How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress?

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If you are like me, you grew up rotating or flipping your mattress over every now and then. Always after a gentle reminder from Mom, of course.

We’ve been told (correctly) that rotating and/or flipping your mattress is often the key to its healthy performance and long lifespan. When we sleep in the same spot every night, our body weight leaves an impression in that spot. If we do not rotate our mattress and give that space the ability to recover, we may need a new mattress sooner than later.

Now, with a new generation of mattresses made with specific and customized layers, rotating and flipping may no longer be necessary.

We’ve put together a general guide to rotating and flipping your mattress to help address the following questions:

  • Why should I rotate my mattress?
  • Does my mattress need to be rotated or flipped?
  • How do I do it?
  • How often should I rotate it or flip it?

Keep in mind that more likely than not, the folks who make your mattress will tell you whether or not it needs to be rotated or flipped. To keep your warranty in good standing, we’re going to suggest that you go with their recommendation above everything else.

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Why should I rotate my mattress?

First, let’s clarify what we mean by “rotate.” When we talk about it in this post, we mean moving the mattress 180 degrees, so the portion that was at the head of the bed is now at the foot of the bed.

As we mentioned up at the top, some mattresses needed to be rotated because it evens out the overall wear and prolongs the bed’s lifespan. It also helps keep your spine in neutral alignment, a crucial aspect of getting a good night’s sleep and waking up pain-free. 

Sleeping in the same spot every night, night after night will cause your bed to wear unevenly over time. This can also result in sagging, which will cause your spine to get out of alignment and could ultimately cause you to feel pain and potentially need to replace your mattress.

By rotating it, you are giving one area a chance to recover and a fresher spot to take on new weight.

How often should I rotate it?

There are so many different materials and combinations of materials used in mattress construction now that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should rotate your mattress.

In general, mattress brands that recommend rotation suggest doing it every three months to once a year. The main point seems to be that you keep up with it and try to be regular about your rotations.

How do I rotate my mattress?

Here are some recommendations on how to rotate your mattress in the most stress and hopefully pain-free way possible.

Plan out your rotations for the year in advance. Use your phone, laptop or a printed calendar to remind yourself to periodically rotate your mattress through the year. Some mattress brands may recommend every three months, in which case you could use the beginning/end of a business quarter to rotate. The Fourth of July holiday is a great halfway point to rotate your bed as well. And it’s never a bad idea to start the new year out sleeping on a fresh side of the bed, either.

Prep the space. Nothing is more frustrating than lifting a heavy mattress and holding it while you make decisions. Spare yourself by moving nightstands away from the bed, removing all bedding and deciding if you (or you and a buddy) are turning the bed clockwise or counterclockwise first.

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Strategize the rotation based on your bed. If you have a bed with a headboard, you will want to move the mattress slightly away from the top of the bed before rotating. If it also has a footboard you could lift the mattress and rest it on the footboard to aid in your rotation.

Get in there with the vacuum, while you can. Depending on your mattress and bed set up, it may be worth pausing mid-rotation to grab the dustbuster and get into those hard to reach spots under and around the bed and mattress. Adding fresh clean sheets to the newly rotated bed may make you feel like you’ve got a brand new bed.

What mattresses need to be rotated?

Unless the mattress company that you purchase your bed from says otherwise, it’s almost always a good idea to rotate your mattress regularly.

Here is a list of mattress types that would benefit from rotation:

  • Memory Foam
  • Latex Foam
  • Innerspring
  • Hybrid (a mix of more than one material – usually a combo of foam and innerspring)

In some cases, air beds with foam toppers will also benefit from rotation.

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What mattresses don’t need to be rotated?

Here are a few brands that don’t recommend rotating or flipping your mattress.

  • Sleep Number
  • Tempur-Pedic

Why should I flip my mattress?

The truth is that most modern mattresses are not meant to be flipped. For the most part, they are designed with specific layers and will not operate correctly if turned upside down.

Typically, only older mattresses and innerspring mattresses with no pillowtop should be flipped.

The steel coil springs inside your innerspring mattress will wear out over time if you sleep in the same spot on the same side every night for the entire time you own your mattress.

To help remedy this, it is recommended that you not only flip your innerspring mattress over but rotate it as well.

How do I flip my mattress?

It is a good idea to rotate your mattress when you flip it, as it will help with even wear and increase longevity for all mattresses. Check out our tips for rotating your mattress earlier in the post.

During the rotation process, take the opportunity to flip the mattress upside down and continue rotating until it’s completed its 180-degree turn. This may be possible to do on your own, but for larger or heavier mattresses it may be best to have a friend to help.

How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress?

Which mattresses need to be flipped?

Non-pillow top innerspring mattresses tend to be the type of mattress that will still need to be flipped.

Foam mattresses that are designed with specific layers do not need to be flipped. If you have a hybrid mattress with springs or a traditional innerspring mattress, it would be wise to consult with your mattress manufacturer before rotating or flipping.

Don’t forget the box spring!

If your mattress requires a box spring, it is recommended that you rotate it every 6 months to help with wear.

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