top of the mattress; it features that slow-moving quality that the majority of people expect from memory foam. I’ve tried many types of memory foam mattresses, and the Nectar features some of the slowest-moving memory foam – lying on the mattress, I feel the Nectar conform to the curves of my body, offering fantastic comfort.

The Nectar should feel particularly comfortable for side sleepers; they should sink into the thick memory foam layer and feel the pressure on their shoulders and hips melt away. Back sleepers should also get excellent contouring and support.

Those who want a soft, comfortable mattress for a value price are going to appreciate the Nectar.

What Makes The Nectar Stand Out?

  • The Nectar is a very comfortable memory foam mattress that is also quite affordable.
  • The mattress features extremely slow-moving memory foam that feels quite comfortable.
  • The Nectar should offer fantastic pressure relief for side sleepers and excellent support and contouring for back sleepers.
  • The memory foam is infused with cooling gel, so it should not trap a significant amount of heat.

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Free Accessories

Nectar is a very comfortable memory foam mattress that happens to also be an amazing value, and customers can get the best deal on the Nectar plus $399 of free accessories by using our coupon.

Best Customizable Mattress


So, what about those people who just want a company to make them a comfortable mattress to fit their specific needs? While it sounds like a pipe dream, that is exactly what Helix is all about.

They allow customers to choose from a number of mattress models or they can even take a sleep quiz – during the sleep quiz, customers will answer questions regarding their weight, sleeping position, and desired comfort. Then, Helix will tailor-make a mattress just for them.

What’s more, the Helix mattresses are a great option for couples – each partner can take their own sleep quiz, and Helix will customize each side of the mattress separately – each partner gets the perfect comfort level.

For those who want something more luxurious, Helix also offers their Luxe upgrades – this adds even more comfort to the mattress and also a cooling Tencel cover. Those who sleep particularly hot might want to consider this upgrade.

So, take the guesswork out of choosing a comfortable mattress and think about trying out the Helix mattress!

What Makes The Helix Stand Out?

  • The company offers numerous mattress models for customers to choose from.
  • The Helix sleep quiz allows the company to customize mattresses to meet sleepers’ particular needs.
  • The Helix mattresses are some of the best mattresses for couples.
  • The Luxe upgrades can make for an even more comfortable and cool sleeping experience.

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Save Up To $200

Helix provides customizable mattresses that can be a great fit for any type of sleeper; click the link below to save up to $200 on a Helix mattress and get 2 Free Dream Pillows.

Best Pillow Top Mattress


For those looking for a luxurious mattress feel like that you find in a high-end hotel, the WinkBeds mattress will be a good fit for you. This luxury hybrid mattress is made with a durable coil construction and topped with a comfortable pillow top. Best of all, you can choose which firmness level you prefer between Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm to achieve your desired comfort level. 

The WinkBeds mattress in the Luuxry Firm is a great choice for many types of sleepers as it does a good job of balancing comfort and support. For sleepers who need more support, such as back and stomach sleepers or heavier people, the Firm WinkBeds mattress will be more comfortable. 

Overall, this mattress is a great investment that can offer long-lasting comfort to many different types of sleepers.

What Makes The WinkBeds Stand Out?

  • The WinkBeds mattress comes in Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm, and Plus options in varying firmness levels so you can find one that fits your comfort preferences. 
  • Its construction is quite durable, meaning you can expect this mattress to last you for many years. 
  • The pairing of a pillow top on top of the supportive coils creates a nice balanced feel.

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$300 OFF

Winkbeds has a mattress that is an excellent balance of comfort and support.  You can get $300 off the Winkbeds mattress by clicking the link below.

Most Comfortable Hybrid Mattress

Bear Hybrid

Finding a comfortable mattress is fantastic, but finding a mattress with the perfect balance of comfort and support is even better – that’s why I’m such an enormous fan of the Bear Hybrid.

The Bear Hybrid is, well, a hybrid mattress that incorporates 8″ of coils and premium foams in its comfort layer – this construction makes it a perfect choice for back sleepers. Their hips should sink into the soft comfort layer while they receive excellent support from the coils beneath. At the same time, the layer of premium comfort foam should provide side sleepers with fantastic pressure relief – they should sink in just a bit and feel no significant pressure on their shoulders and hips.

