Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review – A Good Value?

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Editor’s Note: The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress is no longer available. For a similar mattress, we recommend checking out our Nolah mattress review.

If someone is looking for a value memory foam mattress, they might want to consider the Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam mattress.

I have previously reviewed the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress, and I found it to be a very comfortable mattress. I was excited to see what my experience would be on this memory foam mattress.

This review will cover everything consumers need to know about this mattress, including a full breakdown of the construction, pros and cons, comfort, support, breathability, durability, and so much more.

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Who Might Like The Tomorrow Sleep…

  • People who are looking for a value memory foam mattress- Considering the memory foam feel, this mattress is quite reasonably priced. If people want a good deal on a memory foam mattress, this could be a good pick.
  • Back and/or stomach sleepers- This mattress is firmer than average and should offer good support for many back and stomach sleepers. I felt properly supported when I was lying in these positions and think most sleepers will agree.
  • Hot sleepers- The memory foam in this mattress is designed to be breathable and cool. While sleeping hot is often an issue with memory foam mattresses, that shouldn’t be the case here.
A mattress is opened to show its construction.

Who Might Not Like The Tomorrow Sleep…

  • Side sleepers- If people sleep primarily in this position, they may think this mattress is too firm. I felt some pressure on the shoulders and hips when I tested the mattress in this position, so side sleepers may want to look for a softer mattress.
  • Heavier-weight sleepers- This mattress might not offer the support people need if they are a larger person. They might want to find a thicker, firmer mattress with more support overall.
  • Those who are looking for a long-term investment- While this mattress is a value, it may not last as long as some more durable mattresses. If someone is looking for a mattress to last them eight to 10 years, this might not be the mattress for them.

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Construction Overview

  • The mattress is 10” thick and features a simplified construction with three foam layers.
  • It has a soft, thin cover and doesn’t affect the overall feel of the mattress too much
  • The first layer is 1” of gel memory foam, which provides great pressure relief.
  • The second layer is 2” of memory foam, which gives the mattress additional body contouring.
  • The base is 7” of a standard base polyfoam, which is a fairly standard base layer in the industry.

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A man lies on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • This mattress is available in Twin, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The cover does not impact the overall feel of the mattress, so people should be able to interact with the foam layers of the mattress quite easily.
  • The top memory foam layers are soft but quick to respond, so people will get some pressure relief, but they shouldn’t feel “stuck” in this mattress.
  • Heavier people may think this mattress feels even firmer, as they may press through the soft upper layers and feel the firm layers beneath.
  • The gel memory foam is open-celled, which makes it breathable. It is cool to the touch and should keep people from overheating on this mattress.


For me, the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress felt like a 7 out of 10 in terms of firmness, or a bit firmer than average compared to other mattresses reviewed on this website.

I felt proper support when I was on my back, as my hips sunk in just the right amount, and the rest of my body was held up by the mattress.

On my side, I did feel some pressure on my shoulders and hips. I think I was pressing through the soft upper layers and feeling the firm layers beneath. People my size or heavier will probably have the same experience.

On my stomach, I also felt well supported, and I did not feel like my hips were sinking in too far. My spine felt like it was in proper alignment when I was in this position.

Regarding feel, this mattress has a bit of that classic memory foam feel. However, the memory foam layers are fast to respond, so people shouldn’t feel like they are getting stuck.

Motion Transfer

During my tests, I saw little motion transfer on this mattress. The top layer is memory foam, and that usually performs well with motion isolation.

When I pressed into the mattress around a glass of water, the glass barely moved, and it was also undisturbed by me rolling around. We also asked our staff writer Marten to move around on the other side of the mattress to mimic the movements a partner might make. I did not feel his movements on my side of the mattress.

Overall, I think this could be a good mattress for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner’s movements.

Edge Support

While all-foam mattresses aren’t always the best when it comes to edge support, that was not really the case with the Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress.

While it did collapse somewhat as I sat near the edge, this is a slightly firmer mattress. I still felt secure sitting down. Also, when I was lying down near the edge, I didn’t feel like I was going to roll off.

People can see the decent edge support in the photo below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us and has a much different body type: He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lb; I am 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about this mattress and how appropriate it is for heavier sleepers.

Joe said it was a 7/10 in terms of firmness and I said it was an 8/10. I think that’s because I press through the soft upper layers and feel the firm layers beneath.

Lying on my back, I feel very nice overall support, and I feel the top foam layer pressing up into my lumbar area. Moving to my side, I feel some pressure on my shoulders and my hips. It’s definitely too firm for me in this position. Lying on my stomach, my hips go in a bit but not too much. It is supportive when I am on my stomach and the appropriate firmness level.

If someone is a heavier back sleeper, this would probably be a good choice for them. If someone is a heavier side sleeper, it might be too firm for them. If someone is a heavier stomach sleeper, this might work for them as well.

I am not surprised that Marten thought this mattress was even firmer than I did. He felt more pressure on his shoulders and hips as he pushed through the comfort layer and engaged the support layers beneath. However, even as a larger person, he found the proper support when he was on his back and stomach.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • It is an affordable memory foam mattress. Considering how expensive memory foam mattresses can be, this mattress is quite a value because it is half the price of many foam mattresses.
  • It is a good mattress for hot sleepers. While many memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, the top layer in this mattress is designed to be breathable and keep people cool.
  • It could be a solid choice for back and stomach sleepers. This mattress is firmer than average and should give people the support they need when they are on their back or stomach.
  • It has a bit of a memory foam feel, but people won’t be getting stuck. While people will have some of that soft, sinking feeling that comes with memory foam, the top layers are also quick to respond. Sleepers get some of that quicksand feeling, but they shouldn’t feel stuck.

Unboxing This Mattress

The Tomorrow Sleep is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will come compressed and be shipped straight to the shopper’s door. People will want to begin by removing the rolled up Tomorrow Sleep mattress from its box. Then, preferably with another person’s assistance, position the roll on the bed.

Carefully cut away the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Then, pierce through the final layer of plastic and the Tomorrow Sleep will expand. Simply clear away the excess plastic and allow the mattress to breathe and fully expand.

This could be a good pick if people are seeking a value memory foam mattress. It is considerably cheaper than many of its competitors, but it does not sacrifice quality. It should be supportive enough for most back and stomach sleepers, and it should sleep quite cool. Side sleepers or those who want more of a long-term investment mattress may want to look elsewhere.

The Tomorrow Sleep memory foam mattress comes with free shipping and returns. It has a 10-year warranty and a one-year sleep trial. Financing is available, and the company also offers a hybrid mattress as well as accessories.  Consumers should read through this article multiple times, assess their own needs and preferences, and then make a more informed decision.

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