Best Pillow Top Mattresses Of 2021

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Those who have ever spent the night in a luxury hotel have probably slept on a pillow top mattress. A pillow top mattress usually features supportive coils and then a plush comfort layer that really rises above the mattress – basically, it looks like someone put a giant pillow on top of a mattress!

Pillow top mattresses are usually a great fit for all three sleeping positions because their design provides them with such an excellent balance of comfort and support; Whether someone sleeps on their back, side, or stomach, they should find a pillow top mattress to be a good match. So, which pillow top mattress wins the pillow top fight?

I have slept on pillow top mattresses from many different companies, and I found six best pillow top mattresses that leave the rest in the dust!

The Best Pillow Top Mattresses

  • Saatva – Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress
  • WinkBeds – Best Plush Pillow Top Mattress
  • DreamCloud Premier – Best Hybrid Mattress
  • Avocado – Best Pillow Top for Hot Sleepers
  • Birch – Best Eco-Friendly Pillow Top Mattress
  • Saatva HD – Best Mattress for Heavy People


Pillow top mattresses aren’t all cut from the same cloth, and they can feel and perform differently depending on their construction – keep reading to find which of these mattresses is the perfect fit.

Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress


The Saatva is one of the most popular bed in a box mattresses on the market, and it really is for good reason. It comes in three firmnesses, Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, but each model features a Euro-style pillow top as well as two sets of steel coils – one is a set of high-grade support coils, and the other is a set of micro-coils.

We reviewed the Luxury Firm model which features the best balance of comfort and support. With its two sets of coils, the Saatva is going to be a very supportive mattress that should be able to hold up even much heavier people, and the micro-coils are also going to provide some excellent contouring, especially when people are back sleeping. Stomach sleepers should also get the requisite amount of support on the Saatva Luxury Firm but can also look at the Firm model if they need even more support.

At the same time, the Euro-style pillow top should offer a good amount of pressure relief, but those who sleep primarily on their side can also consider the Saatva Soft model.

What Makes The Saatva Stand Out?

  • The Saatva comes in two heights, 11.5″ and 14.5″, but they perform the same.
  • Customers can choose from Saatva’s three firmness options: Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.
  • The support coils offer excellent support, and the micro-coils provide an excellent amount of contouring.
  • The Saatva’s breathable cotton cover and airflow-promoting coils should keep the mattress sleeping cool.

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Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can save $200 on a Saatva mattress simply by clicking the link below.

Best Plush Pillow Top Mattress


The WinkBed is one of the best innerspring mattresses and comes in four firmnesses – Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus. I personally reviewed the WinkBed Luxury Firm mattress because it features the best balance of comfort and support.

Like the Saatva, the WinkBed contains two sets of coils – 7.5″ of individually-wrapped coils and 2.5″ of individually-wrapped coils. Its Euro-style pillow top is made up of a Tencel cover that is quilted gel-infused Hypersoft foam and premium gel foam and, under the pillow top, there is also a proprietary LumbarLayer that adds extra support under the lumbar area.

The design of the WinkBed Luxury Firm mattress makes it an excellent match for all three sleeping positions. The two sets of coils offer support and contouring for back sleepers while the LumbarLayer makes sure the lower back is properly supported. The Euro-style pillow top should relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips for most side sleepers but, if they need something even more comfortable, they can consider the WinkBed Softer model. Stomach sleepers should also get the support they require on the WinkBed Luxury Firm model.

What Makes The WinkBed Stand Out?

  • The WinkBed mattress is available in four different firmnesses: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus. 
  • The WinkBed Luxury Firm model is a particularly good fit for people who sleep in any position.
  • The mattress features cooling materials like Tencel fabric and gel-infused foam, making this a fantastic fit for hot sleepers.

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Winkbeds has a mattress that is an excellent balance of comfort and support.  You can get $300 off the Winkbeds mattress by clicking the link below.

Best Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid mattress that features some very high-end materials. High-grade coils, multiple layers of high-density foam, and a nice pillow top – it’s got it all. The cover is even made of cashmere, so it gives you a nice luxury look and feel. 

With its hybrid pillow top design, the DreamCloud Premier has a very good balance of comfort and support. This makes it ideal for back sleepers. In addition, that plush top offers great pressure relief for side sleeping. 

The DreamCloud Premier is also a luxury mattress sold for a value price. With its high-end design, we would expect it to cost much more than it does. Right now, it is under $1500 for a Queen size. This is an excellent deal for a nice pillow top mattress. 

What Makes The DreamCloud Premier Stand Out?

  • The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid that offers a great balance of comfort and support. 
  • The mattress boasts many cooling features to keep you from overheating at night. 
  • The DreamCloud Premier is surprisingly affordable for such a high-quality mattress. 

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DreamCloud Premier
DreamCloud Premier
DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier is a high-quality, luxury mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  You can get $200 off the DreamCloud Premier mattress and receive free sheets, pillows, and a protector simply by clicking the link below.

