Best Pregnancy Pillows 2022

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During my last two pregnancies, I’ve had the opportunity to review a collection of some of the best pregnancy pillows out there. Each one was different and unique, and all were designed to meet a mother-to-be’s needs during her pregnancy.

I really enjoyed the process and learned a lot about what pregnant people can come to expect in terms of support and comfort with pregnancy pillows.

Pregnant Woman With Pregnancy Pillow

After reviewing so many pregnancy pillows, I’ve put together a list of four of my favorites available today. Below, I share why I think each pillow selected is so beneficial during pregnancy, plus more information on what to look for when shopping for a pregnancy pillow.

Overall, I can say the last few years have been significantly more comfortable thanks to these pillows, and I hope this information is helpful to everyone reading, as well!

Best Pregnancy Pillows – 2022


Best Versatile Pillow

Leachco Snoogle

The shape and overall feel of the Snoogle mean that pregnant women only need one pillow to keep them comfortable all night — and it’s easy to adjust. It really helped keep my head, neck, back, and hips in neutral alignment and served me well during all trimesters of my pregnancy.

Who Is It For?

Not only is it for anyone and everyone who desires an adjustable pillow, but the Leachco Snoogle is a great fit for those who want a down alternative. This pillow is 100% polyester, and gives a similar feel to down while being more animal-friendly.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • There are different cover options. Whether you select a cover that’s mini-sized, 100% organic cotton, or jersey knit, these covers are removable and simple to clean. My favorite is the zippered one, since it saves time when it comes to getting the cover back on.
  • It’s priced at a good value. Before sales and discounts, this pillow costs about $69 and can be found at multiple retailers.
  • You can trust the creator of this pillow. That’s right, the patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and fellow mother.

Learn even more in our comprehensive review of the Leachco Snoogle pregnancy pillow.

Most Versatile
Leachco Snoogle
Leachco Snoogle
Leachco Snoogle

Leachco's Snoogle pillow is an innovative C-shape pregnancy pillow whose design is a game-changer for pregnant women.

Most Compact

Hiccapop Wedge

One of the biggest perks of the Hiccapop wedge pillow is that it’s small, lightweight, and compact. Mothers-to-be who travel frequently can utilize this simple pillow to stay comfortable in a pinch. It even comes with a little carrying case. Better yet, it’s phthalate, PVC, and BPA-free. You should be able to find one for less than $30 before sales.

Who Is It For?

Moms who travel and moms who often find themselves switching up sitting or sleeping positions should love the Hiccapop Wedge.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • We’re obsessed with its cover. The Hiccapop Wedge’s soft velour cover boasts a faux feel. It is also removable, machine washable, and dryer-friendly.
  • It’s customizable. This pillow has different firmness levels on each side, so you can adjust according to your needs.
  • It’s great for proper alignment. I’ve already used it frequently in the car for my lower back and I’ve used it to ease my tailbone pain when I was working. Women can also choose to wedge it behind the back to aid in preventing them from rolling onto their backs at night.

Learn more about the Hiccapop Wedge pillow in the complete review.

Best Compact Pillow
Hiccapop Wedge
Hiccapop Wedge
Hiccapop Wedge

This dual-sided wedge pillow can give a pregnant woman a boost just about anywhere she could use the extra support. 

Best Supportive Pillow

Awesling Full Body

If you’re in need of additional support in a pillow, look no further than the Awesling Full Body pillow. All of the filling in the pillow is made of polyester fibers that give it a more durable feel, similar to down pillows. You can rely on the Awesling pillow to make you feel secure in a number of different positions. For example, you can remove the side and use it as a knee rest, or you can snuggle into the C-shaped pillow and allow it to cradle your body.

Who Is It For?

Because it’s so versatile, this pillow works for just about anyone. Adults of all ages and sizes will benefit, including those in a post-surgery setting.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • It has such a cool construction. Four small pillows are covered in a way that allow them to attach to each other. You can form it however you want! Put all sides together and connect with a strap to make a U-Shaped body pillow or take a piece away to put between the knees. Once the baby comes, use one of the pillows as a nursing bolster or a knee bolster.
  • It’s a great pillow for the money. This pillow is a steal on Amazon, listed under $46 before sales.
  • It includes a small 45⁰ angle pillow. This is perfect for propping the baby bump to lessen the strain on one’s back muscles while sleeping.
Best Supportive Pillow
Awesling Full Body
Awesling Full Body
Awesling Full Body

The 60" full body pillow can be separated into several pieces for maximum versatility and comfort regardless of the trimester! 

Best Pillow for Small Spaces

Boppy Side Sleeper

The Side Sleeper from Boppy provides good support to both the back and a woman’s growing bump. It does all of this without surrounding the body completely, which keeps things not only comfortable, but compact. The stretch panel keeps the pillows in place as the bump grows, and this versatility provides additional space. With every stage of pregnancy, you aren’t burdened with a bulky pillow. This is great for many situations, especially if you share your mattress with a partner. 

Who Is It For?

Of course, side sleepers should fall in love with the Boppy, but traveling mothers should also  enjoy. Its compact design allows individuals to sleep comfortably even while on the go.