While the top of the mattress is very comfortable, it should be quite easy to move around at night; the coils and transition foam adds a bit of responsiveness to the mattress, so the majority of people shouldn’t complain about getting stuck in the Bear Hybrid.

In addition, the Bear Hybrid mattress features a Celliant cover – this is designed to improve blood flow and speed up muscle recovery. It is made specifically for athletes and active people – the Celliant will also help with heat dissipation so that the top of the mattress will sleep cooler.

Those who want some fantastic support to go along with their comfort are going to want to take a look at the Bear Hybrid mattress.

What Makes The Bear Hybrid Stand Out?

  • The mattress features supportive coils and comfortable, premium foam in its comfort layer.
  • The Bear Hybrid should be an exceptional match for both back and side sleepers.
  • This should be a cooler-sleeping mattress; it features a Celliant cover and airflow-promoting coils.
  • The supportive coils make the Bear Hybrid a decent option for heavier sleepers.

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20% Off
Bear Hybrid
Bear Hybrid
Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid has a great balance of comfort and support. It is a great match for back and side sleepers. Save 20% on your whole order by using code CLARITY20 at checkout.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers


The Leesa mattress offers the plush comfort of an all-foam mattress without some of the drawbacks of other foam beds. For one, the Leesa offers excellent support and pressure relief. This means that sleepers can get comfortable in any position without experiencing sagging or pain build ups at the pressure points like the hips and shoulders, though we will note that the Leesa is especially comfortable for people who sleep on their side. 

The Leesa mattress also avoids the heat trapping that can happen with all-foam mattresses. With a breathable cover and premium cooling foams, the Leesa offers a cooler sleep experience than most foam mattresses.

Overall, the Leesa works really well for the average sleeper looking for a comfortable bed. Being an all-foam mattress, the Leesa is also a pretty affordable option.

What Makes The Leesa Stand Out?

  • The Leesa offers great pressure relief, especially for side sleepers. 
  • With a firmness level around 6.5/10, the Leesa has a medium feel between being too soft or too firm. 
  • Even though the Leesa is a softer foam mattress, it also has nice responsiveness so you won’t get stuck in the mattress.

Read the full Leesa mattress review

Up to $200 Off

Leesa is a very comfortable mattress that I think a lot of people are going to really like.  You can get up to $200 off the Leesa mattress and get 2 free down pillows simply by clicking the link below.

Best Budget Mattress

Idle Sleep Gel Foam

This all-foam mattress by Idle Sleep is a great choice for sleepers looking for a comfortable night’s sleep on a budget. Plus, even though it’s especially well-suited for side sleepers, the Idle Sleep Gel Foam mattress can work for many types of sleepers.

With a soft, slow-moving memory foam feel, the Idle Sleep Gel Foam mattress has an extremely comfortable surface. Beyond the top comfort layers that you sink into, the mattress is reinforced with Buoyancy Foam for responsiveness, a foam transition layer for better airflow, and a 7″ layer of support foam adding durability to the mattress.  This all means that this all-foam bed will feel comfortable, supportive, and cooling

Another benefit of the Idle Sleep is its motion isolation. Like most foam mattresses, the Idle Sleep Gel Foam mattress does a nice job of keeping motion transfer to a minimum, so it’s also good for couples who share the bed. The only sleeper types this mattress may not work well for are heavier people or people who sleep on their stomach who need more support.

What Makes The Idle Sleep Stand Out?

  • The Idle Sleep Gel Foam has a classic, soft memory foam feel many sleepers will love.
  • Compared to other mattresses available, this is a good budget pick.
  • The mattress comes with an extra-long 18-month sleep trial so you have plenty of time to change your mind.

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50% Off
Idle Sleep Gel Foam
Idle Sleep Gel Foam
Idle Sleep Gel Foam

The Idle Sleep Gel Foam mattress is a great value pick for side sleepers for and those who like that memory foam feel. Click the coupon button to save 50% and get two free pillows

Best Value Mattress


Memory foam is one of the most comfortable mattress materials, but it does have its drawbacks; namely, it can cause people to sleep hot and make it significantly more difficult to move around at night. Those who are looking for a comfortable alternative to memory foam that doesn’t come with its drawbacks should definitely consider the Nolah mattress!

