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Amerisleep and Leesa are two companies that have had great success selling their mattresses online.  They have become known for selling high-quality products at an affordable price.  The online-only business model is really taking off, and these two companies are a big part of this movement.

As these two companies have gained in popularity, people wonder how they compare to one another (as well as other mattresses I’ve reviewed).  I’ll go over the main differences here in this in-depth mattress comparison to help you if you are deciding Amerisleep vs Leesa.  Know that both companies have great return policies and sleep trials, so don’t worry about this decision too much. Before making a final purchase decision, make sure to check out our other popular Amerisleep and Leesa comparisons like Amerisleep vs. Saatva and Leesa vs. Nectar.

Amerisleep vs Leesa

Key Similarities

  • Similar business model
  • Both offer a great value
  • Both have great customer service
  • Both offer generous sleep trials/return policies
  • Both have great customer reviews

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Key Differences

  • Amerisleep has a line of 5 models, while Leesa has just one mattress
  • Amerisleep mattresses are memory foam, while Leesa is Aveena over memory foam
  • Amerisleep mattresses are generally more expensive
  • The Leesa mattress is more responsive/bouncy than the Amerisleep line

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Construction Differences

The Leesa is 10” thick.  It is 2” of Aveena (latex-like) foam, over 2” of 3lb. density memory foam, over 6” of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam.

Amerisleep has a line of 5 different memory foam mattresses (see my Revere, Colonial, and Liberty reviews).  I would encourage people to check out our full Amerisleep mattress review to see the exact construction of each mattress.

The key difference is that Amerisleep is all memory foam in the comfort layer, while Leesa uses aveena foam over memory foam.

Here is a video showing off the feel of the Amerisleep Colonial.

Here is a video showing off the firmness and feel of the Leesa.

You Might Want To Pick Amerisleep If:

You Want Different Firmness Options– Amerisleep has a lineup of 5 different mattresses that all have different firmnesses and cater to different types of sleepers.  If people know they want something softer, for example, then they will have a model specifically catered to them.  Leesa just has one firmness option.

You Like The Memory Foam Feel– Amerisleep’s mattresses have more of a memory foam feel than Leesa.  Sleepers will generally feel that they sink into the mattress a bit more and the foam is more slow-moving than the Leesa mattress is.  If people are used to that kind of feel and like it, then Amerisleep is probably the better choice for them.

You Value The Extra Features Amerisleep Provides– Amerisleep does provide a couple of extra features that other mattresses don’t have.  For example, it uses a celliant cover.  There are claims that this type of cover has various health benefits.  I can’t speak to that, but I’d encourage people to read more about it.  The company also uses bio-based foams that have an open-celled structure.  This helps the mattress sleep cool.

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You Might Want To Pick Leesa If:

You Want A More Balanced Foam Feel– Because Leesa mixes Aveena foam and memory foam, it doesn’t have a pure memory foam, slow-moving feel.  It is more responsive/bouncy than the Amerisleep mattresses, but isn’t as bouncy as a pure latex mattress.

You Are On More Of A Budget– The Leesa is priced lower than all of the Amerisleep mattresses.  If people want to save a little extra money, then Leesa may be the way to go.

You Want More Bounce– Some people like a mattress that is bouncier / more responsive.  Leesa is definitely more bouncy than any of the Amerisleep mattresses.

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Notes On Motion Isolation

Because Amerisleep uses high-density memory foam as the top layer, it performs very well with motion isolation.  Leesa does well too, but Amerisleep does a bit better.  The Amerisleep should be the best mattress for couples.

Thoughts On Price

The Americana mattress from Amerisleep is roughly the same price as the Leesa, but all the other models are going to be more expensive.  People essentially have to balance any perceived difference in quality between the mattresses and the difference in price.

Amerisleep mattresses are thicker (except the Americana) and have more bells and whistles in their construction, so it’s the consumer’s job to decide if the extra cost is worth it.

What It Comes Down To

There are considerable differences between the Amerisleep line and the Leesa mattress.  The feel is different.  The price is different.  The construction overall is different.  Amerisleep has 5 mattress models catered to different sleepers, while Leesa just has one mattress.  These differences are big enough that people should be able to make a pretty informed decision.

See our full Leesa review and Amerisleep review.

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