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After trying and really liking The Love Bed, I was very excited to try the Alexander Signature Select, which was designed to be the next step up.

Both beds come from Nest Bedding, a mattress store chain in California that has decided to enter the market with its own mattresses.

Generally this mattress is one of my favorites on the market, but it’s not for everyone (see how the Alexander compares to other top mattresses HERE).

Watch my Nest Alexander video review

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You will love The Alexander if…

  • You like foam mattress but hate the sinking in/stuck feeling – the mattress offers the comfort and support of foam, but is much “springier” than traditional memory foam.  This makes it easier for you to move around during sleep and other fun activities.
  • You hate sleeping hot – it’s terrible.  I had no issue with the mattress sleeping hot at all.
  • You have a strong firmness preference – many of the online-only mattress companies sell just one version of the mattress.  Nest Bedding offers three comfort levels to choose from (see firmness levels compared below).
  • You prefer a more natural mattress – The Alexander isn’t perfect in this regard (see our cons), but the mattress is much more focused on it in general.
  • You want a mattress designed by an expert – Joe Alexander has been selling mattresses to customers through his chain of stores for many years, so he knows what people want.  And he put his name on this one, so enough said.
  • You want a great deal – The Alexander is designed and made by Nest Bedding, so all middle men are cut out.  This is a very good deal for a mattress of this quality, and you would certainly pay 2 or 3 times more for other brands sold through the big retail stores.

Alexander Mattress Review

You may not like the Alexander if…

  • You want to spend less – the Alexander is a great value, and a great mattress.  If you’re looking for just a good mattress and want to spend less, there are other options to consider.
  • You want a totally natural/organic mattress – Nest Bedding is known for its focus on natural/organic products, however The Alexander is not entirely natural.  Nest Bedding does offer totally natural products, however they are significantly more expensive (natural mattresses are much more expensive everywhere due to material costs).

Firmness and Feel (line compared)

As you can see, the Alexander Signature Select comes in three firmness options, the soft, medium, and luxury firm. There is a distinct difference between the firmness levels (as seen in the video). I took this video in the Nest Bedding showroom, but when I slept on the mattress at home I tried the medium option.

I think the medium is best for most people, though side sleepers may prefer the softer option.

Motion Transfer Test

The Alexander is a high quality foam mattress, so as expected there is minimal motion transfer experienced as I roll around on the bed. This means that the mattress is a good mattress for couples.

Other important considerations for The Alexander mattress

  • 101 night trial – Nest Bedding matched many other online mattress companies to offer a full refund within the first 101 days of purchase, no questions asked.  This is something that no traditional mattress store will match.
  • Financing available – there is financing available through the website, so you can make monthly payments instead of one lump sum payment.
  • The company has a lifetime warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee.  They really want their customers to be happy

The Alexander Review Nest Bedding
Basic Construction

If you’re looking for the full specs on this 13 inch thick mattress I suggest you visit the Nest Bedding website, however here are the important aspects in my mind:

  • BASICS: The Alexander is made with convoluted foam, gel foam and base foam.
  • SUPPORT AND BASE LAYERS: These layers provide the great support of the Alexander as well as help air move through the mattress to avoid heat being trapped.
  • COVER: The cover is made of a cotton and polyester blend.  Also within the cover is 1.5 inches of soft foam, creating almost a pillow-top effect and making it feel very plush.

Comfort Levels

The mattress comes in three comfort levels (soft, medium, luxury firm), and naturally the construction changes slightly by comfort level.  Still zero issue with heat because of the convoluted layers.

Alexander Signature Select Mattress
4.6 Reviewer
I reviewed the Alexander mattress after sleeping on many others, and it quickly rose to the top as one of my favorites. It's a very comfortable mattress with a fantastic comfort/support tradeoff. The mattress comes from Nest Bedding, a company with a good reputation and a number of known quality mattresses and pillows (as well as other products). The Alexander is my first choice from Nest Bedding over the Love Bed and Honest Beds (other mattresses I have reviewed from them). Overall I strongly recommend the Alexander.
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.6
Motion Transfer4.2
Edge Support4.1
Company Reputation4.8
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.9

Do I recommend The Alexander Signature Select?

After my two week trial, I couldn’t give a better review.  The Alexander isn’t for everyone (no mattress is), but I’m a little obsessed with Nest Bedding, and The Alexander is now my favorite mattress from them.  It’s very comfortable, more natural than most, and overall provides a great sleeping experience.  Please let me know if you have any more follow-up questions on The Alexander or other Nest Bedding products in the comments.