The Nolah mattress features a proprietary foam called AirFoam; it is designed to sleep cooler and be particularly more responsive than memory foam. Also, it is meant to relieve pressure even better than memory foam. 

Well, based on the results of our pressure map tests, the Nolah does relieve pressure extremely well; looking at my side sleeping results, there is no significant pressure underneath my shoulders and hips. The comfort layer is not particularly thick on the Nolah, but the mattress should provide fantastic pressure relief for light- and medium-weight side sleepers – back sleepers, as long as they are not very heavy, should also get the support they require.

The Nolah offers a soft memory foam feel, but sleepers won’t get hot or get stuck. Overall, it’s a great value mattress.

What Makes The Nolah Stand Out?

  • The mattress features AirFoam, a proprietary alternative to memory foam.
  • The Nolah is more responsive than standard memory foam mattresses, making it easier to reposition during the night.
  • The mattress is more breathable than normal memory foam and should make for a cooler night of sleep.
  • The Nolah mattress should be a fantastic match for light- and medium-weight back and side sleepers.

Read the full Nolah mattress review

Up To $300 Off

Nolah has a VERY comfortable mattress that is especially good for side sleepers.  You can get up to $300 off the Nolah by clicking the link below.

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers


I wanted to start off by talking about the Casper because it is one of the most popular and most interesting mattresses on the market; this is because it features a zoned construction that makes the center of the mattress feel firmer than the rest.

With this zoned construction, the Casper is an extremely comfortable mattress for combination sleepers. When back sleeping and stomach sleeping, customers should feel the extra support in the center of the mattress and shouldn’t sink in too far; when side sleeping, those same people should feel better pressure relief because of the softer area found under the shoulders. No matter what position someone sleeps in, they should feel particularly comfortable.

Also, the Casper boasts a fantastic balanced foam feel; the mattress combines the bounce and response of latex with the soft comfort of memory foam. Sleeping on soft, comfortable mattresses, many people complain that they have trouble switching positions at night, but this will not be a significant issue on the Casper!

Casper is a very innovative mattress that should provide the perfect amount of comfort for all three sleeping positions.

What Makes The Casper Stand Out?

  • The mattress contains a zoned construction that provides a perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • On the Casper, combination sleepers should feel comfortable, no matter what position they choose to sleep in.
  • The Casper’s foams are also breathable, so the mattress should not trap too much heat, making people sleep hot.

Read the full Casper mattress review

Up To 30% Off

Casper is a great value that is also a great fit for all three sleeping positions.  You can get 15% off a Casper mattress or 30% off on bundles!

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs.

It is always important to consider one’s size and weight when shopping for a mattress; a mattress that feels comfortable to a lighter person might not feel the same to someone who is larger. Since I am 5’9” and 160 lbs, I wanted to get the perspective of a larger person; that’s why I asked Marten, who is 6’7” and weighs 250 lbs, to give his take on these mattresses:

Out of these nine mattresses, four should be a comfortable option for larger people.

First off, as Joe mentioned, Helix is a customizable mattress; the company will send customers a mattress made to fit their specific needs. After taking the sleep quiz, people of all sizes should the comfort they require; heavier people can also choose the Helix Plus, their mattress made just for larger people.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4” model is a fantastic choice for larger people who sleep in multiple positions; the gel grid offers enough support for back and stomach sleeping as well as fantastic pressure relief when side sleeping.

The Layla is a flippable mattress that offers two firmnesses; the soft side was great for side sleeping and the firm side was better for back sleeping.

The Nectar mattress features that slow-moving memory foam feel and, while it feels a bit firm at first, it slowly starts to soften up; I felt fantastic contouring when I was back sleeping and great pressure relief when I was side sleeping.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Comfortable Mattress

Just because a company or store advertises that a mattress is extremely comfortable, that doesn’t mean it is going to work for all types of sleepers – prospective customers should consider the following when looking for a comfortable mattress:

Sleeping Position

When someone is searching for a comfy mattress, their sleeping position should be a major consideration. Sleeping Positions For Comfortable Mattress

It might be tempting to find the softest mattress, but this might not work for someone’s specific sleeping preferences. For example:

  • Back sleepers might want to look for a medium-firm mattress with an excellent balance of comfort and support.
  • Side sleepers should think about a softer mattress with good pressure relief; they want to ensure they don’t feel pressure on their shoulders and hips because this can lead to pain and extreme discomfort.
  • For those who sleep on their stomach, a firmer mattress might actually be most comfortable; if the mattress is too soft, their hips could bow into the mattress, and they could feel some significant back pain.

