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Amerisleep provides Mattress Clarity readers with a unique promo code to get $200 off any of their mattresses.

People should CLICK HERE to get $200 off their Amerisleep mattress (any model).  Once people land on their site, they will give them a unique coupon to get the $200 off.

Amerisleep AS4 layers
Amerisleep AS4

Highlights Of Amerisleep

  • The company does not believe that there is one best mattress for every type of sleeper.  As a result, they have created a line of 5 different memory foam mattresses all with specific types of sleepers in mind.  The models range in firmness and overall, going from the AS1 (the firmest model) to the AS5 (the softest model)
  • The company does an excellent job of addressing the issue of sleeping hot.  They use bio-based foams that are also more open-celled, meaning they will be more breathable.  There are also little air channels in each mattress that allow air to flow out.  The mattresses all come with a celliant cover, which can also help provide a cooler sleeping surface.
  • The company uses a manufacturing process that makes their foam more durable overall.  These mattresses should last longer than many of its all-foam competitors online.
  • The memory foam used in these mattresses relieves pressure very well.  The AS4, for example, performed very well in our pressure map testing, showing very little pressure when I lied down on my side.

This discount will not invalidate any of the other great Amerisleep offerings, including the return trial period, the warranty, free shipping, etc.  If people are still looking for more information on Amerisleep, visit my full Amerisleep review.  Also see how it measures up to other top picks (hint, it’s one of them) on my memory foam mattress reviews page.

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