Best Cooling Pillow Top Mattress


When shopping for a mattress, some people prefer something that is all-natural and free of harmful chemicals. Those who want to sleep on an eco-friendly, clean mattress are going to just love the Avocado mattress.

The Avocado is a hybrid mattress that features Dunlop latex and pocketed coils; for an additional fee, customers can also add a pillow top to their mattress which contains more Dunlop latex and fluffy wool. With the pillow top, the Avocado is a bit softer and should be a better match for side sleepers, but back sleepers and stomach sleepers might want to get the Avocado mattress without a pillow top.

Besides being eco-friendly, latex is also great with cooling – it is more breathable than other mattress materials like memory foam and, together with the wool, it should keep the top of the mattress from trapping too much heat. The coils will also allow air to flow through the Avocado so, altogether, this should be a cooler-sleeping mattress.

What Makes The Avocado Stand Out?

  • The Avocado is an all-natural latex hybrid mattress that is an excellent eco-friendly option.
  • The mattress comes with an optional pillow top for additional comfort and plushness.
  • The Avocado should be an exceptional pillow top mattress for hot sleepers.

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Avocado is an innovative, all-natural mattress that a lot of people are going to like.  Right now, you can get $200 off the Avocado latex mattress by using code EARTH.

Best Eco-Friendly Pillow Top


The Birch mattress from Helix is another latex hybrid, but this model contains Talalay latex, not Dunlop latex – Talalay latex is a bit softer than Dunlop latex, but it is not quite as dense or durable as Dunlop latex. The Birch might provide better pressure relief than the Avocado, but it might not last for quite as long.

The Birch also comes with an optional pillow top – this will add 3″ of Talalay latex to the top of the mattress as well as some fluffy wool batting. Similar to what we saw with the Avocado mattress, without the pillow top, the Birch should be a better fit for back and stomach sleepers and, with the pillow top, it should offer plush comfort for the majority of side sleepers.

Like most latex mattresses, the Birch has a good amount of bounce, so it is an excellent option for those who prefer to sleep on top of their mattress or want to switch positions throughout the night.

What Makes The Birch Stand Out?

  • The mattress contains all-natural materials such as Birch wool and Talalay latex.
  • The company offers an optional pillow top that will provide additional pressure relief.
  • Without the pillow top, the Birch should be a good mattress for stomach sleepers
  • The Birch mattress is bouncy, making it very easy for sleepers to move around and change positions at night.

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The Birch is a comfortable and supportive latex mattress. Save $200 on the Birch and get 2 free pillows by clicking the button below. 

Best Pillow Top for Heavy People

Saatva HD

Like many other companies, Saatva recently released a mattress designed specifically with larger people in mind. The Saatva HD is a tall mattress that features some very durable, supportive materials – it boasts multiple layers of high-density foam, latex foam, and high-grade coils, so it is rated for much heavier weights.

Heavier stomach sleepers and back sleepers should feel exceptional support from the coils and thick foam layers. The latex layer is also zoned and will give back sleepers more support under their lumbar area; when heavier people move to their sides, they should feel less pressure on their shoulders and hips because of the zoning and plush pillow top.

The Saatva HD is also a particularly great mattress for hot sleepers. The organic cotton cover is very breathable and the latex layer is ventilated – add in the airflow-promoting coils, and we’ve got a cooler-sleeping mattress!

What Makes The Saatva HD Stand Out?

  • The Saatva HD is made specifically for larger people who require more support.
  • The mattress should be a fantastic match for heavy people who sleep in pretty much any position. 
  • The Saatva HD features some very durable materials and should be an excellent long-term investment.
  • People should not be sleeping hot on the cool-sleeping Saatva HD.

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$200 Off
Saatva HD
Saatva HD
Saatva HD

The Saatva HD is a supportive mattress made specifically for larger people. Click the link to save $200 on the Saatva HD

Pillow Top Mattresses For Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Anyone who is considering a pillow top mattress should definitely keep their size and weight mind because a mattress that works for a lighter person might not be the best mattress for a heavy person. The following pillow top mattresses should all be a good fit for heavier people:

So, out of these five mattresses, four are a really good match for larger sleepers because they all feature supportive coils and should be able to handle heavier weights. First off, the Saatva HD is made specifically for larger sleepers – it features very high-grade coils and an extra layer of zoned latex, and it is a good match for all three sleeping positions. While the Saatva mattress is not as supportive as the Saatva HD, heavier people might find it to be a better match when I am side sleeping.

The WinkBeds innerspring mattress comes in four models with different firmnesses, and the WinkBeds Plus is their mattress made just for larger people. Like the Saatva HD, the WinkBeds features extra supportive coils as well as some zoning, so it should also work for heavier combination sleepers.

Finally, the Avocado mattress with the added pillow top should be a good match for heavier back and side sleepers. The coils and latex hold up the body when you are back sleeping, but the plush pillow top relieves pressure when you are side sleeping.

