Latex Mattress Vs Tempurpedic- Which Is Right For You?

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A lot of people have emailed me and asked how latex mattresses compare to the different Tempurpedic models.  There are definitely some significant differences between them, so I thought I’d go over the highlights here to help you make a better informed decision.  I’d also recommend you check out my memory foam vs latex article, as it would make a lot of similar points.

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Where Tempur-Pedic Might Be Better:

  • Pressure Relief– Tempur-Pedic models are known for their pressure relief.  The memory foam conforms to your exact profile and relieves pressure very well.  Latex is good at relieving pressure, but Tempur-Pedic is typically better at it.  If you sleep on your side, this becomes an even more important characteristic.
  • Motion Isolation– Memory foam does an amazing job at isolating motion.  That means if you sleep with a partner, you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movement in the bed.

Where Latex Might Be Better

  • Resilience/Bounce– If you want a foam feel that returns to its original shape immediately, then latex is the way to go.  This is better for people who move around a lot in bed or who want extra bounce for nighttime activities.  Tempur-Pedic models typically have a slower-moving foam feel (take a look at the Flex Supreme for one exception to that rule).
  • Sleeping Hot Issue– One of the main complaints about Tempur-Pedic models is that some people sleep hot in them.  That is much less likely to be the case with latex, so if you are extra sensitive to sleeping hot, then latex could potentially be the better choice (although check out the Breeze models from Tempur-Pedic, as they directly address this issue).

Where It Depends

  • Durability– All other things being equal, latex mattresses are typically more durable than memory foam mattresses.  However, it depends on whether the mattress is all-latex or just part-latex.  If it has some latex in it and the rest is made of low-density polyfoam, then the mattress as a whole might not be as durable, for example.
  • Price– All-natural latex mattresses tend to be quite expensive and would be on par with many of the Tempur-Pedic models.  However, synthetic latex mattresses on the whole are likely to be cheaper than many of the Tempur-Pedic models.
  • Feel– Feel is just a personal preference thing.  I would encourage you to try out a few different latex mattresses to see if you like the feel.  It will be quite different from the Tempur-Pedic models, so you should have a clear opinion on which type of feel you like better.

You can see that there are a number of factors that you should consider and a lot of them will come down to personal preference.  Not all Tempur-Pedic models are the same and there are so many different types of latex mattresses that you can get as well.  This article hopefully gives you some insight into what you should consider if you are narrowing down your decision.

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