Authenticity 50 Sheets Reviews

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Authenticity 50 are sheets generating some buzz because of their made in USA tag and affordable price – for the high quality.  I tried the sheets for two weeks and overall had a great experience. To learn more about these sheets, read on for my A50 sheets review.

Authenticity 50 Sheets Review

About The A50 Sheets

Authenticity 50 gets their cotton and manufacture the sheets in the U.S., a rarity for any textile these days.  The sheets are 100% Supima cotton, a percale weave, and they’re 250 thread count. I always encourage potential customers to abstain from making a decision based solely on the thread count (it is not an outright indicator of quality as many believe).

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Upon Arrival

Authenticity 50 Review

I received a queen set of white sheets, which includes two pillowcases, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet.  The packaging and initial impression of the sheets were very good, and the sheets felt particularly nice immediately – even before a wash.

The Fit and Feel

Authenticity 50 Sheets Supima Cotton Feel

The sheets are a percale weave, which means they have a crispy feeling, rather than a silky-smooth feeling. Compared to other percale options that I have tried, they actually felt smoother and softer out of the box and became slightly softer after a few washes – definitely less crispy than Brooklinen or Parachute.

The sheets fit my queen size well, I didn’t notice any shrinkage after washing; one place to look at fit for me is always the pillowcases, and I think Authenticity 50 did a good job with sizing.  In the photo below, one can see it fits my slightly-smaller-than-average pillow well and has some space for a larger pillow also.

Authenticity 50 Pillow Case Fit

My Experience

The priority with me (especially during summer months) is sleeping cool, and Authenticity 50 did an excellent job of staying particularly breathable and cool. I did use the flat sheet and felt like they slept cooler than most of the other sheets that I have reviewed.

The feel is indeed very nice, it’s a non-obtrusive, lightweight sheet that is nearly undetectable when sleeping.  I think they have a nice mix of sturdy yet light and breathable in this set.

The edge of the sheet also appears to be a bit thicker, something I feel adds to a nice luxurious feel (see below):

Authenticity 50 Sheets

Final recommendation

Overall I had a great experience with these sheets, considering they are made in America I think the price is hard to beat.  They definitely have a luxury feel that one would find in sheets that are significantly more expensive.

Those who like the crisp feel of a percale weave, and value made in America bedding, I don’t think Authenticity 50 can be beaten!

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