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What Is A Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top mattress refers to any mattress that adds a pillow top padding to the top of the mattress. Pillow tops are added to innerspring mattresses to give the mattress a softer, more plush feel. Many different materials can be used in the pillow top; some of the most common materials found in a pillow top include cotton, wool, fiberfill, memory foam, latex, and down.

Pillow Top Vs Euro Top Mattresses

A pillow top and euro top are both a top padding layer on a mattress, though the way they are added to the mattress differs. A pillow top is sewn directly on top of the mattress cover–when it sits on the mattress there is a slight gap around the edges and it looks like you laid a large pillow across the surface of the mattress.

Best Pillow Top Mattress
Example of a pillow top mattress

A euro top on the other hand is stitched underneath the mattress cover, so the edges line up and it looks more like part of the mattress. Both pillow tops and euro tops use the same materials in their construction.

Pillow tops and euros have different feels because of the different attachment styles. A pillow top generally feels softer than a euro top mattress and does a nice job of offering contouring and pressure relief. Euro tops are generally more durable since they are attached underneath the cover.

Who Should Choose A Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses are fantastic, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are a few types of people who should consider a pillow top mattress:

  • Those who need a balance of comfort and support. Anyone who wants a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive should set their sights on a pillow top mattress. Most pillow top mattresses contain coils that will offer solid support, and the pillow top will offer just a bit of plush comfort without letting sleepers sink in too far.
  • Combination sleepers. With their balance of comfort and support, pillow top mattresses should work for combination sleepers who switch positions at night. The coils should provide enough support for stomach and back sleeping, and the pillow top should offer pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • Fans of hotel mattresses. The majority of mattresses one finds in a luxury hotel are pillow top mattresses, so those who want to sleep in style every night should consider a pillow top.
  • Those who like to sleep on top of their mattress. Pillow tops provide a soft and plush comfort layer without letting sleepers sink too far into the mattress; anyone who likes to sleep atop the mattress and wants to move around easily are going to like a pillow top.

What To Look For

When shopping for a pillow top mattress, there are a few factors you will want to keep in mind. We’ll review the main factors below.


The materials used in the pillow top mattress you sleep on can largely affect the feel of the mattress. Take a look at some of our guidelines below to help you understand the effect different materials will have on the firmness and feel.

  • Latex pillow tops are good for cooling & responsive
  • Natural materials like cotton and wool are good for cooling
  • Memory foam pillow tops provide nice motion isolation and pressure relief
  • Fiberfill or low-density foams will make the mattress more affordable but not as high of quality


Pillow tops are added to innerspring mattresses usually to soften the feel of the mattress. Generally, pillow top mattresses have a more plush and soft feel, which is important to consider as this will not necessarily suit every type of sleeper well.

Of course each mattress has its individual qualities that make it a good fit for certain types of sleepers and not a great fit for others, so there are no hard and fast rules, but if you’re looking for an extra-firm mattress, a pillow top may not be right for you.

Temperature Regulation

If you’re already a hot sleeper, you will want to pay extra close attention to how well a mattress will regulate your body temperature. Adding a pillow top to an innerspring coil system can make the bed naturally retain more heat than a plain innerspring mattress would, though not as much as an all-foam mattress might.

Organic Mattresses Are Cooling

Look out for cooling features like a thin, breathable cover, natural materials like cotton or wool that are moisture-wicking, or materials like latex that are naturally more cooling.


Pillow top mattresses can be more pricey, so you should make sure you set your expectations correctly for how much you may be spending beforehand. If you create a budget before shopping, that can also help you narrow down your options more quickly.


As a reminder, here are our top picks for the best pillow top mattresses:

Mattress Best For
Saatva Best Firm Pillow Top Mattress
WinkBeds Best Plush Pillow Top Mattress
DreamCloud Premier Best Hybrid Mattress
Avocado Best Pillow Top for Hot Sleepers
Birch Best Eco-Friendly Pillow Top Mattress
Saatva HD Best Mattress for Heavy People

In the end, one of these pillow top mattresses should be an exceptional match for combination sleepers and those who need a balance of comfort and support. Don’t hesitate to leave any questions on our YouTube video if an individual recommendation is needed!


Are pillow top mattresses any good?

Pillow top mattresses can be great because they offer a balance of comfort and support and can be a great fit for combination sleepers.

That being said, they might not be a good match for those who prefer to really sink into their mattress.

Are pillow top mattresses better than memory foam mattresses?

One type of mattress really isn’t better than the other, and it really depends on someone’s preferences.

For instance, those who sleep in numerous positions or need more support are going to find that a pillow top mattress is a better fit.

On the other hand, those who need more pressure relief or like to really sink into their mattress are going to prefer a memory foam mattress.

How long will pillow top mattresses last?

This depends on the exact mattress and the types of materials it contains – if a mattress features low-density foam in its pillow top, it might not last as long as something with higher-density foam.

Also, it depends on the size of the owner – a larger person could put more strain on the mattress and cause it to break down more quickly. That being said, most pillow top innerspring mattresses should last for between seven and ten years.

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