Intellibed Mattress Review and Complaints

Intellibed Mattress Review and Complaints

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Intellibed is a company that offers a very unique line of mattresses. The most unique thing about the company is that it uses a gel material in the comfort layer that they say is better than foam at pressure relief and durability.

I was excited to give one of their mattresses a try because all that I’d read about the company pointed to their mattresses being quite unique.  Purple is the only other mattress I’ve heard of that uses this same technology.

I ended up trying out one of the higher-end options, the Posture Perfect Lo-Motion mattress.  Read on for my full Intellibed review.

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In the Intellibed Posture Perfect Lo-Motion model, the construction is as follows. The top layer is the Intelli-Gel. The next layer is a high-density polyfoam. The support layer is a pocketed steel coil system.  Though I’ve only tested the mattress for a few weeks, the quality of the materials gives me confidence that this mattress is very durable and will last quite a while.

The key to the construction is of course the Intelli-Gel. This material stands out because of its durability and its ability to reduce pressure points (claimed by company, but also true in my experience).  Check out my video in the Firmness/Feel section to get a better visualization of the material at work.   Intellibed Mattress Construction

You Might Want To Get An Intellibed If:

  • You Want Your Mattress For A Long Time– The materials used in Intellibed mattresses are very high quality and they will last a long time. The company has a 30 year warranty, which to me is a big indication that the company really believes in the long-term durability of its product. All of the durability tests I have seen and my research into the individual components lead me to believe an Intellibed mattress will last you a very long time.
  • You Don’t Like Sleeping Hot– The Intelli-Gel in the mattresses make them temperature neutral. Most people complain about foam mattresses sleeping hot. It’s not that you will sleep cool with an Intellibed. The mattresses are just temperature neutral, so you won’t sleep overly hot or cold.
  • You Want Both Comfort And Support, No Compromise– In most cases, comfort comes at the expense of support. This Intellibed is one of the few cases where I got amazing pressure relief and support at the same time. The Intelli-Gel layer felt both firm and soft at the same time. It’s very hard to describe the feel without you actually trying it out for yourself, but it’s definitely a great, unique feel.

Intellibed Reviews

You Might Not Want To Get An Intellibed If:

  • You Have A Particular Feel That You Love– Some people absolutely love the memory foam feel or the feel of a pillowtop mattress. Intellibed mattresses have a very unique feel that is different from traditional innerspring, latex, or memory foam mattresses. If you happen to love a certain type of feel, then perhaps you won’t want to take the plunge with an Intellibed.
  • You Don’t Plan On Having Your Mattress For A Long Time– Intellibed mattresses are definitely pricey, but they have great value because they are so durable. If you don’t plan on having your mattress for a long time, then the value of getting an Intellibed is lessened.

Intellibed Mattress Review


This Intellibed is very unique in that it felt firm and soft at the same time. It’s very hard to describe, but there is an initial firm feeling and then total pressure relief immediately after.

To me, I think the mattress is good for any sleeping position. It has great pressure relief for side sleepers and felt firm and supportive for me on my stomach and back. Again, this was a very unique feeling mattress in this regard.

Intellibed Mattress Sleeping Position

The mattress is also very responsive, maybe even more so than latex. As a result, it had more of a sleeping “on” the mattress feel rather than a sleeping “in” the mattress.

You can check out a visual representation of the firmness and feel in the video below.

Motion Isolation

You can see how well the mattress isolates the motion in the video below.

You can see that the mattress does a pretty good job at isolating motion, but there still is some motion transfer. It’s not quite as good as a high-density memory foam mattress, but it still does a decent job.

My Experience

I ended up sleeping on the Intellibed for just under 3 weeks.  I had previously tried the Purple mattress, exposing me to a similar gel comfort layer that I really liked.  Note: Purple would be most similar to the Gel+ from Intellibed, full comparison coming soon.

I honestly found it a little weird when first moving around the first night, but by night two I had already adjusted to the feeling.  As a side sleeper, I first noticed the pressure relief from the Intelli-Gel.  It’s definitely a novel feeling laying in the bed (especially the first time), but whether you like the feeling or not, there is no doubt that the pressure relief is some of the best I’ve tried.

What’s nice about this mattress as well is that the springs provide great support as well, making the mattress feel good in any sleeping position.  Fine for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

Only down side was the motion transfer – my partner is extremely sensitive to motion, and even though I thought it was minimal (and better than most innerspring mattresses I’ve tried), she said that I ended up waking her up once or twice a night.

4.4 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.1
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.8
Motion Transfer3.6
Edge Support4.5
Company Reputation4.1
Return Policy/Warranty4.9
Overall Sleep Experience4.4

On durability – naturally I didn’t get to try out the mattress for 30 years (or any long period of time to gauge it), but it definitely has a sturdy and well-crafted feel.

Overall I enjoyed the sleeping experience, and was sad to move onto the next mattress after this sleep trial (especially because the next one was so bad, just wait for that review coming soon!)


For a Queen, the Posture Perfect Lo Motion is just under $4,000. There may be some sticker shock when you first see the price (especially compared to other mattresses I’ve reviewed), but I would offer an alternative outlook.  The mattress is extremely durable, and if you start thinking about the value you get from it over many years, the price shouldn’t seem that bad.

Intellibed Mattress Cover


Intellibed offers a unique product in the crowded mattress market. The pressure relief was really remarkable and it had a feel unlike any other mattress.  I would encourage you to do independent research into the materials they use, and if you are looking at your next mattress purchase as a long-term investment, then I would certainly give Intellibed a hard look.

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jason says July 5, 2017

Have you completed your comparison of the intellibed vs purple mattress yet. I just got a purple mattress to replace my aging Sealy Reflexion Newport Beach latex bed. 2 weeks in and my back is stiff and sore, not sure if I’m still adjusting from worn out bed or what. I got feel samples from both companies, who are also licensed under the same company and they feel almost the same. Intellibed said theirs is a true gel and purple’s is not. I’m interested in your comparison of the two. Thanks.

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    I have not yet. You can assume that the gel is basically the same thing. Intellibed has springs in the support layer instead of foam and cost a good bit more than Purple. I would give the Purple a little more time to get adjusted to.

Henry Dorn says December 30, 2017


1. You mentioned the mattress transferred motion to your partner.

This makes me think the IntelliBed inner springs are “continuously” woven. Sleepers on mattresses with independent pocketed coils report they do not feel their sleepmate’s movement.

2. Is the mattress two-sided? That is, can you flip it over to even out the wear depressions? If so, the life of the mattress is greatly extended.

For example, The Oregon Mattress Company makes a line of organic cotton covered, pocketed coil, two-sided mattresses (with latex inner layers) that are sold by Bedrooms and More in Seattle:

All the mattresses sold by Bedrooms and More are two-sided which extend mattress life 3 times.

Two-sided mattresses with pocketed coil are rare in the crowed mattress market since it’s cheaper to make a one-sided mattress and advertise and sell it at the price of a quality two-sided mattress.

Most mattress buyers are not aware of the work that goes into manufacturing a quality two-sided and pocketed coil mattress; if they do a search of the web they can gain a greater appreciation of a well-constructed mattress.

To Intellibed’s credit, the mattress you reviewed uses an innerspring; many mattresses “hyped” on the internet today do not. They are type of synthetic foam which does not have the “springiness” of a well-designed and engineered pocketed metal coil.

Thanks !

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