Layla Mattress Ultimate Giveaway – Enter And Win!

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We really like this Layla mattress: Our review says it all! With so many great features, such as the soft cover, copper-infused foam, and flippable functionality, we couldn’t help but give one away.

Layla has an incredibly comfortable memory foam feel with two firmness options built into one mattress. Whether you prefer a firm or plush mattress, Layla has it!


Layla Mattress Giveaway!

From top to bottom, here are some of the things that we really like about the mattress:

  • Layla has a really soft cover on top, which adds an element of overall comfort to the mattress.
  • The copper-infused memory foam is not only soft, but also cool. A lot of memory foam mattresses sleep hot, but that wasn’t the case here!
  • The motion isolation is really good. This makes it an especially good choice for couples.
  • If you’re looking for a firmer option, the flip side of the mattress has you covered! Be warned that it is slightly firmer than average (about 8 out of 10 on a firmness scale).

If you want to learn more about our personal experience with the mattress, definitely check out our full Layla review HERE.

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178 thoughts on “Layla Mattress Ultimate Giveaway – Enter And Win!”

  1. My favorite kind of feel for a mattress is latex because latex is nearly as comfortable as memory foam, but doesn’t typically sink in as much as memory foam.

  2. I prefer latex or memory foam over springs. I haven’t made up my mind yet about latex vs. memory foam yet.

  3. I have always had a spring mattress that I could flip and turn. They seem to last a long time. I sleep on my side so a softer mattress is my dream.

  4. Althoug I haven’t tried it, I think the purple mattress would be one of the better for me. I’ve also never tried a decent memory fam mattress, which I think would be nice for me as well.

  5. My fave mattress feel is latex, but I’ve been wanting to try out the hybrid mattresses that have come out recently!

  6. I was just involved in a car accident (hit from behind while stopped in traffic) and I HURT. I would love and need a new mattress. Just don’t see any place to enter on this page. It says “Enter and Win” but how/where? Does leaving a comment enter me?

  7. I like firm mattresses that have a little give for my pressure points, as I am a side sleeper. I haven’t had a nice supportive mattress for years and would love to finally have a great night of sleep on a wonderful new bed.

  8. I haven’t had the chance to try out too many other than innerspring. With the memory foam I’ve tried, I found it to be too soft so the firmer option on the Layla sounds great!! I haven’t tried latex mattresses yet.

  9. It sure is not a spring mattress. I remember when we first started out, we had a 2nd hand spring mattress. Worse sleep ever. I would say any other mattress is fine with me.

  10. I have heard great things about the memory foam mattress. I would love to have the memory foam mattress.

  11. My bed is a day bed with an old mattress. I need a better place to sleep. My bed interferes with my sleep a lot. Thank you

  12. My husband is always tossing and turning due to pain in his back from our mattress. Maybe this is the one.

  13. I need a bed. I’m sleeping on an old day bed and it’s not comfortable at all. Thank you for the opportunity

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