Get Up To $150 Off the Alexander Signature with Coupon “CLARITY150”

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Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site.

He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 250 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed. He has been testing mattresses for over 5 years now, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to mattress selection. He has been cited as an authority in the industry by a number of large publications.

Joe has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Columbia University.

31 thoughts on “Alexander Mattress Review – A Nest Bedding Mattress”

  1. Be careful when buying any Nest mattress. They go to great lengths to avoid approving warranty returns. Even when you comply with all of their requests for proof, they routinely deny warranty claims

  2. I recently purchased a Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress. I just wanted to tell folks that the company is terrible at honoring their refund policy. They make you wait 30 days, then make you take numerous pictures to make sure the mattress is perfect, make you take pictures of the foundation, the tag and then pictures of it being removed from your property. And even after that, they still won’t honor the refund. This is not an honest company and I would not recommend buying from them.

  3. Just read your raving reviews on Nest bedding. I understand that you like the mattress and that’s fine. What I object to is you quoting several times about Nest’s
    “no questions asked” return policy. I beg to differ. I’m going through the return process now and “it ain’t pretty”. I hated my mattress from day one, but kept to the requirements of a 30 day minimum trial. At the 30th day I called and got asked all kinds of questions regarding my sleep positions, etc. Seems like they try to make it seem like I’m doing something wrong, I explained all about my problems with the mattress and just wanted to move the return process along. Its still not completed. No questions asked? Not even close!

  4. My experience with Nest is not positive. The mattress wasn’t for us. We tried it for 3 months and we never adjusted to the mattress. My back and hips hurt worse than any mattress I have ever owned. That’s fine as I just chalked it up to not being the right mattress for us.

    The issue started when I contacted Nest for my refund since I was in my 100 No Risk Trial period. I asked them to authorize the return and told them exactly why I wanted to return it. The e-mail response I received stated, “Im sorry to hear that the mattress isnt working for you! May i ask the reason for the return? Do you feel like the mattress is too soft or too firm? We would be more then happy to help resolve the problem!” I responded by copying and pasting my original e-mail and said I’m not sure what else they needed to know.

    I then receive the response, “If you don’t want to try a exchange, or even our complimentary topper, can you please provide us with some photos of the mattress, including the top, sides, law label, as well as the foundation you have the mattress resting on so that we can get your return approved. Please make sure the photos are as clear as possible.” This is a hassle. I need to take at least 8 photos before they will authorize the return and I have lifting restrictions which means I’m going to have to remove my bedding, manhandle the mattress to take all the photos, then put the bedding back on to sleep on until they authorize the return because I don’t have a place to put the mattress while waiting.

    I’m certain I will get mt refund eventually. However, we have also tried a Purple and Bear mattress and the return process was super easy (ie. hassle free). Still, my old memory foam mattress I purchased from Costco was more comfortable than all I have tried so far and I’m regretting the decision to get a new mattress at this point. I will sat the Purple mattress was by far my favorite so far.

  5. Joe, I wanted to share our story for your readers- my wife and I truly wanted to like our mattress from Nest Bedding. It seemed like the ideal mattress for us as we considered our health and our family’s. However, it wasn’t for us, as we woke up for weeks with sore backs after using this bed but not others.
    I requested a refund for the mattress during our “100 night free trial” period, but instead of a refund I got an email from company founder Joe Alexander asking us to give his mattress another try. We then embarked on an ordeal where Mr. Alexander offered and sent out a “topper,” questioned our bedroom setup and denigrated other competitors’ options on the market.

    After trading many emails with Mr. Alexander – and trying what he suggested, we decided that this mattress was still not for us. He refused to refund our money.

    The $2400 Lesson: Trust your gut instinct. If a bed doesn’t feel right during the trial period, insist on the refund- nothing but that.

    It’s also too bad that we discovered that Joe Alexander values revenue retention versus true customer service and positive word of mouth. He also demonstrated a bit of a temper. I know others have had good experiences, but honestly, from our experience, I would say this: don’t shop here!

  6. Hey Joe,
    I am a back and side sleeper and i m havng a hard time choosing betwéen the Layla mattress and the Alexander Medium mattress. I am 5’11 and weigh close to 200 lbs. Any advice you can give would help out a lot or if you think theres a better option?

