Novosbed vs Loom and Leaf

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Novosbed and Loom & Leaf (L&L) are generally considered the two high-end online memory foam mattress brands. Both are very well-reviewed, have excellent customer service, and have great products (I’ve tried both and they really are top-notch).

There are some key differences that will make one or the other more suitable, depending on your sleep preferences.

This article will go through the major similarities and differences in an effort to clarify the decision if you have boiled your choice down to Loom & Leaf vs Novosbed.

Novosbed Vs Loom & Leaf

Key Similarities

  • Both available online-only
  • Both have 4.8+/5 customer satisfaction ratings
  • Both provide great value
  • Both offer multiple firmness options: L&L offers 2, Novosbed offers 3
  • Both are priced @ $999 for a queen (after discount), although L&L charges an additional $99 for delivery

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Loom and Leaf vs Novosbed Construction

Key Differences and Main Points:

  • Novosbed is unapologetically memory foam – Novosbed strongly advocates the benefits of sleeping on memory foam and has built their mattress to get you as close to the memory foam as possible. The cover has very little loft and they use 4 inches of pure, ultra-dense memory foam. On a Novosbed, you are about 1/16 inch away from the memory foam layer when you sleep. If you want a purist high-end memory foam mattress, Novosbed is the way to go.
  • Loom & Leaf has a loftier (thicker) cover that integrates a layer of conventional foam to increase bounce and airflow between you and the memory foam. As a result, you get less of the memory foam effect with L&L. So, if you want a little less memory foam, L&L is a better choice.
  • Novosbed Offers Comfort+ Firmness Adjustment – In the entire online mattress industry, this is unique to Novosbed: if your Novosbed mattress is too soft or too firm, they will ship you a “Comfort+ Kit” to adjust the firmness. It adds another 2” of thickness to the mattress, but integrates seamlessly by extending the cover and adding another comfort layer to the top. It takes about 2 minutes to install.
  • Loom & Leaf has organic cotton, Novosbed has a washable top cover – While this feature is not important to some, it is definitely something you might want to consider when making the choice between Novosbed and Loom & Leaf.
    L&L uses an organic cotton cover. Under the sheets, the feel of the cover doesn’t make a difference, but some people might prefer the concept of organic cotton over the convenience of a durable washable cover.
  • Novosbed and Loom & Leaf use different cooling technologies – L&L uses a gel coating to sink heat while you fall asleep. Novosbed uses a moisture wicking top cover and vertical airflow channels. I found both comfortable to sleep on: heat was not a problem.
  • Loom & Leaf offers white glove delivery, including in-home setup – Although it costs and additional $99 (and is not refundable if you return the mattress), Loom and Leaf offers white glove delivery and in house setup.
  • Canada – Loom & Leaf has a very small footprint in Canada. Novosbed was the first company to offer free shipping throughout Canada

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Novosbed Mattress Reviews and Complaints

Pick Novosbed If:

  • You Want a Pure Memory Foam FeelNovosbed is unapologetically memory foam and arguably gets you closer to pure memory foam than Tempurpedic. If you are a memory foam purist, go for a Novosbed.
  • You Aren’t Sure What Firmness Level Is Right For You – Novosbed does a great job of managing the concern about finding the right firmness level. The perfect firmness guarantee is great and very unique in the industry.
  • You Anticipate Having The Mattress For A Long Time – As mentioned, the Novosbed uses very durable materials that should last a long time. If you plan on having your mattress for a long time, then the value of the Novosbed becomes greater.
  • You are in Canada – Novosbed is the only high-end mattress brand with easy, free shipping and returns in Canada.

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Loom and Leaf Review

Pick Loom & Leaf if:

  • You Want a Little Less Memory Foam Feel – L&L is a more bouncy than Novosbed. If you don’t like memory foam as much, but want a high-end mattress, L&L is a good choice.
  • You know what firmness you needLoom and Leaf has 2 firmness options. If you don’t want the security of Novosbed’s Comfort+, go with L&L.
  • You want White Glove Delivery – Novosbed doesn’t presently offer white glove delivery, so L&L is your best choice here.

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