Also, make sure to read about the best mattresses for lower back pain and sciatica.

Size And Weight

Consider Size And Weight When Mattress ShoppingIf someone is looking for a comfortable mattress, they definitely want to consider their size and weight. For instance, if someone is a larger side sleeper, a mattress with a thin memory foam comfort layer might not be the best fit; they might press too far into the mattress and engage the support layers underneath the comfort layer. This will add significant pressure on the joints, shoulders, and hips.

On the other hand, if someone is on the smaller side, a mattress like the Saatva or Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ might feel too firm; they might not be heavy enough to activate the comfort layers, and they might think the mattress feels particularly firm.

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Mattress Materials

Comfortable Mattress Materials

What type of mattress is going to be most comfortable? Speaking purely in terms of comfort, memory foam mattresses are usually at the top of the list – this material lets sleepers sink in, and it relieves pressure on points such as the shoulders and hips. Latex can be very comfortable as well, and it also features better bounce.

In general, innerspring mattresses offer the least amount of soft comfort; pillow-tops can help, but with all other factors put aside, an innerspring mattress can rarely compete with memory foam in terms of pure comfort.

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A Partner’s Needs

Considering A Partner's Sleeping NeedsIf a person sleeps with a partner, they want to make sure their mattress is comfortable for both of them; if their sleeping preferences are very different, finding the right mattress could be particularly difficult. For instance, if someone sleeps on their side and is a heavier person, their idea of comfort might differ from that of a lighter-weight back sleeper.

When it comes to selecting a mattress for both partners, compromise is the name of the game; find a mattress that can offer both partners a bit of the comfort they’re looking for.

Temperature Needs

Sleep Temperature Of A Comfortable MattressEven if a mattress feels very comfortable when someone lies down, they also want to think about how they’ll feel later in the night; will they overheat or will they be sleeping cool?

When it comes to keeping sleepers cool, innerspring mattresses are going to be the better bet – memory foam is known to capture body heat and redirect it back at sleepers, and this can cause them to feel hot at night.

That being said, many foam mattress producers often add other features (such as cooling covers and breathable foams) to help combat this issue; in the end, pay close attention to what the mattress has to offer in terms of cooling features.



Here’s a summary of our top picks for the most comfortable mattresses:

MattressBest For
LaylaBest Memory Foam Mattress
SaatvaBest Luxury Mattress
NectarBest Soft Mattress
HelixBest Customizable Mattress
WinkBedsBest Pillow Top Mattress
Bear HybridBest Hybrid Mattress
LeesaBest Mattress For Side Sleepers
Idle Sleep Gel FoamBest Budget Mattress
NolahBest Value Mattress
CasperBest Mattress for Combination Sleepers

When it comes to finding a comfy mattress, it really has to do with one’s personal preferences; that being said, I have tried many (many) mattresses, and these nine feel the most comfortable to me. Those who want an extremely comfortable mattress should start with this list and go from there!

Featured image: Ana Blazic Pavlovic/Shutterstock


What is the most comfortable mattress for people with back pain?

People who struggle with back pain should consider the Level Sleep; it is designed specifically to deal with this issue and features a zoned construction to provide extra lumbar support. It will feel comfortable in a number of positions.

The Saatva mattress with its balance of comfort and support should be a great option for people with back pain; it features a set of coils that should offer superior contouring for people with back pain.

What is the most comfortable mattress for side sleepers?

The Nolah should be a very comfortable mattress for light- and medium-weight side sleepers; its proprietary AirFoam should relieve almost all pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Side sleepers of many sizes should also consider the Layla mattress; its soft side is softer-than-average and should also offer excellent pressure relief.

What is the most comfortable mattress for back sleepers?

Back sleepers want to find a mattress with a good balance of comfort and support; this often means choosing a mattress with coils somewhere in its construction.

The Saatva is an innerspring mattress with a pillow top; it will offer back sleepers the support they need while allowing their hips to sink in. The Bear Hybrid is also a good option; it features coils and soft comfort foam that will provide that perfect balance of comfort and support.

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