Joe Auer

Founder/Managing Editor

Joe is the founder of Mattress Clarity and has been reviewing mattresses and other sleep products for more than five years. Joe knows a lot about mattresses, having tested more than 100 personally. Through his experience, he has developed a straightforward and practical approach to making mattress recommendations.

Joe does not believe there is one best mattress for everyone and that a more tailored approach is often the most helpful to mattress shoppers. He tries to make clear what types of sleepers a particular mattress would be good for. He also notes what considerations people should make when looking at a particular type of bed.

His extensive knowledge of mattresses, and the mattress industry, has garnered him some media attention. He’s been interviewed and featured in several online publications, including, Business Insider, New York Magazine, Huffington Post, and Forbes.

Thanks to his expertise, Joe has tested countless approaches to improving his own sleep quality. He has two top sleep tips that he’s benefitted from personally. He limits his caffeine consumption to 100 mg a day and meditates for 15 minutes daily.

Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University, where he studied entrepreneurship.

When he isn’t reviewing mattresses, Joe loves to play classical piano, read fiction and non-fiction, and travel.

Joe has personally tested nearly 100 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed.

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