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  1. I have mattresses issues I see no one addresses. I weigh 230 pounds and am physically disabled. I am a side sleeper, side of the bed, mostly on account of difficulty moving about in bed. When I get up in the morning I have to do a bounce to get up. But it the mattress is too soft – I don’t bounce I just drop deeper. I’ve had to call 911 twice this week because I’ve rolled off the bed. I have a friend who often sleeps over who I refer to as my little furnace.

    I am considering a Winkbed, but I’m not sure which one. I might be too light for a plus, but the side support might be best. Or is there another bed with extremely good side support. I usually last no more than two or three years with a mattress.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Joe, Need your help. I am 5’7″ at 185lbs, generally a side sleeper, my wife if 5’7″ 135lbs and back/side sleeper and sleeps hot. We have had the Brentwood Oceano for 2 months and sags have began to show up, so we will return it. We want a hybrid and are considering the Brooklyn Aurora, Brooklyn Spartan, Dreamcloud or other based on your recommendation. Greatly appropriate your guidance!

  3. Im a side sleeper and I also suffer from lower back pain and my arm goes numb in the mornings. I prefer a firmer feel… I was leaning towards the 4” queen because I assumed it will me more material for me and my shoulder to sink into but I’m afraid it might me too soft. Which one you recommend for a side sleeper? 2,3 or 4” taking into consideration that my back gets destroyed every time I go to sleep. Sometimes Is very hard to bend over to pick up stuff during the day because of my lower back pain.

    Thanks In advance

  4. I’ve had my sleep number about 13 years now and I LOVE it!! It has been well worth the money I spent for it. However, my controller hasn’t properly displayed numbers for a couple of years but, it still worked. Well, now it doesn’t display at all the light lights up as usual but, no numbers and the pump I believe is not working now. Would my warranty still be in effect for those?

    • I think you may be partially covered for the remote but you will need to contact Sleep Number directly to be sure. Good luck!

      • After 9 years of Sleep Number P5 with remote I have had no number displayed for 8 of those years including the replacement of the remote and pump . . . . . . at my cost as Sleep Number does not honor their warranty. The bed developed major sags for each person and we sleep a number 100. If your remote works just use it, or prepare to pay a few hundred to replace it.

  5. Why don’t you have any reviews for beds, like their pacbed? I ended up buying that bed a few years ago and now im seeing if there is something better. Im having the hardest time finding reviews for it to compare firmness and comfort because none of the big mattress review sites will review it. Have you tried it and would you pick their pacbed verses Amiersleeps AS4 or AS3? Pros and cons in a head to head?

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