Loom & Leaf (Best Side Sleepers) Giveaway!

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Side sleepers rejoice! We’re releasing our 2018 list of best mattresses for side sleepers in a BIG way. Drumroll please… we give you the Loom & Leaf Mattress giveaway!

Enter to win a free Loom & Leaf Mattress in our giveaway below. For more details on the prize, check out our in-depth review of the Loom & Leaf Mattress and let us know what you think in the comments section!


Loom & Leaf (Best for Side Sleepers) Giveaway!

Loom & Leaf is owned by Saatva, a company known for using “ultra luxury” materials in their mattresses while still offering them at very competitive price points.

loom leaf memory foam mattress

The all memory foam Loom & Leaf Mattress is no exception when it comes to quality materials. The mattress has an organic cotton cover and high density memory foams that you typically find in high end Tempur-Pedic mattresses. It’s a supportive mattress with great pressure relief, which is one of the reasons we like it so much. And because the materials in this mattress are higher in quality, you can expect it to last you a long time.

We really like the Loom & Leaf Mattress for Side Sleepers who like a slightly firmer mattress. However, if you’re interested in a softer mattress and you sleep on your side, definitely check out or list of best side sleeping mattresses to see some of our other recommendations!


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42 thoughts on “Loom & Leaf (Best Side Sleepers) Giveaway!”

  1. hey it said a new contest started for a mattress but its not coming up it says it has ended,,, and id really love to win consideringn im sleeping on one from a garage sale that was staained and i had no choice in purchasing it because i am a senior citizen and dont want to sleep on a hard floor. so id love at least a chance.

  2. I used to be a side sleeper but had to stop cause it hurt my back too much. I hope if I win this super mattress I can sleep that way again. Thx much for the great chance. <3

  3. Features I love: organic cotton cover, high density memory foam, slightly firmer mattress. This sounds like to perfect mattress for side-sleepers. I have entered the giveaway.

  4. I have been a side sleeper all of my life, I used to sleep on my right side until I was shot in my chest and Right arm. I had to have my right arm repaired so now I sleep on my left side. i would love to try this mattress, thank you so very kindly for the opportunity! Enjoy your week!

  5. I am a side sleeper and my current mattress is the worst for this position. I always wake up with aches and pains! This Look & Leaf mattress would be a dream come true for me. Finally, to get a good night’s sleep and wake up with no pain. Fingers, toes, everything crossed for luck! Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  6. I like that the mattress has an organic cotton cover and high density memory foams which would provide more comfort while sleeping

  7. You give very informative reviews and offer giveaways on these wonderful mattresses which is fabulous Loom and Leaf is in my top two that want to try I really got my eye on this and hopefully the random sweepstakes Gods can smile on me for a great Birthday Present to myself if not I will keep on entering and wishing upon a star If not well gotta wait and hit up those Labor Days sales Might get lucky and Loom and Leaf has a rare coupon by then

  8. Have to enter this Sweepstakes & hope for the best. I’ve been looking & researching mattresses for at least 6+ years. There are so many kinds and it seems newer & better mattresses keep coming to market all the time. It’s overwhelming… but I’m familiar with both of these mattresses and my husband & I would love to try & win : ). We aren’t sleeping well now & our mattress has been on it’s last leg for a while. So here it goes!! I’ll give it a whirl!!

  9. i was to get a matress from sweepstakes clearing house. i paid for a link on 300.00 mailed back in the u.s. mail their link waiting for conframation on the matress. and it never came.. this was the second time first was 101.00 the second was 300.. and then the computer im on right now, that i paid for also. sweepstakes clearinghouse is a big mistake.. im john

  10. would appreciate this gift, our mattress came over on noahs ship, i think.sure could use this no animals added .

  11. Layla sounds the best for the price because I am a little old lady that sleeps on her sides and my shoulders and arms always hurt with my mattress now. I like the idea that you can flip it easily.

  12. I like that Nolan review because it sounds like it would really be good for me. I am a senior and sleep on my side. It would be so nice to wake up feeling good and refreshed.. GLTA

  13. Since I moved in here 4years ago and Got A new Seally Box spring and mattress. I sleep on my side there’s a huge indenture where my Butt lays that Icover with pillows please help me ….I’m.72year old woman that’s been sleeping like this …Sincerely Mary Harding

  14. This mattress has been on my wishlist as I’m stuck as a strict side sleeper. I’ve been looking for a new mattress for over a year trying to find the perfect one!

  15. It’s great to see the perspective of a tall, heavier guy. What works for the under 200 pound sleeper doesn’t translate to taller, heavier sleepers.

  16. I have been a side sleeper since I was shot 11 years ago. This sounds like something I could really use. I thank you for the opportunity Enjoy your week!

  17. All sound great but my boyfriend is 6’3″ so I think I would go more with the 2nd guy’s recommendations. We are both side sleepers but I’m the pickier one. I would have to lay on each one to decide which is the right one for me.

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