Amerisleep Vs Casper Mattress

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Casper made huge waves in the mattress industry when it launched a couple of years ago.  It has used the online-only business model with great success and has since expanded its product line to include sheets, pillows, and a dog bed.  

Amerisleep uses a similar business model but has a line of multiple mattress models and it has been in business for much longer at this point.  As the two companies grow in popularity, people wonder how the mattresses compare to one another (as well as to other mattresses I’ve reviewed).  There are some major differences, and I’ll try to go over those to help you if you are deciding Amerisleep vs Casper.

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Amerisleep vs Casper Mattress

Key Similarities

  • Similar business model
  • Both offer a great value
  • Both have all-foam mattresses
  • Both have great customer service
  • Both have friendly trial periods and return policies

Key Differences

  • Amerisleep mattresses are all memory foam, while Casper has latex over memory foam
  • Amerisleep has a line of 5 mattresses all catered to different types of sleepers, while Casper has just one mattress
  • Casper is less expensive than all the mattresses in the Amerisleep line
  • Amerisleep has a few more bells and whistles in its construction
  • Casper is a bit bouncier/more responsive, while Amerisleep mattresses are more slow-moving

Construction Differences

The main difference between the Casper and the Amerisleep line is in the comfort layer.  Casper has 1.5” of latex over 1.5” of memory foam.  Amerisleep mattresses are all memory foam.  People should take a look at the Amerisleep Comparison page to see the exact construction of each mattress (check out my Liberty vs Revere and Liberty vs Colonial review as well).  There are some additional bells and whistles that Amerisleep puts in the construction of its mattresses, but again the main difference is having memory foam on the very top of the mattress versus latex with Casper.

You Might Want To Pick Amerisleep If:

You Need Firmness Options– The Casper is a good fit for people in the middle of the road as far their sleeping style/stats are concerned.  If people want something with a medium-level firmness, then the Casper might be perfect for them.  If people have other-than-average sleeping preferences, then they might want to take a look at Amerisleep.  They have 5 models that are catered to different types of sleepers.  If people know they only sleep on their back, for example, then they can find a model specifically designed for back sleepers.

You Have One Specific Sleeping Position– As I mentioned above, Amerisleep has 5 models catered to different types of sleepers.  If people just sleep on their stomach or back, then they can find a model that is made just for them.

You Prefer A Slower-Moving Memory Foam Feel– The Casper is definitely more responsive/bouncy than the line of Amerisleep mattresses.  Typically, it comes down to personal preference whether people will like a faster or slower-moving foam mattress.  If people like the slower-moving memory foam feel, then that’s definitely what they get more from the Amerisleep mattresses.

You Can Pay More For Extra Bells And Whistles– The Amerisleep mattresses have some nice extra touches to their construction.  They use celliant in their cover, for example, which potentially can have some nice health benefits (although people should read more about the technology to substantiate the claims for themselves).  The cost to make their mattresses is most certainly more than the cost to make the Casper, so people just have to decide if the extra price tag is worth it.

Learn more in my full Amerisleep mattress reviews.

You Might Want To Pick Casper If:

You Want A More Responsive Feel– If people want a mattress that is quicker to respond to their movements, then Casper might be the way to go.  The top latex layer makes the mattress fairly bouncy and definitely more responsive than the line of Amerisleep mattresses.

You Are On More Of A Budget– Across all the lineup of Amerisleep mattresses, the Casper will be less expensive.  If people don’t plan on having their mattress forever or if they just want to save more money on their purchase, then the Casper would be the better way to go.

You Want A More Established Brand– Casper has quickly become a massive brand in the industry.  If people like buying products from more well-known brands, then Casper certainly is a good choice.

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If You Sleep With A Partner

If people sleep with a partner, then they might want to consider how well their mattress will perform with motion isolation.  This means if people move around in the bed, then their partner won’t be disturbed.

Amerisleep performs slightly better than the Casper when it comes to motion isolation because it uses high-density memory foam in its top layer compared to latex for Casper.  Amerisleep is definitely a great choice for couples.

What It Comes Down To

Both companies present great, but ultimately very different options.  If people really like the pure memory foam mattress feel or if they have a specific sleeping style, then Amerisleep may be the way to go.  If people don’t, then perhaps Casper is a good option.  The differences are clear, so take a look at what I’ve written and hopefully people can make a more informed decision.

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