Amerisleep Promo Code

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Amerisleep provides Mattress Clarity readers with a unique promo code.  Just CLICK HERE to get $200 off your Amerisleep mattress (any model).  Once you land on their site, they will give you a unique coupon to get the $200 off.Amerisleep Promo Code

This discount will not invalidate any of the other great Amerisleep offerings, including the return trial period, the warranty, free shipping, etc.  If you are still looking for more information on Amerisleep, visit my full Amerisleep review.  Also see how it measures up to my top picks (hint, it’s one of them) on my memory foam mattress reviews page.

Joe Auer

Joe is the editor of Mattress Clarity. When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading, and playing classical piano.

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