Amerisleep AS3 Vs AS4 Review

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Amerisleep is a popular company with a line of memory foam mattresses. As the company grows in popularity, people naturally wonder which model in the line would be best for them. The AS3 and AS4 mattresses are two of the most popular offerings from the company. I’ll try to highlight the main similarities and differences between the two mattresses to help you if you are making the decision of AS3 vs AS4.

Note: The AS3 was formerly known as Liberty and the AS4 was formerly known as Colonial.

Key Similarities

  • Same trial periods / return policies / customer service
  • Both use bio-based memory foams
  • Both are catered to side and combo sleepers
  • Both have celliant in the cover

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AS3 layers

Key Differences

  • The AS4 is slightly softer
  • The comfort layer of the AS4 is one inch thicker
  • The AS3 costs $300 less than the AS4
AS4 layers

Pick The AS3 If:

  • You are on a budget (I think given the price range the AS3 is a slightly better value)
  • You are heavier
  • You don’t exclusively sleep on your side

See the feel of the AS3 Bed here

Pick The AS4 If:

  • You are lighter in weight
  • You sleep almost exclusively on your side

See the feel of the Amerisleep AS4 below


Bottom Line

The AS4 is slightly softer, so that is something to note for your decision. I think the AS4 is perhaps the memory foam mattress that sleeps the coolest for me of any that I have slept on, but I think the AS3 Bed is a slightly better value because it costs $300 less than the AS4. Either way, they are both great options and I don’t think you can really go wrong with either one.

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