  7. I am 140 lbs, side sleeper, back and hip pain, and lots of problems with pressure points waking me up at night (especially my hips). I am really interested in trying the Nest Alexander. Is it best to go for the medium since that is supposed to work for the majority of sleepers? I’ve read a few comments that some people find even the medium to firm for side sleeping and it creates pressure points on their hips and shoulders. I tried a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe and a Cloud Supreme. The Luxe is very comfortable but just not sure I could get used to that much overall body sink. It gives quite a hug. The Cloud Supreme was also comfortable although it could have used a touch more sink for my shoulder than I was getting. Any advice?
    Which of these models is comparable to the Alexander medium?

  8. I’m currently looking for a new mattress specifically for couples. I weight about 116 & 5’4 and my bf is 6’0 and over 200lbs. We both sleep in different positions, I mostly on my side. Definitely memory foam. What would you recommend? Would really love some help!

  9. I am trying to figure out how “soft” the Alexander Signature Soft is, before purchasing online. I sampled the Serta iComfort Savant Plush III in a store– would it be similar to this or softer/firmer?

  10. There seems to be a disconnect between the scores you show in your review and the “analysis” scores shown on the “top mattress picks” summary page. Your review of the Alexander Signature is very enthusiastic, suggesting you “couldn’t give a better review”, yet the listing of top picks shows the Alexander with more middling scores in the analysis column. Does the “top picks” page show your ratings from the first generation Alexander, and the review show the ratings from the second generation?

  11. I would advise against co-sleeping on this mattress. Aside from the fact that it sleeps hot, edge support is terrible: our LO fell off the side the first week we had this 🙁

  12. My husband and I have a 5mts old baby that sleeps with us on our bed. I’m 5’2″ and 120lbs and he is 6′ and 160lbs. I have back & neck/shoulder pain from motor accident as well as joint pain from
    pregnancy (phew I feel old!) I sleep mostly on my side and sometime on my back. oh and I like soft mattress but with little motion transfer (so we don’t wake our baby when we try to get up) as well as edge support. Is Alexander soft mattress the answer?

      • I would advise against a soft mattress for co-sleeping because a soft mattress is a major suffocation risk. (Never mind that co-sleeping is in itself a huge suffocation and other risk — my sister is a PICU nurse and could tell you some devastating stories about death and brain damage to co-sleeping babies. AAP guidelines are there for a purpose and they advise putting a baby in a crib with a firm mattress and nothing else – especially not parents).

  13. Hi Joe. Thanks for all your info. So overwhelming! I love the idea of an adjustable frame and Sleepy ‘ s has the Privea on sale for $799 now for Queen sz. I am 66, mostly a side sleeper, sometimes have a bit of hip pain/stiffness. I sit on side of bed to put on shoes/socks so need some edge support. Would you be able to suggest a mattress that would do well on this adjustable frame and give me comfort and some edge support and be under or close to $1000? It would be important to have the company take away my 30 yr old king bed as well! I am thinking maybe alexander hybrid or signature, can’t afford winkbed with this adjustable frame. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

    • Hi Wendy – Alexander/Hybrid are great options, though I’m not sure they take away the old mattress (check with them on that). The Hybrid will be closer to WinkBeds, but still feel more like a foam bed than a spring bed.

  14. Just trying to get a better idea of the general “feel” of laying on the Alexander Signature Medium. “Feel” meaning the feel of the foam in terms of hug, body contour, etc. You have commented that this foam feels “springier” than traditional memory foam with less of a sinking in feeling. Ignoring things like bounce and focusing just on feel, would you say that the Alexander feels more similar to laying on top of a memory foam/coil hybrid bed like Simmons Beautyrest or more similar to an all foam bed like Serta iComfort/Tempurpedic? Or does it fall somewhere in between the two?

  15. How does the “bounce” on the Alexander Signature Select compare to the Love Bed when it comes to sex and other activities?

    • The Love Bed definitely has more bounce to it. Alexander isn’t bad for a memory foam comfort layer (in terms of bounce), but the latex of The Love Bed makes it perform better in this category.

  16. What is the most natural/organic mattress you have liked that is similar to The Alexander? I tried this mattress out at a Nest store and really like it. Now I am also considering Loom and Leaf after reading your reviews. Any other suggestions? Thank you

    • Hi Beth! If you want all natural, I would check out PlushBeds, Zenhaven, and Spindle. These are going to be more expensive than Alexander, but are great value for an all-natural mattress.

  17. You mention there is LATEX in this mattress but I’m a bit confused about that after looking at the website for Nest Bedding. Could you please clarify regarding the use of latex in any of the models for the Alexander Bed. Thank You

  18. Would love to hear more about the soft vs medium comparison. Does one sleep hotter than the other? Does one cause you to get the “stuck” feeling more than the other? Is the medium still quite plush for a side sleeper to enjoy?

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