What Makes It Stand Out? 

  • It’s set at a great price. This pillow is available at several retailers, and often goes for $30 per pillow.
  • It’s easy to clean. The Boppy Side Sleeper is machine washable and has a soft-knit removable cover.
  • It’s versatile. This pillow can be used before, during, and after pregnancy for support. It can also be placed between the knees at night to keep the hips open.

Check out my full review of this Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow.

Best for Small Spaces
Boppy Side Sleeper
Boppy Side Sleeper
Boppy Side Sleeper

The Boppy Side Sleeper is the perfect compact pillow that supports a pregnant woman's growing bump while providing her back with enhanced support. 

What to Look for in a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow sleep guide

In case it isn’t obvious, not all pregnancy pillows look or function the same way. There are a ton of them out there, and it can be overwhelming to determine which is going to work best during pregnancy. Here are the main factors to consider before purchasing a pillow.

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Size and Shape

Pregnancy pillows can be full-body or they can be compact and travel-size. Choosing the right one really depends on what each pregnant women’s personal needs are. Here are some questions to think about to determine which size is best:

pregnancy pillow considerations

  • How big is the bed?
  • Does the individual sleep with a partner?
  • Does the individual have room to store the pillow when she (or he) is not using it?
  • Will the person be traveling with the pregnancy pillow?

Some pillows are designed for overall use, while some are shaped to support a specific area. For example, wedge pillows are often the best for letting a mom rest comfortably on her back at an elevated level or for placing under the bump for support at night.


Just as with regular pillow-shopping, there are a ton of fillings to choose from when considering a pregnancy pillow. Here’s an idea of what types of fillings are available:

  • Memory foam
  • Polyester fibers
  • Air (inflated)
  • Micro-beads
  • Wool
  • Kapok fibers (seed pod fluff from a rainforest tree)


In many cases, a pregnancy pillow comes with a removable cover that can be washed (and sometimes extra covers are available for purchase). Typically they’re made with the same fabric as a regular pillow: cotton, organic cotton, jersey knit, polyester knit, velour, and so on. Individuals should check the cleaning instructions if they want something that is machine washable and dryer friendly.


There’s a pregnancy pillow in just about everyone’s budget! The more compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly pillows tend to be the most affordable and range from around $20 to $40. Plan to spend $50 to $60 for full-body, U-shaped, or C-shaped options, but I’ve reviewed some that are closer to $200. Many of the pillows I reviewed are sold at multiple retailers, which helps to keep their price competitive. I recommend that everyone price-compare at different in-store and online retailers before purchasing and looks for coupons that might apply to the pillow.

Trimester and Sleep Position

Pregnant Woman With Multiple Pregnancy Pillows


Pregnancy pillow needs may change as a pregnant woman progresses in her pregnancy. While everyone is different, some may prefer more full-body support towards the end of their pregnancy and perhaps support for specific areas earlier on. Also, by the halfway mark of the pregnancy, most women will be primarily side-sleeping, which can be quite a change for those who are used to sleeping mostly on their stomach or back.

“By the second trimester, if you’re still sleeping on your back, it’s time to shift, since the weight of your expanding midsection can compromise your circulation,” says the National Sleep Foundation. “And by the third trimester, even if you naturally prefer to sleep on your left side, which is the ideal position during pregnancy, the sheer weight of your bump — combined with the increased laxity in your joints as your body prepares for childbirth — can add up to serious aches and pains.”

By considering these factors, doing some research, and comparing prices, all pregnant women and adults alike should be equipped to find the best pregnancy pillow for them. For even more information, we’ve put together a whole guide to pregnancy pillows!


What is the best pregnancy pillow to buy?

The best pregnancy pillow for each person is the one that’s going to keep the individual — most often a pregnant woman — and her personal pregnancy-related aches and pains at bay. There is no one “best” pillow from my experience, but I do think full-body options like the Snoogle or the Awesling end up being crowd-pleasers because of their versatile nature.

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow?

Honestly, people can begin using a pregnancy pillow as soon as they want — there are no rules! These pillows are not reserved for pregnant women only, and anyone can enjoy them. Personally, I started using my Snoogle at about the halfway mark of my pregnancy (20 weeks) when I had to transition from being a back sleeper to being a solid side sleeper per my doctor's recommendations. It really helped me stay comfortable with my hips aligned and my back supported. Check out my video on the best sleeping positions for pregnancy to learn more about transitioning to side-sleeping.

What is the best pregnancy pillow for sleeping?

For sleeping, I would highly recommend one of the two of the full-body options in my list: the Snoogle or the Awesling. They're designed to help women stay as close to neutrally aligned as possible and, as a result, more comfortable overnight.

Do pregnancy pillows really help?

I can personally attest that yes, pregnancy pillows really help. Pregnancy can be so uncomfortable, especially when it’s time to sleep. Whether it’s the first baby or someone's third, our bodies are constantly challenged and tested in ways that we aren’t used to. Adding enhanced support through a pregnancy pillow really will help a woman stay comfortable enough to get much-needed rest.

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