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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Alexander Signature Select Mattress is no longer available. See our best mattress page for some other great options or check out the Nest Bedding Sparrow Mattress review for a great alternative!

After trying and really liking The Love Bed, I was very excited to try the Alexander Signature Select, which was designed to be the next step up.

Both beds come from Nest Bedding, a mattress store chain in California that has decided to enter the market with its own mattresses.

Generally this mattress is one of my favorites on the market, but it’s not for everyone (see how the Alexander compares to other top mattresses HERE).

Watch my Nest Alexander Signature Select video review

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Overall Rating

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You will love The Alexander Signature Select if…

  • You like foam mattress but hate the sinking in/stuck feeling – the mattress offers the comfort and support of foam, but is much “springier” than traditional memory foam.  This makes it easier for you to move around during sleep and other fun activities.
  • You hate sleeping hot – it’s terrible.  I had no issue with the mattress sleeping hot at all.
  • You have a strong firmness preference – many of the online-only mattress companies sell just one version of the mattress.  Nest Bedding offers three comfort levels to choose from (see firmness levels compared below).
  • You prefer a more natural mattress – The Alexander isn’t perfect in this regard (see our cons), but the mattress is much more focused on it in general.
  • You want a mattress designed by an expert – Joe Alexander has been selling mattresses to customers through his chain of stores for many years, so he knows what people want.  And he put his name on this one, so enough said.
  • You want a great deal – The Alexander is designed and made by Nest Bedding, so all middle men are cut out.  This is a very good deal for a mattress of this quality, and you would certainly pay 2 or 3 times more for other brands sold through the big retail stores.
Alexander Mattress Review

You may not like the Alexander Signature Select if…

  • You want to spend less – the Alexander is a great value, and a great mattress.  If you’re looking for just a good mattress and want to spend less, there are other options to consider.
  • You want a totally natural/organic mattress – Nest Bedding is known for its focus on natural/organic mattresses; however, The Alexander Signature Select is not entirely natural.  Nest Bedding does offer totally natural products, however they are significantly more expensive (natural mattresses are much more expensive everywhere due to material costs).

Firmness and Feel (line compared)

As you can see, the Alexander Signature Select comes in three firmness options, the soft, medium, and luxury firm. There is a distinct difference between the firmness levels (as seen in the video). I took this video in the Nest Bedding showroom, but when I slept on the mattress at home I tried the medium option.

I think the medium is best for most people, though the soft option is better for side sleepers.

Motion Transfer Test

The Alexander is a high quality foam mattress, so as expected there is minimal motion transfer experienced as I roll around on the bed. This means that the mattress is a good mattress for couples.

Other important considerations for The Alexander Signature Select mattress

  • 101 night trial – Nest Bedding matched many other online mattress companies to offer a full refund within the first 101 days of purchase, no questions asked.  This is something that no traditional mattress store will match.
  • Financing available – there is financing available through the website, so you can make monthly payments instead of one lump sum payment.
  • The company has a lifetime warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee.  They really want their customers to be happy

The Alexander Review Nest Bedding
Basic Construction

If you’re looking for the full specs on this 13 inch thick mattress I suggest you visit the Nest Bedding website, however here are the important aspects in my mind:

  • BASICS: The Alexander is made with convoluted foam, gel foam and base foam.
  • SUPPORT AND BASE LAYERS: These layers provide the great support of the Alexander Signature Select as well as help air move through the mattress to avoid heat being trapped.
  • COVER: The cover is made of a cotton and polyester blend.  Also within the cover is 1.5 inches of soft foam, creating almost a pillow-top effect and making it feel very plush.

Comfort Levels

The mattress comes in three comfort levels (soft, medium, luxury firm), and naturally the construction changes slightly by comfort level.  Still zero issue with heat because of the convoluted layers.

After my two week trial, I couldn’t give a better review.  The Alexander isn’t for everyone (no mattress is), but I’m a little obsessed with Nest Bedding, and The Alexander Signature Select is now my favorite mattress from them.  It’s very comfortable, more natural than most, and overall provides a great sleeping experience.  Please let me know if you have any more follow-up questions on The Alexander or other Nest Bedding products in the comments.

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